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*4.5 Stars*

Copy kindly received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book was enjoyable. It had interesting events and circumstances for some of the characters. It kept me thinking of what was going to happen next. It was a good read that was interesting, with great characters. Would recommend.
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Now this is how fiction should be done! I loved Before She Wakes, fantastic characters, shocking plots and that race to the end! I forgot to breathe! 
Next level. 

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Before She Wakes is a page-turning crime thriller that's told mostly from the detective's perspective, which I love! The book opens with Olivia, a super angsty teen, missing from her bedroom early in the morning. Her mom, Marissa, calls the police and her home quickly becomes a crime scene because it's clear that Olivia didn't leave willingly. All her stuff is still in her room and her mirror is smashed. On it, someone left a creepy message that no one can figure out the significance of. As Detective Carter unravels this mystery, he discovers more than he bargained for about Olivia's family, Marissa's boyfriend, and even himself. 

I really enjoyed this book and love Ed James' writing! The pacing was perfect until we got to the end and then it started to feel a little jumbled to me, like we could've done with another few pages to space out all the discoveries. This was a great read and I'd be very interested to see what else James (and Detective Carter!) has up their sleeves.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an advanced reader's copy in exchange for an honest review!
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I love the Max Carter series of books, all dealing with his career as a Seattle FBI agent in charge of investigating child kidnappings.  In this book, a single mother wakes to find her teenage daughter has vanished from her room.  Max struggles to find the reason, and create a list of suspects.  The methods used, as well as the characters, are very interesting.  A great mystery!
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A mother wakes to find her teenage daughter missing and her own memory of the night before seems fuzzy. There are many family secrets to be uncovered in the race to find Olivia before it’s too late.
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This is a brilliant read.
Wonderful well written plot and story line that had me engaged from the start.
Love the well fleshed out characters and found them believable.
Great suspense and found myself second guessing every thought I had continuously.
Can't wait to read what the author brings out next.
Recommend reading.

I was provided an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher.  This is my own honest voluntary review
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Marissa wakes up to find out when she goes to her daughter Liv's room that something's not right. Her things are all there but she's not. Her mirror is cracked and in red marker is "Never Forget". Max Carter is called in on the case. Marissa soon finds out that she doesn't know the truth since she finds that Liv has been lying to her and has a secret boyfriend. Her estranged husband is also has vanished. Marissa also finds out that she was drugged the night of the disappearance. Max needs to find Liv before anything worse happens.
Thanks Netgalley and the publisher for the advance ecopy.
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3 for neutral.  Unfortunately, I did not realize this was a series and because of my ocd could mot get into it.  Will update once I get and read the previous books!
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Twisty thriller full of red herrings,as and secrets. Two stories intertwined,the back story of Max and a child's abduction.Lots of interesting nice and not so nice characters.
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Marissa wakes up feeling something is not right she only had one drink last night. She went to her daughters bedroom but she isn’t there. Olivia’s mobile and laptop are still in her room . Then she sees the mirror written in red is Never Forget.
Max Carter is called onto the case but he has problems of his own he believes his dad who kidnapped him from his mother then had his mother killed and an English policeman is coming to work the case.
Max finds out that Marissa’s wine from last night had rohypnol in it and her boyfriend Gregg was the one who brought the wine .
Max uncovers things about Gregg and he becomes the prime suspect.
But there are other suspects Marissa’s ex father-in-law needs bone marrow from Olivia as his daughter has cancer.
This book goes between the characters who are suspects and I really didn’t know who was going to be the culprit.
This is a great book
Thanks NetGalley
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Before She Wakes by Ed James is the 3rd book in the Detective Max Carter series, and my first book by this author. This book was a wild ride, with so many twists and turns. This was an absolute page turner. I recommend this for anyone looking for a fast paced thriller.  
I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Firstly I would like to thank Netgalley for giving me a copy to review.
In this instalment Carter is looking for a missing child, at first I thought I had it all worked out but the big twists during the book mean I had not worked it out. This has a bit of everything from child abduction to drugs to HIV.
Highly recommend to any mystery fans.
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Max Carter is back! And I am delighted. Before She Wakes is the third book featuring FBI Agent Max Carter, following Tell Me Lies and Gone in Seconds. Carter heads up the Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Unit who are called after the disappearance of teenager Liv.  We follow Max and his team as they race to find her.. 

