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When Juliet agreed to attend an awards ceremony as a favor for a friend she never imagined that she would get to sit next to Noah, the celebrity actor who was the star of her daydreams.   She thought it was a dream come true until she begins to realize that he is nothing like she expected and not in a good way so she refuses to acknowledge who he is.

Noah is a successful actor who is used to being around people because of his status and not because of who he is.    Juliet is unlike anyone he has ever met before and he realizes that he wants to know more about this fascinating woman as what starts as a friendship evolves into a slow burning romance between two people whose lives collided under the most unlikely of circumstances.

The characters draw you in and the author finds a great balance between the humor and emotion of the story.
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This was a really cute book!  Juliet and Noah's meet cute was adorable.  Noah was an actor and was up for an award.  Juliet was a seat filler for the award ceremony.  She was assigned to the seat next to Noah.  This meet cute started a friendship that of course turned into love.  They both had some issues to sort through to get to their HEA.
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This was a really cute story about a dog groomer, Juliet, who gets seated next to superstar Noah Douglass when she is volunteering as a seat filler. The immediate interaction between the two is really funny and such a great start to the book. 

I will admit it lost me a little in the middle, I felt like I had a hard time getting into it past the initial meet-cute, but by the end, I was invested! I was rooting for Juliet, Noah--even Noah's lovable dog and Juliet's best friend.  

I don't always read the acknowledgments but I'm glad I did for this one, if only to learn who inspired this story! It is also amazing to know that the proceeds of the book were sent to Arts in the Armed Forces, which I really appreciated! 

Overall, I enjoyed this. It will definitely make you want to make out with someone, so beware! 

Thank you to NetGalley and Montlake for an advanced copy of this and the opportunity to share my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This could have been a really sweet romance but ended up being just okay for me. It bugs me when the heroine of a romance book spends the whole book thinking the guy would never like someone like her even though he’s been so obvious about how much he likes her. The conflict at the end was too much for me, it was just too much build up to it and ended up being super dramatic. 

I didn’t know anything about Adam Driver before reading this but learning that every single detail of Noah Douglas was taken from Adam Driver’s life is just too much. Being slightly inspired by a celebrity is okay but this just made me feel super uncomfortable. Not a fan.
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This was a fun premise for a book. Noah and Juliet's first meeting was pretty comical. She's trying to not interact with anyone per her contract as a seat filler during a big Hollywood awards ceremony. Sit in the seat so the cameras don't catch any empty seats, leave when the attendee returns. Simple and easy. Except when the person you're sitting next to is your life time crush, and who is determined to get you out of the seat and to have you not be some crazed fan. So play aloof and uninterested.

Juliet is a bit of a spitfire but I love her personality. She was very fun and some of her internal thoughts (and let's be honest a lot of her vocal thoughts) had me laughing out loud a lot of the book. Especially when she was saying things out loud that she thought were just her thoughts. Hahaha! That was a funny scene. I could just imagine Noah standing there smirking and trying not to laugh too hard.

The book is told only from Juliet's POV. Which works great and keeps Noah as a brooding character until she really starts to get to know him. And boy do they break down those barriers fast. I really liked the way that their characters meshed together and had this great friend connection. Of course there are sparks and great chemistry as well but with Juliet's fear of kissing and her history she's very protective of her heart and draws the friend line very firmly.

I kept waiting for some big hoorah to happen that would big the conflict of the book but it didn't quite come like I thought it would. There is a conflict and something that happens in the beginning that carries throughout the whole book and makes Juliet worried about what will happen with their relationship when it's revealed. It worked but to me it felt like Noah's reaction was a little bigger than what I would have thought. And maybe that's not the right way to describe it. There was just something that felt a little off for me. But I'm sure other readers will probably enjoy it. And I should clarify that I did like it. I can see and understand both Juliet and Noah's reasons behind everything, maybe it was just what I said that I felt his reaction was bigger than I expected. 

Overall it was a cute story. Fun, flirty and a cute premise.

