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I couldn't wait to read Heidi's latest novel and was really pleased to be taken back to Wynbridge again.  I've read a few other novels from the Wynbridge series but always at Christmas so I was excited to see what the village was like in the summer ... I was not disappointed.

Heidi writes such wonderful characters that you can't help but cheer them on throughout the book.  I really wanted Fliss to do well turning her Granddad's farm around.  I also want to taste some of those wonderful recipes too. 

This is a delightful read and perfect escapism.
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This is a perfect heartwarming read which has provided a great escape. I love how this has been written and cannot wait to read more by this author.
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Thanks to netgalley for the chance to read this book.

Another brilliant book from Heidi.

Flies lives with her mom and the Rossi’s in Italy on their fruit farm not knowing she has family in England. When Fliss’s mom dies she finds out she has a grandad in England who also owns a fruit farm.  She decides to go to England to visit her grandad and finds the fruit farm in a state of disrepair.  Floss decides to try and get the fruit farm back on its feet making money again and her home but will her grandad be for her plans or not.
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Whenever I pick up a Heidi Swain novel there are a few guarantees that I can be sure of. One this novel will make me hungry for a specific food – in this case it was food and cider, the later I still haven’t had of late. Secondly I will be taken to a location that will almost instantly sweep me off my feet and lastly the characters will not only take my heart but they will also feel like long lost friends.

I am pleased to inform you that A Taste Of Home ticked all of those boxes and some. The other aspect that Heidi Swain always gets spot on is the sense of community, I mean it saddens me as I don’t know anywhere with that sense of community. Love, caring and understanding Wynbridge has that and some. I’m still so late to the party with The Cherry Tree Cafe and Skylark Farm and in reading this I’m even more interested in these thanks to the gorgeous characters. Jemma from the Cherry Tree Cafe has popped up before and once again she’s had me salivating for coffee and cakes in a cafe which hasn’t been a thing for a while of late.

We start off in Italy which instantly makes me think of food. I loved the sound of the Rossi family but in hindsight they only play a very small aspect in this novel. As we meet Fliss she’s recently lost her mother and is quite obviously grieving – when she’s given a letter with words from her mother her whole world is turned upside down. Curiously Fliss heads to Fenview Farm unsure of what would greet her. Wondering why her mother left and who she would find at the other end. What she didn’t realise was how much it would change her life and how her past experiences would play a part in her future.

From the off I warmed to Fliss she came to town in a whirlwind and instantly felt guilty and was looking at leaving not long after her arrival. A number of events changed her mind and as she got to know the locals she became intrigued with the challenge that farm life would bring and her experiences fruit picking helped her threefold.

Fliss’s tenacity made her a force to be reckoned with yet she didn’t factor in a curveball. I absolutely loved the romance in this novel, it wasn’t plain sailing but it sure did pack a punch. I felt like I was constantly saying just one more chapter to see which way the story would take me.

Elliot intrigued me from the off, good looking a decent sense of humour and a Good Samaritan, surely he’s too good to be true. I loved every single second of getting to know this biker and I’m glad his story played out with the outcome that pleased me the most.

I have to mention Bill and Bec too, I wholeheartedly love a cross generational novel and getting to know Bill and seeing him connect with his granddaughter and lay a few ghosts to rest was heartwarming with a few heartbreaking moments. His sense of humour had me from the off and I loved the change in him for the better. Bec is the biggest gossip yet she has the largest heart – her connection with Fliss and her love for her brother made me smile throughout plus she had some classic lines.

A novel that will sweep you off your feet from the start. It will warm your heart and make your stomach rumble throughout. As the weather is warming up here it’s made me long for clear blue skies and cider and strawberries- with a dose of eye candy but only with the sense of humour not the handsome stranger worth a pretty penny. Heidi Swain has done it again…I hope this isn’t the last we hear of this bunch as they well and truly took my heart.
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Wow, what an exciting first chapter! It felt like an explosion of information booming off the page at me. Of course, this only made me more desperate to know what would happen next so naturally I couldn’t stop turning the pages.

There was a palpable sense of bewilderment to begin with, almost as though Fliss was sleepwalking her way through the unexpected situation she found herself in. From the first page to the last, the storyline was very emotionally charged so be prepared to feel ALL the feels!

As always the author’s wonderful descriptions gave me a vivid image of the farm and surrounding area. Once again I felt like I was returning home with the familiar writing style and homely characters who I could easily take to heart.

