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Mr. Squirrel Finds A Treasure

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A straightforward tale of friendship and environmentalism.  Nice to see such positive actions modeled for kids.
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I would love to use this book for earth day. The message of how dangerous and toxic littering is to animals is nicely told. Kids could brainstorm how they could help animals from being victims of littering.
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Cute book and some different watercolour illustrations than what I have seen recently. Good message about littering and how to help if you see litter. 

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This is a story about the adventures of Grumpy the Iguana and the Green Parrot. When their friend Mr. Squirrel's nose gets stuck on a plastic cup lid he found under a rock in their littered park, they take it upon themselves and the help of other animal friends to show humans the amount of litter that has accumulated in their home. 

I thought this was a cute, informative book about the topic of littering. Having animals as the characters can help children understand what happens when you litter. My five year old thought it was a cute story, but I think it would have been more enjoyable for her if there were other animals she liked, like a duck. The illustrations were different, like watercolors, which she wasn't used to seeing in a book. We will probably end up reading the other books with Grumpy and the Green Parrot.

Thank you Netgalley and Canoe Tree House / IBPA for the opportunity to read a copy.
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I think that this book has such a great message. I also think that many children will enjoy this book as it has bright colors and beautiful pages. This book will teach children that it is not good to litter and what can happen if they do. This was easy to read and I would definitely recommend to anyone who has young children.
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Thank you Canoe Tree Press and NetGalley for the advance digital reading copy of this book.

I love the watercolor illustrations, the colors are vibrant and fun!  I really like the fact that this book is teaching young children about pollution using the perspective of the animals affected by our refuse.  Hopefully, our children can do a much better job of taking care of the planet.
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I was granted complimentary access to Mr. Squirrel Finds a Treasure by Susan Marie Chapman through the publisher, Canoe Tree House, in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley. 

Mr. Squirrel Finds a Treasure is about park wildlife cleaning up litter. The premise is important and a great message, and the illustrations are suitably colourful for a children's book. 

The story itself is dry. I didn't both finishing even though it's under 40 pages of at most 3 sentences each because reading the constantly changing font and colour of the text, often poorly contrasted with the image underneath, was literally painful on a backlit screen, and I can't imagine it would be much better in print.
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Thank you NetGalley and Canoe Tree House for an ARC of this book for.

The book has a really strong message: do not litter - and I like that. It's important that children learn about this through stories.

The illustration was very cute but I had issues with the text. I'm studying to be a special education teacher, and since starting university I always ask myself: is the text easily readable? And this gets a big no from me. The font is strange, not good for anyone with dyslexia and sometimes the colour of the letters matched the background! I think publishers should be more careful with these kinds of stuff.

And I didn't understand the end of the book. It seemed unnecessary, but maybe children would love it.
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This was a great little book to help kids understand that how we take care of the planet affects the animals around  us. This would be a great read for a preschool class or to read at home with your child. Cute illustrations as well.
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A very nice books to read with the kids. My daughter loved it. It a nice book to read after a long day.
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The message itself that the book is trying to give to the reader is on the whole a good one, about not littering, health and safety and team work, very nice messages. I liked that. However, the rest of the book for me was pretty dull to be honest. It wasn't overly interesting, the introductory writing seemed as though it'd be rushed. Just jumping straight into the story and then the characters etc. Dull.

I also hated the coloured red and blue text which I found really hard to read and focus on. Sometimes I was able to read it when the writing changed on to an illustrated background, i didn't really see the point of this, to be honest. And the constant text size changing, not sure what that was about really.
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This wasn't good. The message was good - looking after the planet, picking up litter, the impact on animals etc. - but the execution of the story? Nope. Watching paint dry is more entertaining. The constant switching of text size and colour was also a particular source of irritation. 
Can't say I recommend.
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I liked this book and the focus on littering and the impact that it can have on animals.

We are seeing more and more posts about this, where animals are sadly passing away after being stuck in plastic or bottles when they had just been scavenging as they would always do.

The book was easy to read and follow and the point came over really well.

