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This is very much a first book. The setting is interesting and imaginative. The writing will doubtlessly mature, but in this book you can feel the work in getting the sentences to come together.
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This book was supplied to me by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I ended up abandoning this book, I couldn't get past the formating issues and the missing parts of sentences. 

I found the characters dull and the writing style failed to draw me in. It takes a lot for me to DNF a book but I couldn't bring myself to finish this.
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As I have seen others mention on Goodreads, I was torn on this book and my enjoyment fluctuated while reading. The world is rich and clearly well-developed, the characters are likeable but felt somewhat one-dimensional. Very early on the main character, Kit, falls into the 'over-powered protagonist' role - being the best at everything despite having never handled a weapon before, which isn't a trope I particularly enjoy. I would have preferred to see her master these skills through practice and determination, rather than immediately excel at everything. 
The plot contained enough twists and turns to keep it interesting, but it was somewhat simple and could have benefitted from more exposition.
I think the author has great promise and I'm excited to see what she produces in the future, for me this book had solid foundations but just didn't quite rise to meet its full potential. 
Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable read, and I would read more from this author in the future.
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Spirit of a Kyrie by T. L. Rese is an excellent, imaginative novel. I loved the setting and the writing from T.L Rese.
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Kit wants more than her life of thieving to help her family. She dreams of becoming a knight; possibly even a Kyrie, the most prestigious level of knight. So she runs away to make her dream come true.

I'm having trouble reviewing this because I enjoyed the concept of this novel, but I felt like it could have been split into two novels. The first half we follow Kit on her way to joining the hopefuls that want to join the knights. And then she has her tests as a hopeful. I feel like the end of that was perfect as a novel. We got to see Kit grow into herself and make friends, along with learn about the world.

Then the second half should have been another novel. It would have shown the pass of time better, as well as giving readers a chance for a breather. It was difficult to go from one kind of potential knight to traveling to becoming another potential knight. It felt as if there wasn't enough time for Kit and her friends to make decisions. They just trained and took Tests.

However, I really enjoyed this world and the treasonous acts that almost took a backseat in the book. Sadly it seems as if there isn't going to be more to this series, even though I think it has such potential. I'd love to see the author's growth along with more of Kit.
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A young girl dreams of becoming one of the greatest knights of all...

In a white desert at a time of famine, Kit is among the starving children who beg and thieve the streets. Until one day, she discovers she has the makings of a great knight. Becoming a knight would bring her family wealth and prestige, but it also means risking her life to pass the Tests... Each book in the Sky Lands series is a standalone. The books can be read in any order.


The premise sounds pretty good and it's done a great great job but the story is nope for me. It's a pretty quick read for me but the writing style Is just not for me so nope.
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First of all I have to say that I really, really fell in love with this cover. The colours are a classical but the theme itself is presented so well that I was drawn to it immidiately. 

I started reading without thinking much but as soon as I switched to the next sites I was absorbed in this story. The kind of massive page number (well for me) was forgotten and I read and read and read. 

The storytelling is good and I loved the fast pace. The worldbuilding was great and I loved the learn more about it every time. Kit was a great maincharacter.
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This book was well ehhh a disappointment. I didn’t dislike it to the point where i want to say too many things about it. Its simply not a book I enjoyed.

One of the biggest reasons was its boring writing style. Im a reader who enjoys the prose and storytelling more if the writings is more atmospheric or sombre and this book was neither of them. It just didn’t do anything for me and while i say this, it’s important to point out the writing style was not bad, it simply was not something i enjoyed!

The next is the plot and characters. This book falls deep into your typical tropes and unfortunately there weren’t any nuances or layers for me to be invested as a reader. I found a lack of character development especially with Kit and the cast... was so boring, idk thats how I’d describe the book in one word. 

The pacing too felt so slow and i was expecting for something solid to happen and yeah well i was bored all throughout.

Note: i received an eARC from the publisher in exchange of an honest review via NetGalley.
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I am finding this very difficult to review. For about the first 30% of the book I just wanted to stop reading. I pushed through it and did find some aspects of the book enjoyable even though I felt the overall execution was lacking.

The world building was good. There was clearly a lot of time and energy that was put into building a world full of different plants, animals, and environments that were all unique and very different, like the Ashes or Furia. These were very enjoyable. However, these weren't often developed to their full potential and a lot of times were treated as an info dump instead of integrated into the story.

The only real character that I felt had any personality was Kit. The others just kind of blended together. And even then, you didn't get a lot about Kit. I didn't care that much about her. Somehow she's this prodigy who can fight and be top of her class without any training. It makes little sense. 

There was no sense of how much time passed. The details of training were glossed over and seasons passed and that's all you know. 

The book would have been better served being split into a trilogy, each focusing on a different citadel and the training in each, developing the characters and world in more detail instead of all crammed together in one giving just surface details. 

There is potential here but a good editor is needed.
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I've never read anything by this author before, and I was happy to learn the books can all be read as standalones. I enjoyed the world building and reading Kit's story. This book was very hard to put down!
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Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest review.

As much as I wanted to enjoy this book I couldn't. The writing just didn't do anything for me and some sentences were left unfinished.

The book also seemed rushed where it was almost like you couldn't catch your breath before Kit did something else.

