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Raise Your Vibes!

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I enjoyed reading this book as it was very topical for coming out of a tough year like 2020. I read a lot of spiritual books so I found some of the advice repetitive and more for beginners but I was blown away with the beginning chapters on Reiki and the short but powerful Reiki activation meditation. I had the most vivid dreams afterwards! Overall a great book for quick and easy ways to live a more positive, high vibe life.
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I've done some angelic reiki but not the regular one so this was a really good overview of what I've missed out on. It's fun and simple to use with not much jargon so really good for a beginner of energy healing. Besides the reiki there are chapters on other types of energy healing such as crystals & lunar rituals. It was a fast read & I really enjoyed it.
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This was my type of book - as someone who is interested in peoples mental health and different coping mechanisms for people, this was right up my street! I loved it!
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Not all of this book is for me, it contains a lot of crystal work which I don't personally partake in. The parts that do resonate with me however are fantastic.

I like the layout of the book, it makes it clear and easy to read and follow. The colour scheme is also warm and welcoming.
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Raise Your Vibes!: Energy Self-healing for Everyone by Athena Bahri
Publisher: Watkins Publishing
Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Release Date: March 9, 2021

Raise Your Vibes! by Athena Bahri is a self-help book about energy healing.

I found this to be a fascinating resource with very detailed information. The author does a great job of blending her own personal experiences into the teaching.

If you are looking to learn more about energy healing, Reiki, the Chakras, and so much more, then this book is for you!

I'm so grateful to Athena Bahri, Watkins Publishing, and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this ARC ebook in exchange for my honest review.
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Raise Your Vibes! is a practical book on raising your energy using a variety of rituals and exercises based on Reiki techniques.  It is quite high level, and easy to read and apply.  You can choose an area you want to work on or a problem you want to improve, or just raise your energy in a general way.  Lots of other healing tools are incorporated such as crystals or the power of the moon.  It is an uplifting read and would make a lovely gift book.  Good for dipping into for a feel good boost.
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I really loved this book. I have just got into spirituality,crystals etc and it was really helpful and useful. It was full of knowledge, tips and good explanations to help really understand. I loved how the author included her own experiences as it was so beautiful to see the influence of vibrations from this. It really inspired me and taught me how significant vibrations can be. I feel extremely more knowledgeable after reading this book. It could be a bit repetitive and overloaded with information and extremely similar rituals at times but I think it will definitely be a book I look back to for future reference.
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