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This book was SO MUCH FUN!
A half-human/half fae doctor is taken by the Gods to work in a Mash unit on another plane.
She operates on a half-god soldier, who becomes her mate, despite her trying to ship him out.
Her tent mates are supernatural of course, a vampire who has constant conquests in his bunk, and a werewolf who is a dedicated family man.
Sounds like the usual paranormal story right? Not at all. 
The setting and cast of characters, is unlike anything I've read before. Just enough "real" Mash description to make it easy to imagine.. The story, while a standalone, is set for the next book in the series.
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The description for this book made me excited for this book. I loved the show MASH so I had high expectations. 

Dr. Petra is serving army surgeon, involuntarily drafted in a war between the old gods and new. The war is never-ending and she will likely die at the front. Commander Galen of Delphi shows up one day, fatally injured and one small, dangerous act brings him back from death. Basically this rash resurrection to use her secret power not only fulfilled a prophesy but brought her life at risk, tying Galen and Petra together. 

This is a weird, quick, quirky book with funny moments and great characters. Petra is a strong woman, doing her best, trying to make a difference by saving lives. I loved her trying to avoid Galen and how he lowkey manipulate her friends by being nice and kind and generous. Rodger annoyed me with his avoidance issues and the undercurrent message throughout the book that Petra did not have similar worth than Rodger because she didn't have a family. Personally Jeffe was my favourite character with his sincerity and integrity. I wish he should up more (especially at inconvenient times). 

I wish liked this book more and clicked with the overall storyline. . The love story was way too fast for me as an enemies-to-lovers stan only the humour parred me over and potential hero sacrifice was going to happen to stop the war. Once Petra and Galen decided to date (around mark 65%) I became bored. Petra's interior monologue became tedious and repetitive and the stakes didn't feel real.  

I tend to like stories with prophesies, especially when the interpretation can be widely different from what you think or what they characters expect. The prophesies in this book had potential but didn't live up to the realisation of them. 

The ending was anti-climactic and I was hoping that Galen ended up a ghost at the end for a cool twist but alas it was not meant to be. How the war was put on hold didn't feel deserved and felt convenient. 

I probably won't continue with the series.
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Paranormals meet Greek gods your vibe? Then is this a book for you. I loved the different take this author brought to gods and paranormal creatures and combined it all plus put them right in the middle of a war. And let’s not forget the prophecies that complicate everything we know. 

I loved the balance of witty banter to sweet and sexy moments. And I absolutely adored the characters we got to meet through the eyes of our badass mortal mash surgeon and can’t not wait to see where adventure and prophecies take her next!!
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The Monster MASH by Angie Fox (Monster M*A*S*H 1) has Dr Petra Robichaud drafted into an eternal war between the old gods and the new gods, and is at a MASH camp (think of the US comedy series, M*A*S*H based in South Korea during the Korean war).  Petra can see the dead, and saves Galen, who believes that she is the person that the oracles predict.

This is a fun fantasy romp, and I'm looking forward to reading the other two books in this series!

The Monster MASH was published with this title on 29th December 2020.  It was previously published with a different title (Immortally Yours), and a different cover.  You can buy it through  Amazon .

I've read a number of Angie Fox's books, from the Southern Spirits series

 Southern Spirits, A Ghostly Gift and The Skeleton in the Closet  - book 1, 1.5 and 2

 Pecan Pies and Dead Guys  - book 7 

 The Mint Julep Murders  - book 8

 The Ghost of Christmas Past  - book 8.5

 Southern Bred and Dead  - book 9

I was given this book in return for an unbiased review, so my thanks to NetGalley and to Moose Island Books and Author Collective 20  (the publishers) for this book.
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What a entertaining and creative twist for a paranormal series!  A half human, half fey young surgeon is forcibly drafted into an other-world MASH unit where the Gods are fighting a war for control of the world - and humanity. It is total light-hearted enjoyment set against a mystery/suspense/romance backdrop. 

