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Really interesting and fun mystery. Kept me guessing and the ending managed to surprise me. I liked it and would definitely read more in this series and by D.E. White in general!
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This second story takes place several months after book one, The Glass Dolls. In the grip of a bitterly cold snowy winter DC Dove Milson is still working in the Major Crimes Team in Abberley under DI Jon Blackman and DCI Kevin Franklin with partner DS Steve Parker who is now father to one month old Grace. Dove herself is now happily living with fiancé paramedic Quinn after finally getting over the dreadful events she experienced while working as a confidential informant handler. Her younger sister Gaia now has a second strip club and older sister Ren still runs her coffee shop with the help of both daughters Eden and Delta who are all together again with Eden’s young son Elan. They are gradually getting their lives back on track after the devastating events of a few months ago. It’s nice to see other old faces back as well, such as Crime Scene Manager Jess and DS Lindsey Allerton. The story opens with an emergency call made in the early hours of the morning by single mother Tessa Jackson reporting a fire at her remote farm. By the time the first responders arrive twenty minutes later, the woman has vanished, leaving behind two young daughters alone and frightened. Not only that, but the frozen corpse of a young man has been placed right outside the front path and on the doorstep they find carefully arranged frozen chess pieces. Enquiries soon establish that Tessa had fled an abusive husband in Manchester to make a new life, and was visited only the night before by her sister who claimed Tessa was scared of something. Finding the man’s identity is crucial and the post mortem shows a number 2 has been written on his body. It doesn’t take the team long to make an identification from a missing persons report but they are stumped as to how the frozen young man, a fitness fanatic, and the missing woman are linked. A connection is made to clinical trials and their chief suspect seems to have links to this as well as to Tessa. Gradually the case opens up as some very disturbing links are made to a group of students ten years ago. When a call to the emergency services reveals another gruesome scene, it looks like someone could be re-enacting the past. Many secrets have been buried and it looks like history holds the key to solving the present crimes but will the detectives make sense of the baffling clues in time?
This story is a glorious mass of bizarre deaths, twisted histories and a wealth of gruesome and puzzling clues laid out by the author in a wonderful dark plot that kept me hooked and guessing all the way through. Just when it looks like a great suspect is in the crosshairs, the tale twists on its head displaying a bewildering array of possibilities, and the intriguing little inserts from the past gradually come to make perfect sense in an explosive ending where “bad things happen in the snow”. These are great characters, easy to get to know and already well introduced in the first story, and with a clever storyline the whole book is very hard to put down once started. I think the link to dreadful events which have actually taken place makes it all the more chilling. Definitely recommended! 5*
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As others have said it would be good to read the first book in the series but not vital as it can be read as a standalone book.  The characters are getting more rounded as progressing and you can see it is being prepared for a further book at least.

I didn't really get the flu thread assume it was just there to highlight that they were really busy. 

What really intrigued me was the italics section it kept me guessing whose point of view that was, and when revealed made sense. 

All in all a good read. 

