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As someone who is not very musical, I cannot imagine going through what the main character in this book does with losing her abilities and having to work to regain them.  I loved the characters and felt like the author did an amazing job giving me the background and insight into them so I really cared.  I read this book in a weekend and would recommend it to anyone looking for a book with great character development.
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Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It was easy to read and very well written. The story invoked wide range of emotional reactions.. sympathy, anger, shock.. the list goes on! While reading it, I began to REALLY dislike the main character, Susannah, and honestly felt like shaking her. But, I think this was the point! Rarely does a character cause me to have such a reaction towards them- so “bravo” 😉 to the author for making me feel that way! 

I do wish there was more of the story with Susannah’s biological family and felt like that part of the book was a bit unresolved. Overall though, 4⭐️! If you are a musician , this is an especially great read.
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I'm probably in the minority in my opinions but I was not a fan of this book. Having read Every Note Played by Lisa Genova, I felt this story was its unpopular cousin. It was difficult to read this for the sole reason that Savannah was not worthy of any sympathy. Of course her diagnosis would affect her - it would affect anyone - however the character was written incredibly selfish. She pushed everyone away, all offers of help - including help from her research scientist husband. 

The death of her teacher, Vera, was a useless plot point. Had Vera not died at the moment she did, the story would have continued without any changes. It just seemed like, 'let's give her one MORE thing to overcome!". 

These are only my opinions - and thank you to Netgalley for providing with with an ARC of this book.
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Another fabulous book by Barbara Linn Probst! I thought her first novel, "Queen of the Owls," was fantastic, but I loved this one even more. At various times I wanted to say that the author's forte is her beautiful writing or her impeccable research or the compelling storyline or rich metaphors, often inspired by the music she clearly loves and understands, but in the end, everything about her books is first rate and all the components come together to create a masterful novel.

Her first book, which revolved around an art history scholar studying Georgia O'Keeffe, piqued my interest in the paintings and photographs featured in the story and sent me to do further research on topics she mentioned. In the same way, this book about Susannah, a pianist grappling with a possibly career-ending medical condition when just on the brink of success, made me want to hear the Schubert sonata Susannah plays and find out more about the composer. I also thought the information about Dupuytren’s contracture, the medical condition which threatened Susannah’s hand mobility, was fascinating, and I appreciated that the author revealed in her acknowledgments that she spoke to a world-renowned pianist about his own experience with this condition. 

But all the scholarly information is beautifully balanced by an equally compelling domestic storyline, as Susannah strives to juggle her professional aspirations with the demands of motherhood, the increasingly fraught relationship with her husband, and her concern for her aging father. Another layer, and one of my favorites, is provided by Susannah’s search for her birth family, with some of the adoption backstory taking place in an earlier timeline but coming back to weigh on Susannah as she seeks to understand the possible genetic component of her diagnosis. The socioeconomic and geographical differences between Susannah and her birth family are presented convincingly and the dialog is pitch-perfect. Topped off with some heart-stopping tension towards the end, this book has it all! Many thanks to the publisher, the author and NetGalley for an e-ARC of this highly recommended book!+
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This was a profound soul-touching  novel that I was instantly invested in and unable to put down. Phenomenal writing with the family trials and tribulations, with music weaved into this beautiful novel. 

I received a copy of this from NetGalley in  exchange for a fair and honest review.
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In THE SOUND BETWEEN THE NOTES, Barbara Linn Probst tells the story of Susannah, a concert pianist destined for greatness when life interrupted in the form of marriage and a child. While Susannah loves her life and her family, she also wants to play concerts, to be the great musician she was nurtured to be. By the end of this exceptionally well-crafted novel, I enjoyed a keen insight into the world of classical music, the prices and the rewards as well as how it is to enter the music and allow it to flow through you rather than playing the right notes. It's early in the year, but I already know that Probst's excellent story will be one of my favorite books read in 2021. Brava! I received an advance reader copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my unbiased review.
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This was my first story by this author and I really enjoyed the writing of this book! It hooks you from the very beginning! Highly highly recommend.
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A truly wonderful book. It drew me in and captivated me with the emotion and depth of the characters and Susannah's journey to understand her past and reconcile her present and future. I loved the metaphor of the music and how it reflected her journey, fears and challenges and hope for the future. I loved this book on so many levels and will be urging customers in my bookshop to read it.
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Being a musician I absolutely adored this book, it was written in such a way that just flowed like a beautiful score with great detail executed! 

