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The Little Swiss Ski Chalet

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This is the story of 2 sisters wo lost their parents and were brought up by their aunt and uncle One sister goes off to cooking school while the other, Mina, goes to Switzerland to stay with her god mother. Here she meets new friends and someone who could be more. She finds herself, after being told by past boyfriends what she should be like more grown up, less foolish etc, but it is not what others expect her to be. She finds that having fun is not limiting yourself and is part of being an adult.
The story is mostly about Mina but other characters have a side story, which makes the book so multi layered and always something to keep the reader gripped. Mina’s godmother has a ski chalet for skiers and hikers to stay at or pop in for coffee and cake. The descriptions of food, ski slopes and people make your heart ache to try a lifestyle like this. Julie has captured a simple but so full life, which although far from perfect, it certainly is idealistic.
The book also gives lessons on things I had never heard of, but I learnt that there are wonderful people who make trains in suitcases! Not just trains but a whole scene .. beaches, mountains as well as made up places. The description of the intricate design and skill that goes into them is truly mind blowing.  Then to top it all up, I find Suitcase guy on twitter! This is the sort of art that has passed most people by, but to see a miniature train in a suitcase going round is a true wonder and one that should be seen once.
The story alone is good and I would recommend it highly… but I would also recommend finding out about the suitcases and enlighten your day
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First time with an audiobook. Love Julie Caplin's stories and this didn't disappoint. Need to get the book now to read it myself. It's a yes from me
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I do love Julie Caplin books, to some to degree because of the fabulous food featured in them. In this title chocolate and cheese featured fairly heavily so I was in absolute heaven. The mouthwatering descriptions are delightful and an almost sensory experience without a calorie passing your lips. Add in an intriguing stranger on the train and lots of snow and you have an excellent story that you won't want to stop especially as the narrator has the tone and characters down perfectly. Highly recommended.
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This was an adorable little book that had me hooked from the beginning. The narrator also did a wonderful job vocalizing this charming world and love story. I especially loved the secondary characters that truly made this story so charming.
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Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the audiobook, in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to The Little Swiss Ski Chalet, pure escapism at its best.

Well narrated, and beautifully descriptive.
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We get to follow Mina having just be forced out of a relationship with her ex, being fortunate enough to flee to a complete new country on holiday initially. We are shown Mina’s journey in through picturereqsue surroundings, experiencing the joys of skiing, walking or snowboarding in the alps. The added bonus is the food and chocolate we follow Mina’s journey as Mina begins to mend her brokenheart. Of course there romance, which makes the story even more a cute smooth no stress read.
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I recommend before starting this audiobook in making sure you have stocked up on chocolate, hot chocolate and cheese because it's impossible not to crave all three😄 

I loved escaping to the beautiful Little Swiss Ski Chalet with it’s breathtaking scenery which is beautifully described in vivid detail.

A lovely, heartwarming, romantic, feel-good story with likeable characters.
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As cute as can be, Minna suffers an embarrassing rejection and an exciting windfall in the same week. Realising that her life is not really all it should be she visits her godmother who had a chalet in the Swiss Alps. Interwoven with cakes, chocolate and skiing, Minna has to work out whether she should go for the so called sensible options, or really just follow her heart. A handsome chance encounter, some new found friends and being appreciated for who she really is, gives her a whole new perspective on what really is right for her.
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This is a lovely , feel good , listen/read. However it should probably come with a warning as it will make you very hungry especially for cake. The foodie descriptions are amazing and mouthwatering and make a non baker like me want to get into the kitchen. I loved the characters and the narration was excellent. A really enjoyable, cosy book. 
Thank you for the opportunity to read this book.
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What a lovely heartwarming, pure escapism story. The scenery, ski chalet, chocolate, cheese and all things Swiss just wanted to transport you there and enjoy the scene. The characters were quirky and enjoyable. Mina left her 'old life' in UK after a series of disasters and decides to take a holiday to visit her godmother Amelie in Switzerland. She wants to have time to herself to decide what she wants out of life and her future. On the train to Amelies she has a chance encounter with Luke, a handsome stranger, and her journey begins. 
I really enjoyed this story. The narrator Victoria Fox, in my opinion, was very good. She was able to transport the reader into the setting of the book. 
I would definitely recommend this book to others as a pure light hearted, heartwarming read. 