Content: Sariah Wilson can write characters with great chemistry like nobody's business. This book didn't dive into the characters having sex with each other but the steam level is definitely a few steps above squeaky clean. The premise is about a character who has a kissing phobia and these two dive into helping her overcome that with practice. So there are several scenes of kissing and flirting and touching. The touching is just on the arms and neck and face, etc. The kissing does turn intense and there are a couple make out scenes. At one point near the end of the book, Noah does remove his shirt as they kiss and the kissing becomes more intense and Juliet's thoughts are that she doesn't mind what happens if they keep kissing like this, but they are interrupted with a phone call. At another point in the story the characters sleep in the same bed, no kissing or anything, just sleeping.
The characters also drink alcohol and talk about not drinking too much because of becoming drunk and without inhibitions. 

I received a copy from the publisher, Montlake, via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions in the review are my own.

Happy Reading!!!
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The seat filler is that contemporary romantic comedy that many lovers of the genre will enjoy immensely. 
It’s filled with great banter and chemistry, a quirky heroine and a swoon worthy hero. 
Their story is a beautiful romance sprinkled with some twists but overall a heartwarming experience. 
I wasn’t sold on the ending and how everything solved and how easy he forgives but that’s just me and my feelings. 
While it was my first book by the author, I’ll be sure to look up some of her other books because this one was that good. 

Netgalley arc 3.5 stars
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4.5 stars = I loved it! Would re-read.

This is super fun, with great characters and laugh-out-loud moments. I enjoyed Juliet and Noah as individuals and as a couple. Rom-com fans should be sure to check this one out! (TW: Panic attacks)
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Hollywood movie star meets feisty heroine who had a major teen crush on him.  Total wish fulfillment!  This book is filled with Sariah's Wilson's usual snappy dialogue.  It has humor, heart, and chemistry that sizzles off the pages.

I was blessed to get an ARC of this in January.  Once I started reading, I was hooked.  My only problem was that I wanted to gush about it with my friends, yet it was four months until the release date.  This is a book you'll want to talk about, share with friends, recommend to strangers...

Content: cleaninsh (making-out, they almost get to removing an item of clothing but are interrupted, mild innuendo, mild language)
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The synopsis for this one sounded promising, but quickly felt a little creepy and stalker-like. This was a DNF for me.
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A fun read! Apparently at televised award shows, no one wants to see empty seats, so people are paid (or volunteer, as in this book) to temporarily fill seats that are vacated at different points in the evening. This is the basis for everything that happens in this book. It was a great “meet cute”, for sure, and I felt that the two main characters, Juliet and Noah, had wonderful chemistry. There were some delightfully funny parts, as well as sweet romantic moments. Plus adorable dogs!

Note: Not being an Adam Driver fan (other than enjoying his movies), it was news to me that the author based so much of Noah on Adam Driver, per the acknowledgements at the end, and that made the story I’d just read feel a bit creepy to me.

Thank you to NetGalley and Montlake for the opportunity to read an advance readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
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Cute romance that would be a great beach read.

I really enjoyed this one. Fun characters, interesting storyline, and some fun pets as well.  I recommend it to those who enjoy close door romances.
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Juliet Nolan lives in LA, but she doesn’t much care about Hollywood. Sure, she has her movie star crushes (or crush, Noah Douglas, who has held that place in her heart since middle school), but she doesn’t much care about the industry. That is, until her best friend Shelby needs her to help out at an awards show. 

Shelby is an interior designer, but her fiance’s mother supplies seat fillers for all the major awards shows. And her fiance’s mother hates her. So when there’s a major awards show and three of her seat fillers call in, Shelby recruits Juliet to help out. And because Shelby is asking, Juliet says yes. She puts on her rented dress and her pink Converse (she figures she’ll be standing a lot and wants to be comfortable), and puts a candy bar in her purse before heading out. 

There are specific rules for the seat fillers—they are not to speak to anyone unless spoken to first and they are not to be on television. The idea is to be as invisible as possible. So when her first assignment turns out to be the seat right next to Noah Douglas (THE Noah Douglas!), it takes all of Juliet’s resolve to stay calm. And then when he gets upset with her, asking if she’s a stalker and telling her to get out of the seat that is not hers, she has to explain that she is merely the seat filler, waiting for his date to get back. And just to bring him back down a peg, she tells him that she doesn’t even know who he is. 

Their bickering turns flirtatious, and when he finds her after the ceremony, Juliet refuses to believe Shelby when her friend insists that Noah was looking for her to ask her out. Because Juliet thought the idea was ridiculous, she didn’t say anything encouraging, but Shelby handed him one of Juliet’s business cards, for her mobile dog-grooming business. 