Susannah, a concert pianist is faced with many obstacles that many professional musician face within their career. 
The character of Susannah is very complex and her journey to finding who she is, is exciting! 

The musical themes layered amongst the characters and themes within the novel are very clever and it really is just a beautiful book to read. 

I was kindly provided a copy of this by NetGalley, and thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Thank you!
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Sound Between The Notes~
What a great read.  After putting her dream on hold she finds that she is suffering from a disease that causes her great pain.  How will she go forward with her dream of playing the piano?
Great characters.....Thanks NetGalley for the ARC.
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I have not yet had time to read this novel before the archive date. I am looking forward to reading it and once I do, I will come back and leave a proper review!
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I was originally drawn to the book because of the connection to music. As a music professional I felt this would be a story I would understand and be able to connect to. Honestly as the story progressed I did not feel like I could connect to the main character as she got lost in her search for her family as well as her purpose with the music. She became very self centered and it made me angry. I almost put the book down but I kept reading and I am so glad that I did. As Susannah ran into all of her trials I wanted to see what happened and if she learned her lesson about the truth. The ending of the story was very powerful. It made me sit back and really think about my life as a musician but also as a mother like Susannah. Upon reflection I was glad Barbara Linn Probst wrote the story as she did. The struggles of Susannah felt so real despite my frustration with her. This is a great book for self reflection without directly telling you what and how to self reflect.
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The Sound Between the Notes was a complex story of talent, love, and one’s gift . Throughout the story I felt the character’s love for her craft and also the struggle to balance real life simultaneously. The idea that you can feel completely comfortable and at ease doing what you love is such a beautiful concept. Thank you to NetGalley and She Writes Press for this ARC
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Years ago, when I was still in college, my rheumatoid arthritis flared up really bad, affecting all my activities- I could hardly write or type, and had to take painkillers just to write my exams without hurting my hands too much. I remember wondering then how hard it would be to live without proper-functioning hands. Now throw in art of a kind that you used to do with your hands, and it becomes even more difficult. 

So it is for Susannah, the protagonist of <i>The Sound Between the Notes</i>. She is a pianist, who learns that a hereditary condition can soon cause her hands to be bent and crippled. This shocking news could not have come at a worse time, as Susannah has been preparing for a concert that could be the break she needed. Unable to do anything to stop the disease but equally unable to wait till her hand is deformed (as her well-meaning, scientist husband tells her she must), Susannah decides to take matters into her own hands, with their nodules and all.

As the concert grows near, Susannah has mounting tensions - her son’s typical teenage troubles, quarrels with her husband regarding the treatment and her father’s weakening memory- and tries to reach out once again to her biological family (she was adopted) in the hope of finding someone who can understand her condition- after all, the disease was passed down her genes along with her music.

This book is neatly written, just the right words in all the right places, has a nicely paced plot, strong characters and allusions to great music. The narrative flows back and forth between Susannah’s past and present, keeping the reader’s interest alive all the while. This is my first time reading Barbara Linn Probst but definitely not my last.
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This is my second book by Barbara Linn Probst and won't be my last. As long as she writes such beautiful books I will continue to read them. 

This is a beautiful story with a lot of feelings involved. A family who are almost perfect. Susannah, Aaron, and James. Mom, dad, and son. Susannah was a piano player who had given up her dream to be a mother. She wanted to be the best mother possible and thought being home full time was the way to do that. She devoted her young life to her husband and son. When she's offered a chance to play again she takes it. Her son is almost sixteen and she wants this so bad. Little does she know what lies ahead for her.

This book has a lot going on as most of the books I read does. It's about adoption and all that goes with that. Finding a birth mother. Finding out you have siblings and other family. Taking you away in ways from the parents who raised you. Who loved you completely. I really liked learning about Susannah's other family. I didn't like them very much though. I also didn't like her mother very much. The one who raised her. She was a bit to controlling for me. I loved her dad. He seemed so sincere and like a good man. I also was angry at Aaron through a lot of this book. But I also understand his view on things. I think Susannah was a bit selfish in some ways. I think she finally was getting what she wanted and nothing was going to stand in her way. Nothing. James was just a typical teen. 

