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This book needs to be a physical purchase so that the one-time code on the back of the book can be used to take the online test. As such this advance reading copy was useless. 
The code on the book can only be used by one individual, so this is unsuitable for loan.
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Lots of great information about interpreting the Cambridge Code personality test, but you also need to purchase the test itself to make the most of this book.
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This book provides a new perspective on your psychological make up.

Spread across a dozen dimensions, the Cambridge Code identifies your in-built characteristics that determine how you are likely to behave in different situations. While this is much in line with other psychological metrics, this provides a springboard for further analysis and advice. Once you have taken the online test (that the book provides access to) and received your report, you have a codified picture of who you are and your natural tendencies. These are placed in various contexts, to indicate the implications of each characteristic for you and tips are provided to help you to be better able to moderate your behaviour in challenging circumstances.

As with any book of this nature, it does not provide instant answers, but rather lays the groundwork for future personal development. It does this well, combining a comprehensive structure, with reasoned explanations and illustrations of the implications of your individual characteristics. I am not sure whether there is a strong enough message to draw me back to the report over months and years to try and continue my development, but time will tell.
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Drawing on decades of expertise and clinical practice, psychologist Drs Emma Loveridge and Curly Moloney are here to teach us how to read and interpret the DNA of our own minds. How does the subconscious mind shape our daily lives? Few of us would dispute the value and power of the ancient Greek maxim, Know Thyself. Growing in self-knowledge can improve our work, relationships and general wellbeing, helping us to navigate difficult life experiences and make sense of our thought patterns and behaviours; but in the millennia since the famous aphorism was inscribed in the Temple of Apollo, gaining a meaningful understanding of the subconscious mind has remained one of the most daunting challenges in human life. Dr Emma Loveridge is here to change that. Developed by Emma and a team of highly experienced clinical, medical and theoretical specialists, The Cambridge Code analyses characteristics such as: people decision making, drive, rivalry, dealing with authority, potential, resilience and flexibility and the test is now being used by the UK's largest companies, as well as government departments, to analyse prospective employees - and, according to the developers, it can reveal any underlying motivations and mental health problems. Dr Moloney states: "each question tells us a small thing but when put with other answers, it becomes a small piece in a big picture." It's touted as being as reliable at tapping into the subconscious as hours spent with a psychologist or therapist.

Founded on neuroscientific principles and clinically tested methodology, it represents a unique way of unlocking information about the subconscious mind, defining the underlying drivers and instincts that control our behaviour and make us who we are. The book explains the workings of the code, its development and scientific basis, explaining how the 30-minute questionnaire is used to decipher the reader’s deepest thoughts and individual personality characteristics, providing insights on romantic relationships, careers, friendships and family. There are a plethora of personality-based tests like Meyers-Briggs, but I must admit I was blown away by the depth of insight offered by The Cambridge Code. It highlighted core behaviours and allowed an introspective look at the minds inner workings. People who want to address career and personal goals, parents, teachers, absolutely everyone can benefit from deeper self-knowledge and this is the most reliable and expedient delivery method I have ever seen. It is an accessible, fascinating and thorough look at what makes you who you are and a chance to assess every aspect of your life with a view to understanding exactly why we as individuals act the way we do — why we think, act and react as we do. Interesting, informative and insightful from start to finish with the first-ever glimpse into your own subconscious world, let The Cambridge Code introduce you to your real personality profile.
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I was really intrigued by this book and am a huge believer that we all need different amounts of different things to be our best. 
We learn differently, process differently and it can make a world of difference using the right approach. 
What makes me nervous is over generalisation. 
I was not disappointed. 
This book was insightful. Helpful and I identified with so much, highly recommended
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Thanks to Pan Macmillan and Net Galley for an advance copy of this book.

The Cambridge Code is a guide for the accompanying test that you get access to when you buy the book.
I absolutely love things like this that help to determine the type of person you are and where your strength lies, so I was very keen to see my results! 

The Test
I must admit I found the questions in the test somewhat strange and I struggled to answer them sometimes. I largely agreed with my results, but there were a number of sections where I half agreed.

The book
The accompanying book is a great addition to the quiz and goes into a lot more detail about each individual characteristic. I'm not sure it's something I would read through again but it helps to come back to it and the various sections, if more information was needed in the future.
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It’s interesting but without being able to take the test - you need to have physically purchased a book - it loses a lot of its appeal. I hope to be able to take the test someday.
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I've done a lot of personality based stuff in the past, but nothing quite as bizarre as this. It was really good to get to do the test that comes with the book along with the review copy - the questions were completely unexpected to me. Some of the results I got resonated, others I would have put myself as the opposite colour. 

The book is a lot better than the test, especially because you can tell whether you're going to be blue or green from reading the descriptions and understanding what the characteristics are all about. I still didn't find it any more helpful than the various courses I've done through work, and have found other tests much more on point when it comes to who I am. 

Overall, a different take but it did fall a bit flat to me. Thanks for the review copy, it did make me think a lot about how I see myself.
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What a brilliant and insightful book. It was very accurate and extremely informative while at the same time easy to read and to understand. Really enjoyed taking the test and then taking the advice from the results. 

This is a brilliant book to give as a gift as it's relevant to everyone. Well deserves the 5 stars. 

Thank you Pan Macmillan and Netgalley.
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A phenomenal book. Wonderfully written and thought provoking, I already know a number of people who will be getting it for their birthday this year. Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for an advanced copy in return for my unbiased review.
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Started to read the book and had my pen and paper ready to do the test, but unfortunately because it was an Advanced Reader Copy via kindle, I didn’t have a code to do the test. A shame really as it sounded like something I would really enjoy. I am about to become accredited as a coach and it would have been another insightful tool I could have utilised. Thanks anyway.
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This was a hit or miss for me. I don’t usually read books of this genre, I really just requested it on a whim.
The test is interesting, but the book suggests it is on the same level as an in-depth counseling session and I don’t feel those 40 something questions were that deep. Most were questions about childhood and family. There was also an exercise of a made up story where you need to decide who you sympathize the most with. It felt distracting and vague. I liked reading the test results though and skimmed through the book. I would say this is a fun exercise if you want to read some anecdotes and see if you relate to it. But I would be vary of the taking the test results as a guaranteed accurate feedback. The book refers it to being similar to a doctor’s test results but I don’t think the two are really the same. Our brain and years of experiences are too complex to be able to be measured this easily. Some of the results felt true, some felt really far from reality. I guess it can be a good starting point to realize and decide for yourself what are some aspects of your life that you want to improve.
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