Much of the story did need more understanding in depth and background of both the characters and situations, however.  So many small things were just brushed over and left open that it became frustrating in the overall understanding, leaving the reader entertained but not really fulfilled. Still, the entertainment aspect is all kinds of fun and often that is just what is needed!
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I wanted to read the entire series before I reviewed it.
I enjoyed it a lot. The description of the place, I could just imagine it as if I were there.
I loved the main character, she made me think and made me have fun.
The only thing, we didn't get a big epilogue, with these type of books I always want a big ending, we have seen hardships and heartbreaks that I want the good stuff too, specially what happened with Galen.
This is the second time I fall in love with a Galen.
Can't wait to see if there is a spin off o more of this series.
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I started this book, then I stopped and repeated the whole process until I finished. The Monster MASH has potential to be more but it got lost in the different moving parts and lots of internal dialog that can confuse the reader. The events that play out in the book lead me to want more information. More clues to gain hints. For one example, Petra is using her powers during a surgery but somehow everyone around her misses her little monologue and is unaware of her powers. How? Dialog that happened in a crowded place yet no one hears the exchange (and it wasn't implied they were whispering). What? No spoilers here but if you want to see what I mean check out the book. I liked Galen but I felt that the feelings developed between him and Petra were a bit contrived as most of the interactions the reader glimpses at is mostly a one sided conversation about a prophecy and her internal dialogue. I wanted more from this book and toward the end it seemed I got it so I'm interested in the second book. I appreciate that the side characters had their own personality that let the readers enjoy their quirks, however it sometimes felt that, their events took over the plot and moved away from it. which can cause a kind of whiplash when you're pulled back to it. The events did resolve themselves at the end of the book but while reading it, felt like you were on a rollercoaster ride.
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Found this book funny and quirky, I didn't quite click with the characters but I found the concept quite original and refreshing and I can see others enjoying it easily.
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Angie Fox has created fun, relatable characters in a fantasy world. The Monster MASH is a romp with mythological creatures who work side by side with doomed mortals. Mythology, adventure, saving the world with a good-sized helping of romance.
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This felt like a really crappy take on MASH. I couldn't connect with any of the characters and when they kept referencing MASH in general I felt like it was very generic.
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Highly entertaining.  A clash of myths and legends spiced with humor. Certainly worth a read if you are a fan of the urban fiction genre.
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I am huge fan of Angie Fox books so I couldn't put the book down. It was funny with endering characters and I can't wait to finish the series! I recommend reading this regardless if you like urban fantasy. You will love this book.
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Thank you for the opportunity to go on this adventure.. I really enjoyed this book.. I enjoyed the characters and learning more about them.. I would continue on with the series to see where things progress with the story line.. Recommend? YES.. ~Happy Reading~
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I...was a little letdown truthfully. It's such a hilarious-sounding concept and yet I couldn't wait for the romantic scenes to be over...and they are more than half of the book. I really loved the side characters and I was disappointed the heroine [who is..way too easy to convince over a guy hovering over her even if he is a god] didn't get more time interacting with em. Those interactions were this story's bread and butter.
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Funny, strong, intelligent characters that are dragged kicking and screaming to their destinies - being heros.

Paranormal dramedy pulls the reader into the main character, Petra's world of snark, dry humor, fringe military/clandestine operatives with a bit of romance.
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3.75 Hearts I can’t recall reading Angie Fox’s novel but I have a number of friends who do so when this series was available I thought this would give me a chance to get to know her as an author. And I really did like the way she writes. And the world she conjures up. 

Petra works in a MASH unit but not like the tv show. This MASH takes care of monsters and gods in a never ending war. But Petra has a secret that gets out and chaos begins. Because Petra can see the dead!

What a fun book to read. I had no idea that Fox put so much humor into her stories. I chuckled a number of times and even laughed out loud a time or two (rare for me). I loved the relationships she has with Galen and Rodger, though very different, they mesh so well. 

I really enjoyed this book and I am so glad I got the next two in the series so I could read them all back to back. 

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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Well it started off well and I was excited to see where it the end it wasn't that great. I liked the creatures and there were good parts like the Imps chasing the Jeep and the fact that a priest has a hell hound. Yet the story line dragged and the characters just seemed to end up together. I'm going to read on but i feel like with a war with the Gods could have been more exciting. I did like the fact that we had all Gods and it wasn't just one set.
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Angie Fox took my favorite show, MASH, and my favorite genre, paranormal romance - and Mashed it together to make this laugh out loud, funny, charming, and heartwarming story. Can't wait for the next book in this series!
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This book was one hell of a ride and not necessarily in a good way.
The writing was really funny and I couldn't help myself giggle, almost every second sentence. The female MC was really witty and sassy as hell. However, the whole story was a "mash" of different elements and notions that made the whole thing too gimmicky in my opinion. The premise was nice and interesting but the execution did not do it for me.
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I was extremely excited after reading the synopsis and was not disappointed.  I really enjoyed this book and feel like anyone who grew up on Percy Jackson and Harry Potter will like this fast and fun read.  I can see myself picking up the next release and continuing with the series.  I was pulled in by the quick witted dialogue and stayed for the PG slow burn romance with hopes for a kick butt heroine.  That being said, I feel the story line was a bit anticlimactic and rushed.  Fast paced books are fine but this felt like leaps and bounds between scenarios.  The main character is sassy and stubborn and two sentences later giving in to a demigod for a smile.  As a sassy, stubborn reader, it felt unrelateable and frustrating.  I also felt like the setting was too removed from the action and our main characters were more backseat riders to the story.  I would love to see more detailed character writing but overall enjoyed it as a starter for a series and see it as a great foundation for the storyline.
I received an ARC through NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.
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