And Noah does call. He asks her to come clean up his dog Magnus for a photo shoot, and Juliet and Noah start talking. He asks her out again, and again she turns him down. She doesn’t date—not just movie starts, but anyone, and she has her reasons for that—but they can be friends. Noah agrees, and they spend time together, talking and laughing and getting to know each other. 

As Juliet gets more comfortable around Noah, she trusts him more and is finally able to open up about why she won’t date. She explains to him that she gets panic attacks about kissing someone. It had started back in high school, got worse in college, and she finally just accepted that she would be single forever. And she was okay with that. Except that the more time she spends around Noah, the more she wants to get past her panic. She likes him and wants to kiss him. She just doesn’t want to feel like she’s having a heart attack when it happens. 

Noah agrees to help her with her panic, and as they practice kissing together, and Juliet slowly overcomes her fears, they develop feelings that are more than just friendship. But is possible for a movie star to have a real relationship with a regular person, or is it all just too complicated? 

The Seat Filler is the latest romantic comedy from Sariah Wilson, who also wrote Roommaids and a host of other rom coms. It’s a fun story of friendship and love, and her charming characters make you want to root for them to find their happily ever after after all. 

I really enjoyed The Seat Filler. It’s a fun and frothy rom com with great characters. But I did have some problems trying believing some of the things that happened. I had to make the choice to suspend my disbelief for some of these scenes, but I was willing to do it because I liked Juliet so much. I really wanted her to be happy. I was also very happy to read about a character in a romance novel who had a fear of kissing, which is apparently a genuine phobia. Kudos to Wilson for that, and for approaching the topic with kindness and understanding. 

Egalleys for The Seat Filler were provided by Montlake through NetGalley, with many thanks.
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Oh, wow.  Wowza.  Wowza yumma stuff.  Loads of it.  So, so good.  Swoony everything.  I'm having a problem with full and complete sentences, obviously.

The banter?  Yeah, top notch.  The buildup?  Two thumbs up.  The kissing?  Get my fan and a cold glass of lemonade.  No joke.  This story was SO. MUCH. YUM.  Sigh.  I want to go back and read it again right now.  I probably should since I read through it so quickly.  That happens when you can't put it down.  And yeah, now I have a book hangover which is also what happens when you have a book like this.  It's hard to move on.

So yeah, read this book.  Carve out some time so you don't have to put it down and be angry at the people around you for living and mistakenly assuming you want to leave your book world for the other world we live in.  Just giving you a head's up.

Content:  PG-13 intimacies (kissing, making out)

- I received a complimentary copy of this book but have since bought my own copy. 😍
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A dog groomer getting together with a famous movie star? The movie star helping the dog groomer get over her phobia of kissing? If you said SIGN ME UP to both of these, then this book is for you! ⁣
The Seat Filler is a perfect vacation read or that book you pick up when you want to read something light, fluffy and happy. I'm sad to say I still haven't read Room Maid but after this one, I will be picking it up pronto. ⁣
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Such a fun read! I've been a seat filler in the past and it was never this exciting! 

Juliet attends an award show as a favor for a friend and is a seat filler, someone who sits in the empty seats when an actor is out of their seat presenting or accepting an award. She ends up next to Noah, the hot Hollywood heart throb. She pretends not to know him, which makes him intrigued.  

The two develop a relationship that tests phobias, establishes trust, and breaks down walls between them. A sweet and lighthearted romance that was a refreshing read.
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I liked the back story and thought it was an original way for Noah and Juliet to meet. The book was well written and entertaining and told from Juliet's point of view. It's a slow burn romance between a movie star and the woman he met 'seat filllng' at an awards show. The story itself stands alone, but does contain spoilers for the previous book in the series (Juliet's flat mate), so you might want to read that one first if it's a problem for you. I thought the whole issue re kissing was strange. I did fly through the last few chapters more than I should have, as they didn't capture my attention as much as the first half of the book. Also my pet peeve at the moment; the continual use of the words - basically, totally, literally and, like,... I understand why they might be in dialogue, but they have no place in internal narration. My thanks go to Netgalley and Mortlake for the eArc in return for my opinion. I did enjoy this book. 3.5 stars.
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This book was so so so good. I was sad when I had to put it down and so excited to get back into the story. It made me laugh, got me teary and I just overall really, really enjoyed it.

