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I’ve been lax in my reading of the Mickey Haller series but I absolutely will be picking them up again after reading The Law of Innocence. In this book, Haller becomes the defendant after a body was found in his trunk. What follows is an excellent legal thriller, that was unputdownable. Highly recommended!
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Michael Connelly does it again, blessing us with yet another book in one year!

Mickey Haller returns to the courtroom, this time defending himself.  This is a totally engrossing, intense thriller, made all the more real by including the start of the Covid 19 pandemic.  

A riveting book that deserves all your attention and more!

My thanks to NetGalley and Orion Publishing Group for allowing me to read and review honestly.
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We’re huge Michael Connelly fans’ and came to him via The Concrete Blonde, oh so many years ago, in Murder One. It’s thus with complete delight we read his new book, The Law of Innocence, the latest outing for wildly popular protagonist Mickey Haller.

From the first pages we’re thrown into the action, Haller, the Lincoln Lawyer, being pulled over by a traffic cop, in what initially seems odd but manageable circumstances, until, that is, the blood starts to drip from his trunk onto the road and a body is discovered: so begins Haller’s fight for his life and liberty. Incarcerated in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in downtown LA and kept safe by the protection he’s paying for, Haller manages his own defence with the help of his outside tight-knit team.

They say never defend yourself, but Haller is a pro and, of course, convinced only he can get himself off, for it’s not as simple as clearing his name, he has to find out who the real killer is. It’s an interesting premise for a novel – Haller, the epic hero, accused of a crime he didn’t commit, but with the odds stacked against him, his quest is to battle evil, prove his innocence and gain the prize, his life.

The wonderful thing about Michael Connelly’s books is the sheer energy. So much is woven into his plots and the huge of amount detail given to the reader is done in such a way that it doesn’t seem overplayed or overworked. That in itself is an extraordinary skill. And in this, The Law of Innocence is no different to his earlier work. In addition, we’re also handed characters who are believable and in whom we’re quickly invested, whether they’re on the right or wrong side of the law.

This is entertainment pure and simple, delivered with the ease of an author at the top of his game. And while, we are unabashed Harry Bosch fans, and have been since we were first introduced to him in that great indie bookshop on Charing Cross Road, Mickey Haller is a very attractive protagonist and The Law of Innocence simply terrific stuff.

Highly, highly recommended.
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What more can you say? Christmas has come early with the opportunity to read the new Michael Connelly thriller - his second book of the year.

I am in awe of how the writer retains his energy and enthusiasm to keep compiling such a body of exceptional work and to keep his characters fresh and interesting.

I won't regurgitate the story as others have already done so but Mickey Haller is shown at his most ingenious, creative and maybe even devious as his mind is fully concentrated in saving himself from a potential life sentence as he is framed for a gangland murder he did not commit.

He has also grown as a character and a man as his personal life is developed as well as his touching relationship with his daughter.

Harry Bosch is also there in the background. I could have done with a bit more of him as he is pretty peripheral to the story but perhaps that would-be asking for too much.

As ever this is a wonderful book written by a consummate professional and wordsmith.

Highly recommended.
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The day may have started well for Haller but its about to end on a nightmare for him. A routine stop by police with the request to open his boot leads to the discovery of a body. The body of a man that Haller has had previous dealings with. Thrown into jail he must use all his wiles and the skills of those around him to not only get bail but more importantly prove his innocence. With the odds and the opposition intent on making him suffer can he prove his innocence in the time he has or will injustice prevail. Bringing on board Bosh to help him might just be the resource he needs , it also helps that they are related so things are more personal.

It’s amazing how such a mundane event, pulled over by the police can be made into such a power house of a novel. A novel that will take you on a rush to justice through a quagmire of falsehoods and dirty tricks. Putting Haller on the inside of a jail is a master stroke and gives us even more insight to all the characters involved. How the team and family come together to fight for the truth , how they support and lean on each other. You as a reader feel invested in Haller’s fight to prove himself innocent. I was gripped page after page as the truth unraveled before me , the book took me on a rollercoaster rush of thrills and nail biting tension. The author manages to intertwine characters from different novels together to give us a new set of interactions and thrills. He did it with Bosh and Ballard in Dark Sacred Night and he has done it again with the various adventures involving Haller and Bosh. A brilliant addition to the Connelly catalogue from an author who continues to delight and thrill his readers.
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It feels like a treat having 2 Michael Connelly books released in the same year. And what a surprise, he doesn't disappoint on either occasion. This one felt like more of a treat though as it was the return of Mickey Haller who hasn't had his own book for quite some time now and Michael Connelly sure can write some fine courtroom interactions.