I really like Max. He's a straight up guy, decent, fair, loves his family and is very dedicated to his job. But he's not without his demons, and has very personal reasons for doing the job he does. He also has a complicated relationship with his dad, Bill, which is further muddied when a Scotland Yard detective heads over to Seattle to join forces with one of Max's FBI colleagues to investigate Bill. You don't have to have read the previous two books to enjoy this one, as all relevant information is given, but as will all series, I feel you would probably have a richer reading experience if you have.

The main story is twisty and full on. James really knows how to pile on the tension as Carter's team but dead end after dead end with the odd red herring thrown in. Some of the characters we meet along the way are all kinds of shady, including Olivia's own absent no-good father, although it 's  been so long since anyone's heard from him in so long they reckon he must be dead. And some are seriously sinister and creepy. 

The tension doesn't let up and so many secrets are uncovered along the way, both in the case and in Max's personal life. Small ones, big ones, devastating ones. James masterfully weaves the two storylines together as we race to an exciting denouement and maybe a resolution of sorts for Max. 

Well written, tense, gripping and action packed, Before She Wakes has everything I'm looking for in a crime thriller and I'm looking forward to the next offering from Ed James.
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Before She Wakes by Ed James is the third book in the FBI Special Agent Max Carter who is a member of Seattle's Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Unit. Even though it is the third book it can be read as a standalone.
This story begins as it means to go on, with a prologue that culminates in a child being reported missing. Max is called in to investigate the fifteen year old Olivia's disappearance. Max starts to discover she was keeping secrets from her mother, a boyfriendand constantly speaking with her guidance counsellor for the previous weeks, what was so bad she couldn't tell her mum? A blood test Olivia's mum, Marissa had shows she had been drugged the night of Olivia's disappearance and her ex-husband is brought up as a possibility but he has gone missing also. It's Max's job to solve this before Olivia pays with her life.
As well as looking for Olivia there is also another issue for Max with his dad  and what happened to Max as a child. He needs to be professional about that particular case as well as find Olivia. Will he manage to keep his calm and find her before it's too late?
Ed James always brings a story that hits home. He knows how to grab you straight away and keep you there until you know everything and have closed the book. His characters are skilfully created so you have a real person in your head. The tension in this book is fantastic! As the stories look like they are going to collide it had my heart in my mouth! I really enjoy an Ed James book and would always recommend them if you want a story that keeps you guessing too.
Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for the book to take part in the books on tour today.
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“Never forget”

Wow! I just couldn’t put this one down, or turn the pages fast enough, in my eagerness to discover the final outcome.

I wondered just how this book would play out, as there are so many US authors writing British centric crime thrillers, but seldom the other way around, especially when this particular author has already earned himself an excellent reputation with his several popular British Detective series. However, for me this was a totally seamless transition, with the narrative and dialogue sounding authentic and true, obviously the result of some dedicated and very thorough research.

I also came into the series with this, book #3, wondering just how much of a backstory I might have missed. I can definitely see that those of you who are confirmed ‘series readers’, may be happier being introduced to FBI Agent Max Carter from his inception, as like many such law enforcement officers, he does appear to come with an inordinate amount of emotional baggage. However for me, getting thrown into this case and having the backstory fed to me in small chunks at regular intervals, worked just fine and I in no way felt cheated or short-changed.

In fact, this was a well-constructed, multi-layered storyline, with two separate strands which became intrinsically linked and often overlapped, becoming tangled together on several occasions. However Max’s team needed to keep them separated as much as possible, and Max confined to working on just the original investigation, because as the initial missing child case progressed and the surprise second elements came into play, it became apparent that these new revelations would have influence over and consequences for, Max personally.

Any storyline which involves the abuse of children is always going to be intense and disturbing and this one did jump around a little, however that only reflected the fast changing dynamics of the case itself, making me realise just how difficult and demanding working these situations must really be, as each new piece of information means that decisions have to be made and the direction of investigation changed, at a split seconds notice. I was kept well and truly on my toes as an independent observer to the ever-evolving events. Taking all that into account, the powerful and confident writing, which was split into relatively short chapters, was kept fluid and the action was constantly fast-paced. Twists and turns which increased the dread and menace of a good outcome for this emotionally draining story, were thrown in to the mix with consummate ease, whilst sneaky red herrings heightened the tension and always had me second guessing my suspects, although I did manage to figure things out just a little ahead of the big reveal.

