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Her Perfect Bones (Rockwell and Decker Book 2)

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The second installment in the series following Detective Will Decker and Dr. Olivia Rockwell.  Although I did not read the first book, there was plenty of background to not feel lost in the story. Her Perfect Bones has a bit of everything in it with great characters, mystery, and twists that make it a good read.
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I always struggle to rate this series because it’s always a great gritty case that sucks me in but they’re long winded and I find my attention wavering. This one also has so much going on that it distracts from the main case. Both Olivia and Decks pasts and personal lives get involved which take up a lot of the focus. 

However, I do really like the main characters and I love the chemistry/friendship between JB and Deck. Their banter adds some much needed humour. There’s the usual will they won’t they between the main characters who suck at communicating but it doesn’t take anything away from the story. With regards to the main case, I had no idea who the bad guy was or where the case was going to take them. 

Overall this is a good series. You don’t need to have read book 1 first but it does help with the character development. I was hoping to get the cliffhanger of the last book tied up but it’s a completely different case.

I just wish there was less focus on the many side plots and we got more of the main case with less confusing jumping around. That being said I will definitely be reading the next book in the series because I need to know what happens with the main characters I have grown attached to.
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This is book 2 in the series and it is fantastic. The story is well written and had me hooked from the start. I look forward to reading more in this series
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Her Perfect Bones, the second book in the Rockwell and Decker series was a perfect way to end an intense week. The book was riveting both in characters & the plot. I couldn't stop turning the pages of this book that opened with a creepy & sinister prologue that had me hooked right from the start! The story of Shelby & her stolen future elicited some rather strong emotions. But the thrill of the chase had me reading the book well into the night. I find the plot & themes addressed in this book to be unique yet thrilling! More than Olivia & Deck, I am a sucker for the JB & Deck scenes! Their dialogues leave me amused & provide a comical aspect in an otherwise serious book. I highly appreciate & welcome that balance. As they go through each case its fascinating to see Decker & Rockwell reveal some nuances about what shapes them as a person. I can't wait to read what the two get up to next. 

Thank you, NetGalley, Bookouture & Ellery Kane for an arc!
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This was a fine enough book and it was really well written; however it just wasn't for me.....................
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This is a brilliant read.
Wonderful well written plot and story line that had me engaged from the start.
Love the well fleshed out characters and found them believable.
Great suspense and found myself second guessing every thought I had continuously.
Can't wait to read what the author brings out next.
Recommend reading.
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I enjoyed this one a lot. It was a relatively quick read that kept me turning the pages. I haven't read the first book in this series, so there was some background information that I was missing, but I think the book holds up well as a standalone. The characters were all quite likable. The plot, although a little convoluted at times, kept me guessing until the end. I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled for the next book!
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Detective Will Decker and his partner investigate one of the most bizarre cases of their career. A unique mystery when a woman and her camera are found entombed in a barrel and it appears that she has been there for years. As they attempt to find out who she was and what happened, they come across characters from the past who all have a story to tell, but are they telling the truth? In a story woven through Decker’s case, Criminal Psychologist Olivia Rockwell has been trying to get her father paroled, but at the latest hearing he is once again denied. When she is shown pictures taken from the dead woman’s camera, she instantly recognizes a homemade ragdoll. She owned a doll exactly like that one which sets her on the path to reconnect with her past and the woman who made the dolls. The story was a bit confusing (to me) as the author moved between the past and present as well as Decker and Olivia and their family issues. I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review. (by paytonpuppy)
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The mummified body of a pregnant teen is found in a barrel. Olivia Rockwell's father fails to make parole and is found hanging moments later. Detective Will Decker's brother is in danger in prison. What connects these three plot strands?
Her Perfect Bones is the second book to feature Rockwell and Decker but I have not read the first. There are references to the first book but no spoilers that would prevent me going back and enjoying it in the future. The book did not draw on details from the last book so works perfectly well as a stand alone novel.
The murder case is muddied by the intensely personal subplots for both Olivia and Will as both have family members involved. There is also a frisson of romantic tension between Olivia and Will which adds an extra dimension to their interactions. Both of the main characters are strong willed and determined to protect their family as well as solve the case. I also enjoyed the comradely relationship between Will and his colleague JB: their interactions added a little light relief to counter the grisly murder and violence.
There is a grittiness to the prison life and crimes described. The inclusion of a murdered pregnant teen is highly emotive and I was anxious that she should get justice. The combination of the historic case as well as the present day family concerns mantain the momentum of the plot and ensure the reader stays involved with the events.
Her Perfect Bones was an enjoyable mix of crime thriller with a fine dose of family drama and a healthy spark of attraction between the lead characters.
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The second instalment in the series following detective Will Decker and Dr Olivia Rockwell. After reading the first book, I found myself wanting more of Will and Olivias story. Will is a detective forced to leave SF after helping put his brother, a fellow cop, in jail for manslaughter. Olivia is a psychologist working with the police to solve crimes, as is the daughter of a murderer and gang leader. 