I was given an advance copy by netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review which I have done so.
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An enjoyable if creepy read. Frozen naked bodies of young men, ice chess pieces and disappeared young women - DC Dove Milson takes the lead, with her able side-kick DS Steve Parker, in the investigation. Bring in a group of medics, students together in the past, some now practising locally, tie it with some research in hypothermia that they carried out as students and things start looking black. Add in a strange unknown narrator,  and you start thinking holocaust - but is this the murderer or what? There are plenty of nasty characters and some harrowing experiments "all for the good of science" of course but we don't believe the latter for one moment. A fairly strong story, leading you to the grand finale where threads were tied up. I sort of see how the unknown narrator fitted in but am not sure that it added much of anything to the story. Slight niggle - why did the DC take the lead when her partner was a DS? Needs a reason for me. Thanks to NetGalley and Joffe Books for an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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This is the strangest story I have ever read. Can you imagine using the twisted experiments the Nazi's used in the name of science? It makes me shudder thinking about it. It makes a truly great story though. To force someone into entering freezing water until their body shuts down and then using different methods to attempt to bring them back to life; Dove and Steve are both lucky to have survived this one. Highly recommended.
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Amazing story. Well developed characters that are in a twisted engrossing thriller. Highly recommended. Super suspense that comes to a satisfying end! Highly recommended . A true roller coaster thrill ride
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An engaging addition to the DC Dove Milson series by DE White, in which Milson and DS Steve Parker are at the weird crime scene of a burnt building, and the dead body of a frozen male in a foetal position, a missing mother, Tessa Jackson, and two young girls left home alone.  To top it all is the strange picture on the doorstep of frozen chess pieces amongst a scattering of ice cubes.  Milson and the Major Crimes police team have their hands full as they try to get to bottom of what happened, especially when another woman goes missing with the same MO.  This is an entertaining crime read with a interesting central protagonist in Milson with her understated personality and determination to get to the truth.  Many thanks to Joffe Books for an ARC.
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A house on fire, a frozen body outside and a mother missing from the house with her children left alone.  This is the setting that greats DC Dove Milson and the team.  The discovery leads to a group of university friends and unearthing disturbing historical events.  The race is on as a second body and another missing mother occurs. 
A rapid paced book, part of a series it could be read as a stand-alone.
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When DC Dove Milson is called to a developing crime scene, she finds a burning barn, a missing woman… and the corpse of a man who has been frozen to death. With a bizarre tableau of frozen chess pieces set up on the doorstep, it’s obvious from the beginning that this is anything but an ordinary case, and so it soon proves, with links to dodgy medical research programs recruiting among the fitness community, a second frozen body, and more women disappearing in strange circumstances.

Though this is apparently the second in the series, and Dove does have an interesting family and friends community who’ve obviously been introduced in the previous book, I didn’t have any problem following along when they reappeared as the backstory was nicely sketched in.

The story here does go for a long time with a lot of apparently completely unrelated things happening, and I found Dove’s lack of frustration with that a bit surprising, to be honest. She’s very by the book, however, and just kept on plugging stolidly along until she found a thread to pull on, until finally everything unravelled.

I didn’t quite comprehend the motivations of all the characters in the final conclusion, which is the only thing keeping me from giving this five stars. At least one character, it made no sense they didn’t fully co-operate with the police earlier, considering their family history.

Readers should be aware that the Holocaust is heavily referenced in this book, including details of experiments (many lethal) conducted on prisoners at the Dachau concentration camp. Some of the villains express admiration for Nazi ideology and attempt to replicate some of their scientific methodology. I’m warning for it as it’s a potential trigger above and beyond what might reasonably expect to be found in a crime thriller of this type.

This is an intriguing story with a lot of different threads which do, in the end, all get tied off pretty well. I found it all pretty intriguing, and I liked Dove as a heroine, with her steady, quiet methodology. She’s the opposite of a maverick, and the case is in the end solved through hard work following up clues, rather than any wild intuitive leaps. There were a few odd side-tracks - the sub-plot with her friend Rose didn’t make much sense to me and could have been completely cut - but I enjoyed the read. Four stars.
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I was so looking forward to this book after reading the blurb. A strange case for DC Dove a burning barn, a frozen naked man and a missing woman. The story was good but so repetitive and does the author think that the reader is stupid. We like to come to our own conclusions. Stating the obvious is so off putting. This book is not a patch on the others I have read by this author.
Thanks to Joffre Books and Netgalley for the ARC in return for giving an honest review.
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I found the writing repetitive and obvious.  Right from the beginning of the story, the author keeps stating the obvious.  A little girl is pissed at her sister for saying something about their dad.  A paragraph later the author tells us that she is very defensive about her dad.  DUH. Authors are supposed to show us what is happening.  Don't show us, then narrate what you just showed us.  There was nothing unusual about this book.  Just like all the other trite, formulaic police procedurals. If you are going to write a book that is just like all the others in the same genre, just make sure it's written well.  There's nothing really wrong with the book other than the writing not being the best, It's just not as good as I was hoping.
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DC Dove and her team are investigating a strange case: a fire in a barn, a frozen naked man, and a missing mother from the property. And this is just the beginning,  more frozen bodies will show. 
The experiments from WW II are, eventually, explaining all the dead bodies.
Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for this free copy.
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A fire is set to draw the woman out .... a naked dead man is in her yard ... two chess pieces of ice are on the doorstep ... the woman disappears, leaving her two young children alone in the house.

