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I really enjoyed the first Mackenzie Price book, Our Daughter’s Bones. I thought that the main character was just messed up enough to be interesting without seeming to be a caricature. Keeping the reader as off balance as Mackenzie herself is, the action takes off quickly; the fast start involved me right away and kept me interested through the whole book. I mean, who doesn’t like a “I thought they were dead, but they aren’t” theme? I felt that Mackenzie continued to grow as a character in this book. I also like the relationship between Nick and Mackenzie. And (as always) I’m not going to give away the investigation or any plot points. They’re original and very entertaining. I can’t wait to read more of her investigations. For a full review, please visit Fireflies and Free Kicks. Thank you to Bookouture and NetGalley for a digital ARC of the book.
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Well this was a. very fast paced, suspenseful novel! It was very well written and I didn’t want to put it down. I loved the twists that kept me guessing and I am really enjoying this series. 
Many thanks to Bookoutoure and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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The first book I’ve read by this author and it won’t be the last ! This is the second book in the series and though I’ve not managed to read the first i could follow the storyline. The plot was really original and kept you guessing right to the end and was left on such a cliffhanger that I can’t wait to read the next one in the series!
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This is a wonderful addition to this thrilling series!
Wonderful well written plot and story line that had me engaged from the start.
Love the well fleshed out characters and found them believeable.
Great suspense and action with wonderful world building  that adds so much to the story.
Such a thrilling read that I couldn't put it down.
Can't wait to read more of these.
Recommend reading.

I was provided an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher.  This is my own honest voluntary review.
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Mackenzie is a detective hiding a terrible secret from her childhood.  Her marriage is just about over and she struggles to let go mentally.  She will have to realise she can’t change the past but she can can stop living it.
When her father turns up on her doorstep after 20 there is a problem. Who died years ago if he is alive and what does he want from her now.  Under normal circumstances this would be the miracle a family would pray for.
The bodies of three women are found, similar in looks,  two of them pregnant and connected to a suicide 16 years earlier.  Mackenzie and her partner head the investigation into the murders.
Good police procedural detail and a storyline which grabbed my attention the deeper I read into the book. This is the second book in the Detective Mackenzie Price series and the snap ending made me want to read more as I am sure there will be!
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a free digital copy of the book in return for an honest review.
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My thanks, "and it's a huge one!" to Bookoutre, Ruhi Chaudhary and Netgalley.
I requested this book on Netgalley. When it finally came time to read it, I realized that this was a series. I think it could be read as a.stand-alone, but I knew that I needed more. So, instead of reading this, I went to kindle and bought the first book. 
I'll confess that I immediately thought "damn, you Lisa! What the hell?" Still I was bound and determined to follow through. Good decision on my part! Usually, I'd just hit it and quit it! I liked the first book. I especially liked the second book! Did I love it? Almost. Mack and her personal issues kept getting in the way. But, I'll admit that the mysteries...The who, what, where and why dunnit is a freaking killer! 
This author is twisty! She's really damned good at what she does! 
I'm ready for the next! Bring it on!
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4.5 stars

This is the second book in the Detective Mackenzie Price series by Ruhi Choudhary.

This was a very intriguing and complex mystery. You really need to pay attention to the clues and follow along closely so you don’t miss anything important. I was fascinated the whole way through.  Two dead women who look exactly alike yet they are not related. Wow, what a winding road this story travels. I think the journey here is the best part. At times Detective Mackenzie just seemed to step aside and let the story speak for itself.

Mac has a personal connection to this case and that makes it a bit more trying and emotional for her.

Lots going on here but it is all interesting and leads to a great conclusion you just don’t see coming. Great plotting. Great mystery. Definitely a page turner. Pick this one up and check it out for yourself.

If you like detective fiction, definitely check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.

I received this as an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) in return for an honest review. I thank NetGalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this title.
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Their Frozen Graves is the second in the Detective Mackenzie Price series by Ruhi Choudhary, and it was the best book I read in January. Buckle up for a rave review!