The romantic side of the storyline was intriguing to say the least, there was definitely some game playing going on and I was excited to see where it would all lead.

Favourite Moments:

• An unexpected welcome
• Mr Helpful
• A near miss in the library 
• Hard leathers
• Secret Supper Club

A Taste of Home was an emotional yet comforting read that was a delight to lose myself in. I think I could even go so far as to say it’s my favourite from this author so far!
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Beautifully written from the start, begins at a funeral in Italy. Through a short series of lovely composed letters by her mum, Fliss starts to learn a bit about Fenview Farm in Wynbridge and the significance.
There's an air of excitement and intrigue to know more and to see how the next chapter in her life can begin. The book links past and present, exquisitely as Fliss goes on a journey of discovery. It sounds whimsical, but steers away from this. All isn't completely well when she is in Wynbridge, starting with her grandfather, who she needs to connect with, but he is in a state of ill-health and until now, doesn't know of her existance and the farm that is in desperate need of attention. The farm also bridges her Italian life and life in England as farms in both countries link as she draws upon her experiences for Fenview. Food is plays quite a significant part in this, from the fruit in the orchard to delights like cherry and almond tart.

Fliss also ends up acquainted to Eliot and Louise Randall, who her mother had written to and has to take her to the farm, where her mother had grown up.

There is a cosyness as life bumbles along and sparks of romance start to ignite. There is much flirtation and the subtleness is beautiful.
A Taste of Home has a feel-good atmosphere, that wraps around the challenges of life, a bit like a hug. There's also the comfort of food here and there, so perhaps graze as you read or don't read when feeling ravenous. There is a lovely tart and exquisite fruit to be found within the pages. Between that and the romance, it is sure to set people up for summer. It has a soft warmth in the middle of its complex, harder times. It's easy to imagine it to be like the fruit tart within the book with harder edges and soft middle.

I thank Harriett Collins at Simon & Schuster publishers for gifting me the book, a packet of strawberry seeds, recipe and sweets. Please note, my review is purely based on the book and not been influenced by anything.
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A taste of home by Heidi Swain.

Heidi is always one of my go too and must read authors so I was excited to be asked to be part of the tour for the new book A Taste of Home. 

Once again this another book I couldn’t put down once I started it. The story focuses on Fliss and her reconnecting with her family. I loved the journey we went on with Fliss in this books and I loved all characters both old and new. The story had a good pace and lots to makes you want to keep reading. I loved it and didn’t want it to end.

Overall a great fun, heartwarming and romance read which I really enjoyed !! 

Thank you @simon @heidi and @netgalley for my ARC copy to read and review for this tour 😀 

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I am a huge fan of Heidi’s so I was delighted to be invited to the tour by Simon and Schuster and Thank you to Harriett Collins for the invitation and my gifted copy of the book in return for a fair and honest review.

The story begins in Italy where Felicity has grown up with her mum Jennifer and the Rossi family. Sadly Jennifer has passed away and at her funeral Fliss is given a letter that her mum wanted to be given to her after her death. The letter explains that Felicity has a family in England and that Jennifer wants her to go and visit the place that she grew up in. Felicity is obviously shocked that she had never mentioned family or England before. Nonna Rossi insists that she must follow her mums wishes and make the trip.

When she arrives she does not get the welcome she expects due to her Grandad Bill recently having a big operation and he has a carer Eliot looking after him. Eliot’s mum was one of Jennifer’s friends and persuades her to stay at the farm whilst Bill recovers.

As she spends the early days familiarising herself with the home she never knew existed. She finds that it has become a little run down and she starts a plan of how she could help get the farm working again. After a few days she is introduced to Bill properly and he is a lot more astute than others have told her and she has to break the sad news to him about Jennifer.

Bill is overwhelmed and devastated but overjoyed that Fliss is the Granddaughter he never knew and the two start to make plans. Will Fliss give up her Italian home and move to Wynbridge or return to the Rossi’s where she has spent her life.