I found that this book had a bit too much going on. The back story from Will in regards to his brother in jail, his unforgiving father, and his missing mother, and Olivia and her father trying to get parole, his connections to his gang and past. Plus there was a complex story of a 30 plus year old murder, leading to more trouble. I feel like the complexities of Olivia and wills stories are too much to have a secondary current murder story going along with it. At times I felt the focus was too much on the backstories instead of the current crime, and vice versa. 

Overall, if the books just followed one, maybe two story lines I would like them more. 

I advise you read the first book first, as a lot from the back stories will not make sense to you.
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When the body of a pregnant young woman is discovered in a barrel of sand that’s been stored in an abandoned cabin for over 30 years, Detective Will Decker wonders if there is any hope of solving a case this cold. Criminal psychologist Olivia Rockwell might be able to help out, but when she sees the image of a doll she knows must have been made by someone she knew in her childhood, she realises her judgement may be compromised.

There are an awful lot of side stories going on here; we first meet Olivia at her father’s bail hearing, as he tries to get out of prison after serving 27 years for murder. Within hours he’s dead of an apparent suicide, which Olivia just doesn’t buy, and the twists keep coming as she discovers he was working as an informant for the police. While the ‘current’ crime (even though it’s a very cold victim) does tie back to Olivia’s childhood, the link is actually fairly tenuous and I started feeling like all the stuff going on with her family was just a distraction.

This is the second in series (I haven’t read the first) and though I followed along pretty well, I do feel like I may have missed out on a lot of character building from the first book, because there’s not much of it here. We don’t get to know either Decker or Olivia all that well. There’s an enormous Chekov’s Gun that never goes off, as we are told early on about a serial killer who escaped and will apparently be after Olivia… and then never shows up. Then there’s yet another side plot going on with Will’s convict brother, and more with his ex - multiple exes of Olivia’s show up - and frankly, there are just too many parallel threads here, most of which aren’t connected to the central story here other than tangentially. I couldn’t keep track of all the side characters introduced, and every one of them was a distraction from the main characters I was supposed to care about.

There’s a good story in here - I cared about Shelby, the victim - and I was intrigued by the slow unravelling of her story, but there’s just way too much ‘noise’ going on with all the other side stories. Overall, I’ll give it three stars.
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Rockwell and Decker return in the second book in this series that doesn’t disappoint. I definitely recommend it as a fun, quick thriller.

When the mummified body of a teenage girl is found entombed in a barrel of sand in the basement of an abandoned cabin, clutching an old handmade ragdoll, Olivia Rockwell is horrified, especially because she recognizes the doll… she had one just like it when she grew up. Yet again, she’s worried the murder is connected to her father and his gang, and she’s going to have to delve deep into her past to help Detective Will Decker (“Deck”) and his partner solve the crime.

They often say that second books are a lot harder to write than first books and aren't usually as good, but this one definitely still hooked me. While it failed to answer any questions about the missing serial killer Drake Devere -- the cliffhanger from book one -- that makes it easier for readers coming in new to the series to jump in and get caught up enough to really enjoy this one. (And since that usually describes my reading pattern, I always appreciate it when I don't feel completely lost later in the series.)

I still liked the building tension between Rockwell and Decker, but I also appreciate that is keeps building and keeps the reader guessing will they or won't' they. (Those of you who watched Law and Order SVU in the early years will completely understand.) And JB, Deck’s partner, still might be my favorite character in the series.

My biggest complaint about this book, though, is that it really seems like Olivia’s actual job disappeared here. From the first book, we know that she's so well educated, so successful in her field, really good at what she does, and in this one, it's hard to tell that she's actually employed full-time. With this crime taking place outside the prison where she works -- unlike the first book -- there was definitely less opportunity to show her at work while moving the story forward, but for the first half of the book, I was wondering if she was still employed or just hanging around still recovering from the shock of the ending of the first book. 