I do believe I would try this again once the editing has been sorted as unfinished sentences leave much to the imagination and I'm don't think this is what the author was going for.
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I received this book as an E-ARC from NetGalley in return for an honest review.

I couldn't finish this book.

It wasn't bad-- I liked the characters I saw, there are lush depictions of a world that's pretty interesting, and it plot was relatively engaging.

HOWEVER, the formatting of the e-book is an absolute nightmare. I'm not sure who did it, where it came from, or how no one noticed there was an issue. No separation of paragraphs, entire sentences cut off and inserted in the middle of other sentences. I couldn't read it not because I didn't want to, but because I actually couldn't read it. There were entire sentences unfinished, only for their ends to be randomly shoved into a paragraph or two later.

If they revamp the formatting of this book, I will happily finish up, but as it is right now, I cannot.
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This book is an easy and very fast read.  I had not realised it was one of a series but it is fine as a stand alone.  I found the writing style extremely irritating.  It was almost as if it could not decide what it wanted to be.  There is the 'story' and then the writing wanders off in a totally different style as if the author is indulging in whimsy.  This to me adds absolutely nothing to the enjoyment of the  book and in fact does the complete absolute.  There are some very good elements but there is little that is original.
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I was very happy to find out you didn't have to read all the books before this one, which helps a lot. Especially when you do not find out it's apart of a series till you download the book or look it up. The writing style is alright and suits the journey Kit goes through stealing and begging for what she needs to survive and then by fate she discovered she has the potential to become a knight and finally gives her family the love and prosperity they deserve but it comes at a price. This book was so quiet enjoyable and I am very tempted to pick up the rest books in the series.

Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for allowing me to read this.
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This book seems to be written in 2 very different styles and formats and it really made it difficult for me to write a fair review. Both styles were fine but together they didn't mesh and I kind of felt an overarching sense of annoyance over the writing style change and no longer felt invested in the story, the characters, anything really. DNF.
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It didn't take long to get through this book despite it being so long. The chapters were short enough that I could read them on my commute to work and I didn't have to stress too much about being stuck in the middle of a chapter and having to reread it. 

That being said, I expected this to be a young adult or adult fantasy, but the writing in the beginning of the book was almost as though the author was trying to write a middle grade novel. Some of the writing was reminiscent of Aru Shah and the End of Time or The Lightning Thief. Several chapters in, the book switched gears and started to read more like a young adult novel, but it felt lacking in descriptions and substance. 

The world itself felt described well, it had a somewhat atmospheric vibe to it instead of being blatantly specific about describing tiny details. I do quite enjoy atmospheric storytelling, but I didn't like the balance between atmosphere and action in this book, which weren't described very well for me. 

Aside from all of this, the book also felt rushed. I barely had enough time to understand what was happening before Kit was off doing something else or going somewhere else. It felt pointless to spend so much time on the atmospheric storytelling element of this book for the characters to just move on again, to a new place, where we get more, slightly different atmospheric storytelling, but not enough to distinguish the places. 

I think this would have been more my style if it weren't so fast paced so that I had time to connect to Kit and get a feel for what is going on before she just decided to throw herself into 'the test.' Some more elaboration and explanation would have made it easier for me to connect with this story, but as is, it felt like 2-3 books crammed into one and it was really difficult for me to read because of that. 

This is most definitely a plot driven book, whereas I typically lean towards character driven stories. Perhaps this is just a case of 'this book wasn't for me' but it might be right for someone else. In any case, this book has a lot of potential, and I'm interested to see how TL Rese grows as a writer, especially if they stick with this atmospheric type of storytelling (which I usually very much love.)
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I liked this overall. Fantasy is not my first choice, but I do read it occasionally. This has been out since 2014, but hasn't generated many reviews or attention. The author has a nice writing style, and I stayed mostly engaged. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I was a YA, but I've read plenty that I'm "too old" for. 

Thanks very much for the review copy!!
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thanks to netgalley for providing me with an arc.

as much as i wanted to love this book, it fell short for me. the story and characters felt bland, more so the world-building. it just felt like the author wasn’t planning where the story was going. in my opinion, the world-building was poorly written out but the world was diverse enough to have potential—until it didn’t. i hoped to see more of this, it was ok but nothing special.
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This is a really easy read. I devoured this in short time and it was a nice palate cleanser after reading a lot of very dark books. I have never read a book by this author before and therefore cannot compare the quality of this book with their other works but I think this book works and if the blurb sounds interesting to you give it a try. 

I liked the main character well enough even though I think comparisons with Superman are not wrong - the character appears to have only a few flaws and no real weakness which makes it not that gripping to follow the narrative. I never questioned if something would work out for the main character. 

I also think the prose still needs some work (or an editor). I cannot pinpoint what exactly I did not like about it about it but sometimes the picture the author wanted to paint with their words was not very clear.
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The writing in this one needs a bit more editing in you ask me. I liked the overall story of Kits rise to the ultimate status and the enjoyment of watching her meet her goals. She felt honestly a bit like Superman without the Kryptonite though, almost over powered if you will. This might just be my perception, I think others will enjoy this story overall, it just didn't hit all the 1-2s for me personally.
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