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Thank you to Netgalley for the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review. I loved this book I wasnt sure what to expect as it progressed but I can say I was totally not expecting the outcome which was a little strange but it didnt detract at all. Overall a great and different read.
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Santi and Thora meet one evening as students. They share a brief yet meaningful conversation which ends with Santi's accidental death. The next time they meet Santi is Thora's teacher and she wants to be an astronaut amongst the stars. In each of their lives together they are always in Cologne. Sometimes the are lovers, sometimes siblings, sometimes friends or colleagues. Eventually they start to remember their previous versions and decide to work out what is happening. Testing their world's limits and questioning everything. Can they work out what is happening to them? 

I really enjoyed this. At first the difference in their lives each time is the interesting aspect. Gradually it becomes about discovery and patterns and following clues. This is where the book does get repetitive and drags a little.  I did like the explanation at the end. I'm glad it wasn't reincarnation or time travel it was something totally different.
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The first few chapters were fascinating but sadly after a time I lost interest.   It reminded me a bit ofLife After Life by Kate Atkinson but was not as compelling. I wanted to read more about each of their lives but they were cut off too quickly to care about the characters.
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Thora and Santi accidentally meet in Cologne, and feel something that immediately draws them to each other. It might not be the first time they've met, and it certainly isn't the last. Over numerous lives they meet again. Sometimes they're roughly the same age, sometimes one is old enough to be the other's parent or teacher. Each time they're drawn back to the same places in and around Cologne, particularly the old clocktower. Gradually they become aware of the things that repeat from one life to the next. What they need, with increasing urgency, is to find out what it all means, and why this is happening.

It's an ingenious concept - a sort of mash-up between Groundhog Day and Star Trek - and although readable enough in some way or other it didn't really grab me. The telling is a little slow at first, as we get to see Thora and Santi meet up in life after life, but despite this repetition, and seeing them in different situations and different relationships to each other, I never really felt I knew them - and therefore didn't really care how their story worked out.
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Thora and Santi meet, gaze at the stars and talk, then one of them dies - over and over again. Each time in different roles, parent and child, lovers, teacher and student, with other repeating characters as partners or friends, and always in the same city. There's a mystery to solve about why they're there, why they can't leave Cologne, what message is the world trying to give them to explain the situation.

This was so clever! The very first iteration of their relationship I wasn't convinced about to begin with, but it really drew me and soon I couldn't put it down. The concept is brilliant and each new relationship was a chance to think about the dynamics there as well as the over-arching one and moving forward in the plot. Some of them were tragic, but they all shaped Thora and Santi and made sense as part of the book. Absolutely brilliant.
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I don’t want to say too much about the story or I would be giving the plot away too easily. I didn’t really enjoy it but I was expecting something along the lines of Kate Atkinson’s Life after Life which it certainly wasn’t. However that was my fault not the authors.
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I could not decide what I thought about this when I finished it - I do not really know whether or not I enjoyed it.

The book revolves around two characters - Thora and Santi - whose lives keep intertwining.  They keep meeting as they live countless lives - in numerous lives they become friends, colleagues, loves and enemies. They have to work out why they keep dying and returning to the same place to live again.

The ending was not what I was expecting - especially the final twist.

An interesting read with a particularly bittersweet ending.
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i loved this!

following thora and santi and their many lives, this book looks at the meaning of live, at consequences of decisions, at ambitions, and about family and love, it talks about the way your perspective changes by those around you, your drive in the world, and knowing what to sacrifice and what to fight for

thora and santi meet in cologne in their freshers week at uni. they have a brief conversation at the top of a clock tower and then a few days later disaster happens. 

i had no idea where the story was going and i loved how it slowly unfolded, how the pieces slotted into place

it made me laugh it made me cry and it made me think a whole lot. 5/5
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**thanks to netgalley and publisher for the copy

A wonderful yet odd book that was beautifully written. I love that the main characters meet over and over throughout the series but managed to keep true to themselves in each lifetime they lived no matter what age they lived and what relationship to each other they were and I found it lovely that they always found each other. For me the ending was unexpected and failed to keep my attention as it went in a completely different way to what I was expecting 