And then another crime scene ... eerily just like the last one.

Where are these women? Who are the dead men in their yards? Why the ice chess pieces? Were the men killed before ..or after .. they were frozen?

DC Dove Milson and her team are investigating, but because a flu epidemic has wiped out half the police force, everything is moving at a snail's pace.

And then there are ice chess pieces left on her own doorstep. Has she come to close to solving the puzzles? Is this a warning .. or a threat?

This follow- up to GLASS DOLLS is intriguing. ICE DAUGHTERS is easily read as a stand alone, although I recommend reading the books in order.

The intricate plot moves at a fast pace, gathering varied suspects. I enjoyed the thought processes that run through Milson's mind, as well as how well her team works together. There are a few twists and turns that lead to a surprising, explosive conclusion.

Many thanks to the author / Joffe Books / Books n All Promotions / Netgalley for the digital copy of this crime fiction. Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
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"Three little girls went out to play, but only two came home that day..."

A fire at a remote home, two young girls alone in the home, their mother is missing and the body of a frozen man if found leaves DC Dove Milson and her team searching for answers. It is cold, the snow is falling, and the body count is on the rise.

Where is the missing woman? How was the frozen man killed? Who could be behind all of this?

This is book two in the series but worked well as a stand-alone book for me. Another strong and interesting female protagonist (Dove) leads her team as they put clues together, search for the missing woman and determine who has something to hide, how is lying, and who is not telling the whole truth. As things get dire, and the snow keeps falling, will they make it out of this investigation alive?

This was an interesting police procedural that did get slow in parts for me. Having said that I did enjoy it and believe that those who enjoy a good police procedural will enjoy this one. Most reviewers are enjoying this slightly more than I did. Read their reviews as well.

One strong part for me was the italicized sections, these had me on my toes wondering whose POV that was. I also enjoyed the camaraderie of the team. There are a few twists and turns along the way and things pick up speed and get interesting toward the end of the book.

As I mentioned, I have not read the first book in the series but moving forward I would be interested in reading the next book. This series shows promise, and I will be on the lookout for more books by this author.

I received a copy of this book from Joffe Books and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All the thoughts and opinions are my own.
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The Ice Daughters is the second instalment in the Detective Constable Dove Milson series, set in Southern England. It's winter and many police employees are suffering from flu, vastly reducing the workforce, when DC Milson and partner DS Steve Parker, of the Major Crimes Team, are called out to a crime scene at a small, remote farmhouse in Eversham, overshadowed by trees with a wooden gate leading out to the slightly dilapidated farm buildings. Opposite the gate lay the body of a man on the concrete yard. The man was curled in a foetal position and his naked body was frosted with ice crystals, his hair spiked white in the harsh floodlights. There's one thing for sure, time of death would not be able to be determined through his body temperature. In the near distance, the blackened side of an outbuilding showed where a fire had been with the charred remains sending out a rank, sour smell of smoke across the icy air. The fire had been reported to the fire service at 3.20 by resident Tessa Jackson, who was seemingly concerned about her livestock, and is now missing. Her two daughters, Cerys and her older sister, Allison, were found safe in the farmhouse and taken to stay with their aunt Callie Jackson.

Then while investigating the property, just outside the door, on the first step, they discover a peculiar arrangement. Carved from ice, no more than six inches high, a king and queen like those from a chess set stood proudly, surrounded by a pile of scattered ice cubes. What exactly does this strange concoction of crimes mean and can the team unravel what is going on before more people get hurt? It doesn't take long before another woman vanishes, a frozen body is found and the creepy replica chess pieces take centre stage once again. This is a riveting, captivating, and exciting police procedural with one of the most mysterious and compulsive plots I've read recently, and I am always a fan of a strong female protagonist so to see the great and efficient dynamic between Dove and the wider police team is a real treat. White makes excellent use of twists, turns and misdirection throughout bringing some surprises to the narrative and the whole thing moves at a pretty brisk pace. It's a refreshingly original thriller with plenty of intrigue and a killer hellbent on gaining revenge. An entertaining and absorbing, clever and engrossing story, which is an easy and thoroughly enjoyable read. Highly recommended.
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DC Dove Milson #2

Firefighters race to put out a  blaze at a remote farmhouse only to discover two young girls alone in the house. There's no sign of their mother but in her place in the body of a man, frozen into the foetal position. Two chess pieces made of ice are arranged on the doorstep. Then it happens again. A woman missing, a frozen body and chess pieces made from ice. DC Dove Milson and her team are investigating.