Mickey Haller is finding that having a dead body in the boot of your car can really put a crimp on your life, even more annoying for him is that he didn't put it there. Looks like he'll need a good lawyer to get him out of this scrape but where is he likely to find one of those? Does this make him a fool? Time will tell.

The story flows through a wonderful narrative with the usual great cast of characters and the courtroom interactions going back and forth make it hard to put down. Even though you felt you knew the outcome of the trial it was a fun journey getting there. The ending did feel a little flat compared to what had gone before and did give me pause on my overall score but in the end the rest of the book was easily 5 stars so I plumped for that. I thought the Covid mentions looming throughout the tale were done nicely, never at the forefront but a threat to our lives as we know them just around the corner. It's the first instance I've come across of this pandemic cropping up in a book I've read.

As usual, top work by Michael Connelly. I can't wait to pick up his next offering whatever it may be and with whoever it may be leading the line.
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Well, it’s good to be able to report that I Michael Connelly is on his best form in this latest outing involving Mickey Haller, the ‘Lincoln Lawyer’. The case is unusual as it places Mickey Halle r himself in the most serious legal jeopardy. Although Connelly’s other star character, Harry Bosch, features in the story he is, quite properly, a minor player, with most action centred around the preparation for, and the action during, the trial that could see Haller confined in prison for life.

Readers familiar with Michael Connelly’s work will know what to expect: a well constructed storyline; unexpected twists in the unfolding of the plot; pace that builds relentlessly; a narrative characterised by well-crafted prose that makes reading a therapeutic pleasure; and a denouement that is both satisfying and doesn’t require an unreasonable suspension of disbelief. 

If any reader finds this great story takes longer to read than s/he might expect for a book of similar length I would be prepared to eat the paperback version when it comes out. This is one of the few genuinely unputdownable books. 

Highly, highly recommended. 6 stars, at least!
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The Law of Innocence is the most well-executed legal thriller I have read. 

I could end my review here with a “buy it now” as I believe I will not do the book justice, but I’ll do my best to build my case. 

Legal thrillers, or courtroom dramas, are tricky puzzles only the sharpest minds can create. They cut bits, they shape corners, they play with the colors so well that what you get is a box of characters, a strong plot, and no clue what the final picture will be. The amateur sleuth in me loves it. I find minds that can navigate the law fascinating, and when they make a door appear for me to enter the world of the law in a way that is both mesmerizing and entertaining, I am in awe. Michael Connelly has written my favorite courtroom thriller. 

The box contains the legalese I love to read, an intricate, too-smart-for-me main character that never makes me feel I’m an idiot, but rather takes me with him on a wild chase for a verdict, and a cast of secondary characters that acts both as a connection to the rest of the world, and the humanity trials sometime lack of. Even when a jury is present, the Law is presented facts and judges upon them, which makes all the protagonists necessary to make room for feelings, emotions, and breathing, between boxes of paperwork. 

This was my first Mickey Haller book and I was not expecting him to be arrested so quick! A lawyer behind bars is never good. Okay, some may deserve it, but there was never a doubt in my mind that Mickey was not one of them. Yet, everything pointed to him, and within a few pages, I was scared for his life. The worry was gnawing at me. I could feel the weight of the evidence against Mickey and no way out. But I am no lawyer, nor am I in the clever percentage of people who can actually make sense of those situations. I don’t want to be. I enjoy sitting on the bench and watch. 

I watched. I also got adrenaline rushes and hot flushes. There is nothing boring in The Law of Innocence. A defence attorney is being framed (or so he says) and decides to defend himself, preparing his trial from prison. Okay, just writing this, I got a thrill. And it’s only the premise. 

The plot is tight, tighter than the tie of a corporate lawyer meeting a billionaire client. Everything seems to be against Mickey but his brain, and those of his team, work in such a way that it almost seems easy to turn bad news into an advantage. Now I would not want you to believe it’s an easy ride and read. The fact Mickey’s fate hangs in the balance is always at the front of the mind, and time is also a key player. Mickey doesn’t wait acquittal. He wants a non-guilty verdict, and this made me think. Those things really are different, but it takes courage to go all the way to defend oneself and one’s reputation. Would have I the balls? Pardon my French. I don’t know, but it was exciting to see Mickey put his faith in himself, his team, and the system. He definitely knows how to play! 