I was apprehensive and excited to dive into this book (which I was lucky enough to be gifted in exchange for an honest review). Of course, I was eager to catch up with Mack, especially after the cliffhanger ending of the first book, but what if this one didn’t live up to it predecessor? I needn’t have worried.

From the start, this is a compelling read. The consequences of the wrap up of the previous case are very much in evidence, adding depth to the town of Lakemore, and even more obstacles for Mack to overcome. The set up for this crime is fantastic – two almost identical bodies, floating in the water, and another woman who looks like them still alive.

Whilst the wider cast of characters from the first book fades into the background slightly, this allows a spotlight to shine on Mack’s troubled personal life and her friendship with her partner Nick. Their care and understanding for each other is both authentic and sweet, and I ship them, HARD.

Mack herself continues to be a flawed but progressing heroine, and the more I get to know her the more I love her, and her propensity to clean everything in sight. She undergoes some wonderful character development in this installment as events crack her usually flawless facade, and she is stronger and more flexible by the end of the book.

As the plot progresses the twists and turns arrive, and I made several wrong guesses before being surprised by the murderer. Choudhary works her red herrings with finesse, and apart from one unlikely coincidence, the plot slots together like a dream. I hadn’t learned my lesson from the first book and was once again blindsided by the ending, and I’m so hungry to get into the next book Little Boy Lost.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a police procedural with thriller elements, a twisty, snarling plot, and a great cast of characters headed up by the indomitable Mack Price. If you’re looking to get into Ruhi Choudhary, you absolutely need to start with Our Daughter’s Bones, the first book, which is a perfect thriller-procedural. Then you can dive right into Their Frozen Graves which was published in January. You can pick up both for £2.98 currently, which is a real bargain.

Content warnings for (major) Medical Content, (moderate) Addiction, Confinement, Cursing, Death, Death of Parent, Dementia, Drug Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Kidnapping, Violence, Torture, Suicide, Stalking, Murder, Infidelity. Suitable for 16+
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Two female bodies are pulleed from the river. They look almost identical and one has had surgery. When Detective Mackenzie Price goes to inform the next of kin of the first identified victim, she is shocked to find the victim is alive: who are the two bodies who look so much like Katy Becker? Then Katy goes missing...
Their Frozen Graves sees Mackenzie back for her latest case, yet she is still reeling from recent events so don't read on if you want to catch up on the first book Hidden Lake. She is estranged from her husband who cheated on her, and her father is back in her life after being declared dead decades ago. The local community are angered by the revelations of crime from prominent people which has caused a downturn in finances for many families. And Mack gets the blame for exposing it :(
The murders and links to an old case are certainly intriguing. How and why are these women looking so similar to Katy and did this happen before with another woman and her double? The plot twists as the case gets more and more confusing held my interest but I had no idea about motive or culprit.
The inclusion of major plot developments in Mack's personal life does slow down the speed of the murder plotline. The chapters are quite short to keep the plot flowing but the case and Mack's personal life take up equal amounts of text overall. However, our attention is maintained through the intensity of the emotions that Mack contends with as she adapts to these momentous life changes.
Their Frozen Graves is an enjoyable police thriller with the main protagonist absolutely central to the novel. Just like the first book, there is a major twist at the end so we wait for the next instalment...
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This is the first book I have read by this author. It is the second book in the series but it was fine jumping in with this one. I picked up on the threads of the main character's life quite easily.

I liked the characters. Detective Mackenzie "Mack" Price's life is thrown a curveball when her assumed long-dead father turns up on her doorstep. There are reasons why this is extremely unsettling and Mack has to play things carefully throughout the book as she tries to figure out why and how he has reappeared in her life.

Alongside this story is the mystery of the bodies that were found in the frozen lake. They are strikingly similar in appearance, not just to each other but to a well-known local woman. Mack and her team have to figure out what is happening and who might be at risk next.

