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I did not finish this book. I made it to chapter 17, so take the 1 star with a grain of salt. 

The best part of the book was an email log between our main character and "Mr obnoxious" who accidentally sends her the email intended to dump his partner. These segments are somewhat funny and entertaining. 

Grace herself is needlessly obnoxious and selfish. She's terrible at her job and seems to be proud of this, and she predictably falls for the 'bad boy'. I couldn't relate or empathise with her at all. She's hyperfocused on everyone's appearance including her own (on an obsessive level). 
I'll keep this intentionally vague for *spoilers* but there is a strange sexual assault in the book, where a client assaults a female at a corporate dinner to secure a contract, and a man comes to her rescue, and then just talks about how worried he is that he'll get charged with assault and lose his job and it's very me-me-me. It made me realise I didn't have time for the book and that's where I DNF'd.

This book has a cute idea, but it was executed poorly.
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Unfortunately this wasnt the best book  I've ever read but nor was it the worst. If it was a movie it would be called a chick flick and about 60% of the way through it became very predictable.
Still a good, light read if you want something to take your mind off the world for a bit.
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Enjoyable but fairly predictable story. Didn’t take long to read and wouldn’t have wanted to spend a great deal more time on it.
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When Grace is dumped by email by someone she is not even in a relationship with, she sends an angry reply to Mr Obnoxious. This starts a fun email banter between the two. Things are looking up for Grace when her crush at the office, Jack, starts to pay her a bit more attention when they work together to secure a big account. But are things too good to be true? 

I was a bit worried when I saw mixed reviews for this book after I finished it but I'm pleased to say that I really enjoyed this one. I loved getting to know Grace and her friends and seeing her grow as a character.
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DNF @ 21%

I have a policy of not rating the books I don't finish, but NetGalley doesn't allow that, hence the 1-star. Please bear in mind that my review is only based in the 21% I have read! 

Unfortunately I did not enjoy this at all. I requested it because the idea seemed fun and with a lot of potential, but I cannot stand the female protagonist. To me Grace is a self-centered, unprofessional brat and I'm finding it impossible to like her, which in another kind of book might not be a problem, but here it means that I do not care about her, her story or her romance at all. I'm also not getting any feelings from the email exchange, which was the part I was more excited about, and the attempts at humour have fallen flat on me. Sadly this book was just not for me.
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Thanks to Netgalley for providing me with an arc copy of this title in exchange for an honest review. 

You’ve Got Mail follows Grace who one day receives an email where she is dumped, however she isn’t in a relationship. The email clearly was sent to the wrong address and not worded well. Annoyed by this message she emails back to give this guy a piece of her mind and a little advice on how to handle the situation better. 

This synopsis pulled me in straight away. Sadly, whilst the emailing of Mr Obnoxious is a running thread throughout the novel, and my favourite part of the story, there just wasn’t enough of it. I would argue that more time is spent with Grace going on a work trip with a guy from her office and what goes on between them. I really disliked said guy she goes on the trip with and therefore for most of the book I just felt angry and frustrated as the guy does not treat her well and she can’t see it. 

There were elements I liked about this book like the emailing and I was surprised by something involving the guy she was emailing at the end of the book. However, too much time was spent and wasted (in my opinion) on a different plot line and character which I hated. If the book had focused more on the emailing back and forth, I think the book could have had the same message and our main character could have still learnt how to love herself and realise she is worthy and deserves better but the story would have felt less rushed, more developed and I would have enjoyed the reading experience much more.
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From the Cover and the summary, I have to be honest, I expected something different. Certainly nothing as heavy as sexual assault and manipulation/psychological abuse. Which is certainly what happens in this book and I definitely wasn't ready. At all. 

Sadly I didn't connect with Grace on any level, she seemed too single minded to me and a little flat. Too flat for a protagonist certainly. I felt like she only cared about Men (Jack in particular) and Shopping. As horrible as the sexual assault was and as bad as I felt for her, she was also great switching between being SUPER BOTHERED by it and not thinking about it at all as she was running after Jack. It didn't fit together for me, there was a disconnect. 

The saving Grace (haha) so to speak was the person who turned out to be Mr O. I have to admit, At first I didn't see that coming at all. Her perception of him seemed too far in the friendzone. She wouldn't think about him at all and then suddenly his physique was all she could think about and it bothered me. It also bothered me because he was lovely and she doesn't deserve him at all. Not a bit. Nope. But that might be just me. 

