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I am so happy to read a book with two strong female lead characters, which portrays such an important message.

Ghost Town Girl follows the lives of two women. Bria, who has recently escaped her abusive husband and Jenna, a young girl with psychic abilities that her friends don't fully understand or believe. Their lives come crashing together when traumatic events encircle their lives and bring them both to a Ghost Town.

My absolute favourite part of this novel was the characters that Debra Cunningham created. I fell in love with Bria and my heart absolutely ached for her. I also loved Jenna, and would absolutely love to follow more of her journeys as a psychic investigator. I have recently been craving books with a bit of a ghost story, so this really hit the spot. The book touches on a topic that is extremely close to my heart, and the last sentence was so profound, I had tears in my eyes.

The main downside for me was that I often felt my focus drifting off during the scenes where they were in the desert. This may be because of my culture- being born and raised in the UK, I often didn't understand a lot of the nature references and this made these sections stilted for me. That being said, I devoured all the scenes that were set outside of the desert, I was almost disappointed when they had to continue the search and head back to the desert again!

I am so grateful to Netgalley, the publishers and the author for allowing me the chance to read this book and give my personal thoughts. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys paranormal thrillers. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more from this author.
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Good story; made me angry with all the abusive humans in the universe.   I feel like I missed a couple connections throughout the story though; I wasn't sure how it went from here to there.
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Damn! I really wanted to love this book. To be honest, the synopsis does not give a clear idea if the two stories are connected or not and I really didn’t have energy and patience to find on my own.
The first chapter is really interesting like it really made m wanna read it. And I loved the cover and title very very much but the story….. The story is not actually a good one and the writing style is not for me. The characters should have been given more life. They had very interesting pasts but it wasn’t executed properly, the characters were not given proper personalities.
And the worst of worst was the editing. The text size was smaller than ants. I could see dots at times and my eyes were watering like hell. I mean, reviewers deserve better than this. So I decided to DNF it because I wasn’t even enjoying the story.
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This book has a lot of potential, but unfortunately fell a bit short for me. The individual storylines were actually quite interesting and there were some moments with a nice build up of tension. But how they all came together didn't quite work. Not enough time was devoted to building each story before the characters collided. Also, the psychic/spiritual aspect was also a bit underdeveloped. With a little more depth and character development this could actually be quite a good story.
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I had a difficult time reading Ghost Town Girl with all the changing characters and storylines. I felt that it lacked an overall flow.
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Another favorite by a great author. The plot of the story was very well written. The author really draws the reader in as you read. Was not what I was expecting.
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This had three different mysteries. The story starts off with Bria wondering how she was going to make her escape, before her husband returns. When he shows up and insists that she drive her own vehicle, with him following behind. Bria takes an opportunity and veers to a side road losing her husband. Bria heads to a woman's shelter to hide, then gets worried about her friend, Cassie. The last time Bria left, Cassie's was the first place her husband checked.

Cassie and Bria, at one time had plans to write a book. They were intrigued by Red Hawk Ghost Town's origin, and gave up on the idea until a clipping piqued Cassie's interest. She packed provisions for herself and George, her dog, and set out.

Cameron and Jenna set out to scope out Red Hawk Ghost Town for Cameron's YouTube channel. Mace, made up the trio of friends, and was supposed to return later after borrowing his brother's Jeep. After being distracted, Cameron gets his vehicle stuck in the mud. No cell reception, or traffic to flag help, the two set off on foot.

Red Hawk Ghost Town is going to bring Bria, Cassie, Cameron and Jenna together in a haunting manner.

I loved how Jenna had a gift and received visions. I had dread when Cameron ran off to check something he saw, especially with the description of the wildlife in the area, and both were stranded. I liked the concept of checking out an old ghost town, where once upon a time, had stagecoaches make a stop. 

There a part where Jenna loses her shoes, and for all intents and purposes she's walking after sundown in a place where one encounters rattlesnakes, rocky terrain, and sees what appears to be a cougar print, which made it difficult for me to believe that Jenna is wandering around in bare feet. I had a hard time grasping that situation. The sheriff was not a very likable man, coming off cold and uncaring.

The psychic element made the story interesting, along with some creepy parts that kept the story entertaining. I was surprised to learn about the number of days that had passed, for one individual, while I was thinking the timing for everyone was the same.

I requested and received an ARC from NetGalley via BooksGoSocial and I have voluntarily reviewed this book.
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I had a hard time reading this book. While the storylines are well thought out it jumps a bit too much for my taste. I would have liked the characters better developed, I couldn't really get a sense of any of them really. The plot was obvious from the near beginning. I really had to force myself to finish the book. I also did not like how the abusive relationship was such a big glaring part of the plot.
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Like so many reviews that I've seen I really wanted to like this book but the jumping around and abuse was hard for me to handle as a PTSD survivor I would not recommend respect to anybody who struggles with PTSD. But I did like the use of paranormal elements to this book it was the first take on it.
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This book is like reading two or three books at a time - three plotlines woven together into one.

This is a good 'scary' book that has a dash of horror, a ghost book that has romance and a friendship book that examines a relationship's growth and involvement.