I really enjoyed the bits and bobs about his personal life, and I am curious enough to go and check the previous books in the series! 

I recommend The Innocence of Law to all courtroom drama readers. The writing is addictive, and the plot wraps itself around you and doesn’t let go until a finish that is, if not explosive, completely real, raw, and reflects so well how the US system works.
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'The only way to prove I didn't do it is to prove who did, I said.'That's the Law of Innocence.'
Mickey Haller is back and this time he's defending himself. Another cracking courtroom thriller from Michael Connelly. I am a huge fan of his books whether it is Haller, Bosch or Ballard.
If you've never read them then this is a good one to start with and then there is a large back catalogue to escape into.
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I was so excited and grateful to get an advance copy of this. I'm a huge Michael Connelly fan and this certainly didn't disappoint!
All the well loved characters make an appearance, including Bosch who flits in and out of the story. The drama is fast paced and this is an easy read which I finished in days! 
Brilliant! Hurry and write the next!
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Another great offering featuring the famous Lincoln Lawyer– Mickey Haller. Bosch makes a few cameos, but the action centres on Haller who is framed for murder. Being the other side of the prison bars is an eye-opener for Haller whilst he tries to build his own defence case assisted by his investigative team. You know what you’ll get with Connelly – easy to read, fast-paced escapism. Perfect.
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Mickey Haller is back! And this time he is defending himself...

 A man who represents himself, has a fool for a client.

   Michael Connelly is one of my all-time favorite authors. I love all his characters, the courtroom drama, the investigation. Mickey Holler is pulled over one night on the way home. The cop explains he is pulling him over because he does not have a back license plate, but what is that dripping out of his trunk? When i the trunk is popped open and a body is found, Mickey knows he’s been framed. But by who? And why? Finding himself in a Downtown LA jail Mickey is determined to defend himself, using his jail cell as his office. He knows his reputation will require him not only to prove his innocence, but also prove who committed the murder.

   All the gang is here, old characters and new. Even some surprises. Of course I was thrilled to see my favorite detective ever Harry Bosch, Mickey‘s half brother. Once again I was completely caught up in this intriguing investigation. I also always love to watch Mickey in action in the courtroom - not going to lie can’t help but picture Matthew McConaughey. The story takes place in the beginning of 2020 and it was interesting how the onset of the coronavirus was woven into the story, with an epilogue that really brought it home. Another stellar book from this amazing storyteller.

This book in emojis  🚨 🩸 👩🏻‍⚖️ 😷

*** Big thank you to Orion for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***
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The Law of Innocence is the sixth instalment in The Lincoln Lawyer series, set in Los Angeles, and featuring defence lawyer Mickey Haller, half brother to recently retired Detective Harry Bosch. This time Haller finds himself in a sticky situation; driving home after a win in court, and a subsequent celebration at the Redwood, he is pulled over in a traffic stop by a LAPD cruiser due to a missing rear license plate. Officer Milton decides to have a look in the boot of the car and discovers the body of a deceased man. The victim turns out to be a former client of Haller, convicted con man Sam Scales, who had still owed money to him for previous representation. He swiftly finds himself in the back of the patrol car and placed in a cell at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in downtown LA. Haller decides that he will defend himself in what has quickly become the fight of his life and begins to make plans. He has to prove his innocence but the only way to do so is to find out who framed him and collect the evidence to prove it in court. To make matters worse the prosecuting attorney is Dana 'Death Row' Berg, a tough and renowned mover and shaker from the Major Crimes Unit, who is convinced of Haller's guilt and is determined to put him away.

This is one of the best courtroom dramas/legal thrillers that I have read in a very long time. Riveting from the start, impeccably plotted and intricate in its detail, you can tell that extensive research went into making this as authentic and true to life as possible. As a law graduate I know that lawyers are crafty and their job is really to play the system; Connolly illustrates this with both Haller, who isn't frightened to get his hands dirty and skirt the moral periphery to prove his innocence and Dana Berg, the prosecutor in Haller's case who will use any and all tactics to ensure Haller is convicted; they're a good match for each other! It's completely absorbing and the anxiety felt by Haller is perfectly depicted over his high stakes dilemma; the tension and suspense is palpable and seeps through the pages. The twists, turns and episodes of misdirection are plentiful and unpredictable throughout, and I found myself rushing through it feverishly; almost with as much urgency as Haller trying to save himself. This is compulsive, scintillating and thoroughly entertaining crime fiction, which is a rollercoaster of highs and lows with an adrenaline pumping plot. Highly recommended. Many thanks to Orion for an ARC.
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I've been a Michael Connelly fan for many years.  I've lost count of the number of his titles I have read.  I can distinctly remember reading The Lincoln Lawyer for the first time and immediately telling everyone I know....and many people I didn't know....that their lives would be incomplete without reading the book.  When the movie was released, I had the same reaction.  Where am I going with this?  It's to let you know when I say this book is as good as the first Lincoln Lawyer book, I'm considered an expert.  

