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Good Eggs is the story of the Gogarty’s. Told from three different members each a different generation all of them coming apart at the seams for one reason or another. Millie is 83 bored, lonely and shop lifting for attention. Kevin, Millie’s son, recently fired, submerged in family life and in full on midlife crisis mode and his daughter Aideen constantly eclipsed by her perfect twin, always overlooked and never understood, Aideen is classic surly teen. Kevin decides something must be done! A carer is found for his mother and Aideen is sent to boarding school in an attempt to straighten her out. 
Good Eggs is entertaining enough, the writing is fun, chatty and breezy and the pace of the novel cracks along. It coasts along on its charm. Hardiman does tend to get caught up in the descriptive detail rather her characters. They all fit classic archetypes Millie is the “kooky” octogenarian who gets away with terrible behaviour (she basically abducts her granddaughter) because she is old. You can’t be angry with her she’s 83! 
Kevin is classic midlife crisis man. Almost but not quite committing full on adultery (maybe 40% tops and only stopping because his ego is dented at the crucial moment) because he’s feeling a bit low while his wife (who is barely written) is working all the hours god sends to support her family. He sends his troubled daughter away rather than actually talk to her. Aideen is probably the most sympathetic of the three, all she can do is capitulate to the will of others, she has no say in the decision making process, while Kevin and Millie continually make terrible decisions. 
The characters never actually have any meaningful conversations, the plot takes over and while the characters individually decide to improve themselves it’s not particularly by connecting with each other which makes the three person perspective a bit redundant. At the end I never felt air was really cleared, Aideen snogs a boy and she’s cured of her surliness and insecurity, Kevin decides to write serious literature (while his saintly wife continues to work herself into the ground I presume) and Millie flirts with a nice American man. PROBLEMS SOLVED! 
Good Eggs is fun but a little bit thin too much white not enough yolk.
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I really enjoyed this story. Told from a number of perspectives without being confusing the story was multifaceted and exciting. The main character is fun and endearing. A fun weekend afternoon read. Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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What a great book! 
I really liked that it’s a story told from multiple perspectives as it gives an added dimension. It’s funny and tugs at your heartstrings in a way you wouldn’t expect. 
I loved the character of Millie, she’s just so outrageous!
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