I do think however that many people will love the sci-fi concept and I can see this book being a big hit
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Thora and Santi keep meeting each other in different lives. Sometimes they are lovers, others siblings, parent and child or tutot and student, and so on. They always have a connection, and interests in common- space, the universe, something beyond their own world- and the important people in their lives also keep reappearing. The two must try to work out what is happening, and if they will be forever travelling through these different lives. This book has received lots of adoring reviews, but for me something was missing. It is full of clever ideas, and it took me a long time to work out what was going on, but the constant changing of the stories meant I never connected with the story or the characters, and I found the narrative uninvolving. I didn’t really like Thora or Santi in any of their incarnations. Just not my kind of book.
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I really liked the concept of this story which was the reason I decided I wanted to read it. Meet Me in Another Life follows two characters, Thora Lišková and Santiago (Santi) López, who seem destined to meet again and again in different lifetimes, always in the same city of Cologne but their relationship to one another changes with each encounter. At first, they have no awareness that they have previously met, but that changes as the tale progresses.

It wasn't long before I was consumed by this delightful, emotionally rich story. There were some characters who made reappearances though this might also be in a different context. Confused? Well to be honest I was at times and I occasionally needed to rewind a chapter or two, here and there. Nevertheless, I still found this a deeply philosophical, extremely engrossing read with some beautiful passages and narrative, and a heartbreaking, well-concealed ending. Highly original and well worth a look.

I read Meet Me in Another Life in staves with other Pigeonholers as part of a group. A special thank you to HarperVoyager, Catriona Silvey, NetGalley and The Pigeonhole for a complimentary copy of this novel at my request. This review is my unbiased opinion.
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Unfortunately I DNFd this book at 40%….I just couldn’t get it into it and it wasn’t for me. I found it a bit all over the place and was finding it difficult to keep up. The writing style is phenomenal though and if you love alternate universe and sci-fi novels then pick this up!!
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Thanks to NetGalley and HarperCollins for this e-ARC in exchanging honest reviews.

At first, it is really a promising story. The title itself convincing me to pick up and then I found that oh we're dealing with an alternative universal here. Interesting. Hence I keep moving forward with as I was intrigued with the mysteries of Thora and Santi involved with. Why they're keeping exist in a lot of universe? WHY WHY WHY

A lot of alternative universe of Thora and Santi are written here and each of them are unique BUT I'M SO DAMN TIRED OF READING THEM NOT REALIZING WHAT'S HAPPENING TO THEM till I reached 65% above I guess. It's tiring for me for not be able to guess what's going on and on.

When I reached the uncover mystery part, now we're in Sci-Fi section, interesting. Love it when they're debating about theories.Then I realized this story don't have time travelling thingy but more to confusing alternative universe. Yeah this book is quite confusing as well for me. I love the ending but I just can't go for more but I still finished it.

****reviewed it separately in Goodreads due technical error****
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A sadly beautiful novel touching on apparently endless iterations of the lives of the two main characters, with a well structured science fiction basis that ties the tale together. 

It’s hard to say more without spoiling, I can only recommend this for its skilful depiction of love - romantic, parental, filial, platonic - and the opportunities across lives
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So this book had me hooked - I absolutely loved it - until the denouement. Without wishing to spoil the story, this felt a bit like that entire series of Dallas which turned out to be Pamela Ewing's dream or the final episode of Lost. I wanted to say, "What? That was IT?!!!" 
I don't think the blurb really works for the book. The blurb and the comparisons to Audrey Niffeneger's Time Traveller's Wife (which is the first review the publisher has chosen to use on this book's Amazon listing) made me think I was getting a completely different book to this.  I think therein lies my disappointment.
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Thora and Santi meet in Cologne on Thora's first day in the city. They discuss the stars and philosophy and then part. Little do they realise that their lives are entangled completely and no matter how they try to live their lives, they are destined to be in each other's lives. 

This is a wonderfully confusing and intriguing book. For the first part, you have no idea, along with Santi and Thora, why their lives keep colliding. Once you reach the second part it is clear that there is a purpose but not what that purpose is. The ending is so original and unexpected. The whole book leaves you reeling.
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"It's not one choice. It's a hundred choices, every single day, and all of them matter."