What a bizarre case this island this time it gets a little more personal for Dove. There is a few references to the previous book in this series but I do think it could still be read as a standalone. The story pulled me in from page one. It's full of twists and the suspense builds throughout. There's plenty of suspects to choose from. This Is a well written and gripping read. I loved it.

I would like to thank #NetGalley, #JoffeBooks and the author #DEWhite for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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A house ablaze, a dead man frozen in the snow and a missing mother triggers a police investigation. This is the second in the DC Milson detective series, as a systematic police procedure unfolds. Whilst the crime has links to the past, the snow continues to fall and the humanity of the police team makes for a real strength of narrative. A welcome addition to the crime genre with its strong detective team and a worthy four-star rating. With thanks to NetGalley and the author for a preview copy for review purposes.
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I would like to thank Netgalley and Joffe Books for an advance copy of The Ice Daughters, the second novel to feature DC Dove Milson, set in the South of England.

Dove and the team are called out to a remote farmhouse when a frozen body and a weird ice sculpture are found at the scene of a fire. Worse, Tessa Jackson who called in the fire is missing, leaving her two young children alone. Then, the same scenario is repeated. It becomes a race against time to solve the murders and rescue the women.

The Ice Daughters is the first novel in the series that I have read and it has an interesting concept. It is, however, a relatively long novel and gets bogged down in detail at times, losing sharpness and immediacy, and this is a shame as it has links to some serious historical events that deserve not to be forgotten.

The narrative is split between Dove and the investigation and an unnamed narrator who describes her imprisonment and treatment. The relevance of this latter narrative only becomes apparent at the end of the novel and thus became skim material for me during the read. Again this is a shame as it deserves attention but the presentation precludes this. 

I found the plot interesting and the writing style animated enough to keep me turning the pages as I wanted to know who did what. I’m not sure what I think about the resolution. I admire the subject matter but it all seems a bit far fetched, although I’m ready to be corrected. 

I like Dove Milson, who appears to have quite a backstory but is grounded, practical and smart.

The Ice Daughters is an interesting read.   3.5*
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Make sure you have set aside a few hours when you sit down with this one, you will not want to be disturbed! 
The story gets started right from page one as a mother disappears and a frozen body is found! 
This story twists and turns and keeps you guessing as you get drawn further and further into this case. 
I love how this was written, as the second in the series you feel as though you already know the main characters and are familiar with the area in which they work. Throughout the book you learn all about the different characters, their histories, their acquaintances, their position in this case. You get to know the main characters better and feel like you are there, part of the story.
The author keeps the suspense throughout the book, at no point was I bored! Most stories seem to have at least some areas of ‘padding’ but not this one, this is non stop action! 
For the first time when reading a book, I put it down and felt worried about the characters I had just left behind!! Like by not carrying on reading they were being left out in the cold snow for longer, needless to say I just had to pick it back up, even though it was the very early hours of the morning!!!
I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series, but for me this one was even better, can’t wait for the next one! 

Thank you to Netgalley, the publishers and most importantly the author, for the chance to read this book, in exchange for an honest review.
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D.C. Milson and her team are investigating the strange crime of a fire in a barn, a frozen naked man on the grounds, and a missing mother from the property. More frozen bodies begin showing up and the team must figure out what they have in common and the murderer's purpose. A strange mystery indeed that keeps the book fast paced and mysterious and a shortage of police out sick (due to covid or flu?) keep Milson running non stop to figure out who the murderer is. There is also an interesting backstory from WW II which eventually explains the reason for the title Ice Daughters.
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