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Anna Smith, Trapped. #Trapped #Review
7/4/20210 Comments
A gripping gangland thriller sees heroine crime boss Kerry Casey in jail - for fans of Kimberley Chambers, Martina Cole and Jessie Keane

Kerry Casey is still reeling from the bombshell that her lover, undercover cop Vinny Burns, has gone missing in Spain. She's pregnant with his baby and will do anything to find him.

One night, driving along a country road, Kerry and her Uncle Danny are ambushed by gunmen. In the confusion that follows, shots are fired and two men are murdered. Kerry and Danny can only look on as the bodies are dragged from their assailant's car and placed in their own.

The police arrive in minutes. With cocaine, dead bodies and guns in the car, it looks like an open-and-shut case.

Kerry's been framed. She is forced to wait out her fate inside a women's prison, still not knowing what has happened to Vinnie. On the outside the Casey gang are hunting down the men who did this to her and they will stop at nothing to find them.

Anna Smith is a truly awesome writer, I have read and enjoyed each and every one of her book over the years, this is another first class read. Trapped is the 4th book to feature Kerry Casey. 
​What a joyride I was taken on throughout this book, If you like a gritty gangland, fast paced, thrilling book then this is for you. 
This book, along with Anna's other books deserve way more than the 5 stars given, this book i would have no problems recommending to anyone who enjoys a gangland style read. 

When Kerry and her uncle Danny are framed, set up for murder, she is left feeling hopeless in prison, wondering what has happened to her lover Vinny. Its down to the Casey's crew' to not only find out what has happened to Vinny while he's been working undercover in Spain, but to also find out the who and why's from the set up that landed Kerry and Danny in prison. 
There is so much going on in this book that keeps you turning those pages, you really do end up hooked. I can't say too much without giving anything away, but what I will say if you are a fan of this author you really need to be reading this book, one of the best yet.
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This is a great gangland book and starts with Kerry Casey and her uncle Danny being ambushed and framed. They've been set up and are now in prison.  They haven't a clue what's gone on and why?

It's good to catch up with Kerry and see what her life has and is doing. The book has plenty of twists and turns leaving us readers gasping at times. 
A brilliant book and one that I highly recommend.

Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this excellent book. x
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Kerry Casey and the gang are back with another offering to her well established series and as usual it doesn't disappoint.  

Kerry and her Uncle Danny are ambushed and framed for a crime that they didn't commit and are sent to prison to await trail so it's left to the remaining Casey gang to unearth the truth and bring home their heavily pregnant boss. 

Meanwhile on the Costa Jake & Sully are tasked with locating a kidnapped Vinny (Kerry's partner) after an undercover police surveillance and bring him home but not without risk.

There is just so much going on in this gangland drama an intense gritty read.
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Another perfect read in this series. A great storyline with plenty of drama and action as expected - life is never quiet for Kerry Casey! I have no negative comments for book at all.
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Huge fan of this author and this is another absolutely great read. I have nothing negative I can say about this book. It has been a great read filled with interesting characters and a unique plot.
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Another instalment in the Kerry Casey series.  Always a great read and this one is no exception great plot and as always written in a way to keep the reader gripped.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Anna Smith once again thrills us with the next instalment of her Kerry Casey series and it does not disappoint. 
Kerry and her uncle Danny find themselves on remand for a crime they didn’t commit - it’s a setup but who set them up and why ?
At the same time her boyfriend and father of her unborn child goes missing while working undercover in Spain - who has him or is he dead ?
No spoilers so that’s all I’m going to say about the storyline but of course the content is so much more - it’s gangsters who don’t always play by the same rules as we do and if that’s your genre then put your feet up for the day and enjoy the ride because once you start you won’t be able to put it down. 
Fantastic read thank you Anna xx
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I'm always happy when I have a new Kerry Casey instalment on my TBR pile and this one is a belter! One piece of advice, only pick #Trapped up if you have time to read as it's a proper page turner. I managed to read this in one day stopping only to slice and dice the bits for tea (wanted to make sure I kept all my fingers). This is number four in the Kerry Casey gang bosses life within the Glasgow criminal underworld

We have two stories unfolding within these pages one being that someone integral to Kerry's future happiness is missing in Spain while working undercover. Then we have Kerry six months pregnant in Cornton Vale womens prison both her and her Uncle Danny have ended up on remand awaiting trial and it involves some pretty serious charges. Without giving too much away they've actually been set up and are completely innocent but by who and exactly how you'll have to read the book.

