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This is another cute book about Grumpy the iguana and his animal friends. There's a great message about family and what the holidays are really about. 
Many thanks to Canoe Tree Press and NetGalley for the advance copy.
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The book sort of undercut it's message of "sending time with family is the true gift" by having the Iguana find the lost gift at the last minute.  That said, the love and helpfulness shown by family and friends is a good message.
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This is a heartwarming Christmas story that touches on the importance of friendship and family. Grumpy goes to visit his family with the help of his friends who also supply the gifts. A problem happens while he is with his family, but they make him feel better.
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3rd book in the series what we have read. My little ones loved this story and the beautiful illustrations by Natalia Loseva. Nice message about family time. 

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What an adorable little story! I especially like the art. The colours are vibrant and the drawings are not distracting from the main elements. I would have liked to see Grumpy a little sooner, but I'm thinking the cover will probably feature him when the final copy is released.

The plot itself is very cute, and there is a lovely message about being together as a family, but I do wish I knew why Grumpy has his name, and I would have also liked to see a little more conflict when Grumpy decides he will need to get presents for his family.

Overall, super cute, and I look forward to seeing a finished copy ☺️
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Thank you Canoe Tree Press and NetGalley for the advance digital reading copy of this book.

I love the watercolor illustrations, the colors are vibrant and fun!  

This was a cute book about friendship and family.  I love that Mr. Squirrel and Green Parrot are such great friends to Grumpy.
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A sweet story about family  and friendship.  I haven’t read the other Grumpy books, but the character isn’t at all grumpy in this title.  Brightly illustrated and easy to follow. For toddlers and early readers.
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I read this book tonight with my daughter and she loved it!

The illustrations suited the book really well and I thought that they helped to bring the story to life.

The book had a lovely flow to it and I liked the ending too, I have read a few books by this author over the last week or so and they have all been lovely but this is my favourite one.

This was a lovely book all-round and one I will be very highly recommending - 5 stars from me for this one!!
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This story highlights true friendship and family.  Grumpy, the iguana, decides it's time to return to his family this Christmas after a long absence from them.  He thinks it will be fun not to tell his parents and his little sister so he can surprise them.  Mr. Squirrel senses Grumpy's excitement and happiness and helps him select the perfect gifts to take home to give to his loved ones.  His best friend parrot flies to the bus station and sells one of his valuable green feathers to buy a bus ticket for Grumpy. Suitcase and gifts in hand he is escorted to the bus by Parrot and they wave farewell. 

The bus driver finally yells, "Florida Keys!' Grumpy exits the vehicle and heads straight for his home.  Will his family be ecstatic when he arrives?  Will they like his gifts he brought them?  Will everything happen as smoothly as Grumpy expects?   

The illustrations are big, bold and very expressive.  The message of the book is heartwarming.  This Christmas story is a lovely one to share.   Grumpy discovers that he, himself, is the best Christmas gift that his family receives.  I highly recommend this book.
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A lovely little book which features Grumpy the Iguana. This was a lovely story, heart warming to the core about how important it is to remember that holidays aren't all about presents etc, and I loved that because children are so focused on the presents and I don't think that a good thing especially after lockdown when we all want to spend it with friends and family, so I was pleased with the nature and story of this book. And to be honest, the kids loved it, they loved grumpy and sped through the book! Very cute. I didn't realise it was in a series as I read it as stand alone. 

The illustrations were great in this book, very creative and colourful.
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This one was a little better than the other books featuring Grumpy. It was a bit dry but the story was sweet and more engaging than the other books... The message was lovely in that the holidays are not about gifts or what you can give people but spending time with the people you love. 
If you're reading it to a younger reader (pre-school) it would work but I wouldn't recommend it outwith that age bracket.
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This is a lovely little book featuring an Iguana called Grumpy and his friends.  Grumpy goes home to his family for the holidays and takes them some little gifts his friend brought him.  My daughter and I loved this book.  We enjoyed the characters and the beautiful, bright and colourful graphics.  I loved the way Grumpy interacted with his family and it was so heartwarming.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Grumpy the Iguana does it again. I love how all of the dialogue is in red and special words are in green (the rest is in blue). This is a cute little book about seeing family you haven't seen in a while, and finding things that you've lost. It is also a book about not needing presents, but just being there that is the gift.
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This is the 4th book in the Grumpy the Iguana series. However, it can be read as a stand alone story. The basic premise is that Grumpy has missed being with his family so he and his friends make a concerted effort to help him get home to be with his loved ones for the holidays. After losing one of the presents he brought, Grumpy learns that HE is the gift that they wanted for the holidays! This is a wonderful message especially during this difficult time when so many people are unable to be with loved ones.

The story highlights true friendship, and family. Illustrations are a colorful and creative addition to the story.
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A cute children's story about  Grumpy the Iguana who wants to go home to his family for the holidays (Christmas).  It felt so relevant and timed perfect for the 2020 lockdown we are all suffering.  

Although he takes a beautiful sea glass gift from Miami Beach it gets lost along the way and he is sad.  However, his family reassure him that HE HIMSELF is the best Christmas gift ever, which is a lovely sentiment to share with friends and family.  We don't need gifts we just need each other.   Luckily, on his return to the bus station the piece of sea glass is found and the story ends perfectly.

Beautiful illustrations to go with the story and a lovely book for adults and children alike to read.
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This is my favourite out of the ones I have read from the series so far! 
The story is easy to understand for younger children , and it easily conveys the real meaning of Christmas .
The illustrations are lovely as usual and are very eye-catching.
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This is a lovely book telling the story of Grumpy going home to see his family for the holidays. The message behind this book is that family matters rather than material things. 
Myself and my 4 year old son really enjoyed this book.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for my ARC.
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his is a children’s story about an iguana who goes to visit his family for the holidays. He has good friends who help him to be on his way and one who gives him gifts for his family. Sadly, a gift gets lost. No spoiler in a holiday story to say that it will be found.

Grumpy is definitely not Grumpy in this story which seems a bit odd to me. Overall, this is an okay book but not one that I feel offers anything compelling.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.
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This was the first book I’ve read about Grumpy, and to be completely honest, it left me a bit confused. I’m not quite sure why “Grumpy” is considered grumpy. He seemed like a nice little fella with a lot of love for his family and friends. Perhaps in other books, his grumpiness is more evident, but this particular book was not as entertaining as I would have liked. Thank you, anyway, for the copy.
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