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Dreams of the Island is the second book in the Amherst Island series by Kate Hewitt. Ellen Copley is back where it all Scotland after leaving her island home for a new opportunity. Ellen, now a young woman, is still trying to figure out life and find her place in this world after a heartbreak. In Glasgow, she slowly starts to find herself and makes some friends along her journey of self discovery. Here is where she finds a new potential love interest, but it is not long before Ellen is tested again when war breaks out and she finds herself on the frontlines putting her nursing skills to good use. But after the war is over, will Ellen finally be able to find where she truly belongs?

Kate Hewitt’s writing is simply amazing and I always find myself drawn into each of her stories and the Amherst Island series is turning into some of my favorite books from this author. Hewitt paints such a vivid picture whether it is in describing Amherst Island, Scotland and even the people themselves. She also makes you feel as if you are growing up with Ellen as she goes through life trying to find a place where she belongs. I can’t help rooting for Ellen as Hewitt has made her into such a compassionate and loveable character. The storyline just flows so effortlessly and I found myself reading it slowly so I could savor everything about the story. Let’s face it, I didn’t want the story to end and I know once I read the third book in the series, Return to the Island, I am going to be completely heartbroken when it is finished.

If you love a sweeping Historical Fiction story with a character you can’t help but love, then you definitely will want to start this wonderfully amazing series.
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I have been incredibly excited about reading and reviewing this book. After reading and thoroughly enjoying the first instalment of the Amherst Island Trilogy, my expectations for this book were incredibly high and I am glad to say it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Following Ellen’s story throughout this book really did take me on an emotional journey. I truly felt every emotion that the Author so beautifully portrayed throughout this book, from feeling heartbroken one moment, to the story taking another turn and then you are overcome with that heart warming sensation for the characters and the situations once more.

When Ellen moves back to Scotland to become a nurse on the frontline, she could never be prepared for the sights she will see, or the people she will encounter. When she comes face to face with Jed and Lucas who are both on the Frontline of the War themselves, she finds herself fighting an even greater battle within herself as she comes to realise what – and who – really matters in her life.

This story truly captivated me from beginning to end, and I struggled to put the book down at times as I was so invested in the story and the characters lives. I found the Character’s personalities fascinating, and the ways in which their own traits influenced their actions as the story unfolded.

Heart-breaking, Heart-warming, and so beautifully written. The story really captured my heart and I know without a doubt it is a story that will stay with me for a long time , and has got me incredibly excited for the final instalment in this incredible series.
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Ellen has many problems in Canada and leaves to go to Scotland and then to the front in WWI, where she has to finally face her problems and a past she has been running from. The characters are so believable,the war and the description of all the places Ellen goes. Facing all of this Ellen has to chose who and what she wants and loves more what's good for her. Discover herself for one which decision will be made? Grab tissue,you will need them and if you were Ellen would you make the same decisions and mistakes? Wonderful read and you are placed in the story as you read. Received from Net Gallery and this was such a fantastic read and emotional story,it was for me! Enjoy!!  Kate Hewitt never disappoints you in any of her books!
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In this second book of the Amherst Island trilogy, Ellen Copley, now a 19 year old, returns to her home city of Glasgow to pursue her art diploma at the Glasgow School of Art, trying to find her footing and acceptance as an artist and in the society of Glasgow's elite. Then World War I begins and Ellen dons her nurse's uniform again to join with the Red Cross in France. Both in Glasgow and France, she makes new friends and acquaintances but deep down she still misses Amherst Island and continues to question where her heart truly belongs. The story flows smoothly from the first book into the second without any hitches. The characters, situations and settings are all well drawn and relatable. I think this series can be made into a TV mini-series; it has the story and feel to it that will look good visually. Now onto the third and final book to see how it all concludes. 

My thanks to NetGalley, the publisher Bookouture and the author  Kate Hewitt for the e-Arc of the book. The book was published on 16th December 2020.
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Return to the Island is the third book in the Amherst Island series. 
*Dreams of the Island
*Orphan island 
You don’t have to read the previous books to enjoy this one, but they really are so good I think you should. 
The war is over and Ellen has returned to her family farm on Amherst Island. She was gone for 7 years and finds herself overwhelmed by the state of things back home. She simply cannot do everything on her own. Thankfully she has her childhood friend Lucas who has an idea he thinks can turn things around. Ellen finds herself spending a lot of time with Jed, Lucas brother and an old love of hers. Injured in the war Jed is bitter and distant. Over time Jed helps Ellen with the family farm and without realizing it Ellen helps Jed heal his physical and emotional wounds. Ellen has spent so much time putting others before herself but now she’s ready to make herself happy. 
I like the authors writing and storytelling, using a strong independent female as the lead. I can’t wait to read more from this author in the future!
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The second in this trilogy and they just keep in getting better. Focussing on  Ellen’s life as a nurse during WW1 in France, this book follows her life from an art student in Glasgow to a nurse on the front line. Portrayal of what life during that time was like is brilliant therefore a fantastic background to Ellen’s personal story. Whilst a fiction book it does really well in being accurate which I think is really important. I cannot wait for the final instalment. Thanks Kate and NetGalley.
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When, in 1911, Ellen Copley left her home on Canada’s Amherst Island and headed back to the country she was born in and left aged thirteen, her dreams of a new start with her drawings and sketching were strong. The School of Arts in Glasgow was Ellen’s new beginning and her lodgings with one of the teachers, Norah, a woman she was a little intimidated by, soon turned to friendship. Her benefactor, Henry McAvoy, who’d met her in Canada and been impressed with her sketchings, also showed her attention.