Another gorgeous heart warming story from one of my favourite authors. Heidi’s books are always so human and comforting. I love the intergenerational relationships between Nonna, Bill and Fliss. I liked Fliss and how she was so willing to get her hands dirty and help the farm recover. Heidi’s characters are always so likeable and warm. As always the amazing sense of place that the reader gets returning to the lovely Wynbridge. Also reaquantining the readers with characters from previous books Skylark Farm, Cherry Tree Cafe gives you a feeling that you are returning home to familiar surroundings. With a lovely sprinkling of romance too that Heidi does so well. The Friendship and sense of community are the cherry on top of this wonderful story. The strawberry picking took me back to my teens when I did this for a job one summer and there is nothing like eating right from the plant !

Gorgeous ! An absolute joy to read this bank holiday and the only negative is that I will have to wait a little while before I can return to Wynbridge again.

5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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What a wonderful story! There are many things I loved in this book, but first of all I wanted to mention the wonderful setting: a fruit farm (in the lovely Wynbridge).  I had such a blast following Fliss around the farm and with Heidi Swain rich description I could completely picture the juicy strawberries and the very special cherries. I definitely recommend picked a few strawberries to munch on while reading this. Plus, I was completely invested in Fliss' plans of making the farm a success and loved all her bright ideas. 

Another strength point in the story were the characters and their connections. I fell like Fliss' relationship with his newly discovered grandfather was adorable. Their chemistry and banter was fantastic. I also loved the sense of community and it reminded me how important it is to take care of your loved ones and remember to tell them how much you love them often. 

And of course, with several previous books of Heidi Swain set in Wynbridge, we got to catch up with some favorite characters from the past. I always enjoy recognizing old friends and I even realized that I haven't read a couple of the previous books yet, so they have been bumped to the top of my reading list.

Perfect escapism, wonderful characters, delicious treats (I need Italian restaurants to open up asap now) and real connections. The perfect ingredients for this wonderful story.
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An enjoyable easy read which flows well and keeps the reader’s interest. No real surprises but a refreshingly different plot line. The characters were likeable (with the obvious exception of Anthony) and the blossoming romance between Fliss and Elliot was well written. If you’re a fan of Heidi’s books you’ll enjoy this one.
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Thank you to Simon and Schuster for letting me take part in this tour and for my beautiful copy of this book. I really love Hedi's books and I was more excited than ever to return to Wynbridge. 

I really like Fliss. She is such a sweet girl who isn't afraid of hard work. She's got so many brilliant ideas and is a family centred girl. Fliss has a lot of people who care about her and she is fiercely loyal. 

I instantly fell for Eliot. He is one real hunk of a man. He's also such a sweetie. He always goes above and beyond in his job. He really cares about the people he helps and I love his passion. 

The two Randall women were also a delight. It was lovely for Fliss to learn more about her mum growing up from Louise's stories. While she could learn a lot from her Grandad, friends have different kinds of stories. I think Bec and Fliss will be life long friends too. I really hope we get a book for Bec as I think she is a great character with a real story to tell. 

I really loved returning to Wynbridge. The way Heidi writes locations it's like they're another character. I can picture the town so vividly. I loved that we got to return to the Cherry Tree Cafe and the incorporation of a lot of our favourite characters from the previous Wynbridge books. It's lovely to see such a thriving community. This is the 8th book in this series but you really can read them in any order. I'll confess that I still have 2 on y TBR pile but that didn't take anything away from this book. I hope that we will return to Wynbridge in the future because I don't think it's done tell us its stories. 

Heidi has a real way of incorporating food into her books. I always know that when I'm reading her books I'm going to get serious food cravings.  I woke up this morning with a real craving for strawberries and meringues so I'm going to have to get some in the next few days. I bought all the ingredients for Nonna Rossi's Cherry and Almond tart a couple of days ago so I'm off to make it now!
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What another delightful read from Heidi Swain as she transports us back to Wynbridge and its welcoming community.
Fliss Brown is settled on a fruit farm in Italy with the Rossi family who consider Fliss one of their own. But when she discovers a letter written by her Mother Jennifer who has recently passed away, a whole new life is revealed and a new adventure awaits her at Fenview Farm on the outskirts of Wynbridge. On her arrival Fliss instantly brings life, rejuvenation and happiness not only to the farm but also to her Grandad Bill who has been struggling to keep the farm going. Fliss is certainly not afraid of hard work and has plenty of ideas to put Fenview back on the map. Bill has some good decent friends who quickly warm to Fliss including a handsome bike rider Eliot, whos sunny nature and kindness cant help but catch her attention.
One word of warning for this story is that there is lots of delicious food mentioned which had my mouth watering throughout; I could almost taste both the Italian and English delights  yummy!
A Taste of Home can be read as a standalone but I would urge you to read the others as Wynbridge has the most wonderful characters and great locations. 
My thanks to Net Galley and publishers for the digital ARC
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Lots of books published around this time of year feature holidays, romances and adventures in some sunny clime. That’s something that it looks like yet again most people might not be able to do this year. In A Taste of Home, the tables are turned somewhat. Fliss, who has spent her life on the family fruit farm in Italy, makes a trip to England to find out about and connect with the English side of her family who she has never known.