When you are framed and charged with murder, you want the best lawyer to defend you.  But, if you are that lawyer, it can present a few problems....but then Mickey Haller is used to overcoming a few problems.  Connelly brings back Haller's team plus a few extras, like Harry Bosch, and the action never slows down.  From the traffic stop to the judge with an axe to grind to hiring a bodyguard inside the prison....well you get the picture.  As always, the clues are there, you just have to find them.  This is another exciting, entertaining, tense legal thriller with a twist that Michael Connelly is famous for.
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On his way home from celebrating another case win, Mickey Haller - the Lincoln Lawyer - is stopped by an L.A. police officer. At first it seems that this is a routine pull over, his rear licence plate seems to be missing. But then the truculent cop spots something else – is that blood dripping from the boot of his car onto the asphalt? When the boot is opened the body of a man can clearly be seen, Haller’s day has turned bad.

Mickey finds himself in lock-up and more bad news quicky follows: his bail is set at an unmanageable figure by a judge he’d crossed sometime in the past. It looks like here he’s going to stay. He’s facing a murder charge and as evidence is gathered it becomes clear that Dana Berg, known by members of the downtown defence bar as Death Row Dana, is going to live up to her reputation for seeking the maximum available penalty. Moreover, Haller has decided to defend himself in court and he’s claimed his Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial, but how is he going to pull his defence case together whilst locked up in jail?

To me there’s nothing more comforting than settling down with a Michael Connelly novel. I trust him implicitly to nurse me through a complex narrative without getting me lost in a mire of names or confused by the fine detail. He’s truly the master storyteller. And I do love a good courtroom yarn! Haller pulls together a team that will ultimately comprise a bunch of characters regular readers will be familiar with, including two ex-wives and his half-brother Harry Bosch. I found this to be a truly immersive experience, I was totally captivated from the start and when I wasn’t reading I was thinking about the story and wishing time would pass more quickly so I could get back to the book. I’m not the fastest reader but I was done in half a dozen sittings over the course of a few days. 

I suppose I knew we'd end up where we did but not how we'd get there. And that's the case with most crime fiction, which means that for me the enjoyment is primarily in the journey more than the destination. Connelly manages to maintain both pace and suspense whilst sprinkling the tale with some nifty surprises and top end dialogue. As you'd expect, his set piece courtroom scenes are terrific. Yes, this is another book fans of the genre really should not miss. 

Some afterthoughts:

1. It’s another quality book from a writer at the top of his game. In my mind he’s never written a bad book - and I can think of few other writers I’d grant the same accolade.

2. The power of television and film was demonstrated to me by the fact that when I thought of Haller he wore the head of Matthew McConaughey and when Bosch arrived on the scene I saw and heard Titus Welliver. I think it’ll ever be thus.

3. A few new release books I’ve read recently are haunted by the menace of COVID-19 lurking in the background. It’s here too.

4. I remain fully in awe of how well MC has manages to have his key series characters – Haller, Bosch, Jack McEvoy, Renee Ballard and the late Terry McCaleb - maintain lead status in their own books whilst merging seamlessly into each other’s lives. It shouldn’t work, but it does.
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If there is one line which could sum up the current times, it is this one-

''This year proves that anything can happen.''

And who should know this better than J.Michael Haller, or Mickey as he is known to friends and family. Stopped by police on his way back from an alcohol free celebration of his latest case, because his licence plate is missing,he finds himself both his own client and defence attorney when a dead body is found in the boot of his Lincoln.

First appearing in 'The Lincoln Laywer' and with several cameos in the Harry Bosch canon, this latest novel takes us from the original stop and arrest in October 2019, through to late Spring 2020. This is not a police procedural or court room drama as you or I might know it, this is about a man's reputation and attempts to prove the law of innocence. In order to be proved innocent, Mickey has to find and prove who murdered Sam Scales and set him up.