This book has such a good storyline. It's told in a way that you truly feel each character. You feel their pain, happiness, fears, selfishness and likes. You will feel like you belong with them. I could feel Susannah's fear when she found out something was possibly wrong that could interfere with her musical career. The fact that her and Aaron seemed to be in opposite corners was flooring. They seemed to be so together. That part I didn't like at all. But it made the story more interesting and made you wonder if he was hiding something. 

This is a beautifully written story. It's about a family. Two families at times. About a chance to play again. To be the pianist that you always wanted to be. To dream and dream big. A chance.

Thank you to #NetGalley, #BarbaraLinnProbst, #SheWritesPress for this ARC. This is my own true feelings about this book.

5/5 stars and a high recommendation. You will love how this book plays out. It's truly beautiful.
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The Sound Between the Notes is a beautiful work of fiction. Susannah is the mom of a teenager who gave up her music career for family. Now she has a second chance, and she feels like it's her turn to do something for herself after giving so much to her husband and son for so many years. She agrees to perform at a fundraiser concert with a famous music producer in the audience. Then she discovers problems with her hands, a hereditary disease from her biological parents, people she never knew. Wound around this central story are themes of parenting, adoptive, biological, and unrelated, like Susannah's music teacher. All types of parents make mistakes, including Susannah, and all types of parents make it work. I completely enjoyed Susannah's journey, and the different aspects of life presented: Susannah as a child, as a mother, as the daughter of an aging parent, as a prodigy, as adopted, as a biological sister. Every role presented rewards and pitfalls that were wonderfully presented in this novel.
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What if you had one more chance to accomplish your goal?

Susannah Lewis career as a pianist has been on hold for nearly sixteen years, ever since her son was born. Instead of continuing on the path of her dreams, she was devoted to putting her child first, a feeling that she’s never had from her birth mother since she was put up for adoption. But now, suddenly, she has a chance to vault into that elite tier of “chosen” musicians. And as a concert of a lifetime lingers around the corner, Susannah has to face multiple problems in her life including her family, health, and overbearing memories to get ahold of that love for music she once had before.

I had a love-hate relationship with Susannah throughout the novel. There was part of me who admired her determination to follow her dreams again and felt discouraged for her when she hit road bumps along the way. However, her childlike attitude at times when she felt as if she was being told “no” was super annoying. Susannah had a hard time listening to those who had her best interest at heart and it made me wonder, and question, what did playing music again as a career really meant for her. Yes, you can sense the love and desire she has to keep playing. However, her obsession with trying to fix her disease sometimes gave a sense that it was more about showing the world that she is still the best rather than creating emotion through music again. Nonetheless, she became a character that at the end I understood her more.

The Sound Between The Notes is beautifully written and the plot had so many twists and turns I couldn’t put the book down. It’s heart-warming, captivating and emotional and even with my annoyance with Susannah at times I still cared about her character. This isn’t a book just for lovers of music, but for those who struggle with the urge to accomplish a goal that was their first love and those questioning who they are outside of everyone else. 

Thank you to the author, She Writes Press and NetGalley for a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review. The Sound Between The Notes will be published on April 6, 2021.
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This novel is not a favorite. I found the main character, Susannah, too self-absorbed, relentless and stubborn when it came to pursuing her goals of finding her birth mother and of restarting her concert career. I can understand her motives but not at the expense of the other relationships in her life.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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The Sound Between the Notes is a beautifully written heart warming story about a classical pianist who puts her career on hold in search of a better life for herself and her family.   After 16 years away from performing an opportunity presents to return to her piano.  During this process her devotion to her career requires more attention and she later faces a life changing crisis that threatens all she has worked for.  This well written story is like a piece of classical music, with each beautiful  word being like the notes placed together to make a distinctive sound!  Probst writes with such detail you will be engrossed from start to finish.  I highly recommend this beautiful book!  

Thank you NetGalley for this delightful ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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The Sound Between Notes was 3.5 stars for me. Beautifully written, but I didn’t find the characters likable redeeming, even after their inevitable self-realization. I found myself most immersed in the “Then” chapters, and I wish there had been more development with Simone and her “blood family.” However, it was a beautiful read that I enjoyed overall and would recommend for the right person.
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