One thing I noticed about this book is that it was full of F words! No, not that F word (although it may pop up occasionally). Let me show you what I mean by telling you my thoughts using F words.

Family – at the start of the book, Fliss is grieving for her mother. They lived in Italy with her Nonno and Nonna although actually, they were a family who had effectively adopted Fliss’s mum when she arrived in Italy. Encouraged by her Nonna and a letter from her mum, Fliss returns to England to find out more about her real family.

Fenview– when she arrives at Fenview she meets the grandfather who didn’t know she existed and it’s not an auspicious start as he is rather unwell. However, she also meets his care assistant, the rather gorgeous Ellliot. I couldn’t help but feel for Fliss getting thrown in at the deep end in a difficult situation.

Farm – one thing that connected both Fliss’s Italian and English families was farming. Although in Italy, Fliss and her mum grew up on the Rossi fruit farm, it was a fruit farm in England that her mum had run away from all those years ago. I really liked how Heidi Swain showed that farming life was far from easy with lots of physical hard work and frequently the worry of being financially viable.

Fruit – oh my goodness, the descriptions of the fruit and all the lovely things that were made from the various different kinds of fruit grown on Fenview Farm certainly made my mouth-water. We’re just coming into homegrown soft fruit season here and there’s nothing like the taste of locally grown strawberries is there?

Food – in fact, throughout the book, the mention of all the lovely foods available from the Cherry Tree Cafe or Skylark Farm made me feel famished!

Flirtation – this being a Heidi Swain book, you will expect a healthy dose of romance and you will not be disappointed. There are two contenders for leading man although one of them it was quite clear to me was not the good guy that he wanted Fliss to think he was.

Fluttering – only one man was giving Fliss those butterflies in her tummy and it was so lovely to read about their attraction to each other. Heidi Swain certainly knows how to write a romantic hero who sounds just irresistible.

Friends and friendship are so important in this book. Fliss is such a lovely, genuine person that she quickly makes very good friends in Wynbridge and their support (and the support of the community in general) is so important to her.

Feels – this is a book that will give you all the feels from the romantic aspect of the book to Fliss finding a place where she felt completely at home.

Fulfilling – this is another fulfilling read from the fabulous Heidi Swain.

Finally – what else can I say except that A Taste of Home is perfect for your summer reading list!
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A revisit to Wynbridge in this beautiful, heartwarming story about finding where you belong. I was so swept away in the story it had me reading until the early hours. We are whisked from Italy, to the village of Wynbridge, to a family and farm Fliss never knew existed. Heidi has a way of writing that really connects you to the characters. It was like visiting old friends, I felt apart of the village. Coming from Norfolk, this will always have a special place in my heart. I felt emotional after reading it. The family feel and sense of community was very touching. Now I need to read the start of this amazing series. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Simon and Schuster for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Fliss drew me into the story from the beginning. She might be grieving but it doesn’t make her weak or vulnerable. It’s clear how much the Rossi’s value her and it’s that foundation that keeps her resolve strong and motivated to find out more about her UK family.

Her arrival isn’t what she’s expecting and I had to smile when her cover story doesn’t hold with her grandfather Bill. In fact, Bill is much more aware than he’s credited with. I loved their developing bond and thought that yes, her mum was right in her letter. There is one point where I felt all the emotions with Bill but even though things were left unsaid, this is a beautiful story about grabbing those second chances. Which he does 🙂 I felt really proud of him!

Fliss works really hard on Fenview Farm and has ideas on how to make the farm financially viable for the future. But conflict comes from a very sneaky source! There’s one scene that I thought Fliss was majestic in – protecting her family and fighting for what’s hers. Fabulous!

Not only is this story about working with the land, community and family but there’s a sprinkling of romance too. That sneaky source almost had me doubting my instincts about Eliot with his charismatic drivel … I loved the spark between Fliss and Eliot and was cheering them on.

