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It’s sometimes hard, when you read a lot of series, to remember where the previous story ended. The author kindly helps her readers by adding a prologue to this part to freshen up their minds. 
It all came rushing back and I was engrossed straight away. Not only were a few things from the private life of Micky revealed but that made it not any easier on her. She has a lot to think about, deal with and some hard decisions to make.
But revelations don’t always mean that everything is smelling of roses now. Sometimes they trigger other things and do you have to keep on digging or let the past be the past?
I really enjoy the relationship between Micky and her partner Nick. They work very well together and the banter is often hilarious.
The case they get thrown in their lapses is though. Every time they get a clue it seems that other questions rise in stead of solving them. 
Did I have an idea about who the culprit was? Yes, I did and I was happy to notice I seem to get better and better. Is it too late to train as a detective? LOL.
Anyway there was enough that I did not work out and I really enjoyed the story thoroughly. I am looking forward to the next part, because I am convinced that it will be as great as this one and the previous one. 5 stars.
Thank you, Ruhi Choudhary and Bookouture
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Detective Mackenzie is dealing with a lot of things in her personal life - a cheating husband who wants to rekindle their romance, a long lost father who is supposed to be dead and an unmatchable need to be in control. On their own, any of this would be enough to break someone. But Mackenzie is determined to show that she can handle all of this and so much more.

Fortunately (or unfortunately?) for her, Lakemore has a killer that is more than happy to take her attention away from her personal life for a bit. The discovery of two bodies that appear almost identical is just the start of this crazy mystery. A mystery that has so many twists and turns that you almost can’t catch up. But once you do and you think you’ve figured it all out, be prepared for one more final surprise.

As always, Ruhi Choudhary leaves you wanting more and more. I know I can speak for others when I say I’m not the only one already anxiously awaiting the next book in this series.
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Mackenzie Price has even more to deal with in Their Frozen Graves by Ruhi Choudhary. Not only is this case of women who look very similar puzzling her - she's also got her relationship with Sterling, and potentially one with her father weighing on her mind. The reader will feel Mack's emotions and cheer her on as she works to solve these murders, as well as a 16-year old suicide that may be related. And the ending!!! WOWZA. The next installment of this series is going to be even more amazing!!
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Mackenzie Price is a detective in the Detective Unit at the small Washington town of Lakemore. Life for her had been less than easy and wasn't about to get any better when the past quite suddenly and unexpectedly comes back to haunt her.

Two bodies are found by local fishermen, incredibly, they look almost identical and there is a distinct resemblance to a local activist.

For Mackenzie and the team it is the start of a complex and disturbing investigation that has so many twists, sends them searching for answers and will turn what they thought they knew on its head.

Their Frozen Graves is a gripping and tightly plotted crime thriller that really kept me completely engaged all the way through and I certainly didn't work out who the perpetrator was.

Ruhi Choudhary had created a fabulous character in Mackenzie along with many others and I look forward to meeting some of them again when Mackenzie returns.
A Brilliant novel- loved it and would definitely recommend.

Many thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for an ARC for my honest review.
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I love when I find a new author and more so when their book is a great read. I just couldn’t put this down once I started to read it apart from having to go to work, there are lots of twists in the story that will lead the reader in several different directions before the truth is revealed and I liked the back story running parallel to the main one. Ms Choudhary has a new fan for her books, I have bought the first and will be waiting for the next one. I would like to thank the publishers and Netgalley for letting me have the book to review and the opinions expressed are entirely my own views and are completely unbiased.
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This book started with a bang and ended with a jaw-dropping bomb that has left me speechless. I don't know how any review I will write can do this book justice. This is brilliantly written and filled with tension and suspense.
I adored the first book and this book is even better. It is without a doubt my favourite so far. I have adored revisiting the characters from the first book. This is definitely a read which should be on everyone's TBR.
I love the cover of this book, it makes me want to read this stunning book. It is an easy read and one which I have completely devoured in just one sitting.
I am a huge fan of this author and already eagerly anticipating the next book. A definite five star read.
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‘Their Frozen Graves’ by Ruhi Choudhary is the second novel in the Detective Mackenzie Price series, set in the town of Lakemore, Washington. Mackenzie is a Detective in the local police department. Lakemore is attempting to recover from the shock of Mackenzie’s previous investigation which uncovered deep levels of corruption in politics and sport as she investigated a murder. Mackenzie has become ‘persona non grata’ with many locals as a result – they relied on the money from football to keep the town alive and now, for many their futures look grim. 

Howver, Mackenzie will not have much time to delve how the locals feel as she is thrown straight into another complicated case – and her personal life takes an unexpected twist as her father returns – except, Mackenzie recalls burying him some twenty years earlier!

Clearly, Ruhi Choudhary intends to catch your intention from the start and she succeeds! While I took a few moments to become orientated to the story as I had not read book one (I’m going to buy book oine straight away as I want to know all about Mackenzie!), I was quickly caught up in the drama and excitement. 
The twists kept on coming.
A really gripping suspense thriller.
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A very good premise that is well-executed. Great characters and an engaging plot makes this a solid bet This is an author to watch -- great imagination and a lot of talent. Recommended.

Thanks very much for the ARC for review!!
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Detective Mackenzie Price is back in a new thriller that keeps you guessing until the end. Mack (as her colleagues call her) opens her door to find the father she thought her mom killed years ago and buried in the woods is now alive and well. His story is that he has been on the run and now wants to reconnect with her. She's suspicious of what he knows and what he's after, so she invites her to stay at her house. With that on her plate, along with trying to decide what to do about her adulterous husband, Mack and Nick catch a murder case that involves plastic surgery and possible twins. The chase for the perp leads them to the dark web and through some harrowing family stories. As they work the case, Mack's personal life continues to spin out of control with new revelations that cause her to doubt her childhood memories. It's an exciting ride that leaves you wondering what will happen next for Mack.
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I would like to thank Netgalley and Bookouture for an advance copy of Their Frozen Graves, the second novel to feature Detective Mackenzie Price of the Lakemore, Washington PD.

