Cover Image: Truth Games: the gripping, twisty, page-turning tale of one woman’s secret past

Truth Games: the gripping, twisty, page-turning tale of one woman’s secret past

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This was a truly brilliant, gripping read that reeled me in from the start. 
The author has such a wonderful writing style, and really creates an entire cast of well developed, complex characters, alongside a strong, well structured storyline that is full of drama and intrigue. 
Full of lies, secrets, and the impacts in which they can have within a family - this is certainly a fascinating story. There are plenty of twists and turns throughout that really keep you invested until the very end. 
A brilliant book.
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I adore Caroline England psychological thrillers, and am always excited to find she's written another for me to dive into.

But sadly, this one lost me. I wouldn't categorise it as a page-turning psychological thriller, but a novel you need to be patient with. I don't actually know what it is because after a few attempts, I gave up after 40%. I'm afraid with all the oppression of the house arrest we've been under for almost a year, the need to escape into an intriguing and other world is desperate, and this just didn't take me there.

But it won't stop me from picking up Caroline's next psychological thriller.
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Okay, so this book won't be for everyone, but I definitely enjoyed it. 

I wasn't expecting how absorbed I would be in this book, it was very well written and the author wasted no time in showing us how well she could concoct family drama and entire life for her characters to be involved in at such ease. This book is about secrets, a dark past and nightmares that reoccur for our main character, Ellie. The book was addictive for me, I wanted to keep reading constantly, it was a total page turner for me but the pace was reasonable though for some readers it may appear a little slow. 

Caroline England is beyond talented in my opinion and I will definitely seek out some more of her works, very impressed! A gripping thriller with a twisty tale. I really liked it. 

Many thanks to Netgalley and publishers and of course, Caroline England, for a free ARC in exchange for an honest reivew, all opinions are my own.
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I absolutely love this authors books and this one certainly Did not disappoint. It was full of a lot of hidden twists and turns as the plot developed that kept me on my toes and were a lot of
Shocks along the way this was certainly a domestic psychological thriller with a difference
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This was a really gripping read that kept you guessing until the end.  All the way through there was an undercurrent of tension and you knew something was not right, but were not quite sure what!  Cleverly done and very enjoyable.
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I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it as it kept me guessing until the end, read it one sitting as couldn’t leave it down x
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Interesting, Unique and a book I will be collecting for my forever shelf I have found this one hard to put down and have been completely captivated. 
I adore the writing style, plot and characters. A great book!
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Caroline England delivers another compelling drama in this story of intertwined relationships. 

Set in Stockport, we meet Ellie and her family. As the book progresses, shocking revelations are made, secrets are uncovered and uncomfortable truths will be told. 

Caroline has a gift of drawing her readers in, knowing that dark secrets will unfold, I wasn’t expecting some of the twists at the end. 

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the ArC in exchange for my honest review.
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I was excited to read this book as I’ve loved Caroline England’s other releases. 
I enjoyed it but found it a little slow and it just didn’t grip me as much as her others. It’s beautifully written with great characters and intriguing twists, but just didn’t draw me in. Overall, it’s 3 stars for me. I will read more of her books in future but this is definitely not a favourite for me.
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This is certainly a novel where the style of writing takes the reader on the same journey of confusion and gaps in memory as the protagonist. For the first few pages, I wasn’t quite sure where in the plot I had been dropped into and soon discovered there were multiple layers of the story that needed to be unpicked. Where Ellie felt frustration at her less-than-clear memories, I felt the same frustration. When she felt something wasn’t quite right but couldn’t put her finger on why, I was there with her. The result is that the reader also experiences the satisfaction of every secret and every lie (or omission) being revealed.

Ellie is mother to three sons and is the not-quite-wife of Cam, her long term partner and father of her children. No matter what she does, however, she can’t seem to get it quite right. Not her relationship with Cam, nor her relationship with her father or, indeed, her relationship with the world. When somebody she knows from her university days (who also happens to be Cam’s best friend) becomes more involved in their lives, Ellie begins to uncover her past, as well as those of the people closest to her. She soon realises that they are all inextricably linked.

Due to the way in which the reader so closely follows the emotions of Ellie herself, at times it can be difficult to see the woods for the trees but stick with it - you'll be rewarded.
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you know once you start this authors book its going to be so so good Ellie has 3 lovely sons and her partner Cam but she does not like Cam s best friend Sean or does she?. she loves her parents but her dad never gives it back .Ellie Sufferer s from nightmares but are they from the past and what is she Hiding this story will pull you in from page 1 so recommend
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This book started off really slow- I was tempted to give up reading quite a few times. The characters were very hard to keep up with and certain parts of the book just waffled on and on. It was only after about 80% that the story picked up pace and got more interesting. To be honest though the twists were very predictable. I just wished it was more gripping and believable.
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From a truth game at college.... Fast forward... Ellie is living with her partner Cam with their three boys, juggling being a mum, partner and daughter.  Thinking all is good with family life, Cam's working away from home as he often does, then a call made raising suspicions on Cams whereabouts/behavior.

