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Please take in mind it’s my opinion, and everyone is allowed to have one. 

This book started off really slow for me, halfway through was when it finally interested me more. I didn’t feel the magic until then either. But the storyline and plot was really interesting, something I haven’t read before. 

The characters were so good, actually liked all of them and how well they’ve been written. The slow burn romance was such a big YES! 

Was hoping for a different ending but I’m still quite happy with it.
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From the magical cover and interesting description I knew I was going to like reading this one!  A beautifully written story that evokes the period so well. A lovely winter read that makes me want to curl up by the fire with snow outside!
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Midnight in Everwood is an enchanting retelling of The Nutcracker.  I really enjoyed the world building and the strong female friendships, however, the writing was extremely lyrical, and while I do enjoy this style of writing, sometimes it was a bit too much for me, especially the scenes in which Marietta first arrives in Everwood.

With such whimsical writing I agree that this will be perfect for fans of Caraval and The Night Circus

Thank you HQ and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this ARC.
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I was so looking forward to this book but unfortunately I really struggled to engage with it. I liked the writing style to begin with but then felt like the story needed to get going a bit more.
I know the story of the nutcracker is pretty dark but I guess I was hoping for something with more of a Christmassy feel. Unfortunately, this just wasn't for me.
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I adored this book - it thrilled in all the right places. Very much a grown-up Nutcracker, I loved the darkness of Drosselmeier in this version and how he has set his sights upon marrying Marietta, something which her parents are in full support of. There were other elements too such as the theme of mice within the world of Everwood, the soldiers, snow forest and so on. And of course, the central role of ballet. 
Marietta's journey and growth was an interesting one and one which felt very authentic. I loved how feminism and female friendships were important in the changes to Marietta, and whilst there is a love interest, it is never the end-game for Marietta - she stands firm in her desire for dance to be her everything. 
The ending suited the book perfectly. I would highly recommend to anyone who loves reading or watching the Nutcracker - this is just a stunning version to enjoy over and over again. 

Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read an e-ARC. All opinions are my own.
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Many Thanks to #Netgalley and #HQStories for the review copy of this book by M. A. Kuzniar.  
I have to be honest here so I’ll keep this one short.  I REALLY struggled to read this book.  It literally took me over 2 weeks of trying to get through it and constantly wondering if I should just give up.   
The concept is good, the idea was good, but I unfortunately thought the execution was bad.  
The adjectives were far too many and I’m not a reader who can skim through parts.  I constantly found myself pausing to wonder what is “whisper-thin black lace” and how thoughts can be “sticky as caramel”?! Describing words that just didn’t make sense to me.  All the way through the entire book.  
I also struggled with the relationships in this book.  I know in the end it’s supposed to show empowerment of women but I just don’t think that came across well at all. Yes the main character got her happy ending but she was so scared all the way through but somehow achieved winning battles, once with a ballet shoe that somehow she was wearing just a bit later…. 
I don’t like to say it but this book really didn’t do anything for me except wind me up, a lot.
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Midnight in Everwood transports you to another world; one of ice, sugar, ballet, fear, love and friendship but through a dark and gothic filter. There's a vague similarity to Narnia with the majority of the tale taking place in another world, only accessible through hidden portals. The theme of mice running throughout links the two worlds in a subtle way. I really enjoyed the escapism and fairytale elements of this book which captures a broad range of situations and emotions making it ideal for adolescents and adults alike.
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“Only the most magical things happen at midnight. When mortal folk are dreaming, safe in their beds, it is then that the sprites and goblins creep out and the air crackles with wild magic.”
It’s safe to say I am in love with Midnight in Everwood. (My e-ARC is certainly covered in highlights.)
I’m so glad I enjoyed this and so glad I got early access to it because it was one of my most anticipated books of the year being full of everything I expect to love. I mean, feminism and friendship, dancing and cake, and a fairy tale retelling - whats not to like?
Marietta was a perfect heroine. She challenged what it meant to be a woman in a world in which it’s disappointing that women want to follow her dreams. I loved that she had her morals and things she stood for, but also that she recognised her privilege. Her drive towards and love of dance was inspiring.
I thought the side characters were no less well developed for only being side characters. The romance took its time and allowed the characters to develop genuine feelings for each other, so much so that my heart ached by the end. Family was also a huge thing in this (I really liked Frederick as a brother) but I liked how Marietta’s opinion towards friendships grew as they developed and became more important to her. It was what allowed her to grow as a character, and Dellara and Pirlipata were such interesting characters for her to play off.
The world building in this was incredible. I could imagine myself there, see everything playing out. It felt just like a modern fairy tale.
The writing style in this was magical. It was rich and beautiful and I loved every second I spent in the story.
I cannot recommend this enough: 5❄️
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Thanks to #Netgalley and #HQ for an ARC of #MidnightInEverwood by #M.A.Kuzmiar in return gor am honest review. 