On her first night banged up Kerry meets Nat, a young lass who hasn't had the best of starts in life but who takes Kerry under her wing, telling her the rules, who's ok and who to avoid. I enjoyed the relationship with these two women, having someone to have her in a place like Cornton Vale is a godsend. By the time she is up for release she is in a better place and when Kerry makes a suggestion Nat agrees and so begins a new chapter for her.  

There's a plethora of characters in #Trapped some we love and some we loath with the story being told from more than one point of view it keeps the pace going at a steady gallop from start to finish. The book is so full of surprises, twists and revelations that you simply cannot help but read just one more chapter.

I'm a big advocate of reading a series in the correct order, it's the background details on the characters, all their wee foibles and habits, loves and losses. I always think it helps us understand what makes them tick makes them at times seem more relateable. The Kerry Casey series in no different so give yourself the enjoyment of getting to know starting with Blood Feud.

Read for an honest review. Thank Ms Smith, #Netgalley and Quercus Publishers.
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It’s been a long wait to find out what’s going on in Kerry Casey’s life, but it’s definitely been worth the wait. There is so much going on with Kerry, Danny and Vinny with lots of twists and turns you won’t want to put the book down. A worthy 5star read. I highly recommend this series
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Trapped is the fourth and final instalment in the Kerry Casey series, and a gritty, scintillating and quickfire conclusion to the saga. The prologue opens with Billy Dobson of the sinister Ulster Volunteer Force, a group of fixers who are willing to carry out pretty much anything from framing an innocent party to planting bombs and brutal murder provided the price is right. He knows how to keep his mouth shut which is the reason he's been chosen for this assignment. After the task had been completed he will receive £15,000 and swiftly leave the country. Earlier that evening he had executed two men by gunshot to the head execution style; he was never told very much about the targets but apparently, these guys got greedy. Then he’d driven their car, the bodies slumped in the back seat, to a country road on the outskirts of Milngavie. He parked it well out of the way in a lay-by close to a dirt track road, and waited. It involved a woman who’d be driving down the same road within twenty minutes. He’d assumed he had to put a bullet in her too, but that wasn’t the deal here. This was different. He waited at the roadside. He’d been told she’d left the place and was on her way down. But that she wasn’t alone. His mobile pinged. They were only three minutes away. He got ready. He got out of the car and onto the roadside, when he saw the lights from the approaching car at the turn of the bend. He staggered and waved his hands urgently, as though he was injured and in need of help. The car slowed down and pulled in to the side of the road, hazards flashing. In seconds, as planned, his men came from the bushes, three of them, guns blazing. Then the car doors opened. 

An older guy climbed out of the car, hands raised. Rab Downey and Davey McKay had been picked for the job and the pair of them pulled the bodies of Thomas Lumsden and Peter Hawkins out of the black BMW and dragged them over to the woman’s car, wedging them into the back seat. Then they went back to the BMW and lugged over two holdalls – which he knew contained cocaine and sub-machine guns. Then as the woman stood horrified, they planted them in the boot of her car. Dobson then made a call to inform his superiors that the job was done and hurriedly drove away. The police arrive at the scene and promptly place Kerry and her Uncle Daniel ”Danny” McGregor in handcuffs; they escort Kerry, who is 6 months pregnant, to Corton Vale Women's Prison where she would spend her first night sharing a cell with oddball Nat. Casey had now taken the reigns of one of Glasgow's most notorious gangs after the previous boss, her father, died. Both Kerry and Danny are remanded in custody awaiting trial while her lawyer, Marty Kane, tries to get her out. They begin tracking down the men who carried this out. But who has framed her for these horrific crimes and why, and can she prove her innocence? This is a riveting and compulsively readable gangland thriller with plenty of grittiness and enough twists, drama and mystery to keep you reading long into the night. Not only has crime boss Kasey got to deal with her wrongful incarceration but she also discovers that her beau, cop Vinny Burns, who has been on an undercover assignment in Marbella, Spain and happens to be the father of her unborn baby, has been kidnapped. It's fast-paced, well written and chock full of suspense and tension. A must-read. Highly recommended.
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Kerry Casey, a gangland crime boss and her Uncle Danny are in prison for crimes they didn't commit. They have been framed and are found with cocaine, dead bodies and guns in their car by the police. Whilst they are inside, the Casey gang are hunting down the men who did this to them. Another story is also being told of Vinnie, Kerrys' partner who is missing.
This was an enjoyable read of a gangland crime novel. It had plenty of twists and was fast paced. The plot was well written and full of suspense. The story was told from different points of view and this allowed more traits of characters to come through making them likeable and interesting.
At the start I didn't know the characters as this part of a series. I would advise anyone wanting to read this book to start at the first one to get to know the characters. I will look out and read more books by Anna Smith.
Overall I found this was a well written, page turner, fast paced gangland crime story with plenty of twists and a good plot. 
Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and author for this ARC.
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I’d like to thank Quercus Books and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read ‘Trapped’ by Anna Smith in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Whilst coming to terms that her lover, undercover cop Vinny Burns and the father of her unborn child, has disappeared in Spain, Kerry Casey has been framed for murder, possession of illegal drugs and firearms offences and is currently on remand in prison awaiting trial.  Following the death of her father, Kerry is now head of the notorious Glasgow crime family although she’s changing the business to be more legitimate.  Meanwhile, not only are the members of the Casey gang searching for the identity of the person who organised Kerry’s incarceration, they’re also in Spain trying to locate Vinny in the hope that he’s still alive.  