Juliet Nolan doesn't date. When her BFF Shelby is trying to impress her future mother-in-law volunteers herself and Juliet to be seat fillers at an awards show, Juliet grits her teeth and gets through the evening for Shelby. However, she finds herself seated next to her long-time childhood crush, Noah Douglas and she tries not to be gobsmacked. A flip remark from him about her being a stalker while she fills the seat next to him earns him multiple acerbic comments and she pretends not to know who he is. However, in true rom-com fashion, Noah and Juliet fall hard for each other, no matter how much she tries to keep him at arms' length.

The writing in this book is fantastic. I loved it from page one and Juliet is a wonderful, strong and sarcastic heroine. There were multiple times I laughed out loud at the barbs she and Noah trade. This author clearly is witty and charming and I was surprised to read this was based on a true story when she met Adam Driver of Star Wars fame. 

If you like light romantic comedies this is the book for you. This is one I would definitely pick up and re-read in the future. Thanks to Netgalley for an ARC, although I will probably buy a copy because I loved it so much.
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The Seat Filler by Sariah Wilson was such a fun, feel-good romantic comedy. Reading this story left me with such a light and warm feeling. It was such a cute, humorous and swoony read. I loved the characters and the slow burn build up of their relationship from strangers to friends to lovers.
In this story Juliet is trying to get her life on track. She has a dog grooming business that she's trying to get on track and has a fear of kissing after a few traumatic experiences in high school and college. That means she's never had a boyfriend and the thought of kissing someone puts her in a panic. As a favor for her best friend, Stella finds herself being a seat-filler at an awards show. She finds herself seated next to her favorite actor Noah, and although she isn't meant to talk to anyone, she can't help herself when his arrogance begins to show. To bring his ego down a notch Juliet pretends she doesn't know who Noah really is, but all that does is intrigue him. He soon hires her to groom his dog and so begins this friendship. She is attracted to him and is naive to his advances but when she tells him all she can offer is friendship, he takes it all in stride, never pushing her for more no matter how much he wants to.
Noah is such a kind and patient man. I absolutely loved him and how willing he was to go at Juliet's pace. Being an actor, he is surrounded by fakes and he can't handle liars. What happens when he finds out that Juliet lied about knowing who he was? Will their friendship go further than that? And will Juliet ever kiss someone without going into a panic attack?
I absolutely adored this story. It was a light fun-loving romantic comedy. The chemistry and sexual tension between these two is something to admire. I think Sariah nailed it with this story. It had all the elements of a great romcom and was such a delight to read.
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Holy up too late holy book hangover! I thought I'd read a few chapters before bed, but I should have known it was a mistake to try that with one of Sariah's books. Noah and Juliet's story grabbed ahold of me and wouldn't let me go until the sweet happy ending! I won't go into all the plot -- there's tons of other reviewers who will do that -- but I do want to take a minute to say that the way Sariah writes a kissing scene is an art all of it's own. She brings the right amount of chemistry and heat into it without going too far.  Another reader commented that just reading about Noah and Juliet's kiss took her breath away. I agree!  Of course, there's lots of relationship challenges and growth along the way that make this a touching story with lots of character development that will make you want to know more after the final pages are done. The end of a good book should always be like saying goodbye to a friend.  (And... Noah can be my friend any time!)
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Thanks to NetGalley and Mantlake for this free digital copy in exchange for an honest review. :) This book is available today, 4/27!

In "The Seat Filler" by Sariah Wilson, dog groomer Juliet helps her best friend for one night by being a seat filler at a swanky Hollywood awards show. To her surprise, she is seated next to her long-time celebrity crush Noah...and then promptly pretends she has no idea who he is, to his consternation and delight. What follows is a fun little friends-to-romance read with an interesting twist.

I zipped right along through this one! It was a sweet, enjoyable, quick read. The ending was extremely satisfying—I was grinning like a fool! The premise was definitely different (MC Juliet has philemaphobia—fear of kissing) and I loved how absolutely sweet and supportive and dreamy Noah was. There were moments when the pacing seemed a little quick, and at times the dialogue felt a little off to me--especially with Juliet. A conflict driven by holding back the truth is frustrating but overall, if you like romcoms, this is the book for you! I also really liked all of the conversations around consent and what it means to be a supportive partner. 

Steam: 🔥—lots of kissing, thoughts of desire but no sex scenes.
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