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A Beary Rainy Day

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I appreciate the message behind the story but in my opinion it could have been written so much better. The constant switch rhyme and no rhyme was distracting me from the story.
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I loved this a lot! The drawing style drew me in when I saw the cover and it was amazing throughtout the book. The story itself was very cute, but also a good lesson for children I think. Great read!
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'A Beary Rainy Day' by Adam Ciccio with illustrations by Emilie Timmermans is a picture book for young readers about a bear that is sad.

Wallow the Bear lives in the woods.   When it rains and becomes gloomy, so does his mood.  One day when it rained and he was sad, he heard a most unusual sound from outside and what he finds will change him and his gloomy outlook.

This is a good story and a good lesson about moods.  I liked the illustrations too!

I received a review copy of this ebook from Clavis Publishing and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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This is a tale of Bear and his gloomy ways. Will you left everything in your life keep you down or will you look to find the good in everything in life. This is what Wallow has to decide on the day it rains. Will he let it make him grumpy or will he take a clue from Little Cub to enjoy the good side of the rain? 

We all have things in life that get to us and bring us down. Children are no different. This book along with some great discussion can help children find the good of even the worst situations. 

Thank you Netgalley for this e- ARC in exchage for my honest review.
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Wallow gets sad when it rains, he stays stuck inside "wallowing" about the rain.  Suddenly from outside, he hears splashing and laughter.  He goes to see what this is all about.  He finds his friend Little Cub making the best out of a rainy day.  Wallow joins him and from then on he no longer "wallows' inside when it rains but goes out and plays!

A cute story with a very good lesson for children.  Find some good in the things that make us sad.
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Thank you NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.   

The cover is colorful and gets the job done. 

My kids and I LOVED this book.    It was adorable, well-written, and fun to read.   The illustrations were great as well!

I'll definitely be looking out for other work by this author.
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A Beary Rainy Day is a beautifully illustrated picture book for children. Wallow is a bear who dislikes the rain. It is gloomy and it makes him feel sad and dejected. I totally get how Wallow feels, as I do not like the gloomy, rainy days we get in the fall and winter. When he tries to bury himself in his bed he hears laughing and splashing. He drags himself out and sees his friend playing and having fun in the rain. He decides to join Cub and ends up having a great day. Of course, my grandkids love playing in the rain, so they cheered when Wallow went out to play. The idea of this story is to make the best of a dismal and gloomy situation and maybe things aren't as bad as you might think. The illustrations are wonderful. They have a muted colour palette to depict the rainy day, but they add so much to the story. My one complaint was the rhyming patterns of the text. They constantly change up so it made it difficult to get in a rhythm while reading aloud. Otherwise, this is a sweet and fun story with a great message. I was gifted a copy of this book upon request.
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This is a tale of Wallow the bear who feels sad whenever it rains and how he learns to look past the negative for the positive and not let the rain make him sad or stop him from having fun. 
It's a sweet and simple tale designed to encourage children to make the best of any situation.
I loved the illustrations but I found the text to be clunky. The vocabulary was pretty simple though so it would work well for young readers.
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A Beary Rainy Day is the story of a bear who is stuck indoors due to the rain. The bear hates the rain and becomes gloomy as it rains harder. He hears a splash and giggling, goes out of his home to investigate, and discovers the joy of rain. While the illustrations are fantastic, I wish there was more to the story. Probably the simplicity of the concept would appeal to children when they are stuck inside on rainy days.
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Wallow the bear had intended to do things outdoors, but it begins to rain, and that makes Wallow feel gloomy. He heads back indoors, makes some waffles, reads a book, and finally goes back to bed because he's so over the rain. Then he hears splashing and laughter outside, and goes to check it out. His friend is playing in the rain, and invites Wallow to play with him. Soon Wallow is having fun, and finds that rainy days aren't so bad after all. A sweet story to help kiddos learn to look on the bright side, even if things appear to be gloomy. The illustrations are wonderful- it's fun looking at all the details in the scenery outside, and the interior of Wallow's cave, including some sneaky squirrels swiping some honey and waffles to have their own feast! Great fun!

