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Legacy by Nora Roberts 
Is really a book about finding your gift/skill and your tribe and making a life for yourself. It’s about friendships and connections, love and nurturing. It’s about family and the role close friends play on compensating for what’s lacking in immediate family. It’s then about what can take that all away. 
Raylan and Adrian are brought skilfully to life as fully rounded characters. The love stories between Adrian and her grandparents, her childhood home and her ‘nanny’/friend romp along as she makes lifelong friends and finds love. It’s relatively late in the book that the tension develops into threat. A great “character and lifestyle” read ...with a final helping of thriller. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It was a lighter read than I’d expected but that didn’t detract  Four stars
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Nora Robert’s is a superstar and here she does it again. Amazing character development taking our couple and their friends from their Pre teens, through studies, into first loves and then major losses. The dark undercurrent of the threat against our heroine is always there, but isn’t the plot and just edges into the story every so often. There is too much happening and too much great knowledge and exchanges with the characters to worry about the ongoing threatening letters till it all spills over late in the book. Taking so long on building the interlocking relationships and loves really draws you in and shows how Nora Roberts is a master at making you fall in love with her people and care so much about what happens to them.
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Can I just start off with that I cried about twelve times reading this? If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about this book, I don’t what to tell you! 
Legacy is another of Roberts’ exceptional family dramas. We follow Adrian Rizzo from her traumatic first meeting with her father at age seven, through to when she set down roots and, of course, falls in love with the kindest and gentlest man. The kind of man Nora Roberts loves to write. 
Legacy has everything you could want in a novel, fun authentic characters, friendships that make you smile, heartache that makes you cry (many times), and a villain so dark and twisted you keep turning the pages with a gasp. 
As someone who has read pretty much every Nora Roberts novel ever, I may be a bit biased, but this is such a five star read for me. I read it in a single sitting, going from the sofa to the bed, curled up with a blanket unable to tear my eyes from the page! 
I am never disappointed in a Nora Roberts novel, but this time I was not only please but ecstatic! If you like a good thriller with a heavy dose of love, I could not recommend this enough!
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This is the first book by Nora Roberts I've read but I would read another. The story follows the life of Adrian and the consequences of her mother keeping her after an unplanned pregnancy. I did enjoy the book and found the second half particularly good but think it did drag a bit in the beginning and perhaps too much background was involved. Having said that it ended well with a bit of romance and suspense and I would recommend this book to others and read another by the author.
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This book has everything, we, the reader have come to expect from Norah Roberts, one of mine, and the worlds favourite writers.  It had all the elements we would want.  No spoilers from me, suffice to say another triumph 

A real page turner, couldn’t put it down
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As an avid fan of Nora Roberts, I knew I was hooked from reading the first page.  She skilfully paints characters and stories which draw you in straightaway.
Adrian’s mother Lina is a fitness expert, and she is mainly brought up by her grandparents.  The story begins when her mother and herself are brutally attacked in their home, in a scene of brutal violence.  She goes to stay with her grandparents who run a pizza business.
Adrian is a strong, creative girl who becomes expert at producing keep fit videos, becoming popular and successful.  There are many vibrant, charismatic characters in the story, her grandparents and friends, you feel you begin to know them and empathise.  Their stories are mainly upbeat, but devastatingly heart breaking at times.
This is essentially a light-hearted character driven story about families, friendship and romance, but with the chilling threat of danger.  Adrian keeps receiving threatening letters and poetry from a stalker and becomes increasingly concerned.  
Well plotted story, although a little slow in places.  Recommended.
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This is very much a family saga book, the type Ms Roberts does so well. It explores the lives, joys and tragedies of the main character Adrian from when she was a child, her relationship with her Mother and her Grandparents and her friends. Of course there is a romance but this was a little lacklustre as the relationship with other characters dominated the book.

I also found the pace a little off - it began with a bang and then got a little bogged down in the middle only to pick up again at the end when the suspense aspect gathered momentum.

Loved the dogs in the book 😊 Not an all time fave but still a good read.
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Legacy is a novel that is both psychological thriller and romance. It follows Adrian from being a little girl, witnessing her mother kill her father, to being a successful career woman receiving death threats. We are introduced to many different characters throughout the course of the book, and see Adrian’s career as a fitness instructor blossom. 
This is the first Nora Roberts book I’ve read and although I found it easy to start, I did find it overlong and slow paced at times. If you enjoy family saga novels, this is the book for you.
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Legacy - Nora Roberts

After jumping straight in with a no nonsense first chapter (opening line 'The first time Adrian met her father, he tried to kill her') the pace slows into more of a family saga.

This is a world of well loved grandparents and their thriving family restaurant, Raylan, the boy down the road whose childhood passion for Spider-Man sees him heading up a successful comics publisher, and Adrian's own success when her made for Youtube fitness gets picked up by her Mom's fitness brand and becomes a huge success. Despite the odd tragedy this is happy people leading fulfilling lives.

Of course, success and celebrity brings hate mail, and there is a killer who pops up for a page or two every so often. Disappointingly the tension doesn't transfer into the rest of the novel which is more about happy families and successful heart-felt business ventures.

