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The Best is Yet to Come

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Sometimes it’s the things we don’t say that we need others to hear the loudest . . .

Izzy has always taken everything in her stride but motherhood is proving more difficult than she thought. She keeps telling herself it’s just a phase but the dark clouds are starting to appear.

Neighbour and widower Arthur might be in the winter of his life but he’s not ready to be packed off to a care home. He’s determined to do things his way.

When Izzy hears about Arthur’s big move, she offers to help. But Arthur isn’t telling her the whole story. It takes courage to admit you need a friend and when you feel invisible, all you need is a ray of hope. After all, what if the best is yet to come?

Thanks to HQ and Netgalley for an early copy of this book in return for an honest review of the book. I have read many books over this festive period but I think this one was my much so I dreamt I lived in Izzy's street the night after I finished the book!

As a first time Mum Izzy is struggling and scared to tell anyone of the way she is feeling. It's only by chance she speaks to her neighbour Arthur and an unlikely friendship develops.  

This book focuses on difficult issues such as loneliness, be it in early motherhood or having been widowed and forgiveness.

I'm not ashamed to admit this book made me cry in places . It is perfect who needs to be reminded of the goodness in this world, It could easily be made into a film, I can't emphasise how well written I found this book to be, it's realism and  good-naturedness is something we could all do with more of these days.
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This was a lovely heartwarming read.
Izzy is a new mum, who struggles with motherhood. Like all mums (even ones that won't admit it), motherhood sometimes pushes us to our limits - especially newborn mums - sleep deprivation, not knowing where our place in the world is and the impact of growing a baby to our body.

Arthur, a widower struggles with his place in the world too.
Their paths cross one day as Arthur delivers a parcel to Izzy and this is where their tale unfolds.
There were times where the story was unfolding that I had to put the book down, it was so powerful and the ending  - well have tissues handy!
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This book isn’t what I expected but was exactly what I needed. Really enjoyed it. Great escapism. And a lovely way to spend an evening.
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I requested this book on a bit of a whim as I needed some light reading- I didn't expect to be quite so gripped! Izzy is a new mother who is really struggling and doesn't find other mothers having the same problems. Her husband works long hours and as much as she loves her baby, she's lonely. Arthur is a widow who lives in the same street as Izzy and after she finds him having had a fall and calls an ambulance, the two strike up a friendship. There has been a bit of a trend for books like this lately, and they can be hit or miss but this is a definite winner. I read it in a day and just couldn't put it down, I found the characters so endearing and charming and the story was just wonderful. Can't recommend highly enough!
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This book was like having a big hug wrapped around you, it is a feel good story that may even have you shedding a tear or two. Izzy is finding it hard to balance motherhood and everything else after the recent arrival of her first baby, Arthur is her neighbour who is finding things a bit tough with being a widow and also he is not getting any younger. The pair bond over helping Arthur sort out his worldly possessions. Both are lonely but in different ways, can they help each other to see that they are not alone? I really loved this book, I think Izzy's character is very relatable, I loved Arthur he reminded me of my grandad, it makes me want to check on my elderly neighbours more, you just don't know who might be struggling a little bit. I love the way they help each other come out of their shells more. Such a lovely thoughtful story.
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A lovely heartwarming story. Just what you expect and therefore a good book to snuggle up on the sofa with on a. rainy November evening - just like I did!
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The story of Izzy, a new mum who is finding motherhood not as she expected and Arthur, her elderly neighbour who is struggling after the loss of his wife. Brought together by accident, they form an unlikely friendship which helps them both overcome the challenges that they face.

A lovely heartwarming story with great characters which was an entertaining read.
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A lovely story depicting the obstacles we may face in every day life, such as motherhood and retirement, and the effect those can have on the human spirit. A great book!
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This was great. Perfect escapism. Funny, great characters. A fab storyline and laugh out loud moments. About living life. Something we are all desperately missing at the moment. Fab.
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I received an advance copy of, The Best is Yet to Come, by Katy Colins.  I really liked this book, a first time mother Izzy, and her elderly neighbor Arthur, become unlikely friends and allies.  Very cute story, and the characters are great.
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The best is yet to come is a beautiful read that depicts how loneliness in the elderly and being overwhelmed as a new mother is rife in our society,particularly relevant during these difficult times of Covid 19. 
Arthur a lonely widower is tired of his empty life since his wife Pearl died a couple of years ago, Izzy is a new mother who is overwhelmed with parenting her newborn daughter. Together this unlikely pair form a friendship that mutually benefits them both in so many ways, it’s so heartwarming to see the emerging relationship between the two of them and the help and support that they both gain from each other despite the massive age gap! Loneliness, new motherhood and inter generational relationships are key to this read delivering a feel good, heartwarming read that will resonate with many!
Thank you netgalley for this early read!
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