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Sometimes it takes a little perspective. Making lemonade out of lemons. Seeing the glass 1/2 full.

Wallow the bear is wallowing about the rainy day. All he sees is gloomy and doom. He is a silly bear and kiddos may see themselves in Wallow. It takes a special friend to see things differently. After seeing things differently, Wallow also begins to behave differently. He enjoys the rainy day and sees beyond his circumstances. Plus he is more fun to be around.

A funny way to learn a life long lesson.

A Special Thank you to Clavis Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.
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Wallow the bear gets sad and gloomy when it rains. His friend is able to turn his day around. This is a good book for children to help navigate a way to turn something bad into something good. Its also a fun rainy day story.
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My 5 year old daughter proclaimed "twelve stars!"
A very sweet, fun picture book about getting outside and playing in the rain! The illustrations are charming - kids will love looking at all the details of Wallow's cave. A very easy to understand concept with unique illustrations make this a great read!
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An entertaining tale that teaches children how to make the best of a seemingly bad situation. The last line of the book says it all: "He realizes that gloominess wasn't because of the storm, but because he'd never seen past the rain clouds before." With all that is happening in 2020, this is an amazing book to read with young children and talk over how to "see past the rain clouds."
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I thought that this was a lovely book and the illustrations are spot on.

The book is well written and it has a really nice natural flow to it making it an easy read.

I liked the idea behind the story and I know a lot of people do start to feel sad with the changes of the season and the miserable weather too so it was nice for this to be addressed and it shows you can still have fun in the rain - my daughter really enjoyed this and we had been for a walk earlier and she has been jumping in the puddles in her wellies so she was happy with the ending!

It is 4 stars from me for this one, I thought it was a lovely story and has some beautiful illustrations!
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I loved this book. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is cute. My only (personal) reservation was the rhyming scheme...I'm a Seuss and Stevenson lover...I like my poems to rhyme and in an order that makes sense to me. Sometimes it was AABB other times ABAB then again AAAB or ABBB see where I'm going?...I couldn't connect with the cadence...maybe I'll make my own music to the pictures and the story, since they are absolutely beautiful.

Thank you NetGalley, Adam Ciccio, and Clavis Publishing for a really beautiful book.
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Absolutely my favorite new picture book of the year! I love the story and illustrations so much. Wallow the bear is my type of character, he's not interested in having fun especially not in the rain or is he. Plus now he has influenced me to want waffles with honey. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for my digital review copy.
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I was given a digital copy of this book by NetGalley for my honest review. 

We love this book! My 4.5 year and I have been reading daily for the past two weeks, and I don't see it stopping anytime soon. This is definitely going on my birthday list for her to buy in physical form when it comes out. Just a super cute and fun read.
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Wallow the Bear lives deep in the woods and when it rains he is not a happy camper.  He gets sad and depressed and hunkers down in his bed in his cave and wishes the rainy day would go away.  One particular extremely soggy day he hears splashing and giggling coming from outside.  Now whoever could that be?  Wallow hears euphoric sounds and someone having an amazing time while gallivanting around in this stormy weather. 

His curiosity gets the best of him and he takes it upon himself to find out just who the culprit is.  He discovers that his friend, Little Cub, is having the time of his life playing, dancing, laughing and embracing all that the rainy day has to offer.  He's having a splashy blast!  Little Cub encourages Wallow to join in with him and Wallow agrees.  The duo have the best time ever!  Who ever thought that being one with the rain could be such a fantastic adventure!  

The illustrations are very well done and the emotions they invoke bonds you to the text.  The message of this sweet story evokes positive thinking and encourages readers to turn that frown upside down.  I highly recommend this book!
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an electronic copy to read and review. 

This is a cute picture book about a bear who doesn't want to go outside when it is rainy. Ultimately the story is a good reminder that mindset matters. I think many young kids will relate to the story and make some great connections to how they feel in inclement weather.
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