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How to Kill Your Family

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A new Kind Hearts and Coronets: dark, twisted and deliciously funny.

Oh just joyously, tantalising amoral!

It's wonderful living along with someone who can do and DOES all those things you would NEVER dream of doing yourself. Family members wronged you? Off them! Someone can help you get to them? Use them!

Grace has been wronged, there's  no denying it. The old story of the young, pretty woman tossed aside by the rich playboy when she finds she's pregnant - her mother's story. Grace's? Raised in poverty and then to anger at the injustice. Then raises herself to revenge. On the whole family who have disowned her and her mother. You may squirm in glee as you realise she's about to try and 'off' the whole entitled lot of them.

Yet she writes this from prison... so what has happened? 

I love the old Ealing comedies, and this had a strong whiff of Kind Hearts and Coronets about it, also written from prison by a poor family member who tried to kill his whole family. 

Grace is just wonderful - absolutely appallingly without mercy, yet you feel it's justified. And you don't want to stop her - you want to see just what she's capable of.

But she's in prison... she never lets us forget that. Which really does spark curiosity as to why she's there for a murder she DIDN'T commit... and if she can get away with those she did.

Ohhh this was brilliant. And Mackie does save her best throw for the end, a total curveball just when you think you can see the end of the game in sight.

So easy to read, perfect black comedy material, hard not to get caught up with Grace in her 'quest', and a villainess you love to hate but admire at the same time.  

With thanks to Netgalley for providing a sample reading copy.
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Now don’t get me wrong I loved the whole story and the plot especially the ending which made the whole book for us both. Totally unexpected. But this book has really really LONG chapters. We are talking huge chapters here. Which many readers including myself do not like. Which made reading it drag for us both even if we split it into three or four chapters a day.

The story is told from inside her cell and splits chapters to each of her kills with also a look inside her prison life. Each kill is different. Each clever. Each very well planned out. Can’t fault that. Just the long chapters is the downfall here. Which is why I awarded four stars instead of five.
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Probably my favourite book of the year. I was hooked from the first couple of pages and finished the book in two days. Bella's writing is...the best work I can think of to describe it is cool.

Whilst the plot is not the same it gave me the same feelings as Killing Eve. 

Absolutely loved it, cannot wait to see what Bella comes up with next.
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This is the first book for a long time that I have stayed up late reading. It has humour, suspense and a great ending. I can see why this book is so popular. Should be on everyone’s reading list this year.
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Loved it! Great twists and turns and I developed an empathy for the main character, despite her being a truly awful person.
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I expected big things from the title and synopsis, but sadly this fell flat.

- the lack of humour and sarcasm really made this slow and boring.
- nearly every stereotype you can think of is mentioned and the main character is a judgmental bitch that just adds to them, which I'm not sure was the author's aim.
- the murders were disappointing and any umph I had at the start for her to get her misguided vengeance ended very quickly because there was so little involvement
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A fascinating story of betrayal, family, revenge and utter hatred. Its dark, and compelling and very funny. Grace will stop at nothing to get revenge on her estranged father who abandoned her mother when she was pregnant, and failed to help out Grace when her mother died at a young age. 

Its insightful about many of the frustrating aspects of modern life. The characters are mostly hateful and utterly flawed, but in a story like this that works. I'm not sure I want to find serial killer warm and relatable. Although there are definitely characters I loathed more than Grace.

All in all a pacey, fun and compelling read.
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I really wanted to like this book but found it to be flat, dull and stuffed full of lazy sterotypes. Have enjoyed the author's previous work so perhaps had set my expectations too high. A shame.
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REVIEW: How to Kill Your Family by Bella Mackie

Grace Bernard has killed several people, but she is currently in prison for a murder that she did not commit. Grace has been killing off members of her family one by one for a while, and she’s got away with it. But she’s annoyed that she’s in prison for this boring crime when the complex operation she has committed nobody knows. 

This one started off so well for me. I found it compelling and funny. Grace is a dreadful and messy person, but you can’t help liking her a lot of the time. The elaborate plan she has to kill all of her family members for 
revenge, for them dismissing her and mother. This includes dark humour, which a lot of it I did enjoy. 

However, I couldn’t feel help but feel like this novel was really quiet fatphobic, and I don’t know if it was trying to do that and examine it, but it didn’t feel like that to me. I just noted that a lot it referred to fat characters as disgusting or compared them to other thinner people, which just left me feeling a bit meh. Also, the ending, was a bit of a let down for me. I think I would have preferred that it didn’t have a plot twist. 

Overall, a fun novel but it left me a little disappointed. I will keep my eye out on what Bella Mackie writes next though as I would probably read from her again.
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Bella Mackie has written an absolutely fantastic novel. This is written in such a clever way, and is not the story I was expecting at all. This book would make an amazing film adaption, or TV series! The main character, Grace, is an incredible persona and is a fantastic lead character. You invest in her past and find yourself sympathising and understanding her on a deep level. This book is hilarious and thrilling at the same time. The writing is so sharp and pleasing. Also, what a final chapter?! So hopeful for HTKYF2....
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I’d heard lots about this book so was looking forward to reading it.