Ed has created an excellent mix of well developed and defined characters, all of which were emotionally complex and quite difficult to relate to. There were also those who operated in the rather ‘grey’ middle zone, where the lines between good and bad were intentionally rather blurred, making me unsure on which side of the divide they belonged, adding intrigue and texture to the storyline. Max has a genuine depth of feeling to his personality, obviously getting great fulfilment from the job he has chosen to do. He and his team appear to operate quite efficiently and with good synergy as a unit and I detected very little tension between them, even when his subordinates needed to carefully side-line him, both to protect him from his own personal memories and demons, and so as not to compromise the case which was at the very centre of the operation, that of returning a missing child.

This is certainly a series which would work well as a televised adaptation, with FBI Agent Max Carter, definitely a name to remember!
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GREAT police procedural dealing with missing children, investigated by Max who had been abducted from his home country as a child,.paid for by his biological father. Well written, with likable characters & suspenseful story line. First time reading this author but will backtrack to catch up. Enjoyed totally & RECOMMEND. fully.  Thanks to NetGalley & Bookouture for this ARC in return for my honest review.
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I have thoroughly enjoyed this clever and original story. There is the main plot, which focuses on the abduction of Marissa’s daughter, Olivia, and the subplot, which delves into FBI Special Agent Max Carter’s dark and fractured past.

I do enjoy the trope of a missing person or child in a book, and this definitely ensures this book is fast-paced and gripping. I was keen to know what had happened to Olivia, and despite keeping a close eye on the clues and having made my own judgements, I was unable to predict the ending.

FBI Special Agent Max Carter is a stand out character in this book. He is complex, brave and determined. As a result of his devastating back story and his ruthless and committed attitude to work, he quickly became someone I both liked and respected.

Overall, this has been a tense, mysterious and highly original procedural, which I would recommend to fans of crime thrillers and whodunnits.
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Rating: 4

Series: Detective Max Carter #3

Would I recommend it ? Yes

Would I read more of this series? Yes , in fact after reading this one I want to read books 1 and 2 when I can get them .

Would I read more by this author ? Yes

First of I  want to say a  huge  thank you to the publisher Bookouture , the author ,Ed James  and to NetGalley for inviting me to join the blog tour for this book as well as letting me read and review it.First time I've read anything by this author or this series and after read it ,I can't wait to get my hands on the other 2 books to read, and yes I did read it out of order but I do that some times.

So here are my thoughts

love the character Max and his partner and their inter actions

love how the author touched up on the topic of Child Abduction and how he bright it to life and showed how hard the police worked on those cases. 

loved how even though I haven't read the first 2 books I was still able to get lost in the story and was able to understand what was going on and got to see some of Max's back story as well. 

And how it made Max seem more real as a person then anything else, how the story just seemed to come together and just flowed so that the past and the present mixed together with out you getting lost .
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First, I want to thank Ed James, Bookouture and NetGalley for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

WOW!!! Ed James latest book Before She Wakes is a thrilling ride! This is one of Ed’s most fun books to write. I have to agree that it was equally fun to read!

Before She Wakes had a little of everything from child abduction, drugs, Leukemia, HIV patient, pedifilia, investigations, the dark web, etc! 

Ed’s book was full of suspense, mystery, secrets, shocking revelations and incredible climatic twist at the end. 

You think that you know who abducted Olivia but Ed throws you some major twists and turns to throw you off your game.
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When Marissa Bukowski goes to check on her daughter one morning, she discovers that the teenager is not in bed. Frantic, especially seeing that her daughter Olivia's phone, laptop and clothing are there as if nothing is wrong, but at the same time there was a warning message left. What happened to Olivia?

Max Carter is an FBI agent that steps in to investigate Olivia's disappearance. Carter begins to see that a few things do not add up. Then there is something specific about Marissa that points Carter towards her estranged husband, but that does not help him draw any closer to answers. To make all matters worse, Carter discovers something about the family that just might point to the reason that Olivia is nowhere to be found. Not only is Carter with this case, but his own past comes into play.

While Carter searches for answers about Olivia, facts about his painful past begin to unravel, sharpening memories once lost. It is this very past that makes Carter so good at his job when it comes to locating missing children. This story has quite a bit of drama behind the possible reasons for what could have happened to Olivia, all while loose ends of his own life begin to come together.

This third book in the Detective Max Carter series brings quite a bit to the table. I have read the previous two books in the series, Tell Me Lies and Gone in Seconds had have come to have a lot of respect for Max and how he has become such a fine agent. I loved the intensity of this story and look forward to reading the next book in this series.

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.
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