Overall, it really fell flat. The Second star is for Mr O and for Mr O only.
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Actual rating: 3.5/5
TW: Sexual Assault

Grace is single but she has been dumped by email and has a job she doesn't like. One day, she is asked to go on a work trip with a hot partner and everything changes.
Firstly, the characters were a bit flat but their struggles felt real. I also really like the representations of friendships that are always here for you.
Second, the plot was great but I feel like the end was a bit too quick. I truly liked the way that Grace finds herself and how she becomes independent and confident.
Last but not least, some parts were touching and some more light-hearted.
Overall, You've Got Mail was good but it could have been better.
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DNF at 35%. 
I didn't engage with this book. The narrative idea was good but I just couldn't connect with the characters. The book was well written but just didn't engage me.
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2 1/2 stars. I did not really connect with this story as much as I had expected to and ended up skim reading after 50%.  Maybe it’s because she felt quite young but I could not relate with Grace at all. Her “voice” did not resonate with me and the premise as per the blurb was not as engaging as I expected  it would be. I also didn’t feel any chemistry at all between her and either of her potential love interests.  I did like the friend circle with Etta and Daisy and think the author has a good writing style.  Might suit other readers but not for me.
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I wanted to love this book from the title alone but honestly I just could not get into this one! I found the main character incredibly unlikable and in the end dnf-ed the book. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy of the book.
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Not the book I originally thought it would be interested in, it was more focused on the self discovery of the the main character rather than love.

Grace works for a window distribution company and doesn't exactly love her job but does the minimum to get by. A Dear John email lands in her inbox one Friday which sends her into a spin as she doesn't have a boyfriend plus sending an email to finish with someone is just mean. After discussing it with her friends she opts to reply to the email on Monday.

In between getting sent on a work conference to land a client with the sales playboy, she emails back and forth to Mr Obnoxious (as she has called him). Falling for the charms of the playboy, a sexual assault from the new client, secrets and lies lead to Grace completely overwhelmed.
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This book was exactly what I needed! It had so many highs and lows and was so well written. I loved the story Grace went through, and am I the only one who guess who Mr O was after a certain point. So happy I was right though! The friendship between Grace, Etta and Daisy was something everyone needs and I loved getting more and more involved in their story. Jack is also garbage and needs to get in the bin where he belongs.
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I started this book after reading a more serious and dark murder mystery novel so I appreciated this lighthearted romance.
I could completely relate to Grace and her friends. Who didn't live for the weekend and going out with friends in their early twenties? I just didn't have a gorgeous upstairs neighbour. But that must really only happen in romcoms, right?

I think most of us have had something similar to a Jack in our lives at one stage or another. He's a total arse and his character became even more dislikeable as the story went on. I cringed for Grace, wishing she would open her eyes.
There are a few very nice and sweet scenes between Grace and her friend Harry. I couldn't help but hope he was responsible for the emails. Grace's relationship with her friends was lovely and I liked how the four of them were a tight unit. Grace does keep people at arm's length to some degree and this is something I could relate to as well.
This was a really fun and cute RomCom. It is more lighthearted rather than laugh out loud funny but it was a quick read and I found myself unable to put it down. I read it in one day and I loved it
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A big no from me on this, I just didn’t like the story, the characters or anything about this. The main character, Grace I found completely unlikeable and downright infuriating at times. It just made me not want to read it. Then the ending, just no. I didn’t enjoy this at all.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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I was gifted this e-book by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

The synopsis of this book grabbed me, being dumped by a mysterious stranger through email out the blue, being in a job she hated and having a crush. I thought I was in for some serious romance and self discovery. However, this book just did nothing for me. My aim with this review isn't to bash the book or tear it down, there is every chance you will enjoy this book, these are just my opinions on my experience reading the book. 

Starting with the characters, I struggled to connect with Grace just in general. She came across very immature, more teenager that mid-twenties adult. I found it stranger her only interest was getting drunk or when she'd next get drunk. She just didn't feel real and very unlikeable. When the potential love interest came into play, I got nothing from it, just fickle, weird narrative. Which is a shame as there was a great concept around manipulation and victim blaming in there. Grace also came across super naive and there wasn't enough done to build and connect the events throughout the book for them to feel real. The only time Grace felt likeable or real was when she was emailing Mr Obnoxious.