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for giving me access to this in exchange for an honest review
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At first I wasn’t sure about the book as I didn’t take to Mina to begin with but as the book progresses I begin to like her more. 
It’s definitely a great ‘escape’ read and a hard one to put down once you get into it.
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After reading this book I want to go straight to the travel agents and book a trip to Switzerland now. The Pullman train, the cake, the chocolate, the cheese, the friendly people, the snow, oh my goodness it sounds delightful. The author describes the chalet, the surroundings and the scenery so well that I almost feel as though I was there.. 
I have read all seven books in this series so far and the common themes of love and food are just what we need to cheer us up at this moment in time. A chance to escape from the real world. 
After a series of disasters Mina decides to take a holiday and visit her godmother in Switzerland so, she can have some time to herself to decide what she really wants out of life. On the journey she has a chance encounter with a handsome stranger - not a bad start to any holiday and as the story unravels Mina begins to understand what is truly important to her and what she wants in the future.
A wonderful read I could not put down but, was also sad to finish. Enjoy!
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No one picks up a romance book for surprises or twists. Every reader knows that the book will be predictable, and within that predictability, it will provide a glimpse of sunshine and happiness for perfect light reading. The typical pattern of such books is girl meets boy, both have sparks and fights, both patch up and unite towards the end for an HEA. So when you have a book where there are hardly any fights, the romance had already gotten off to a smooth start from the very first meeting, and all that happens subsequently is nothing but an extension of the perfect compatibility of the couple, you can't help but feel that something is missing. For an Indian, it's akin to eating a dish with just salt and turmeric powder added. Where are the rest of the spices? 

Don't get me wrong, the story isn't bad. Food technician Mina is searching for an escape after her year-old relationship fizzles out very publicly. She finds solace in the little chalet run by her godmother in the Swiss Alps. All she knows is that she isn't looking for love. But as soon as the train to Switzerland arrives with Luke in it, it is very clear that destiny has other plans. 

The book is a pretty good holiday story. There are plenty of warm moments in the cold Swiss Alps. In fact, everything Swiss is highlighted very well: the skiing, the chocolates, the cuisine, the weather, the habits of the locals,... The author does seem to have researched Switzerland nicely. 

But.... The book is marketed as a romance.  And if I evaluated it on its merits as a romance, it becomes strictly average. The love story has hardly any fizz. Almost everything between Mina and Luke is hunky-dory right from the start. There aren't any ego clashes, there aren't many insecurities, there isn't any devious third party to prick thorns into the blooming love,... It just seems very incomplete as a romantic book. There just isn't enough spice. 

To put it differently, this book is not a romance set in Switzerland; it is a story about a woman coming on her own in Switzerland with some romance thrown in. If you are looking for an enjoyable woman's fiction where the lead female character realises her strength and strives to fulfill her dreams, go for this book. If you are looking for a typical romance with sugar and spice, go somewhere else. This book has only sugar. 

The narrator Victoria Fox does a pretty good job enacting the book. Unfortunately, the story wasn't tempting enough for me to be hooked and I kept tuning out of the audio. 

Thank you, NetGalley and HarperCollins UK Audio, for this audio ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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What a gorgeous story of love; fate and chasing your own happiness. I really enjoy how Luke and Minas story starts and ends in the same place as it you can see how much has changed between them. As for the setting; who wouldn’t want to be in the Swiss Alps? Loved it and it was read by the perfect person too. A really great audiobook.
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This is such a great heartwarming, feel good book. Full of overcoming personal hurdles, with the character Mina working on finding herself and who she wants to be, after a set back in her life somewhat derails her. She starts second guessing certain aspects of her life and a chance to travel to a beautiful little Swiss ski chalet presents itself an opportunity too good to refuse. 

I loved the characters in this and the whole atmosphere of the ski chalet was so cosy and welcoming. I found I slipped into the book almost instantly and loved it from the very start. 

It has a lovely, whirlwind holiday romance element to it, with Luke presented as the somewhat handsome hunk and love interest. The whole book felt really inclusive and was the perfect read to escape into the pages for a little while and forget all your troubles! That was definitely the sign of this being a good book. 

If you’re looking for something that will leave you feeling good, warm and fuzzy (and reaching for the chocolate after the many mentions of such gorgeous chocolate in this book) then this is the read for you!
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What a wonderful joy to read! A perfect bit if escapism during these trying times. A heartwarming and feel good cosy novel for a slice of a dream at the turn of a page! I could embrace this whole heartedly even though it’s a cliche love story, but it makes you believe in love at first sight and make you want your own serendipity!! It was predictable that the BF would cheat and she would find her perfect match but this is the first book I’ve read/heard by this author but loved it! I thought the narrator did wonderful job with this one. Sadly I’ve finished it I could easy carry on listening and absorbed in this book. Anyone else feel like this has HallMark movie written all over it? I would love a movie like this!! I was surprised at the sudden end and wanted the wedding but I guess it’s a happy ending. 
The narrator had a lovely voice and was very pleasant and easy to listen I find audiobooks useful to listen to at bedtime and my driving commute to work, so it is important for me to have a good narrator who can bring the book alive for me while making it easy to listen to.  It makes my chores easier and more fun if I have a lovely voice and good story to listen to! Many voices have grated on me the last few audios I’ve listened on arc. 
Thank you  to the author, publisher and netgalley for a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.
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This is a cosy, romantic read which I really enjoyed and loved.  The story is about a woman called Mina who goes to the swiss alps to see her godmother and for a little holiday, after having a hard time.  There she has a great time sampling the local cheese and chocolate, as well as other goodies.  She is a food technician and her godmother runs a hotel/ski chalet, so she helps her make delicious food for the guests, such as yummy cakes and other delights.  She learns how to ski and she meets a gorgeous man called Luke, who sweeps her off her feet.  She doesn't want to go back home, so she decides to stay where she is and set up shop there, living happily ever after with her godmother, Luke and some friends.  This is a lovely story to read at any time of the year, but especially around the winter time when it is cold outside.  I really loved this book and I highly recommend it!