After a tragedy of monumental proportions, Ellen’s grief was taken over by the beginning of the war in Europe. She and Norah headed, as nurses, for an old, rundown abbey in France, which was to be turned into a hospital on the front line for wounded soldiers. Four years of horror, of death and devastation, of hope and unexpected face to face meetings with Jed and Lucas Lyman from Amherst Island found Ellen unsure of her future. Would she return to Glasgow when the war was over? Or would she return to her home on Amherst Island? So much change had taken place…

Dreams of the Island is the 2nd in the Amherst Island trilogy by Kate Hewitt and once again I loved it. I’m so pleased I’ve found this author’s writing – her work is a dream to read. Excellent characters with depth and meaning makes me feel I know them. Catching up with the characters from The Orphan's Island and seeing them grow in both age and integrity; I’m really looking forward to #3, Return to the Island. Highly recommended.

With thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for my digital ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.
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I was really looking forward to reading this book and I can say that I throughly enjoyed this.

We see Ellen leaving Ameherst Island and returning to Glasgow to study art.  She makes new friends in Glasgow..  Her circumstances change also and we see what's happens to her over the next three years.

Then War breaks out and Ellen decides to volunteer and goes to France.  We see the hardships that the soldiers go through and how so many lose their lives and how demanding the nurses jobs are.

At the end of the War we see Ellen coming back to Glasgow will she settle or go back to Amherst Island to help her family and friends.

I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series which I have bought.  I certainly would recommend this series to read.
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When Ellen is offered the chance to study art back in Glasgow she has to leave her beloved Amherst Island and return to Scotland.  Leaving the island is difficult but she has such a great opportunity thanks to her benefactor,  the charming Henry, and she is determined to enjoy her exciting new life.   Then WW1 starts and she leaves Glasgow to nurse at the front where she meets Jed,  her childhood sweetheart from Amherst, and his brother Lucas...... where does her heart really lie? 

A great book following on from the Orphan's Island, Ellen is a really good character and you are rooting for her happiness and I am really enjoying her journey and can't wait to read the final instalment
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This is the second book in a three book series. It focuses on Ellen, a young women determined to find her way in the world. She leaves the island she loves to study art in Glasgow. The war comes and she becomes a nurse on the front lines.

I did not read the first book in the series but this book did a great job catching me up. I will go back a read the first book but I didn’t feel as if I was missing anything in the story by starting with the second book.

This book covers several years from 1911 to 1919. So many events happened at that tim in history. Women were becoming more independent, the Titanic sank, and WWI was fought. This book did an amazing job of taking me through all these changes through Ellen. I loved this book and can’t wait to read the third book!
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This is book two in a trilogy following the life of Ellen Copley. Ellen goes off from the island to go back to Glasgow to enrol at Art School. After passing her certificate she is asked to stay on at the school as a teacher. Unfortunately the war breaks out and Ellen goes off to France to put her much needed nursing skills to good use. There’s a lot going on for Ellen during the four years of the war and I look forward to reading the third book to see how she gets on next.
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Dreams of the Island is the second book in the Amherst Island trilogy by Kate Hewitt. As a young woman Ellen Copley goes to Glasgow leaving the place that had become home to her on Amherst Island. This is a story of change and controversy which much of the conflict being worldwide. The year is 1911 with WWI up ahead in her life. Ellen choses to go to the front lines as a nurse. Here the story becomes absolutely engrossing. 

Ellen’s life seems to never be one of smooth sailing. It is one trial after another for her. After 1914, she and those that she has come to love must endure the tragedy of war. Seeing the Great War through her eyes makes this a heart wrenching and sober read at times.  By the end Ellen sees she must face the past that she left, then make decisions for her future.

I am eager to now read the last book in the series. I can recommend this book to any historical women fiction fans. The description makes it clear that this is a re-issued book previously published as On Renfrew Street. I enjoyed this one immensely not haven’t read the older one.