This is about right and wrong in the current climate of police injustice,the right of trial by jury and what happens when you find yourself on the wrong side of the law and the only person you can trust to step up to the bat is yourself. Or so Mickey thinks...

Marking a welcome return to characters from past novels, they are greeted like old friends as they step onto the page and into the action. And, most thrilling of all, Bosch appoints himself as an investigator into who, what, where and why. Sometimes Haller comes across as morally grey but if Bosch is in his corner, then his strict code of right and wrong is enough to have the reader place all their bets on Haller getting acquitted.

The symbolism of his missing licence plate (customised to read 'not guilty') , his being seen as one step short of a con man by the justice system and the sense of right versus wrong is just how you argue a case, is not lost on the reader. And creeping into the background, I think in the first novel I have read which has touched on this, is the impending corona virus.

It really made me think, after almost a whole year of working in a hospital, our sense of 'normal' has been eroded by the onslaught of the pandemic. And going back to a time when it was whispered about online, mentioned in passing as a problem specific to an area a million miles away from our own, feels like a lifetime away. What this will mean, for a world which is waiting in bated breathe for facts, figures and science to prove right and wrong, especially in light of the recent election, reflects on our sense of justice, responsibility and morality. As Haller gears up for the fight of his life against a system he knows inside and out, except from the other side of the courtroom, he needs a two pronged attack-find out the culprit and clear his name.

He is given a perspective that has not ben afforded him in other novels, he acknowledges his own weakness and misjudgements in a way that Harry, his literary counterpart constantly holds himself to. It's surprising to see the ever confident Haller keep his public face plastered over his worries and it is only when we, the readers, see him through the lens of his acquaintances that we realise he lost a shocking amount of weight, skin tone and his bravado .Though he would like to think he has not been affected by his time in prison, and has kept his mind sharp, being incarcerated has had an effect which is notable. As he moves forward to the his trial and his day on the stand, the words he says early on in 'The Law Of Innocence' carry a significant weighting-

''You know,'' I said,''being innocent is no guarentee of a not-guilty verdict.Anything can happen in trial.''

Michael Connelly is not just good, he is brilliant, a conoisseur of current affairs and societal issues filtered through the gaze of his characters, he simply is one of the very best at what he does. And I defy readers not to visualise Matthew McConnaughy (who Haller in 'The Lincoln Lawyer)and Titus Welliver  (Prime's Harry Bosch) as you flip the there is a on screen duo I would love to see one day!
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I’ve read and enjoyed many Michael Connelly’s novels over the years. mostly from the Harry Bosch and Jack McEvoy series, but The Law of Innocence is my first novel in the Mickey Haller series and it’s a fantastic introduction to this series as the protagonist, a defense lawyer, is accused of murder.

Mickey Haller is known as the Lincoln Lawyer because he often works from his Lincoln car. One night, he is pulled over by the police while returning home and, for once, he finds himself on the other side of the law, arrested after a body is found in the trunk of his car. The victim is a former client. The prosecution is convinced that Haller is guilty. Haller, incarcerated in the Twin Towers Correctional Centre, knows that a lawyer should never represent himself, but he also knows that he and his team are the best chance he has to prove that he’s been framed.

I love Michael Connelly novels, his twisty plots, his attention to details, and his incredible protagonists. Mickey Haller is the kind of lawyer every criminal would want on his side. He knows every trick, every subterfuge in court. He is smart, brash, assertive. He knows when to push, he knows when to stop. He knows where to look for the truth. I loved him!!!

Harry Bosch makes an appearance as Mickey’s half-brother and there are other characters that I enjoyed, from Mickey’s law partner Jennifer to his ex-wife Maggie, Mickey is surrounded by a cast of brilliant characters.

The Law of Innocence is a terrific legal thriller. The court room scenes were my favourite part because we see Mickey Haller at his best, but I also enjoyed the behind the scene, the investigation to prove Mickey’s innocence, and the few glimpse we got into his personal life.

The Law of Innocence is a gripping, brilliantly-plotted novel that kept me glued to the pages and I will definitely keep following this series, catching up on the books already published and looking forward to the next installment.
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4.5 Stars

Crime writing virtuoso Michael Connelly is back with a compulsively readable page-turner that sees his iconic creation Mickey Haller – The Lincoln Lawyer – facing his toughest case yet – only this time he is the one in the dock with everything to lose!

