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I really enjoyed this book. I thought the narrator did an excellent job of bringing the book to life. One of the main themes of the book is that you cannot always believe everything you see on Instagram and that often we only see what the creator wants you to see, which is often not reality. We learn that this is also the case with the narrator, which we discover ro be unreliable. This leads to twists and turns during the book. Many of which I didn't see coming.
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I did enjoy this book eventually and thought that the ending was very revealling. However, it took a long time to get into the grit of the story and I was somewhat frustrated for the first 5 or 6 chapters as it felt like a narrated version of a persons struggle with ocd. Once the story opened up it was really quite interesting but perhaps the scene setting of the opening chapters could have been more condensed to get to the story itself more efficiently. A good read overall but felt I had to persevere with it to get through to the good parts.
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I was unable to download this book to the netgalley shelf app so unable to review. The app works now however didnt at the start.
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This was one of the best books I have read in a long time. I could not have predicted the ending. So many twists and turns to keep you completely hooked. The book was well written and very raw. It deals with lots of sensitive issues in a way which is real and gives you such empathy for the characters.
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A really absorbing book about getting obsessed with social media.  using social media to try and hide the unhappiness in your life.  Quite a twisted story that takes a while to come together.  I really enjoyed listening to it.  Thank you for my copy.
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Brilliant book with a brilliant twist. Reggie is returning to university aged 35, she is living in a house with three other girls, but her obsession make her stand out never mind the fact she is 15 years older than the other girls in the house. Moving from present day to the past this book goes perfectly. A really great listen.
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An interesting story which explores the life of Regi, who suffers from OCD. She is totally overwhelmed by her compulsive and repetitive behaviours. She discovers an instagram account by the name of Mrs Clean, who appears to have the 'perfect life'; Perfect, pure and ideal. As we know with social media, things are not always as they appear, and the life MRs Clean lives comes at a very big cost.
I really enjoyed the Instagram aspect of the story, as well how OCD was explored throughout the novel.
I felt the narrator was a good fit for this book - she was particularly good!
I felt the second half of the book there were actually too many twists which made the story slightly confusing and over-complicated. Despite this, I was thoroughly entertained and I would read more books by this author in the future.
Many thanks for the opportunity to listen to this audiobook!
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The book was ok but didn’t really grip me. I did struggle to finish It seemed to go on too long. I was disappointed as the storyline sounded good l just don’t felt it delivered.
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I am fairly new to listening to fiction audiobooks but I was interested in the blurb for The House Mate so was pleased that my request was approved.

I found the narrator to have a very pleasant voice and was easy to listen to. This was a big plus as i don’t think I could really get into an audiobook if I didn’t get on with the voice of the narrator, no matter how good the storyline.

The structure of The House Mate suited me - I liked the paired timelines with the little snippets of Instagram posts to add pauses to the story. I found it easy to follow and was looking forward to getting another opportunity to listen each time I had to take a break. I did find that there were times when the story did seem to be quite slow to proceed but I am unsure if this is because it was read to me rather than by me.

There were lots of twists to the story, most of which I can’t comment on for fear of spoiling the book for future readers or listeners. I was able to work out parts but not all so I found there to still be surprises which was nice. I think I would rate The House Mate as a 3.5/5 star story and would recommend it to those who like a thriller style in a modern setting. It may appeal more to females given some of the storylines but there’s no reason why any gender of reader shouldn’t enjoy it!
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I carried on listening to the end of this audiobook as I was intrigued. This could have been a great story but I feel that it was poorly executed - glaringly obvious red herrings, unnecessary repetition of themes and a twist that I could have told you myself hundreds of pages before it actually happens. It's a shame, could have been stunning.
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This book was brilliantly written and narrated perfectly. Any assumptions made by the reader are beautifully blown out of the water in a gripping twist at the end. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who likes a great story that keeps you guessing.
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Thank you Netgalley for the advance copy. Regi is trying to escape her past. She has a new identity, new home and is starting a Uni course. She suffers flashbacks and has OCD. Idle scrolling through Instagram Regi becomes obsessed with a cleaning lady. This leads her into danger and her past catches up with her. Absolutely fabulous book with a massive twist at the end. Beautifully read.
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This was my 2nd book I have read by Nina Manning, (listened to netgalley audiocopy) - narrated by  Helen Keeley.

The storyline was pretty confusing with Regi being in a shared house  - her interactions with housemates sounded interesting and I kept hoping something would happen. But this book felt like many stories stitched together! 
There was nothing gripping, the instagram farm sounded like a Blah! idea and didn't really rope in with neither Regi's past or present! 

I received an advance review copy for free from netgalley, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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Thank you to NetGalley and publishers for this ARC

Easy to listen to, bestseller kind of vibe but perfect for those days when you just want to zone out
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I’m not even sure where to begin with reviewing this book/audiobook…

It’s been 3 days since I finished it, and when I did, I re-listened to the last 40-45 minutes of it to make sure I had grasped all that had happened completely… and I have to say that I have been constantly thinking about this book ever since.