I didn't really feel much romance in the entire book, which is fine but there were so few moments between Grace and Mr Obnoxious that it didn't quite feel like the connection was there at times. I don't know, there was just that something missing for me. The side characters, well I didn't learn much about them and I understand after getting to the end sort of why that is but it does present all the characters at time as not caring for each other, in which case why are they friends. This does start to make more sense as we actually learn something about Grace that isn't alcohol but its pretty much at the end. I do wish we had more of the openness that end of book Grace at the beginning to help us connect to her struggles.

I did like some of the themes presented in this book even if they weren't presented in a way that didn't suit my reading style. There are themes of manipulation, victim blaming, assault, low self-esteem verging on a type of depression and bullying that can really hit home with readers but like I said they just didn't feel real to me at parts. The last 15% of the book seemed to do a 180 and the writing, plotline and characters all suddenly developed into real people and interesting pros as part of Graces transformation but it's almost too little to late. Part of that 15% is tackling the themes I've mentioned and in that respect I did start to enjoy the narrative as everything seemed to become more rounded. 

I really do wish I liked this book more, but unfortunately it just didn't hit the mark with me. Others will definitely love this book as it does cover some important themes. I'd love to hear what others what to say on it as it could give me a better perspective.
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I got a lot of Bridget Jones vibes from this book, but unfortunately I think Helen did it better.

I didn't love Grace's constant mentions of Primark. I imagine it was done to make her super relatable but unfortunately all it did here was annoy me. 

I hated the way Grace's sexual assault was swept under the rug and poorly dealt with for fear it ruin another, thír party person's career.

I expected a lot from a secret budding romance book but it fell flat for me. I even guessed who Mr O would turn out to be halfway though.

That all said, I really loved Grace's friends, and I love close knit friendship groups in books which was done so well here.
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This book was unfortunately not for me. I liked the premised and thought I would enjoy it more than I did, but I couldn't push myself to care about the main character, whom I disliked immediately.
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Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for my e-book. I enjoyed this debut from Kate G. Smith. The story took me a few chapters to get into, as I felt that it took some time to build the characters up, but once I got there I enjoyed it. 

I loved the concept of receiving an email that you weren’t meant to get, and over time that changing different parts of your life. The book was easy to read, and it was relatable as I’m sure we’ve all had moments where we are struggling for motivation and where we are fed up with our love life. I liked Grace and the depiction of the relationship with her friends Daisy and Etta. I also liked that over the course of the book as Grace found herself the tone of her narrative voice shifted to be less self-deprecating.

I do think that the book could have had a content warning as there is a sexual assault that was a bit unexpected. It is part of the narrative, so it’s not gratuitous, but I think that could be better signposted.

I also spotted a couple of typos (though not unexpected in an ARC!)

Overall I enjoyed this, and I would read another book by this author - it is a good romcom debut.
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You've got mail is an easy feel good rom com I could  so this as a movie and I would watch it.  Although I'm a psychological thriller girl the occasional laugh to break it down is great.

Grace is works for a window sells company with best friend Daisy who she also lives with, along side Etta. Grace hates her job and I'd on her final warning but when she is sent to a conference with Jack the guy she's had an office crush on for like ever  she starts to get excited. However the trip goes terribly wrong and Jack makes her sear she won't say why. Meanwhile she has recieved an email from  a stranger dumping his girlfriend. She ends up corresponding with him and then finds herself telling him whay he should say. This becomes somewhat a hobby as once word gets out how good she was people start to pay her. 

As I said this is a rom com. The protagonist is a day dreamer. As Grace is narrating throughout its quite funny to her what she's thinking and where she goes internally. I'm no psychiatrist but I would say she shows clear signs of borderline personality disorder. However Grace's inner monologues are quite hilarious at times. Although I did wish she would concentrate in conversation ad I wanted to know what others were saying  

Her friends are over protective but for a good reason  Jack is a slimball but Grace doesn't see it  her friends wish Grace would focus and walk away from unhealthy self destructive relationships I.e Jack and focus on her. But she loves him and cannot see how poorly he treats her. I thought the book with go from bad boy goes good. It doesn't which actually was better but it was  hard to read in parts esp when they go to the conference. 

In all honesty this isn't the type of book I would normally buy let alone read but I'm glad I did. If your mind works like mine you will guess the twist in chapter 2, if you don't it is a lovely surprise. Tgis book has loads of mixed reviews but it's exactly what it's says it is  so if this is your genre read, if like me you need a break from the heavy stuff this is a light and easy book to read in between . If you like Tracy Bloom you will love this . Happy to give 3 🌟 stars. 

Thank you to netgalley,  the author and publishers for the advanced digital copy in exchange for my fair and honest opinions.
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