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Trapped’, a gripping gangland thriller based in Glasgow that’s crammed full of action, intrigue and suspense. It’s fast-paced, gruesome and bloodthirsty with a well-written and strong plot leading to a tense conclusion where I had my fingers crossed for a happy-ever-after ending.  This is a compelling novel from an author I’ve not come across before and I’ll certainly seek out more of her books.  Having just finished ‘Trapped’ within twenty-four hours I can wholeheartedly recommend it.
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I love this series of books featuring Kerry Casey and this one did not disappoint. What a fantastic trilogy this is and I would highly recommend the series to lovers of crime thrillers. It's well written and full of exciting twists and great characters. Anna Smith is one of my favourite authors and I strongly recommend reading her books if you enjoy gangster/crime thrillers, or just a good read! My thanks to Net Galley for my ARC, it's a 5* read.
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Trapped is the latest installment of the Kerry Casey series and it is as good as the rest.Kerry finds herself in prison on remand as she was framed in an attempt to have her put behind bars for a long time,this time she is up against a nasty UVF faction in Glasgow and meanwhile over in Spain boyfriend Vinny is missing to add to her worries,as with all the book's in this excellent series it is once again well written with the chapters flying by,but I would advise anyone wanting to read this series start at the first book so you can get to know the characters,although I prefer Anna Smith's Rosie Gilmour series of books this is still an excellent series which I would recommend
Another 5 star read from Anna Smith.
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Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and author for this ARC.  

I am really enjoying this series and thought this book was a fab read.   Kerry and her uncle are in prison for a crime they didn’t commit with their family trying to find out who is behind this and why.   I love the main characters in this series, they are very likeable and believable.  The book started off well and with a bang and just got better the more I read.   I really like that the story is told through the different characters and was hooked from the first page to the last.  For me, this was a very well written gangland thriller that had lots of twists and was fast paced and very entertaining.  Anna Smith as an author never disappoints and always writes brilliant, engaging books.   Just loved this one.
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Such a great read . Can't wait for the next book hopefully not to long . I would highly recommend this book .
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Wow love Anna Smith and this book doesn't fail brilliant gangland page turner. Cant wait to read more
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The fourth book in this series and this one is just as good as the rest.

Kerry Casey has somehow ended up on remand in prison. Who has got it in for Kerry and will she be able to prove her innocence? Meanwhile undercover cop Vinnie has gone missing in Spain; as the Casey family searches for him, will they find him dead or alive?

Great storyline with plenty of twists and turns. An easy and entertaining rea
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Well .............. absolutely fab.. kerry is in jail. Pregnant, and boyfriend vinny is missing. Are they guity of what they are being accused off????? Love the kerry casey series, hardcore gangland crime at its best  love it.....
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Another Kerry book!

This series is good! It keeps you guessing and wondering what will happen. 

And WHO has it out for Kerry? What will happen? Is Kerry the victim or the assailant?

I thought this book was decent. It had a lot of characters in it which I did find to be confusing. However, overall a decent book. Also a quick read which is always nice
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