It's entertaining enough, but I found it all a bit twee. The first book I've read by this author, perhaps not the best one for to start with.

Thanks to Netgalley and Piatkus, Little Brown Book Group.
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It’s some time ago I read a Nora Roberts book so I was looking forward to some decent romantic suspense. It was, however, a nice read with a lack of romance and suspense. It was basically a story about how a daughter wants to explore her own talents without the help of her mother and how someone else feels abandoned and let down. It reminded me a little of the books of Maeve Binchey, to be honest, where people face difficulties but overcome them pretty fast, with help of other people who become friends for life. Somehow this doesn’t feel very real to me. 
Thanks to Netgalley for this digital reading copy.
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There's no tender family reunion for Adrian as when she meets her dad for the first time he tries to kill her. Instead he winds up dead and Adrian's mom works hard to distance Adrian from all of it. Adrian grows up and fills her life with friends, work and family. Enjoying success she becomes more well known attracting a threatening poet who dogs her every year, escalating as her life takes different turns. 

There's a lot of background build up in this one. We follow Adrian from childhood through her friendships and friendly until she realises she's in love. It does feel as though the bad poem stalker is thrown in in order to stop this just being a biography of a fictional character. Nora Roberts has written a few of these sort of thriller sort of romances now and as always they are enjoyable enough but there's no real surprises
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

I found the first few chapters good, but soon I found the plot starting to drag, too many details and side plotting. 

I also found the suspense, a bit predictable and too many characters.

Didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would.
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Nora Roberts is on form with her latest romance/crime standalone novel. Adrian has built up a successful career but a terrifying incident from her past has shaped her relationship with her mother.. Plagued by a stalker since she was a teenager the campaign of fear has been stepping up. Adrian, her family and love interest have to work hard to identify her stalker before the campaign becomes more deadly.

A really enjoyable read that will appeal to fans.
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Adrian Rizzo was 7 years old when her father broke into her house. Her mother saved her that day. Adrian follows in the footsteps of her mum’s successful Yoga career. When the death threats in the post start she goes back home to her grandparents place where she has always felt loved. Adrian has to hire a PI when the police don’t have the time to investigate. Connections now start to appear and soon Adrian is reliving her past. The pace of this story really didn’t work for me and l found it difficult to connect (apart from the dogs).
I was given an arc by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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Nora Roberts never lets you down. Full of all those little details that she does so well and makes you keep coming back for more.
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Nora Roberts triumphs once again!

Simply loved this book, only put it down when sleep called for it!!

Read it, love it, read it again!

My thanks to NetGalley and Little, Brown Book Group UK for giving me the opportunity to read and review honestly an advanced copy.
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Always a pleasure to read Nora Roberts. Thank you Netgalley. A good blend of romance and suspense with familial and friendship support.
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It feels like forever since I read a Nora Roberts book and this was a good choice to dive back into her works.

Adrian is a strong independent woman which Nora Roberts is known for creating and I loved following her story from childhood to her 30s. The twists and turns she and her family went through kept me on edge. Especially with how close she was to her grandparents as I had a similar relationship with mine. 

I loved that her friends stuck with her for all those years as well, Adrian has the world fighter in her corner and this made the ended no so much of a shock to me but it did wrap up in a lovely way. I however am still unsure of Adrian's mother, she just seems so cold and uncaring towards Adrian and only wants Adrian there to better herself and the sales of her Yoga company.

Raylan took me a while to get my head around as I was insistent on calling him Rylan and I couldn't stop myself. Even during the last chapter I still insisted on getting his name wrong and I was frustrated with myself. 

This was a slower pace than her other books that I have read (many of them being her trilogies with could be saying something) but it still managed to keep me hooked.
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So Loved this book.  It takes me back to one of her early novels The Villa.  This is Adrian Rizzo's story from .her emotionally distant mother,  the death of her unacknowledged  father and  the stalker who writes poems to her throughout her life.
Through Adrian is written about throughout the book its not all one sided.   she has long lasting friendships  and the story reveals their growth in careers, love and marriage.  
There is even an up to date  tragedy that is really well handled and written with sensitivity..
The twist and turns will make any Nora Roberts reader happy..
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The synopsis for Legacy really drew me in, a mix of romance and suspense. I felt disheartened that I didn't like it more than I did as I have always heard amazing things about Nora Roberts. The style of writing I really enjoyed and thought the descriptions created a vivid imagery. There were far too many interludes focusing on Adrian's workouts or how one of the many (I lost count) side characters managed to achieve the impossible of their life-long dream. This really dragged the story out for me and I didn't think added much to it; there was a lot of focus on family (as opposed to romance/thriller) and the story falls more into Women's Fiction for me. Frustratingly, the pace was quite varied throughout the story, sometimes really slow and other times too fast. This was especially seen with the romance which, in particular is lacking, going from 0 - 100. I found the last quarter of the book much more engaging, particularly Rachael's chapters.

Although this is my first Nora Roberts book, it will not be my last and I am intrigued to read others.

Thank you to the author, Nora Roberts and publisher, Little, Brown Book Group UK for the e-arc via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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