As well as reading the ebook, I also listened to the audiobook, which was great.  The narrator had a lovely voice and was very pleasant and easy to listen to.  The netgalley app worked good for me as always.  I find audiobooks useful to listen to while I am cooking, doing housework, putting on my makeup or doing gardening, so it is important for me to have a good narrator who can bring the book alive for me while making it easy to listen to.  It makes my chores easier and more fun if I have a lovely voice and good story to listen to.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and netgalley for a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

This story centres around Mina who is a likeable, warm character. At first, she seems quite impulsive and a little bit of a disaster but it's endearing rather than annoying and as the story progresses, we see her realise that she has been stuck in a rut and needs a change. 

Some of the elements of the story seem predictable and unrealistic (sudden supply of money, the inevitable love interest) but again, this didn't lessen my enjoyment of the story. 

I enjoyed the setting of Switzerland and found that the characters were well developed, purposeful and engaging. The story moves at pace and has plenty to hold your interest. This was a light, enjoyable read that was perfect for snuggling up with.
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My first book by this author and I've been looking and pleased to discover I have plenty more of her books to read. Loved the setting for this book along with all the chocolate and foodie descriptions - made me feel quite hungry. A perfect bit if escapism during these trying times. The narrator had a lovely sing sing voice and did a beautiful Swiss accent.
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Food technician Mina finds herself in an unfortunate situation when her proposal to her boyfriend goes horribly wrong. Soon a video of the event is being shared online leaving Mina heartbroken and in the need of an escape. She heads off to the Swiss Alps to visit her godmother Amelie. Soon Mina is filling her time with skiing experimenting with recipes, chocolate making and developing a romance with fellow guest Luke. Before long Mina is questioning if her old life is what she till wants or could Switzerland offer her new opportunities. 

This book as such a sweet and cosy story. I have never read a book by Julie Caplin before although, I do own a few of her books. I love books that involve travel as they allow me to explore the world from the comfort of my own home. Julie has 7 books I believe set in various locations across the world. I decided to start with this one because of the cold snowy setting. I am really enjoying books with this type of setting at the moment as we have been having some cold snowy days here in the UK. I have also been on the lookout for more books featuring skiing and snowboarding since reading a thriller featuring them earlier in the month. This book really fulfilled what I wanted when I picked it up with the setting in mind. The cold snowy location combined with the warm cosines of Amelies chalet worked perfectly. As the guests sat down each afternoon for hot chocolate and cake in front of a roaring fire I was right there with them. The writing and descriptions of the setting just drew me in and really brought the story to life.

This was also the case when it came to descriptions of the food. This book is really heavily centred on food in particular sweet treats and chocolate. From the first few pages we are hit with descriptions of the food Mina is serving at a dinner party and this continues throughout. From the snacks Mina eats on the train to Switzerland to the cakes Amelie serves. From the sweets treats Mina experiments cooking to the cheese and chocolate tour she takes. It will have you feeling hungry and craving sweet treats. The combination of these food descriptions with the setting were my favourite part of the story.

I liked our main character of Mina from the outset. I loved her passion for food and hosting dinner parties, you could tell the joy she got from feeding others. The same can’t be said for her boyfriend who she proposes to at the start. He was a horrible character in both his treatment of Mina and his response to the proposal. I also didn’t think her friends were very nice considering a  video of the proposal ended up online and they were responsible! I did however love the character of Amelie, her chalet and the group of guests really contribute and support Mina in her journey. We watch her  growth throughout the story and discover her passion and ultimately change her life. I thought the relationship between Mina and Amelie was beautiful.The chalet itself was very unique in that Amelie has regular groups of guests that come back frequently. She is rather selective about who she allows to stay! She has a knack for knowing who need the help of her and her chalet and ensures they keep coming back.  As a result all the guests are friends of hers and ultimately become friends of Minas. There was a real found family feeling to this story with the guests pulling together when they had to.

Of course this book has some romance! This comes in the form of Luke who Mina meets on the train and who she has an instant connection with. I loved watching Mina and Luke falling for each other and I loved how uninhibited Luke was in his feelings towards Mina, he liked her from the off and was very clear about that. I enjoyed Watching him teach her how to ski and how he always popped up when she needed him. Part of Lukes job was building  model and miniature villages and I really appreciated this. I love model villages so it was something small but I really enjoyed reading about it.

Overall this was a really enjoyable story. It took me to a beautiful location without me leaving my home and it made me feel warm and cosy with its descriptions of food and the setting. It also made me very hungry and left me craving chocolate. It had fun heartwarming moments as well as a lovely cast of characters that gave it a real found family. It also made me add another location to my want to visit list!

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher One More Chapter for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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