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Thanks @netgalley for allowing me to read this book 
I did find this book a little difficult to get into at the beginning but once I did work out the main characters I needed I was ok
It follows the life of Leigh and Callie Colliers lives their mother had been of little use and so they had to look after themselves, Leigh found a babysitter job for a couple Linda and Buddy who had one son Andrew but Buddy wanted more than a babysitter as Leigh found out but she soon pushed him off and he didn’t touch her again. But what Leigh hadn’t realised was Callie then took over babysitting 
Years later Leigh is a lawyer and to her shock a client is brought to her asking for her to represent him it’s Andrew leigh is confused she has no idea who he is but he quickly reminds her to her horror that he knows the secret she holds with her sister 
But Leigh knows Andrew is probably guilty of the rapes and murder what does she do ? Does she get him off so she can stay free? Or does she hand herself into the police confess and then tell them Andrew has raped the women 
A complex story of lives intertwined with each other
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Another masterful offering from Karin Slaughter. Beautifully constructed and written and confirmation that this author remains at the top of her game. Whilst the subject matter is suitably graphic the treatment is considered and a welcome change from the overeheated, sensationalist approach of lesser writers.

Consistently exciting and with enough twists and turns to keep the tension ratcheted up to the conclusion another superb offering from an outstanding writer. Recommended.
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Karin Slaughter is one of my favorite authors, and once again she doesn't disappoint.  I was entertained by this book and couldn't wait to finish it, and see how everything were twisted together.  Recommended.
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Now I do love a dark and gory read and Karin Slaughter gets it spot on every time. 

I haven't actually read a KS book for a good few years, the last ones I read all centred around Sara Linton so it was nice to have different characters as centre stage this time.

This was a really fast paced, thrilling read that is graphically gory (it may actually be too gory for some).

One thing I've loved throughout all of this authors works is the 'imperfect' characters,  they truly come to life with all their faults and quirks which is how real life and real people should be.

The themes and topics can be hard to read but KS is never afraid to explore the realness of such hard hitting subjects and covers them expertly!

Huge thanks to netgalley and HarperCollins UK for the ARC.
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I love Karin Slaughter’s books and always look forward to a new one. False Witness doesn’t disappoint. The protagonist sisters are both likeable and engaging in different ways. The villain is vile and manipulative. The story is tightly woven and high energy whilst also being clever. 

Another success from this author. 

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the arc in return for an honest and fair review.
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This was a very dark and gory book. Not something I would usually read (and could only read in the daytime because I’m a wuss).

A very well written book about sisters who had a terrible childhood with a dreadful Mother.
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A terrible story set in current times. 
This is the first Karin Slaughter book that I have read for many years. The ones I have read before were dealing with Sara Linton. I can remember enjoying these books but also remember them being very dark.
This one is no exception. It deals with two sisters, Callie, and Leigh, who share a terrible secret. Both were abused as teenagers by the same man, Buddie Waleski, whilst they were babysitting his 10-year-old son Trevor. Leigh had one experience with Buddy but had pushed it to the back of her mind and not told her younger sister Callie when she passed on the babysitting duties to her. Callie was systematically abused until one night she cracks and stabs Walter in self-defence. She phones Callie who rushes over and together they kill him, chop him up and dispose of his body.
Many years have passed but the two sisters’ lives are dramatically different. Callie is a junkie working in a vet’s and stealing the drugs she needs. Leigh however is now a defence attorney and very successful. She is married with a daughter, Maddy, who is the apple of her eye. However, despite loving her husband very much she is separated from him because she cannot rid herself of her memories and is unable to unburden herself from her guilt, at the way her sister’s life has unravelled.
This story begins when Leigh is given a high-profile case which could enhance her reputation but the man, she is defending from rape charges, Andrew Tenant, makes it clear that he knows about her past. Leigh is torn between trying to defend someone guilty but wanting him to be sent to prison to ensure her past does not come back to haunt her or defending him successfully to gain promotion in a very competitive environment.
The actual story is fast-paced and terrifying but sometimes it is just too graphic for my taste and although I wanted to know the outcome it was not an easy read for me. The other major problem for me is that the author has written this in the present day so has to base everything around Covid and the restrictions placed upon us all. Although I can understand why she may have felt compelled to be true to the current situation I did not enjoy all the references that unfortunately we are all aware of.
I feel that this could be a recurrent problem for contemporary authors as they will have a choice of including the pandemic or writing a story and pretending it is not happening. I prefer the second option, after all this book is fiction and I am sure I would have enjoyed, if that is the right word for so dark a story, it more if it had ignored covid altogether.
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Thanks net galley and Karin Slaughter for this book.
Could not put it down and kept reading on and off all day and at night.
It was gory and sadistic but so well written you could overlook the bad parts.
The story is based around two sisters, they had a terrible mother and a very hard childhood.
When they were both used by a man they were babysitting for it caused them both to go off the rails until they decided to pay him back.
What they did caused more terrible things to happen to,them.
Wonderful book, can I start reading it again.
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This was a great read ! My only criticism is that it was way too long and could probably be at least a third shorter. The first third of the book I found my mind wandering a bit as everything seemed so drawn out unnecessarily. However, half way through the book the storyline took off and I just couldn’t stop reading it ! I would’ve given 5 stars if it wasn’t so drawn out .
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Nail-bitingly gripping thriller with countless twists and turns. Difficult to put down as the tension is constant!
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Yet another winning book from the pen of this brilliant author. I’ve loved all of her books, Cop Town being my favourite.