A good read.
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I'm starting out soapboxing so bear with me
First a trigger warning on domestic violence not overt but the feel so be prepared for a gut roll. I can say from experience & counseling others it never gets better in most cases [then rare with a total restructure of abuser imo]. The longer you are in an abusive relationship the more danger it can cause not just you but others around you especially loved ones & pets as well as the people that are trying to get you out that are involved in such in an org . There is a reason that they will act like hard asses because once they dedicate to helping you they are also putting others lives especially theirs in danger. There are also weak damaged women that after seeking help will turn all info & people over to their abuser thinking that will score points & make everything okay. They become an addon that deserves no sympathy. Am also really irked at either well meaning or people trying for some online clout putting out some messages on social media that have been a mainstay of some homes & then saying to potential vics they can help, no, in most cases you can't unless trained & prepared & you have further jeopardized the person & yourself. All you have done is help expose & blow what was a good set up because everyone can read it & when seeing it will act. This is dangerous for vics, shelters & people that work at them. There are solid things in place for a reason.  The National Domestic Violence Hotline 1- 800- 799- 7233  •  
 But on to a great book. This is an incredible thriller with paranormal aspects & believable as such. The style is disjointed intentionally which raises the level of adrenaline waiting for the stories to blend together then keeps you on a tight wire until the end. Definitely recommend & listen to the message in here also. An abused woman who unintentionally drags friends, agencies & kids who never knew her into a dangerous deadly arena with a psychopath...
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Although the base for this story has roots in domestic violence the overall mystery and spiritual elements are very much to the fore in my view. The main character, Bria, escapes from her abusive relationship and moves to a refuge. The plot moves between the timelines of Bria and her best friend Cassie adding details to their characterisation and lives and adding a good backstory for their childhood confirming their friendship and circle of friends. This is important for later in the book (which I didn't spot). The writer has a detailed descriptive style which always includes the environment the character are set in and allow the reader to feel they are with the characters.  Personally while I love this style on some occasions it was too detailed and I found myself skipping forward. The spiritual introductions were intriguing throughout and definitely kept their secret right to the end!
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I came so exceptionally close to DNFR this book even just after a couple of chapters... The chapter formatting and layout of this book was absolutely horrendous, and there were several (read hundreds) of sentences where the space bar seems to have been broken and two or three words were jammed together.

Because of this lack of proper distinguishable chapters it was really hard to keep track of who was narrating the story and the location they were in, or the story itself. It just didn't flow. 

I also felt that the book lacked a clear direction, there were large sections that just felt like space fillers and didn't contribute to the story. There was too much of our characters stuck in the forest or the desert (it wasn't clear whether it was forest or desert, the author seemed to describe both) and not enough plot. 

There were far too many strands towards the end of the story too, which really started to confuse things for me.

Because of this I felt it really hard to connect with the characters, I feel like we didn't get to know them enough and they weren't as developed as they could have been. I do think if we had a better connection with them the book would have been better, I personally would have had more emotion towards their situation. 

And the ending was really disappointing, it felt very meh. It was as if the author wanted to tie everything up quickly and threw together what she could. 

Ghost Town Girl was just nothing like the blurb and a really disappointing read.
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The beginning of Ghost Town Girl by Debra Cunningham had me hooked even though there wasn’t anything paranormal happening.  It sets up the bones of the plot.  The first few chapters are from different points of view.  The bulk of the story is told by Jenna and eventually the characters from the beginning of the book meet up with her.

Jenna is a budding psychic and kind-hearted girl.  She and her friends are in the Arizona desert searching for a ghost town.  The desert is a character on its own.  Cunningham describes the scenery very well.

There are a couple of subplots that flesh out the main story.  I enjoyed how everything came together.  Even though the story was a little complicated, the characters were well-written.

The ending was not what I hoped for.  Even though the main mystery was solved, it seemed the end of the book left some loose ends.  They aren’t enough to warrant a sequel, but if there was one, maybe they could be threaded together in the background.

I received an advance review copy for free from NetGalley and am leaving my honest review voluntarily.

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I had a hard time reading this book. While the storylines are well thought out it jumps a bit too much for my taste.  It is a quick read with short chapters that change from character to character and timelines, the format of the rough draft made it difficult to understand. I think the premise is sound, just a bit more of a better flow would have helped.
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Ghost Town Girl
by Debra Cunningham
Boy, I really wanted to like this book! It has a great deal of themes I adore such as a psychic, looking for the paranormal, and suspense. What I didn't know and don't like is abusive relationships which makes up a big part of this plot. Ugh!
I would have liked the characters better developed, I couldn't really get a sense of any of them really. The plot was obvious from the near beginning. I really had to force myself to finish the book.
This is a book I requested from NetGalley and the review is my own opinion. I sure wish I could give it a better review.
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Very well developed characters and an extremely engaging story. Well thought out and very suspenseful story line that keeps the reader  guessing until the final twist! This is the book to read this year! Highly recommended!
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Paranormal Thriller about a ghost town I. Arizona  told from point of view of two women. I thought it was creepy and had a pretty good story line. 
Trigger: Domestic Abuse
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I'm assuming that this is someone's first attempt at book writing. The language needs work. Switching between the voices telling the story was confusing and the story line wasn't interesting enough to embrace that. I thought I had started another book inadvertently, now I have finished it I wish I had. There were big chunks missing from the story, fleshing out Bria's backstory might have helped. When a body was found at the end it went from "We might have something" to closing the ambulance doors on the corpse. Only gave it 1 star as the software won't allow you to give it zero stars.
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I made it through two chapters, before I gave the book the chop. 
The writing style wasn't for me and the lack of spacing or proper distinction between the chapters was going on my nerves. Plus, the characters were highly unlikeable and had no significant character traits despite a tragic past. Maybe that changed over the course of the book, I don't know. The book didn't held my interest long enough to bother to find out. 

I received a free ARC by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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