A Taste of Home will enfold you in a loving community that’s set in a perfect landscape with characters you’ll come to love and want to be friends with. This is one of the most uplifting stories I’ve read in a while.
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Oh what a treat to be back in Wynbridge in the summertime and this time we have that mix of family and returning home with an Italian twist! I defy anyone to read this and not find themselves looking at fruit farms in a whole new light every time they go past one!

I loved getting to meet Fliss. Like a lot of Heidi Swain's characters she begins the book being a little lost. The start of this book does have a care warning for recent loss of a loved one so just bear that in mind. I loved the bend that Fliss had in her upbringing. She had a single mum and definitely had a strong British identity mixed with Italian and then that wander lust that is always great to read about in other people especially during this time. I loved watching Fliss grow over the course of the book and I feel like this won't be the last we've heard from her, I really hope it isn't anyway!

This story does have a cross--generational element to it as well since Fliss learns that she has grandparents living just outside Wynbridge. It really love when we have two characters from different generations who get to each learn from one another and Heidi Swain made sure that this was a mutual process and not just one sided! I really loved getting to know our other new characters too-however it was so great to get to revisit old characters we have met in previous books. 

Although this book does feature characters from Heidi Swain's previous novels it is definitely a standalone and you don't have to have read and enjoyed all of the previous books to fall in love with this one too. And fear not, you don't have to have an interest in fruit farming to allow yourself to be fully absrobed into this storyline, it works on so many levels but will almost certainly make you hungry for food and for more from this gorgeous author's world!
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What a beautiful book! I read my first book of Heidi’s just before Christmas and loved it and have since added a few more books of hers to my collection, but I definitely need to get them all now! ⁣
I was in a bit of a reading slump before I picked this up, I had no inclination to read and didn’t really know what I wanted to read next. I chose this one (obviously) and it was just the book I needed! I read it in two days because I couldn’t put it down. I love how easily Fliss slotted into Wynbridge life and even though she hit a couple of bumps in the road, it was like she always belonged there. ⁣
I loved her relationship with her grandfather, Bill, which just so happened to be my Bampi’s name which made me love him and their relationship even more ❤️ And Eliot! (Also my brother’s name with a slightly different spelling, getting all the family in this one 😂) Eliot was just so lovely and the perfect character to help Fliss settle in to the English countryside life. ⁣
What I love about Heidi’s books is just how amazing and close knit the communities are in them. There are such amazing people in there that help support the main characters. It has made me want to live in Wynbridge!⁣
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After a few heavy thrillers it was so nice to return to an author I love and a lighter read.

This is the latest book in the Wynbridge series but can easily be read as a stand alone book.

It tells the story of Fliss Brown who grew up in Italy on a fruit farm with her Mum and a love,y Italian family who took them in and she classes them as her family.  Her Mum sadly dies and Fliss finds out she has family in England and suggests she goes there to meet her family.

She meets her grandfather but the meeting does not go well due to him being unwell and she plans to go back to Italy but encouraged by her grandfathers friends she decides to give it time.  She falls in love with the fruit farm which has fallen into disrepair due to her grandfather being unable to cope so she decides to help him get the farm back in track and then go back to Italy.

But do the locals and one man in particular and her plans for the farm keep her there?

Fans of Heidi Swain will love this book but new readers will also fall in love with her style of writing and her characters.

Thank you to Net Galley for my advance copy of this book.
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I absolutely loved this book. I haven’t read any bad books by Heidi and this book is no exception. The reader is drawn into the story and real life is put on hold. The characters are all believable and  locations come alive to the reader. The book is set in Wynbridge, Heidis fictitious town, and Italy. 
This is a story about family, finding your roots and second chances. I enjoy Heidis writing style, and love the way previous characters from earlier books pop up in this one. This is a stand alone book
If you are looking for an escapist summer read which is beautifully written and draws the reader in , this is the book for you. I would highly recommend it 
Thank you to Netgalley, Simon and Schuster, and Heidi for letting me read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Another great read from Heidi her writing really draws you in from the beginning of the book. The characters were believable and I felt I really got to know them and cared what happened to them, especially Fliss.  The link to Italy was a nice touch and as it was set in the village of Wynbridge it was lovely to have the reference and involvement from characters from previous books. I would highly recommend this book.
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