I’m definitely sticking with this series -- already ready for book three to be released -- but I really hope we get back to the Drake Devere plot line soon… if it takes years to wrap up, I’m not going to remember the beginning!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Bookouture in exchange for my honest review. It has not influenced my opinion.
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When the mummified corpse of a pregnant teenage girl is found in a barrel it sets in motion a series of events that will uncover secrets hidden for almost four decades in the second installment of the Rockwell and Decker series. Meanwhile, there are shocking revelations about Olivia’s father and his past that are unveiled after he is found dead following his failed parole hearing. 

I enjoyed the first book in this series last year and was looking forward to discovering if the follow up lived up to its promise. I was not disappointed. Once again the author has crafted a gripping, fast-paced thriller full of surprising twists and kept me guessing right until the dramatic finale. 

One of the key points of any series is the protagonists and the author has got it spot on with Will Decker and Olivia Rockwell. They are likeable, compelling characters, and the murky side of both their families make for riveting backstories, subplots and supporting cast. One of the highlights of both books has been their sharp banter, chemistry and reluctance to admit how they feel about one another. The author has built on this in book two and I loved their progression both as individual characters and as a duo.  I’m really rooting for them to get it together soon. 

So if  you’re looking for an exciting and absorbing mystery that will keep you on your toes, then this book is for you.
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Good characters,lots of twists and turns make this a good read.We learn more about the two main characters and their back stories as they try to solve the murder. The chat and running between the two detectives is great fun.
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Her perfect bones has a bit of everything in it crime , psychological and thriller. The story is centred around Olivia a criminal psychologist and detective Will Decker. This is the second book in their series and the characters have a well established relationship, but don't worry if like me you've gone straight to this one there's enough background you can get the gist of the debut. 
The story has two storylines running  parallel. The first is around Will, his neighbour discovers a dead body in a barrel in his grandfather's basement whilst clearing it out. Will is first on the scene and finds himself trying to uncover who the girl is and how she ended up dead, especially because she appears to have been in the barrel since the late 80s. Meanwhile Olivia is at a parole hearing for her father, which ends in tragedy. Olivia finds herself trying to work out who her dad really was and uncover his secret past. Whilst she also helps Will with his case. 

I liked both main characters with the will they won't they storyline. It's clear they will at some point but the question of whether it's in this book or the next you are left pondering throughout. They clearly have a history from their previous case, which didn't end so well. They both have something to prove. It was funny going from each person's point of view and reading how they have very similar mindsets. They are characters that hold a lot of depth with not so great pasts. 

The plot I must admit got a tad confusing at times, trying to remember who was who. But once I worked that out I managed to follow. I liked the idea of an almost mummified remains because of sand it was a very intriguing angle. 
The suspects all seemed up to their necks in something and I honestly had no clue who  was to blame. The conclusion even left a bit of ambiguity which I liked. It was great to be along for the ride. 

I would totally recommend you won't get bored reading this I can promise you that. There's drama, romance, investigation, secrets and lies to name a few and all were done well. I rate this book 3.5 stars rounded up to 4. 

Thank you netgalley, Ellery Kane and bookouture  for the advanced digital copy in exchange for my fair and honest opinions.
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I like Rockwell and Decker.  In this second installment their lives become even more entertained than in the last.  All of it twists and turns with the new case, a body of a young woman found in a barrel after 30 years.  The cabin she is found in has been the home of or the neighbor of a shady cast of characters.  While that mystery is compelling, it takes a backseat to the family drama of Rockwell and Decker's fathers. Underneath it all there is the will they or won't they of the two themselves. All of it will still be here in books to come.  So will I.
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As always I really enjoy the books by Ellery Kane.  The second in the Rockwell and Decker series is no exception and I am looking forward to the next.  I don't discuss plots, other reviews tell you all you need to know and maybe more than you need to know. I personally have a hard time getting things done until I finish each book and then would like to start the next book in the series (or the newest book out) ASP.

I received an advance review copy of the book from NetGalley with no expectations or obligations, this is just my honest review.
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After the mummified body of a young girl encased in a barrel is discovered in the basement of a woodland cabin situated not far the home of Detective Will Decker,he and his partner JB find themselves investigating a frustrating and complex case with fingers that reach into the past. Struggling to uncover any viable leads, Will turns to Criminal Psychologist Olivia Rockwell to see if she can help only whilst she is looking at the files,Olivia spots something which links the murder victim to her own past. Olivia is also dealing with her own personal issues concerning her father,the convicted murderer and the combination of what she saw in the files along with a shocking event results in her digging into his past,little realising that her search for the truth could be placing her own life in danger.