Ellie's suppressed memories being brought back in snippets in her nightmares, just when you think it can't get worse more secrets surface.

Starts at a steady pace, gets all the more interesting as the secrets start unraveling.  😲 The final twist/revelation.... left you wanting more, (Ends on an EastEnders duff, duff moment 🥁🥁). Another great read from Caroline England.
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Whenever a Caroline England book is released I look forward to it with anticipation. I dived into this book without reading the blurb first, it is completely different to any previous books by Caroline and not at all what I was expecting.

This is a slow burner of a book which is more of a domestic noir than psychological thriller. It is a story of family, friends, betrayal, secrets and lies. I think it will be a marmite book, you will either love it or hate it, and although it is well written and I liked the book I didn't love it so I am giving it 3 stars.
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I doubt this is a book for everyone
In essence it is a domestic noir and a good one but you have to be in the mood for it and invest in the characters and their multiple foibles, I guess in 2020 it would be either ‘nope, too much’ or ‘yep, this is just what I need’
Ellie is the main focus, married to Cam and has 3 boys and a lot of the book focuses on her life now and how the past has affected it, there are many ( and I mean many ) secrets surrounding her, her hubby, their friends, her parents and little by little after many a chapter of hints we start to find out what these secrets are, and they are life changing and they are massive
Quite a lot of the book is Ellie musing, fanciful and indulgent at times but I kinda liked it and even the repetition didn’t annoy me as you knew it was building to ‘something’
At times the book went of on a tangent, reeled itself back in then off it went again, it did keep you ( me ) focused and attentive to the detail
The characters were at times OTT but generally just likeable and Ellie’s Mum was a great ‘minds eye’ one to watch
It isen’t a psychological thriller, there are elements of that in it but it’s an in depth look at one family and how decades of lies come back to bite them all
At times languid, at times breezy I really enjoyed it and the style of writing and the authors refusal to be hurried on and take her time telling this complex and shattering story 

4 Stars
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This is absolutely brilliant from Caroline England.  It's about a woman called Ellie, who's life is extremely busy with her husband working away, but she's troubled by disturbing dreams that at times seem like memories. 

This story starts with the mundane chores of her life, with a difficult relationship with her parents to old uni friends, one that feels too close for comfort, even if he is her husband's best mate.

The ending is a shocker!!!
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I found this book a slow burner, and I expected it to be more of a psychological thriller but in reality it read more like a domestic noir. Lots of secrets are hinted at, but at the reveal none were particularly surprising. I have enjoyed the authors previous novels but found myself becoming less invested in the characters in this book.  My thanks go to the Publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book.
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#TruthGames #NetGalley 
A must read.
When an old friend from university re-enters their lives, dark memories from Ellie's past begin to resurface.As Ellie starts to unravel some shocking and sinister realities, she realises that she must choose between keeping the family she loves - and facing the truth. 
Caroline has done it again. She's made a twisty thriller that everyone is going to love. 
Thanks to NetGalley and Piatkus for giving me an advanced copy.
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I love Caroline England. Her books always blow me away and this was no exception. Brilliant and spot on domestic noir xx
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This is quite a slow burner of a book. There are a lot of layers to build up. Secrets to set, lies to manipulate. And then, just when you have been lulled into a sense of security - BAM - it all starts to unravel and expose and the punches come thick and fast...
In fact, it's such a slow burn - well it was for me anyway - that at times I wasn't sure we would ever get to the point! And then when the flood gate did open, throwing itself right back on its hinges, I wondered if the deluge would ever stop. Making the book a bit unbalanced for my liking...
That said, I did enjoy my time with the book. I am not opposed to slow burners but I do prefer my books to be bit more balanced, especially when character led which this book most definitely was.
Ellie has a good partner, she's a good mother and tries to be a good daughter herself. She's ticking along quite well when first we meet her. But cracks start to form in this façade when a face from the past, her uni days, starts to become more prominent in her present and, in turn, threatens to expose secrets that have long lain hidden, even from Ellie.
I've seen this billed as a psychological thriller but I would have to rebrand it as dark domestic as it is not really too psychological. It is addictive though and sucked me in from the off and I was held in its thrall throughout my time reading - desperate to figure out what was going on.
Taking aside for a moment the (over) busy ending and this was the perfect character driven book. Ellie was someone who it was easy to care about right from the off. Other characters - main and supporting - were all just as well drawn and interactions between them all felt natural and it was easy to believe in them all.
The storyline was... well... intriguing and a little bit "suspend belief all ye who enter". There are so many dark secrets that are hinted at along the way that I did get a bit dizzy. Some pan out, others fade away and still more hit you in he face from pretty much nowhere! I did feel a bit wrung out when I eventually got to the end of the book.
I've read quite a few of this author's books now and although, for me, not one of her strongest, I am still looking forward to seeing what she has in store for next time.
My thanks go to the Publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book.
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