I love trying to figure things out and seeing if I guessed right, but this story line had me guessing until the end. The writing style has a nice flow to it and I'll look forward to the next book in the series.
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I’ve mentioned before how sporadic my ability to concentrate on books has been since my head injury. That was one thing that certainly wasn’t an issue with Their Frozen Graves by Ruhi Choudhary, an author whose name I wasn’t even aware of until I read this book. However, I certainly won’t be forgetting it and I suspect I’ll be looking out for any new work by her in future – after I go back and read her debut novel, Our Daughter’s Bones. There I’ll be introduced to her fabulously likeable police detective protagonist, Mackenzie Price, who works with a well-fleshed out team of detectives – although mainly her partner Nick – in the fictional Washington town of Lakemore.

Like the majority of fictional police officers, Mackenzie has a complex personal life, particularly with respect to her upbringing – one of the standout memories of her childhood is her mother waking her one night at 12, and telling her she needed her help in burying her abusive drunk of a father, Robert. Shortly thereafter she was packed off to New York to her grandmother’s for schooling, and has only returned to Lakeview to work, and perhaps solve some of the mysteries that still hang over her from her childhood years. With her mother now dead, she has no family ties in the town. However, she is married to local prosecutor, Sterling – but they’re currently separated due to his infidelity. Will Mackenzie find she can forgive him and allow him to move back in? And when an unexpected face from Mackenzie’s past reappears, she is forced to re-evaluate all she thought she knew about her family’s past.

Regarding the plot – well, this is one of those books you don’t want to reveal too much about, as it’s best enjoyed (in my humble opinion) if you know as little as possible about what’s going to happen, so utterly compelling and page-turning it is. I’ll give you the basic premise of Mackenzie and Nick’s case: two women are found in the lake at a local park, dead and almost identical, but for the fact one has received elaborate plastic surgery to turn what was initially a basic similarity in looks into an even more pronounced copy of the other. The pair of detectives are pretty sure they know who one of the women is: Katy Becker, a well=known local activist and champion of those in need of help in Lakemore. However, when they go to give the dreaded news to Katy’s husband, they find her there, alive and well – if suffering from debilitating morning sickness ??. To add to the mystery, the cosmetically-enhanced corpse has an indecipherable code of numbers and letters tattooed behind each knee. Who are the doppelgangers? And what is their connection to Katy Becker? Could she be in danger too?

This is merely the opening mystery in a book which so adeptly takes us on a roller=coaster mystery it’s difficult to believe it’s only the author’s second novel. I was utterly glued to the book, and finished it way faster than anything I’ve read for a considerable time – I’ve been picking up and putting down too many books recently, not engrossed enough in the storyline to finish them. However, I think the problem was definitely with my difficulty in being able to concentrate for any length of time, definitely not the books. I was beginning to despair that the head injury had spoilt my enjoyment of books for good – as a result, I’d been playing safe, selecting only novelists I’ve read for years. Striking gold with a book like this, by a relatively unknown author like Ruhi, restored my faith in my enjoyment of finding new voices – and of championing them by blogging about them, something I’ve been sadly neglecting. Fingers crossed I’ve turned a corner. I’m really looking forward to updating myself with Mackenzie’s exploits in Our Daughter’s Bones – although I found no problem reading this as a standalone.