This isn’t my usual read, but it’s always good to try something new. 

This book finds us in 1906 Nottingham. Marietta is a ballet dancer, planning her final performance before she turns 21 and her family force her in a different direction. 
A mysterious stranger moves in next door and starts to build a set for Marietta’s final performance….. and that’s where the magic begins. 

This is essentially a retelling of The Nutcracker, with a gothic twist and a bit of Disney thrown in for good measure. 

As I said, this isn’t my usual read, but, just WOW!
This book is beautifully written, with some exceptional characters. Marietta is determined not to be pushed into the life her parents want for her. She is easy to like, feisty and confident. 

There is of course romance. Which although bittersweet, is also wuite beautiful and moving. 

The descriptions of sweets and treats in this book will make your mouth water. 

Overall, this book will captivate you, enchant you, empower you and keep you turning those pages until the very end. 

A magical five stars from me. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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This is the first book for many years that I’ve actually given up on. 
I found the line between dreams and reality in it extremely confusing and there was not enough of a pace or storyline to keep me interested. 
Sadly I am unable to recommend.
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Oh my I was totally blown away by this book. I was sucked in from the front cover! Really can’t recommend this book enough
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What begins as a promising read becomes a chore to read thanks to a highly florid and archaic writing style which the author struggles to manage throughout. It is very clear that while the concept, characters and plot do have potential and offer a whimsical take on a well loved story, the writing style lets the novel down. Though this style feels cohesive with the world, it feels forced, crammed with so much detail that it detracts from the world building and character connection.

With this being said, the characters never quite realise their full worth and are left two-dimensional at best.

Overall, it is not a title I would recommend or reread.
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Woooow!! What a wonderful whimsical book! The writing style is amazing, and I don't think I can recommend this enough! Must read!
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This is a retelling of The Nutcracker told I’m early 1900’s in Nottingham my current town.
Marietta is a young girl in high society that is forcing her to choose her match and settle down but Marietta has only one love, ballet and dancing are magic to her not marriage. A mysterious man moves in next door and begins to bespell the family and gain Marietta’s hand in marriage. On Christmas Eve he makes his move and in turn casts her into another realm Everwood and finds herself in the kings company as his dancer. Here she finds herself in a gilded cage trapped along with all the kings other ‘guests’ here she must become strong and resilient and in doing so she may also find her heart and courage to make her own decisions in her future.
This is an enchanting book I don’t want to give too much away but it’s well worth the read.
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Nutcrackeresque. A story of love, friendship and magic. I loved it from the get go. I love to be transported into the book so to speak and this didn’t disappoint. Characters were likeable and descriptions allowed me to build a vivid picture in my mind. Definitely recommend
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To think that this is a sweet, sugary journey through scenes from The Nutcracker ballet with Sugar Plum fairies and sparkling kings and queens, would be wrong and may put you off reading what is a piece of dark fantasy, twisting the traditional view of sugar and candy canes and marzipan as being Good and that beauty is always a good thing. 

