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Thank you Tasmin for the ARC.

As I see that you self published this I'd like to try to be kind in my review. Also out of respect for you I'm only publishing this review here and not on my blog/insta/goodreads. 

Writing a novel is super hard, and I commend you for taking it on. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish this.

I think one of the hard things about writing is knowing when to step back and have someone else take a look. You know personally where the story is going in your head, but the reader doesn't. I had a hard time following where the story was going, and why. What are Willow's motivations? 

In it's current form, Willow's Adventures needs a substantive editor to help with structure, and a copyeditor and line editor to help with grammar and flow. 

Find a couple editors that you can trust, keep writing and good luck!
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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me an arc of this book for an honest review.

This gave me Grimm feels, which I was really looking forward too. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this at all. I found Willow to be annoying and I couldn't quite figure out her motivations for getting involved.  While there was much description about the scenery, the development of characters was lacking and I didn't really care about them much. 

I DNF''d this book, as it really wasn't for me.
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I was providing with a complimentary digital review copy of Willow's Adventure in exchange for an honest review.

I think? this was self-published based on the amount of grammar and spelling errors and I don't think it's fair to rip into books for issues that likely arise just due to having a smaller team behind a book, but beyond that this isn't style wise the kind of book I tend to enjoy. Bradshaw uses all caps for emphasis a lot and this book is mostly speech which made the stilted dialog style really bog down the story. The plot also felt a bit unorganized to me. This felt like supernatural fanfic which by itself wouldn't be an issue, but it tries to both be 'monster of the week' and 'overarching later season baddy' at the same time and it makes the pacing feel really off. There were a few standout lines and aspects I enjoyed here, but it definitely wasn't the book for me.
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Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for providing me an arc of this book for an honest review. This review DOES NOT contain any major spoilers, so if the review is vague at times, that is why. 

DNF’d - 50% in

This book felt like an unedited Wattpad novel. This isn’t inherently bad, but if you were going to pay for the novel, I’d expect a higher quality in writing.

What I liked:
- [ ] Reminded me of Supernatural the TV show.

What didn’t hit the mark for me:
- [ ] The spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors were very obvious which pulled me out of the enjoyment of the story. 
- [ ] Cliche phrases that were cringe.
- [ ] No character development and the characters had no depth to them.
- [ ] Repetition of phrases that don’t bring anything to the story. 
- [ ] There are descriptions and paragraphs of what Willow is doing but it actually doesn’t tell me anything about her as a character. For example, in chapter one when willow gets into her hotel room and goes for a shower, there is a paragraph about how the showers was cold so she jumped out then it was warm so she jumped in ... there was no need for that. 

Overall thought: I liked the premise but this book needs to be severely edited as the mistakes and inaccuracies were obvious and took away from the reading experience. It was too unbearable to ignore, hence why I DNF’d
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DNF around 50% in.

Willow's Adventures was pretty disappointing if I'm being entirely honest. While the premise was interesting, I didn't feel much for Willow and it didn't even seem she cared much for the death of her family. It was hard to connect to her at all, and the writing for the book was lacklustre and didn't help.
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