And one thing is for sure – Ruhi Choudhary won’t stay a well-kept secret for long – particularly as both her books are currently a bargain at 99p!
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Their Frozen Graves is the second book in the Mackenzie Price series and it is able to be read as a standalone also. This second story begins with three murders, talk about get value for money!! The first one is of Detective Mackenzie Price's dad, which is a cracker to begin with as he is still stood at her side, so that's a puzzle to work on. The other two bodies are women and almost identical to each other. Mackenzie is sure of one identity and goes to inform the relatives, only to find the woman she thought she identified is alive and there!  Now Mackenzie is on the case and she wants to know why do all the women look the same and who are the dead women? At the same time she realises the woman she thought was already dead is in serious danger Now Mackenzie is i n a race against time to discover the killer and keep others safe, but can she get to the answer before more are killed?
Mackenzie Price had me hooked immediately, she is a woman who has been through enough but come out the other side with added determination. I took to her quite quickly and was swept away in the story. A gripping read with twists added to increase the intrigue, a highly recommended read from me.
Thank you to Bookouture and NetGalley for the copy of the book.
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This is Ruhi Choudhary's second book in the Detective Mackenzie Price series. The first, Our Daughter's Bones, which was her debut for Bookouture, was an amazing read. Could she follow this with something equally as good?  Well she has. Their Frozen Graves begins with the discovery of two bodies ; women who could almost be identical, found by fishermen in a local lake.  Winter has arrived to  the town Lakemore, with snow hampering the investigation.
What follows is a pathway of twist and turns, of suspects and surprises.  Once gain Ruhi has delivered a brilliant crime read. Not only is there a subtle twist to the story's climax, but the Epilogue brings yet more drama for Mackenzie, I eagerly await book 3.
Many thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for an ARC of Their Frozen Graves in exchange for an honest review.
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I was very eager to read the book to see where Detective Mack’s story was going as well as to know what new and challenging case she was handling. My first book this year, and Ruhi Choudhary didn’t disappoint.

This was a gripping read as Mack and Nick race against time to find the killer of the two women with identical faces. Now they have a kidnap of one of the twins and missing women to deal with too. Are these related? How does a somewhat similar case from years before tie in to this one? How can they restore the confidence of the town in the Police Department which is seen as being corrupt and compromised? Working under pressure and trying to deal with her personal demons, Mack continues to impress with her determination and bravery.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book that kept me glued to the end. An absorbing mystery and  good pacing. The author has a gift of creating great characters -including villains who send shivers up your spine! 

In Hidden Lake we were told about the burden Mack carried from her childhood regarding her father's murder. And in this book we have her father turning up. Also her confusion about the relationship she has with her husband continues. Will she be able to forgive him for cheating on her? I enjoy how the thread of these two personal stories of the detective run parallel to the case she's solving and flow from one book to another. Now waiting for them to continue in Book Three!
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What a way to start the new year. The first book in this series was one of my favourite reads of 2020. This one is even better
It has one of the most original crimes I’ve read in the cluttered shelves of modern fiction. 
Two bodies are found in melting ice, where a river meets a lake at a local beauty spot. Both women have died from stab wounds, and look so alike that the team speculates whether they are twins.

When one of women is recognised by a police officer, Mack (Mackenzie) and her partner go to talk to the husband, only to have a shock. The woman they thought was dead is at home ill, and yes, she does look a lot like the dead woman.

The post-mortem reveals further shocks as one of the women is found to have undergone cosmetic surgery to make her look like the other dead woman, and they both look like the woman that was ill at home.

The investigation leads the team to the dark web where somebody is putting adverts out for women who look similar to specific other women, and the people who answer adverts are going missing.

An absolute stunner of a crime novel
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Their Frozen Graves opens up with three murders.  That's right - you saw that correctly.  Three murders within the first three chapters.  The first of which is Detective Mackenzie's father 20 years ago.  Was it a dream or a mirage?  Because somehow he is standing before her in  the flesh right now.  This one storyline would have been enough to keep me hooked but Choudhary turns up the heat by dropping two more bodies on the shore.  The two women are almost identical in appearance.  Mackenzie is sure that one is local activist Katy Becker until she and her partner Nick go to Becker's home to give the notification of death.  In front of them is Katy Becker alive and well.  How could this be?  Who are these other women and why do all three look so much alike?  One thing is clear.  Katy Becker is not safe.

This second book in the Mackenzie Price series was fast paced and gripping.  There were  a few twists that caught me off guard, but they were realistic and believable.  Even though this is my first time reading this series I instantly took to Mackenzie Price's character.  She's been through some things but she's come through the fire burnished with determination.  I was as fascinated by her backstory as I was with the case.  I certainly am curious to see her life unfold in future installments of this series.
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"Truth didn't care about helping. Truth only cared about coming out."