The world Marietta comes from is rigid and devoid of magic, where fairies are small and cute and fun and the name Drosselmaier conjures  images of a broad smile, a wide turquoise cloak, and a benign gentleman with a magic touch. What she discovers when she hides in a grandfather clock, is, on the surface, the land of fairies and magic, of soldiers decked in smart uniforms and sweets and chocolate everywhere. However, the sugary perfection of Everwood hides a dark secret, a despotic king who has harnessed magic for himself having murdered the previous king and queen, automatons who protect him without question; a king who is insecure, jealous and suspicious. Marietta can only blame her misfortunes on herself, but she finds a strength to fight back, as she discovers love in its many forms, and someone she dislikes more than her parents.

This could be read by anyone from around 14 years old upwards, There is darkness and snippets of real threat, but most is hidden from view, but enough remains to render this still readable and enjoyable for a cynical adult. Both can relate to the grumpy parents trying to persuade their offspring they know best, though maybe Theodore loses some respect drinking sherry AND cognac with dinner!

If you love ballet, if you love the Nutcracker—if you HATE the Nutcracker—this is still for you.
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✨“It was a rainy day that the magic came, and once magic has entered your life, you stay in its glittering clutch forever.”✨
— M.A. Kuzniar, Midnight in Everwood 

🌷Midnight in Everwood, aka The Nutcracker - retold for our enjoyment. 


Set in Nottingham, 1906. Marietta is a talented ballerina whose only dream is to dance. But as a young woman in society, she is obliged to marry and play the role of a dutiful wife. But when a mysterious toymaker, Dr Drosselmeier, arrives to the neighbourhood, magic and wonder follows. A magic that is darker than Marietta could have ever imagined. 

When she suddenly finds herself thrust into the magical world of Everwood, Marietta must dance every night or be subjected to the cruelties of a vicious king. 

🌸I really enjoyed this book. It was a lovely wonder back into the sugar coated world that the original Nutcracker left us longing for. 

The friendships in this book won my heart, Pirlipata and Dellara were such wonderful characters. I especially loved Dellara’s boldness and bravery. 

My only point of note is that Kuzniar tries to replicate an older writing story, and I’m still unsure if I liked it. At times it felt slightly overdone. 

Thank you very much to @HQ and @Netgalley for providing me with an e-ARC in exchange for this honest review.

Read. Be happy. Stay safe.
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Although a slow start, I thoroughly enjoyed Midnight in Everwood.
An enchanting, magical story, with a feisty, strong heroine, Marietta.
A story of friendship, romance and magic, a recommended read.
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Absolutely stunning.

All the beauty of an Ibbotson novel, with a twisting darkness that kept me turning page after page. 

Kuzniar's descriptions are sublime - Everwood was a masterpiece of snow, sugar and magic. Everything was depicted so vividly and Kuzniar's world jumped from the page. From a mouthwatering array of food to gorgeous dresses and astonishing architecture, no detail is lacking. 

Characterisation was excellent. Even when Marietta made a decision that made me want to shout at the book, she was so well defined as a character that I knew exactly why she was making the choice she did. The ballet terms grounded her character, making her passion (and therefore the choices dictated by it) utterly convincing. The historical grounding of the world was also superbly done, with hundreds of little touches and details. 

Alongside its beautiful, sweeping narrative, Midnight in Everwood had strong feminist vibes, celebrating women's freedom and the right to choose, while also exploring some of the complexities of feminism, choice and privilege.

I had really high expectations for this novel, but it surpassed everyone of them. It is a delicious winter treat and perfect Christmas reading for snuggling up under a blanket with.
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I absolutely adored this story of magic, mystery ,love and fighting for what you believe in!. Marietta is a strong willed young lady growing up in 1906 where woman are not allowed a voice or vote!. This is where she meets an intriguing man who seems very dark and mysterious. I don't want to spoil the rest for you but it will intrigue you and you won't be able to.put the book down, just like me you will want to know what happens next!!!. It's a great ending ,leaving you begging for more!!!. Fantastically written!!
Thanks to Netgalley for the free ARC book for an honest review.
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