When two bodies are found in the local lake Mack, as she’s known, and her partner, Nick Blackwood, tentatively identify one as local social activist, Katy Becker, and are puzzled by how closely the second woman resembles her, but when they go to her house Katy is alive, but unwell. Who are these women? The mystery only deepens when they find links to a sixteen year old suicide.

I thoroughly enjoyed Their Frozen Graves which is an action packed read, full of twists and turns. It is told entirely from Mackenzie’s point of view so the reader can get fully immersed in events and guess alongside her. Some of it is easier to get than other bits but I would never have guessed where it was going or how it would get resolved. The level of detail and thought that has gone into it are impressive, although, having said that, the premise and ensuing events are improbable. To me, that doesn’t matter as the novel held my attention throughout and so I found it entertaining, surely the point of this kind of novel.

If a twisted investigation were not not enough for the reader Mackenzie is also dealing with several complications in her personal life with the past casting a long shadow. Some issues are resolved, or, if not resolved, at least explained, over the course of the novel, but a cliffhanger at the end suggests there is more to be explored and the battle isn’t over. Oh great, more memory work required when the next instalment arrives. I much prefer resolution in one volume. 

Most of the novel revolves around Mackenzie so her character is central to the novel, but I can’t say that I have warmed to her yet. I don’t get her obsessive privacy and rebuffal of friends who want to help. It makes her a solitary person with nothing in her life but her job.

Their Frozen Graves is a good read that I have no hesitation in recommending.
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detective Mackenzie is still struggling with her separation from her husband Sterling he wants her back . but the father she thought was dead is in her town and back in her life but what is he not telling her who did she and her mum bury all those years .and she has a case and find the killer . they thought the victim was Katy Becker but when they go to her home and she very much alive this is just brilliant the twist and turns so good i so recommend this series
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Started with a bang, ended with a bang! Bang, bang, bang! Loved it! It’s hard to review this book without giving away the plot, because the plot is so rich and entangled, and I want to talk about it. I won’t though, because I don’t want to spoil the fun for anyone. Kept me captivated from page one. 

 Lakemore is still filled with quirky, strange people, and in this book we can add another one. Someone who wasn’t even supposed to exist. Jaw-dropping! And even after you think you know what’s going on, turns out you don’t. Several times over. There’s so much going on, but it’s still easy to follow everything because the book is so skillfully written. Not an easy task, and I find that quite often an otherwise great book can be destroyed due to too many people, too many plots, but the author might not be ready for that yet. This is for sure not a problem this time. 

I’m really growing to like Mackenzie. You simply don’t screw with her. She’s had a hard enough life to not deal with bad people anymore. I admire her for that. In this book we find out a lot more about her past, and so does she. She’s flawed, yet so strong. Perfect heroine in a crime series. 

So much is going on in Mackenzie’s life that, once again, I wasn’t able to put down the book. I just yearned for more and more. Sadly, even this book had to end, but kaboom, what an ending! Here I am now hanging on a thread, waiting for the next book in this series. Can I read it now, please? Pretty please. I promise I won’t tell anyone!
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Thanks to Bookouture and Netgalley for allowing me to read this book ahead of publication in return for a fair review.
Second book in the Detective Mackenzie Price crime thriller series, set in Lakemore, a Washington State town in western USA.
Mackenzie had helped her mother bury her father twenty years ago, in the woods beside Hidden Lake, after her mother killed him.
Two bodies are found by local fishermen with no ID. One of them team thinks she looks like local activist Katy Becker but when they visit her house they find her alive.
Mack realises that the dead women look alike, they have been stabbed and one of them is pregnant but if neither of them are Katy who are they?
Early on Mack also discovers something about her father’s death that rocks her and makes her re-think her past.
Mack’s husband Sterling has moved out of their house after Mack discovered he had been unfaithful.
This book’s is quite different from most thrillers with some interesting themes and storylines.
Mack has to uncover who the women are, why they are being killed, why they have had plastic surgery and who is killing them.
The story is complex and thought provoking. Definitely not run of the mill.
4 Star thriller.
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I really loved the first in the series and I'm pleased to say that this was just as good. It was a great mystery with well written and realistic characters. I'm looking forward to reading more in the series
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My thoughts about this brilliantly  written suspense thriller, 2nd book in the Detective Mackenzie Price
series, Their Frozen Graves was just fantastic. Author Ruhi Choudhary has again written a powerful gripping police procedural, that had me gripped from the start, when two bodies are found dumped in a vast lake in Lakemore, Washington, and they resemble each other was just fantastic. What I loved about the story was when one of the bodies, is Identified as Katy Becker, and Detective Mackenzie Price goes to Katy's husband to break the devastating news to him, she finds Katy is still alive, which shocked me, to find out there is mystery killer, who intents to kill Katy was fantastic.Ruhi Choudhary's follow up to her fantastic debut Our Daughters Home, her 2nd novel Their Frozen Graves, is truly a gripping suspense thriller, that gave me chills. The characters were brilliant be it Detective Mackenzie, and Katy and her husband. Author Ruhi Choudhary not only writes a brilliant story, but she writes the characters and the storyline brilliantly together. I'm a hugh fan of this series. Highly Recommended. I would like to say thank you to Author Ruhi Choudhary,and publisher's Bookouture, and netgalley, for giving me a chance to read and review, this outstanding police thriller.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💥💥💥💥💥
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