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An Endless Cornish Summer

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A wonderful story set in a beautiful location. Philippa Ashley writes such heartwarming stories with engaging characters and the scenic backdrop of Cornwall just adds to the overall ambience. 
Rose’s story is really emotional and I loved how we followed her journey. The inclusion of the boat building and myths and legends of the area were fascinating and when added to the wonderful mix of characters made this is a brilliant read.
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This was my first read by Philippa Ashley and now I'm wondering why I've not discovered her books before.

This was the ultimate summer read, I don't actually have a bad word to say about it. The story was beautifully written, you could tell it had been so well researched- the information about the cornish folk lores were so interesting, they made me want to go and visit straight away. The characters were so likeable, loved the way they all fitted together and the little twist at the end was fabulous. 

It really was the perfect book to read on a warm summers day and I'm now off to find more of Philippa's books.
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I'd add an extra half star if possible...
A perfect holiday read with the additional pull of a medical drama, archaeologist digs, Cornish scenery and romantic twists.  The description of Nige evokes laughter and the regatta draws you in and makes you want to load the car with your suitcases stuffed with shorts, Quba jackets, wellies and flip flops and drive straight to the coast.
The characters are honestly described with sufficient imperfections to make them plausible and likeable and the friendships that build around the small boatyard leave you with a smile on your face.
Thank you NetGalley for a very enjoyable escape during isolation.
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Archeology professor Rose goes to a seaside village in Cornwall searching for the bone marrow donor who saved her life. After extensive research, she's narrowed down the possibilities to two brothers, Finn and Joey, who work in their mom's shipbuilding business. While Joey is a charmer, she falls for Finn, and he seems to feel the same way. But will the truth about her identity change things between them?

This a quiet story, a sweet romance that will take you away to a sleepy little town where you can sit on the dock with your feet in the water while the sunshine warms your shoulders. 

Thanks, NetGalley, for the ARC I received. This is my honest and voluntary review.
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All the warm and fuzzy feels. This is a perfect sunny day with a cool glass of lemonade read. 
Rose has has a rough go of it with a disease that required a bone marrow transplant and once she recovers, she follows the clues to try to find her donor to thank him or her. One day she gets an anonymous response to her letter, she goes in search of the writer to thank them in person for saving her life, which take her to the quaint little town of Cornwall. Rose gets drawn into life in this little town, renting an apartment over the local magic store and joining in the regatta and developing relationships with 2 very hot brothers-one of which could very well be her donor. 
I really liked how well the characters were developed and the depths of the research into the archaeology was quite fascinating. There was also lots of research done into the boating lifestyle and for her disease. 
This was my first book by this author but it won’t be my last. A great escape to my fav part of the world. 
Thanks to Avon Books and Netgalley for this Arc in exchange for my review.
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This is a lovely cosy summer read which will make you want to travel to Cornwall and experience it’s delights for yourself.

The tale was lighthearted with likeable (with one main exception) characters who you were rooting for the whole of the way through.
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The title is a winner just by itself!
 After surviving a bone marrow transplant, Rose is happy to continue her studies to become an archaeologist.  It is only when she opens a letter from her grandmother, left for her after her death, that Rose starts her quest to find thank and find her bone marrow donor.
Set in the beautiful Cornish countryside and coast this heart warming story brings the Cornish summer to life; regattas, coach trips, pretty villages, storms and legends.
I loved the sailing details and the boatbuilding techniques and also that paradise still has traffic jams and obnoxious people.
A wonderful advert for the county
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Another fabulous book by Phillipa Ashley! Take yourself away from the mundane and into this lovely world. You’ll be laughing and crying with the characters and want to be in their world. Loved it!
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

Fabulous 5🌟 book by Phillipa 

I absolutely love reading books set in Cornwall, with lovely summer days and the glistening sea, and romance, the perfect recipe for a fabulous read. 

When Rose has had her transplant, she is wanting to find her donor. Her Nan, left her a letter in which she encouraged her to find them. 

She goes off to Cornwall, where’s she’s doing an archeology dig. Whilst there, she meets Joey and Finn, they are owners with their mother of a  boatyard. 

Her place where she’s staying is above a mystical shop that’s run by Oriel. 

There was lots going on to keep me hooked, romance as well as drama.

Recommend It.
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Firstly, I must say a huge thank you to Avon Books and NetGalley for sending me an eARC of this book to review. #gifted

I requested this book because I love Cornwall, having spent a lot of time there. To start reading and find that it also covers the issue of bone marrow donation, I was hooked. Organ donation is something that is very close to my heart and I am always pleased to see all types of donation covered in books.

This is the first book of Phillipa Ashley’s that I have read. I have seen lots of positive reviews of her previous novels and this one did not disappoint.

I really liked the characters and found them very relatable. I also loved the relationships between the characters. I especially liked Oriel and found her to be a very interesting character.

This book was really well researched. It was very clear that Ashley had spent a long time looking into Cornwall, Cornish history and legends, bone marrow donation, and also into sailing and boat building.