After a prologue in which we get a insight into Shelby's thoughts during her ill fated coach trip,the chapters then alternated between the perspectives of Will and Olivia. I thought that Detective Will Decker or City Boy as JB called him was a really likeable character, I loved the banter and camaraderie between the pair,they were like a old married couple who had been together for years,not just six months. They were the proverbial odd couple,chalk and cheese, JB the brash,loud mouth and Will,the quiet,caring one but they worked really well together and made me laugh out loud a number of times. I loved their cheeky interactions with Chief Flack and how the story wasn't bogged down with interdepartmental back stabbing and bureaucracy. As well as trying to figure out which of their multiple suspects had murdered and entombed a innocent young girl in a barrel and were now trying to stop the truth from being uncovered. Will was also dealing with the on going issue of his brother Ben and how to keep him safe from the people who were after him. A task that was made all the more difficult by the fact that Ben was in prison. Then,there was the continuing story line of the attraction between Will and Olivia,the will they,won't they scenario that ran throughout the book.

I thought Olivia was a very likeable character,she was strong willed,stubborn,very intelligent,spoke her mind,didn't take any nonsense from anyone and was very protective of her younger sister Emily. During this story Olivia uncovers some shocking secrets and lies involving her own family and she and the reader are left with unanswered questions when her story ends on a cliff hanger.

Interspersed throughout the book was chapters that were set in the studio and live in location in Fog Harbour where not very likeable and unscrupulous reporter Heather Hoffman kept the viewers informed about the progress of the investigation.,just Wow, I loved this well written,addictive,gripping thriller,it's fast paced,packed full of twists and turns,kept me guessing and had me captivated and glued to my kindle. The chapters were short and snappy and many ended in a way that gave me a very bad case of just one more chapter syndrome. The author has created a fantastic cast of characters,individuals that worm their way into your heart and make you care about them. Although this is the second book in a series,it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone. I really enjoyed this book and I would give it more than five stars if I could. I can't wait to find out what the author has planned for Will,JB and Olivia in book 3. Very very highly recommended
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I enjoyed reading Ellery A. Kane's latest police procedural / psychological mystery-thriller. Her Perfect Bones is a well-plotted mystery, featuring a cast of complex characters, and with a strong sense of setting. Having travelled in northern coastal California several years ago, I found that the book brought a sense of nostalgia for the stunning setting of dramatic coast bordered by mysterious redwood forests.
Will Decker is a detective based in Fog Harbor (a fictional location somewhere in the vicinity of the real Crescent City), California. Off-duty, he's alerted by a frantic neighbour, who's made the blood-curdling discovery of a young woman's body, hidden in a sand-filled barrel in his cabin's basement.
The investigation by Decker and his colleague Detective Jimmy Benson, firstly to identify the woman in the barrel, then to solve the mystery of her death, leads the detectives to a San Francisco parolee, an elderly former porn-film producer who once owned the cabin and a lonely woman who lives in the backwoods.
Meanwhile, Dr. Olivia Rockwell, chief psychologist at the nearby Crescent Bay State Prison, is dealing with confronting personal issues, in addition to the demands of her professional role. Her father, imprisoned for the murder of a prostitute - which he has always denied - is up for parole. Her efforts to prove his innocence take her also to San Francisco, and the underworld of criminal gangs operating in the city's social housing areas.
Decker and Rockwell each harbour romantic feelings for the other, which they're reluctant to reveal. which gives rise to a sweet (if rather far-fetched) sub-plot, as they circle one another while balancing their professional relationship and several high-octane situations with suspects.
I felt there was a well-executed escalation of tension over the course of the book, as the various threads of the investigation come together to reveal a ruthless killer.
Her Perfect Bones was a satisfying, undemanding read with some excellent insight into the complexities of working in the criminal justice system. Author Ellery A. Kane has clearly drawn on her personal experience from her "day job" as a forensic psychologist, injecting a healthy dose of verisimilitude, without overburdening the narrative with technical detail.
Highly recommended for readers who enjoy police/psychology crossover mysteries and evocative settings.
My thanks to the author, Ellery A. Kane, publisher Bookouture and NetGalley for the oppportunity to read and review this title.
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COMPELLING crime thriller with very likable characters portrayed by Olivia & Deck, a well crafted plot mingled with tons of intrigue throughout to a terrific finale. First time reading this author but have already purchased #1 in this series & will be on the lookout for #3. Enjoyed immensely & RECOMMEND absolutely. Thanks to NetGalley & Bookouture for this ARC in return for my honest review.
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