It’s definitely an original story line that is dark and funny all at the same time.

Enjoyable and well worth the read
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An original and well written read that I so wanted to like based on the synopsis and rave reviews on twitter. Unfortunately I just couldn't engage with the novel or Grace, the protagonist or connect with the humour and so found this to be a disappointing read. However based on the reviews I'm sure others will love the dark humour and twisty plot.
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this digital ARC.
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An entertaining read but sadly didn’t meet my expectations. The beginning quickly drew me in, however it went downhill and although there were some great parts, I found myself becoming quickly distracted and had to force myself to continue reading.
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It's not often that a book comes a long that feels wholly original and refreshing and original. An absolutely fantastic read that keeps the pages turning.
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My 12 year old daughter kept side eyeing me when I was reading this. I don’t know why as I already know what to do anyway, I don’t need a book of tips! (Don’t worry, I’d only do this to rich relatives and not my beautiful children… they have no money! I crack myself up more than I do other people…) 

Anyway, this was a brilliant read, it was funny, well written and very well thought out. I will be encouraging my friends to buy this, and if I ever win the lottery, I’ll make sure not to tell them… 
Thank you for letting me read this x
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Not at all what I expected but still thoroughly enjoyable.
We follow Grace as she describes how she murders her family, why and how she ended up in prison for a murder she actually didn’t commit. Grace’s reasoning makes sense the whole way through, and although the majority of people wouldn’t murder people for those reasons, she makes it seem quite normal and not at all like she’s a psychopath. 
The story is written in diary form, and can flit between parts of the story and be a little confusing. But this works well with the story as it makes it seem like she’s gone off on a bit of a tangent whilst giving you more of the story. I think because of this, it had me wanting to read on more and more because I wanted to know more about the part of the story before it went off on another tangent. 
It picked up a lot more towards the end, and I thought I knew where the story was going and how it would end, but right up to the last chapter I was still guessing at the wrong ending. 
One of the more interesting crime novels I’ve read this year and one that has a dark sense of humour scattered throughout.
Thank you to NetGalley and Harper Collins for allowing me to read this book for an unbiased review.
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If you appreciate dark humour and badass women then you’ll love this one. Hell bent on righting wrongs of the past, Grace goes on a mission to eliminate each member of her dad’s side of the family. Grace’s sense of justice, vulnerability and deviously pithy one-liners had me rooting for her - even though she was meticulously slaughtering members of her family. Her sarcasm knows no bounds and I loved it.

The ending was a doozy, not gonna lie. I kinda saw it coming (I read a lot of crime and thrillers) but it still had a whammy effect.

If you’re a fan of My Sister the Serial Killer, then you’ll love this. I’ll happily look out more of Mackie’s Books.
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I have just finished this book and to my surprise, even though it was pretty hyped here on booksta, I enjoyed it 

Review 👇📖 

We are following the main character, Grace as she is dealing with her mother's death, swearing that she will revenge her death by making her father pay for abandoning the both of them and refusing to acknowledge her as his lovely daughter

Silently, she is following all of the six members of her father's family by murdering them. And this is not even the whole story! 

Over the course of the book, Grace is imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. Finding herself in the prison she starts telling us her story 

This book has got me hooked by the first page. Slick, Wildly Compulsive, the perfect mix of murder and comedy where the main character is plotting everything perfectly 

The way she followed her victims, the way she got so close to them it was impossible to think that sweetie Grace is capable of something like this

However, I did find the writing a little long winded sometimes, especially when she was describing her next murderous adventure. 
Probably I am used to the nordic noir kind of murderous and mysterious plot, this was more of a fictional-comedy-murder type of book, where I've enjoyed the social commentary and Grace's lines possibly more than the actual murders

Eventually, the end was a shocker and I am not regretting at all reading this one 

Recommended for:
So, if you are in the mood for a crime related Halloween 🎃 kind of book but you don't want to be traumatised in your sweetest dreams by the memory of what you've read, this is the perfect book for you! 

TW: Violence, Murder, Blood, Drugs, Sex references and Alcohol Abuse


Thank you Netgalley for the gifted ARC 🙏🏼
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I have loved everything about this one. This is well-written and a book that I have been completely unwilling to put down. I am a huge fan of this author and cannot wait for more.
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Sparky, Slick, Wildly Compulsive…
Sparky, slick and most amusing tale of revenge served cold as we are introduced to anti heroine Grace Bernard. Dark, twisted but wildly compulsive this is one sit read which is extremely difficult to part with and you may just find yourself rooting for Grace throughout.
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