This was a great read. It’s got everything going for it. A great plot, imperfect characters, a pace that keeps you reading and darn good storytelling. 

Karin often uses real-world scenarios and moral issues for her readers to absorb and ponder. This is no exception. Highly recommended reading!
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I’m finally catching up with everything and this is one of the books that I enjoyed this year. I might be a bit biased as I love everything that the author has written and I’ve read almost all of her back list catalogue over the years. 
I enjoyed the story and how everything comes together in the end. As usual, she creates a very atmospheric settings with some very interesting characters and twist that are mostly unpredictable because while I thought I knew where this is going, I haven’t seen some of the turns to be honest. 
My only complaint is that maybe we get a bug too much burn out about this pandemic and while it’s a very important part of the story, I would rather forget about it in my fiction reads because it’s hard dealing with it in my day by day life anyway. 

To sum it up, False witness is another great story from a must read author! 

Arc review from the publisher through NetGalley
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This book is far too long and self indulgent. No lessons to be learned, no depth of character.. Nothing endearing.
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Karin Slaughter is always a reliable writer - you know you're going to get a good thriller from her.

This one had some darker themes which made me a little uncomfortable at times, but was still a good read. Referencing Covid in the book made it a bit too realistic maybe but I imagine it's something we'll see more and more in books going forward.
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I do like a good thriller from Karin slaughter. 
The only problem is when you enjoy reading the books you read them so quick and then you have to wait and when you get the book you read so quickly it’s the waiting game again! 
These books are so worth the wait and addictive storyline I really enjoyed this one.
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A brutal read as you will have come to expect from this author.

The themes are dark and difficult but Karin always writes so cleverly that the hard subject matter is transformed into a excellently readable and enjoyable book.
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***Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with an ARC via the publisher in exchange for an honest review***

Leigh Coultan is a successful defence attorney, a mother & has an amicable relationship with her ex husband. She has a normal life & has worked hard for it.

Leigh's sister Callie is her polar opposite.  A pivotal moment in their teenage years sent the sisters spinning on different axes.  They have both kept that moment buried but when a rape case lands on Leigh's desk it is clear that it hasn't stayed as  hidden as they thought.

Another brilliant novel from Karin Slaughter. She never shies away from difficult subjects and this is no exception.  Delving into child abuse, rape and murder, this is a fantastic page turner from the off.
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Recently I have been in a bit of a reading slump. Picking up books but not being that motivated to bother with them. This book changed that for me. A tense, fast paced thriller set against the backdrop of Covid, the characters were great (especially the vet) and I really couldn’t put the book down.
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A gripping thriller about 2 estranged sisters Leigh and Callie. 
When they were younger Callie used to babysit Buddy's son Trevor and was abused and raped by his father Buddy. 
23 years later Leigh is a defence attorney and is asked to defend Trevor who is now known as Andrew. He is a violent psychopath who is accused of kidnap and rape.
Callie has become a serious drug addict and neither of the sisters forget what happened to her when she was 12.
This is an explicit book covering rape, torture, paedophilia  and drug addiction. I did manage to read it all but found it too explicit for my tastes.
Thanks to Netgalley for an A.R.C..
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Soooooooooo this wasn't not a good book. It just, it really wasn't my thing. I came into this expecting more of a mystery thriller set in the real world but out of it. Instead I got a mystery thriller set in the real world about the real world. Which is not my thing in thrillers. So objectively it was a good book, just not my book. Maybe I'll come back to it later but not likely.
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