Having just won yet another case, Mickey Haller is on top of the world. The Lincoln Lawyer is keen to celebrate his success with his colleagues in the legal profession and he heads to a bar close to the courthouse where the celebrations are soon in full swing. The alcohol is flowing and there is plenty of damage done to Mickey’s credit card, but he doesn’t care. Mickey does not need the high alcohol brings as he feels absolutely invincible at that moment. Driving home in the early hours of the morning, he is surprised when he is stopped by a traffic cop. Thinking that this cop has been tailing him because he thinks he is driving while under the influence, Mickey might feel put out, but he is not the slightest bit worried – until the cop asks him to open the boot of his car where a dead body is revealed!

Mickey is shocked to his very core. Someone is trying to frame him and Mickey has no idea who. In his long and illustrious career, his enemies outnumber his admirers, but charged with murder and sent to prison, the future for him looks bleak and uncertain yet Mickey refuses to be deterred. As somebody who knows the law inside out, he will build his case from prison and defend himself in court in what promises to be the trial of his life. The stakes have never been higher for him, but with his reputation and his freedom on the line, Mickey has to stay alert, focused and pull out every trick in the book to prove his innocence.

As the evidence against him stacks up, Mickey knows that his will be no easy feat. But he simply mustn’t give up because in order to prove that he is being set-up he must turn detective and find out who is framing him. Can the Lincoln Lawyer win the most important case of his career? Or will he end up losing everything?

Top-notch crime fiction does not get any better than this! The Law of Innocence is a wholly captivating thriller where the stakes are high, the action relentless, the suspense heart-pounding and the twists and turns absolutely jaw-dropping. Mickey Haller is, as always, charming, charismatic, intelligent, forensic and intuitive. Readers cannot help but cheer him on and will be turning the pages with bated breath hoping against hope that he can get out of this sinister predicament he has found himself trapped in.

Michael Connelly is a writer at the height of his powers and The Law of Innocence is an unmissable and unputdownable thriller that will satisfy old fans and new admirers alike.
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Another compelling novel from this well known author. Whilst it could certainly be enjoyed as a standalone, I think readers of Connelly’s previous work will especially enjoy it. If you’re new to Michael Connelly, I urge you to treat yourself and read all of his previous books. 

Having read all of Michael Connelly’s books, I found this one particularly ‘unputdownable’.  The start of the coronavirus pandemic also unfolds during the book, adding to the tension and atmosphere. 

The Lincoln Lawyer returns, defending arguably his most important client yet - himself.  Mickey Haller must utilise all his skills as a defence lawyer to uncover the truth when he is arrested and charged with murder.  One of Connelly’s other great characters, Harry Bosch, makes an appearance in the book, helping Mickey and his legal team to investigate the case.  I especially enjoyed being on the ‘other side’, seeing the case from the defence side, pitted against police and prosecutors.

Read this book. 

Thank you for the opportunity to preview this book. I actually did a little dance of happiness when my approval came through, as I knew I was in for a treat.
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The Law of Innocence is the 6th book in Michael  Connelly's massively popular Lincoln Lawyer series.
A dead body found in the boot of a car that is pulled over  by the Police proves to be one of Mickey Haller's trickiest cases,not least as it's his car and he's driving it. To make matters worse the deceased is a former client that Haller had parted company with on less than friendly terms after a disagreement over money.

With everything against him Haller has to defend himself with the prospect of a life behind bars unless he can break the prosecution's seemingly airtight case,led by  the vindictive Dana "Ice" Berg ,who appears to have a very personal dislike of him.

With his back to the wall Haller desperately tries to clear his name as the case gets murkier and murkier, aided and abetted by employees and friends,including Harry Bosch and no less than 2 ex-wives. Also making an appearance is an ex=partner suggesting that Haller hasn't quite got the hang of the relationship thing.

This is a very involving tale,part thriller,part courtroom drama. Connelly ably explains various facets of the American legal system so readers can keep up with the drama and also points out part of that system that are blatantly unfair. A few characters from previous Haller books also make appearances but this can be read as a standalone.

As the title suggests "Innocence" is a theme here with Haller very aware that being found Not Guilty in a Court of Law is not necessarily the same as being innocent.

This is a great addition to the series,all the old favourite regular characters are here as well as a new addition who may or may not become a trusted member of the team.

Another winner from Michael Connelly.
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