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Zoe the crab - Lost on the Beach

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Lovely story about Zoe the crab. Was enjoyed by the kids. Nice writing and cute illustrations. Recommend
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The book is about Zoe telling her diary stories about her life as a crab on the beach. Each day is different and she doesn't know what to expect. She lives with her mom and two older brothers. One day she goes to a different spot on the beach with her brothers and encounters a terrifying event. Lost and alone, she must try to navigate her way home and learn to trust her instincts. 

I thought this was a cute and entertaining book about crabs. It provides informative details, like how they walk sideways and not forward. I read this with my five year old but it didn't really hold her attention. She wants to see bright, colorful pictures and this book did not have that. It's also a chapter book and she will most likely appreciate it more in the next year or two as she becomes a better reader. Overall Zoe's adventure was entertaining and I would read more books about her outings.

Thank you Netgalley and BooksGoSocial for the opportunity to read a copy.
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This is such a cute chapter book for kids. It is appropriate for kids 5 years and older 
chapter by chapter is described like a diary entry from a crab called Zoe and her experiences. I can’t wait to read with my 3 and 5 year old nephews.
With Christmas approaching this book can be a wonderful for little ones.
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This is such a cute chapter book for kids. It is appropriate for kids 5 years old and up. Each chapter is described as a diary entry of a crab named Zoe and her experiences. I read it aloud to my kindergartner and he loved it. With the holiday season approaching this book can be a wonderful gift option.
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This is a very cute and timely book. The humor was delightful and the crab observations between animals and people. I think it's a great message of facing adversity and overcoming. While the story was great and the illustrations are adorable, I do feel there is a mismatch on the age range between the two. I was expecting it to be geared for younger children based on the characters. That said, it is a great message and really enjoyable read.

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I am on the search for some really good chapter books for my grandson, this sounded like a good fit, he is in first grade.

First off I didn’t like the format of the book. It is told in quite long chapters, 11 in all, that would be too much reading for an early reader. The other problem is that the language in the book is also not helpful for a new reader, including such phrases as “my bad” and mother crab gets a “futuristic vacuum” for her house. 

So while the story sounds written for a 5 to 6 year old, I think most would struggle with this one. A parent would need to explain some of the actions and wording in the book.

The story is basically about a young crab who goes on an adventure on the beach and gets lost. He gets caught in a net but escapes after climbing the anchor of the boat and cutting the net, not very realistic or relatable. He gets help finally from a friendly rabbit who delivers him home. Why would there be a rabbit on a beach by the sea?

I think the illustrations are quite simplistic and didn’t really improve the book.

All in all I can’t recommend this one, it just wasn’t a very good story.

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This book is utterly charming. The 'Dear Diary' format made me become enamoured with Zoe, and her confiding in the diary was heartwarming, and often very funny. I enjoyed the family dynamic, and the  insight into crab life (particularly Zoe questioning why they had to walk sideways!). I would definitely recommend.
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Zoe the crab is a cute little story.At Christmastime I look for cute little stories to give my grandchildren. Would love to see this book with the illustrations. What I saw was very cute. Zoe was a very sweet little crab always looking for the good in everyone.
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This is a fun and sweet story with a good message. The cover lead me to believe this was a storybook, but it is actually more a short middle grade book without many pictures. I'm sure the intended audience will enjoy it.
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Zoe the crab - Lost on the Beach is a lovely little book. I read it to my 4 year old son who is a little young for it but it was a really nice story with lovely illustrations throughout the book.

Thank you to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for my ARC.
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I read this book with my 8 year old daughter who enjoyed the characters, the stories and the witty situations very much. I think the books is well targeted to kids from 7 to 12 year old because, even if the story is easy it contains interesting developments and educational messages. It is engaging to read how Zoe discovers new things and animals and grows in the process, The best part it is that is so funny that you don’t want to put It down until the end. Well done! 
 #ZoethecrabLostontheBeach #NetGalley
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I don't think I can rate this book. It was a cute little book but I'm really not this targeted audience. I don't regret reading it, it was a fast read and fun and interesting but I really can't rate it.
I would definitely recommend it to read toa small kid though.
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Thank you to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for an advance reader copy in exchange for an honest review.

This is an adorable little book, which is so integral and important for children to help with their own personal development at a very young age, whilst also telling a cute tale to go alongside.
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Loved reading this with my children. It's a story told from a crab's perspective and there are some funny elements about how humans walk in different ways to crabs etc. 

Zoe has some adventures on the beach, gets lost, meets new friends and learns some lessons along the way.

It's illustrated throughout the book on random pages which help to give the reader some idea of what the characters look like. 

I really enjoyed reading it and my children loved it.
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This children's book is so heartwarming and it teaches children sucha a valuable life lessons! Huge recommendation!
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This book is geared toward older children that are reading well, I would say 2nd grade and up. It is definitely not a story for a child with a short attention span or who is not ready to sit for a while and listen. The illustrations have a lot to be desired.
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Such a lovely and a cute book about the journey of a crab named Zoe and her misadventures. 

She meets new friends and experiences new things, through many gains and loses she grows and natures to be a better crab. 

I belive this is such an inspirational story for children.
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I enjoyed the book, think It may have been a little old for my child as he got distracted with too much dialogue (probably should have investigated the age of it a little further) but will keep continuing to read it with him (he's 4),
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Great book for older children with lots of fun facts in there too. 
Love the fact that it's all written as if Zoe is writing in her diary - nice touch!
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