This second installment in the Detective Mackenzie (Mack) Price series finds her and the Lakemore, Washington, Police Department searching for a very unique killer. The bodies of two women are found by a frozen river and the shocking twist is that the victims look very much alike. When one is identified as a local well-known community activist, Katy Becker, the police know they need to figure out the identity of the other dead woman. Oh wait -- there are other victims! With painstaking detail work, the investigation begins to take shape and there appears to be a sinister plot to find women and then cosmetically change their appearance to resemble someone else. Who is behind this heinous series of crimes and where are all the missing women? NO SPOILERS.

A very convoluted case with many different characters, it's hard sometimes to keep everyone straight but it all comes together in the expected conclusion. Mack is still a mess with all of her personal life issues taking a toll though she still comes off well professionally despite making some huge judgement errors. Her mental health really needs some attention and I just can't find a way to like her or empathize. The whole business with her father took ages to reveal backstory and get some answers though many questions remain. I guess that's why her colleagues call her "Mad Mack" and it's not a compliment. Will I continue this series? I really don't know. Regardless, this really doesn't work as a standalone so it would be important to read the first before starting this one.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for this e-book ARC to read and review.
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Dealing with the reappearance of her father, a man she thought was dead, has added to the case of a double homicide that she just received. In addition, Detective MacKenzie “Mack” Price is coming to terms with the fact that her husband cheated on her. Can she forgive him and resume their marriage? The two dead women could be twins, but it appears that one of them had recent facial cosmetic work to alter her looks. When they contact a cosmetic surgeon, he reveals that it was done using older methods. Why? Mack is a strong female detective that finds her case deviating into other areas…other missing women and an unexpected attack on Mack. So many twists and turns in this fascinating mystery until the end…and then the lead in to Mack’s next adventure. I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review. (by paytonpuppy)
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Their Frozen Graves is the second novel in a series that features Detective Mackenzie (Mack) Price of the Lakemore, Washington Police Department.

Twenty years ago, Mack returned home from school to find her violent dad bleeding excessively on the kitchen floor. Now she is back in Lakemore working as a detective, and she is shocked when her dad shows up. Katy Becker is married to Cole and is a well-known and respected member of the local community because of her tireless work with the homeless and fundraising for state parks. When two women are found dead in a lake in Lakemore, they both bear a resemblance to one another as well as to Katy. Mack believes that one of them is Katy until the detectives visit Cole, finding Katy alive. So begins the identification of the women and the hunt for their killer(s).

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Their Frozen Graves with its explosive plot and many twists. The novel is told almost entirely from Mack’s viewpoint so I was easily able to become immersed in events. Running parallel with the investigation, the novel concentrates on Mack, her mental state and complicated personal life using present-day flashbacks to reveal important incidences. I enjoyed the explosive plot with its many twists and cliffhanger sentences. The author, Ruhi Choudhary's writing continued to impress me, adopting red herrings and misdirection and leading me down certain paths, only to blindside me later. Protagonist Mack is heavily traumatised by her past and she’s to be admired for her open-mindedness and determination.

Their Frozen Graves is a fantastic story, a very compelling continuation to the series, and I can confidently recommend it as a worthy read.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from Bookouture via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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When Detective Mackenzie Price was called to the scene in Lakemore, Washington, where fishermen had found two bodies still entangled in the thin ice, the shock of Mack and her team at the similarities in the two women would be the beginning of a case they couldn’t see an ending to. The frustration of identifying one of the women as a well known local, then arriving at her home to notify her husband of her death was capped by the woman alive and well, right in front of them.

With Mack and Nick following leads and interviewing different ‘people of interest’, other members of the team continued the investigation. When they discovered other missing women, as well as a site which seemed connected, Mack and Nick knew the clock was ticking; if they didn’t find the killer soon, another person would die. Would they find the answers before it was too late?

Their Frozen Graves is the 2nd in the Detective Mackenzie Price series by Ruhi Choudhary and I quite enjoyed it. The case was a complex one and with that and Mack’s personal life hitting her from all angles, our detective spent most of the book highly stressed. Twists, turns, intriguing asides – Their Frozen Graves is one I recommend.

With thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for my digital ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.
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