This a is a lovely story to curl up with and get lost in. I really enjoyed it and will definitely be looking to read more by Phillipa Ashley in the future.
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Love Philippa’s writing style.  You feel you are hooked from the very first page and drawn into her book as a bystander watching the story act out in front of you.  This is a story of a girl called rose whose life is precious to her and she is determined to make the most of it.    She gets swallowed up into the Cornish village life very quickly and you are wondering will she wont she fall in love with one of the Morvah brothers.  A must read…
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Such a sweet and gratifying read. 

I would like to thank Avon Books UK for providing me with an advance readers copy via access to the galley for free through the NetGalley program.

I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a summer read that you want to just immerse yourself into, a moment in someone else’s story with a bit of warmth, hope, escapism, sailing on the water, archeological intrigue, love, brokeness, and a unifying heartfelt, selfless life story.

The Story
Such a lovely read. Starts off mellow, then revisits the past with standout memories and emotional reconciliation, both surprise and acceptance in a way that I felt was realistic and inviting for a book of this subject matter. I felt the joy, the longing, the portrayal of health not lost but shared and all the village insight to go with it. I’ll just leave it at that as to not give it away.

The Writing
Ashley always writes in a way that puts readers to ease. I felt captured by the moments in time with just enough peek into the next scene without being drawn out or belabored.

There were a few moments of more passive approach, lines such as would have meant, had to, might, were this, so this, had been something, seemed, thought it would have. Which was okay, just more than I wanted to read over.

I loved the overall storyline and approach to more delicate emotional state, the supportive characters, and how life changes were portrayed.
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This was a beautifully written book. The research that must have gone into every single subject must of been immense. Boat building, cornish myths, archeology, sailing and medicine. I certainly learnt a lot.  Then to bring all of that into a plot line about friendship, family and love is amazing. 
Rose is a character that has been through a lot and this is about her quest to say thanks to her donor for saving her life and giving her another chance, however it felt to me that throughout the book she was the one doing all the helping. She had such a positive attitude and really wanted to help people that every person she interacted with she had an impact on. Oriel is a fantastic character and I became really invested in her tours and rooting for her to beat Nigel at what ever game he was up to. 
The friendship between Rose and Joey was really nice and I liked how she helped him examine his true self enabling him to be with Lauren and also build bridges with his brother Finn. Finn and Rose are drawn to each other right from the start and waited eagerly for them to get together, I think I was just as relived as they were in that moment when they finally voiced all their feelings. 
Some wonderful  characters and some great escapism to Cornwall.
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What a lovely story, I think Phillipa’s best yet. A very sweet summer read,

This was really well researched with regards to sailing and aspects of archeology and had the perfect balance of drama, humour and romantic angst. 

Thank you to The publisher and Netgalley for providing me with an arc of this book in exchange for my review.
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Really enjoying reading this book sat out in the sunshine in my garden wishing i was down in Cornwall
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the arc of this book in exchange for this review
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This is the story of Rose, an archaeologist, who had her life saved by an anonymous bone marrow donor. She decides to set off to find the man who saved her life and ends up rediscovering herself, learning to sail, making new friends and finding love. 
A perfect book for summer time by Phillipa Ashley look forward to reading more of her books.
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I am a sucker for small town, sweet, romance stories that provide escapism from reality and this book fit the bill. This story drew me right in and I had a hard time putting it down. The setting was perfect, the characters were easy to connect to and it really was the perfect summer read. It had me longing to go on a get away myself!

Thank you to NetGalley & Avon for the ARC!
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What a beautiful story. Descriptive. Full of wonderful insight into Cornwall. I loved it do much that I am going to be tracking down the rest of her books. Lovely!!!
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As well as offering a delightful storyline for a heartwarming summer read, this novel also showcases the far west of Cornwall exquisitely. The descriptions of the coast and creeks of the area are rich and evocative, and the author clearly understands the challenges facing the communities that live and work there all year round and manages to weave this into her narrative. Highly recommended
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“The mermaid was hanging around the boatyard again.” An Endless Cornish Summer by Philipa Ashley

Been curious about this author’s books for a long time. And now that I’ve read this book... well, let’s just say my tbr has a lot of other books there that will keep me the next century. 

It’s not bad.  It’s ok.  It has an interesting premise: a recipient of a bone marrow donation, Rose went to where she thinks her donor is, to find out more of him, to thank him for his life-changing decision to donate.  She is guided by a postcard sent to her by him. So she sorta stalks (well, it’s light stalking) the family who she suspects is her donor a part of. Then she meets the brothers.   And ends up falling for one of them.

It’s set in a charming fishing village in Cornwall.  Which makes me want to visit it. And the supporting characters are great.  And I guess the brothers are too. Rose is a little bland for me, was a bit detached from her. 

And this felt a tad tame too. 😂 Oh well. I guess I’m craving for thrills and chills in reading this week.  

Thank you Avon Books UK and NetGalley for this arc. This book will be out June 24, 2021.

1 arc down, lemme see, how many more to go?

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