An ARC of the book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley which I voluntarily chose to read and reviewed. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Really enjoyed this book. It was a great story as we continued Ellen's journey where she went to Glasgow to study art but but found herself nursing again when the war broke out as she decides to volunteer to go to France. I'm looking forward to the final book in this trilogy and I hope Ellen finally finds the happiness she deserves
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This is the second book in the Amherst Island series.  I really enjoyed this story.  I thought that the author did an amazing job in bridging the gap between the first book, The Orphan’s Island and this book, Dreams of the Island.  

Ellen leaves Amherst Island, the place she loves and calls home. She moves to Glasgow as she feels like she is finding her way in life.  As the war continues she finds herself leaving Scotland to be a nurse on the frontline.  Ellen recognizes some familiar people on the front line like her childhood sweetheart, Jed, and his brother Lucus.  Ellen must make some tough decisions as she faces her past and embraces her future.

This engrossing page-turner will have you cheering Ellen on and grabbing for the tissues. You will find yourself connecting with the characters as you fly through the pages.  Ellen will feel like a best friend and a sister.  You will be her biggest cheerleader as you find yourself encouraging her to find her way in life.  This was a great read and I look forward to reading the next book in the series.
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I had high hopes for this book after loving The Orphan’s Island so much. Thankfully, this was everything I expected and just as good as the first book. I can’t wait to read the final book in the trilogy. I’ve fallen hard for Ellen and her world. This picks up soon after the end of the first book with Ellen leaving her beloved island to study at Glasgow School of Art. A good chunk of the book is set around Glasgow and many of the streets and areas featured have the same name and are still there so everything was familiar (I live in Glasgow). Ellen comes across like a real person, unsure of her place at the art school among people who have had actually training. She feels like a fraud but gradually settles in. The second half of the book is much darker and focuses on WW1 and the changes, both good and bad this brings for everyone. I loved every word of this.
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Dreams of the Island by Kate Hewitt is the next installment in the life of life of Ellen Copley, the Scottish immigrant girl we met in The Orphan's Island. This part of the story opens with Jed and Louisa's wedding and Ellen's departure from the island to attend art school in Glasgow, Scotland. She was intimidated but determined to see it through, which she did, but not without life-expanding situations and people. As World War I started, Ellen was convinced to volunteer and go to the scene of the fighting as a nurse. Vivid descriptions of that experience told most of the story. Again, she met people, saw people she had known in her old life, and helped people life and die. Now it is time to go home. 

This was a truly awe-inspiring book. The time Ellen spent in the war trumped many of the descriptions I have read in other books. It was  enough to send the message that war must stop. She was an empathetic character as were many of her co-workers and friends. That alone, makes this book worth reading. More important were the relationships she forged and the lives she changed. The story of Ellen is reinvigorating, putting life's problems into their proper perspective. Hewitt has written an inspired novel, full of life and love. I recommend it. 

I was invited to read a free ARC of Dreams of the Island by Netgalley. All opinions contained herein are solely my own. #netgalley #dreamsoftheisland
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This is the second in the Amherst Island trilogy, continuing the story of Ellen.  I enjoyed this one even more than the first, I think.mainly because it covered the first world war, so there was more drama, more trauma and more emotion.  I am now.look looking forward to the final one.
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This is the second story  in the Amherst Island trilogy.  Ellen is back in Glasgow, fulfilling her dream of going to art school.  Finally finding her comfort zone, she excels in her drawing gaining her much wanted certificate and the offer of a job.  However, WWI breaks out and Ellen decides to sign up as a nurse in France.  Kate Hewitt describes the hardships those working for the war effort brilliantly, seemingly bringing it to life.  Looking forward to the last book now, Return to the Island.
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Wow wow wow... I absolutely loved the first book The Orphan's Island and could not wait to read the second in the series and follow Ellen's story once more! Loved it ! Bring on book three !!!!
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💫 Book Review 💫 
Dreams of the Island by Kate Hewitt

A girl moving to an island with all its quirky family members that open up their arms to her. Add in some historical fiction; mix with romance and shake ... Kate Hewitt’s second novel of the trilogy. Truth be told, before I was gifted it, I didn’t realize it was a series (no need to worry, you can read it without reading the first). 

Ellen finds herself at a crossroads. The man she loves is marrying her best friend and she doesn’t know where she fits in anymore. A chance encounter with a man from Glasgow gives her the opportunity to sail across the ocean to attend an Art School. It’s an opportunity that she can’t turn down. As she finds her footing there, she also finds friendship, love and loss before the world is sent into war. Those art brushes get put down to join the front lines of nursing for young Ellen. Without giving any more way, I’ll just say that this book was about a young woman finding her own journey into what (and who) makes her happy. The voice that we all seek as women, is the voice that Ellen found along the way. 

If you like historical fiction or grew up loving Anne of Green Gables, you’ll melt into this. Thank you @bookouture @katehewitt and @netgalley for this gifted copy 

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