It is 4 stars from me for this one, highly recommended and I have a couple more books to tread by this author up next!
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Mr. Squirrel Finds a Treasure is a cute little book about the harm of trash and litter and it's impact on local wildlife. The illustrations are friendly and beautifully colored. Unfortunately the fonts were also colored, almost sporadically so, making it distracting and difficult to read at points. While the message was strong and vital, the wording and impact was choppy and severe for a picture book intended for young kids. My 4 year old asked a million questions, confused as the plot jumped from Mr. Squirrel taking a plastic lid back to his tree to his friend, the Green Parrot, spelling out "STOP" in trash on a soccer field. The title of the book is curious as well. Is the treasure Mr. Squirrel found the trash beneath the rock? The help from his friends? The actions of the people after reading the message? The book resolves abruptly with the animals throwing nuts at each other and my poor son was left worrying about how Mr. Squirrel will protect himself during hurricane season without the plastic cup lid as planned. A disjointed story that left more questions than answers, did not effectively relay the important message it intended and missed the mark on it's intended age group. We, unfortunately, won't be adding this one to our collection, but will keep an eye out for Mr. Squirrel's other stories, as my son is still concerned about the endearing, loveable, beautiful animal characters.

I appreciate the opportunity to read and review this book. I was provided with a ebook copy of Mr. Squirrel Finds A Treasure from Netgalley in exchange for an unbiased review.
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This is the first of three books that I read in a series of Mr. Squirrel, Grumpy Igauna, and Blue Parrot series by Susan Marie Chapman. I liked this the least of the three but, to be honest, I did not love the other two books either (to be reviewed separately).

The illustrations are beautiful, but the message does not come off well and seems a bit preachy - don't eat the plastic bottle cap Mr. Squirrel - it's dangerous! The leap is so big for a toddler that the author needs to explain about the dangers of plastic waste to animals and the eco system. I think three year olds (approximated age) are too young to be lectured.

Thank you NetGalley and Canoe Tree House for an ARC of this book for my true opinion.
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This Grumpy the Iguana book is a great way to get kids involved in conversations about littering and caring for the environment. The fun illustrations and animal characters will hold their interest and the story will inspire little ones to take action, 
Many thanks to Canoe Tree House and NetGalley for the advance copy.
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This is a children's book about a group of animal friends who find litter in the area in which they live.  Mr Squirrel finds some plastic which he takes to his tree house as he thinks it is treasure.  Unfortunately, he has some bother with it and his friends have to help him.  All of the friends then set out to solve the issue of trash being in their park.  My daughter and I enjoyed the story and the characters and we thought that the illustrations were lovely.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and netgalley for a copy of this book in exhange for an honest review.
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I love the Grumpy Iguana books, and this is a cute little one about their friend Mr. Squirrel. Mr. Squirrel finds a treasure and needs Grumpy's help to get it out from under a rock. There is so much trash in the park that Grumpy and Parrot decide it's up to them to keep their park clean. I love the illustrations and how they're vibrant and look like water colors.
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Grumpy The Iguana and The Green Parrot live in Flamingo park in Miami Beach where they share a tree together and are BFFs.  One day they wake up to a scorching hot day.  The heat is stifling and there is no breeze to be found.  Oh my! 

They notice that their friend Mr. Squirrel is straining to uncover something from underneath the bleachers.  The two hurry over to see if they can be of help to him.  Finally they have victory and Mr. Squirrel takes his coveted treasure and heads for home. Little does anyone know that the mysterious find will cause danger to Mr. Squirrel and once again his friends will have to come to the rescue. 

The park is a mess with all kinds of garbage that has been tossed away and it's building up quickly.  The friends see the carnage as a call to action. They become litter activists and all in their neighbourhood respond with garbage bags, brooms and sheer will power to come and clean up the area making it safe once again for all to use.  
The illustrations are very well done, clear, bold colours and full of expression making the text come alive.  The message is simple so kids can understand that littering needs to be irradicated for not only safety sake but for aesthetic sake also.  Both humans and animals benefit from becoming good stewards of the environment. I recommend this book.
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A lovely story that is easy to understand about the dangers of litter to animals.
Colourful eye catching illustrations too! 
My 4 year old loved this book.
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