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The Word Trove

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I loved the concept of this and the language used throughout.

It was very informative and an idea that I don’t think I’ve read before, meeting ‘a word’ that’s lost it’s ‘meaning’.  How original! I had my reservations about this as it’s not normally a genre I go for but I really enjoyed it.  

The various paths one word can take you down and the change in meaning if used in certain mannerisms etc.  

I do think it could have been doing with being a little longer but other than that, I enjoyed it and look forward to reading more from Elias!
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This was a difficult book to review, because I loved the writing and the concept behind it, and there were some moments that showed flashes of brilliance. Yet, at the same time it is one of those books that left me unsure of how I felt about it at the end. The execution I feel could have been tighter, and it may have been a book that benefited from being longer, as there were ideas and scenes that felt a little contrived, but I feel would have worked if they had been extended just a little. However, for all that I did enjoy this book, and it was a love letter to language and words, and such an intriguing, unique concept, that I'm glad I gave into curiosity and gave it a go.
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