The story gripped from the start, as we follow Regi, a 36-year-old woman with OCD who is trying to adjust to her new reality of sharing a house with other much younger girls than her, all whilst trying to come to terms with her past but also running away from it…

The book is told in 3 separate timelines, if we can call them that exactly, being THEN, NOW and also with snippets of Instagram posts by someone called “Mrs. Clean”, an Instagram influencer with whom Regi soon becomes obsessed with.

I went through the entire book, almost till the very end believing I was following one story, but then… got twisted around and faced with something I was not expecting at all.

It’s difficult to say much about a suspense psychological thriller without just blurting out spoilers, but I can say that not everything you’re reading/listening to is what you think or about who you think it is. And I guess that is why I was so blindsided with the twists at the end of the book.

This book also sheds a light on the dark corners of social media (in this case Instagram), how things are not always picture perfect as we want to believe (and how others want us to believe) and also how obsessive and unhealthy it can become.

I think the book was extremely well paced and well told, which is why I couldn’t stop it and listened to it all in one go. However, what was fast paced and gripping, turned out to be a bit too fast and brushed off in the end, leaving me with some questions and some things not very well explained. I wish the ending had been more detailed and given us more clarity on some people and some stories.

Other than that, I truly recommend this book and I look forward to reading more books by this author.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: OCD representation (which I know may be triggering to some people), Miscarriage, Abusive Relationships (both physical and mental/emotional abuse), Death of a Child, Unhealthy Social Media Usage.

Thank you to NetGalley and Boldwood Books UK Audio for allowing me to listen to this audiobook in exchange for my review and honest opinion.

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You know those books where it seems like it’ll go one way, and then it suddenly goes another? This is one of those books. I’m not saying it was a bad thing, because the switch up definitely wasn’t, but it did have me thinking about it for a few days afterwards. Honestly, it’ll be hard to review this book and not give any spoilers.

First of all, I listened to the audiobook, and usually when I do that I like to have a copy in front of me to follow along, check names/places etc. This time I didn’t have a copy to check with. I liked the narrator; Helen Keeley, whose voice was easy to follow and understand. The only part I had issues with was when the book chapter was either ‘Then’ or ‘Now’ and it took me a few moments to place each time, but that was more because I’d get so into the moment and then the chapter would end. The other part I had an issue with was sometimes processing when Helen was reading the Instagram posts featured throughout. I’d not process it had moved into those until Helen had to read the hashtags, and would have to go back to re-listen to what had just been said. These are probably my only points with listening versus having the book in front of me.

I liked the writing style it had a nice flow, and Helen did a great job keeping that going whilst getting into the moment she was narrating. The plot was easy to follow, right up until that moment that through me off. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad, it’s just not often a book catches me off guard and goes in a different direction. I liked it though. I enjoyed seeing the relationships with various characters grow, and seeing how the main character copes with her OCD whilst dealing with other matters. (I have included OCD in the trigger warnings below, because I know reading about someone else’s ticks can set others off sometimes too). I liked that this book seemed like it was going to be darker than it was, but aside from the more psychological side of things, it’s actually pretty ‘normal life’.

This book was a good read, and I’m glad I read something different from my recent reads. As mentioned before, I’d love to go into a deep dive of this book, the subjects it features, and it’s plot, but I really don’t want to risk spoilers.

Trigger Warnings: Main character has OCD, some violence, potentially triggering (seems controlling/abusive) behaviour child death mentioned.

I gave this book a 3 out of 5 stars.
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I received this book from the publisher via Netgalley for a review. A slow burner of a book good story not expecting the ending. Character interactions good. Would recommend this book.
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Although I found this slow in part, it was thrilling and worth persevering with. I enjoyed the narration of this audiobook and would recommend it.
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Another great book. Loved thexway it was written with the then and now chapters. I thought I could guess what was going to happen but I was completely wrong. Loved the characters. My only negative was after finishing the book I was a little confused at some of the then chapters. Enjoyed it all the same.
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I  really enjoyed this audiobook. Helen Keeley’s narration was fantastic; she really brought this story alive for me. Regi’s obsessive compulsive behaviour, her mysterious past and her sometimes fraught relationship with her much younger house mates combined to keep me interested throughout. 
Author Nina Manning also cleverly drip feeds horrific past events into the story, and I must admit to being sold on the Insta posts by the cheerful Mrs. Clean. Vital to the plot, these also mixed things up, keeping story topical and fresh. And  – if I’d been sharper -should probably have reminded me that everything is not always as it seems…
Every now and then I found the story a little long, and sometimes a little repetitive, but this didn’t detract from a great story. I was completely thrown by a tremendous twist which I didn’t see coming, and which I see from reviews some readers didn’t seem to understand. I thought it was brilliant, and totally unexpected. The author certainly cleverly tricked me into making a totally incorrect assumption most of the way through the book.
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