Imagine my suprise when an email showed up in my inbox with an exclusive download for HarperVoyagers next big fantasy debut! Meet Me in Another Life is a fantasy with strong sci-fi elements that examines how two people are linked through multiple different lives and what this mysterious bond truly means. 
Recommended to me after I adored Threadneedle by Cari Thomas, I couldn't wait to start reading this unique and captivating story. From the very beginning I was enthralled by these two characters that have such a strong connection that you can feel immediately, an extremely important element as we watch them grow and learn more about themselves and the extraordinary situation they're in. 
The writing is strong with a lot of interesting things to say, the author talks about quantum physics and reincarnation and everything that goes with it which at times went a little over my head but Silvey did it in a way that had me eager to learn more about these topics rather then making me want to rip my hair out of a lack of understanding! Silvey is clearly a very clever writer with a strong grasp on language and science without alienating the reader. The pacing was also a strong point, each chapter being a new life for both of them meant that I was gripped to find out what exactly was happening to them. 

Thora and Santi were compelling characters with a contrast in their beliefs and personalities that made their dynamic all that more believable. They clearly care about each other but have a tendency to butt heads at times too when their opinions clash. I loved that we got to explore their relationship through different pairings as well, sometimes one of them would be significantly older then the other; sometimes they were teacher and student, brother and sister etc. It was a really interesting way to build that bond between them and to see how they interact with each other in different circumstances. 

I fully enjoyed my time reading this book, it broke my heart at times but was a beautiful story about the connection between two people. The ending was superb too, the author is so creative and I loved how everything connected together. This was a fantastic genre-bending debut that examines the choices we make and how our lives intersect with those around us. Looking forward to whatever Catriona Silvey puts out next!
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A book with a very surprising and unexpected ending that I won't spoil but it really didn't seem to work for me. I thought I was reading a story about reincarnation and expected some overarching narrative about love and the evolution of souls or a more spiritual philosophy behind the story. Instead it turned into science fiction.
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Meet me in another life is a unique and compelling read. It crosses between mystery, romance, philosophy and science fiction. It’s beautifully written and plotted, and is more of a reading group book for discussion than a page turning binge read. 

Santi and Thora first meet while they are students in Cologne. Thora is critical and prickly, sure that she has the world figured out, while Santi is philosophical and believes there is a greater meaning to life. They spend the night discussing philosophy and bonding over their love of the stars. While there is no romance, there is a connection between them. Thora debates contacting him again after that night. But then Santi dies, and the story doesn’t stay with this version of Thora for long. The pair repeat their lives over and over, each time meeting in Cologne in different life circumstances. They seem destined to be connected in some way, whether as parent and child, siblings, friends, teacher and student, or husband and wife. Sometimes they are the same age, sometimes there are decades between them, but no matter what sort of life leads them to Cologne, they are a repeated constant in each other’s story. As they progress through more lifetimes, Santi and Thora begin to remember more of their previous lives, and try to find a way to escape the cycle they are trapped in. Oddly, while the same circle of friends, lovers and relatives surround Santi and Thora, no one else remembers the lives that have come before. 

I was excited to read this book; the premise is interesting and while it could have been a Groundhog Day kind of story, it felt like there would be more to it than that (and there is). I didn’t enjoy reading this novel as much as I thought I might, but it has stayed with me, and there is no denying the beauty of the storytelling and the cleverness of the clues scattered throughout. 

The story starts off feeling quite fragmented, each chapter like a short story about one life cycle with little connection between them. As the book progresses, a coherent overarching story emerges. Clues as to the true nature of Thora and Santi’s situation were scattered in subtly, and it’s only once the pieces fit together that everything makes sense. The story overall was less hopeful than I thought it might be - I left the book feeling satisfied, but it was bittersweet. 

Throughout their lives, Santi and Thora explore love in all its forms. They share a deep connection despite their differences, and opposing views on the meaning they find in the world and their situation. The repetitive nature of their lives can be frustrating, especially where the characters continue to make the same mistakes and don’t seem to learn from their pasts. The overall story moves slowly, especially in the first section of the book. What I found particularly powerful were the elements of mistakes and second chances, and how some things can’t ever be taken back. Even with seemingly endless lives, some things can’t be changed.

Meet Me In Another Life is a bigger picture type book, one to think about and discuss. While I didn’t fall in love with it while reading, the story has left an impression that has stayed with me. Though not a favourite, this is still a book I recommend, especially for those with a leaning towards philosophical SFF. 

Thank you to NetGalley and HarperVoyager for the chance to read an eARC of this book. All opinions are my own.
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Three stars is reflective of the enjoyment I personally got out of the book. I can objectively see that it's easily a 4 or 5 star book in terms of writing quality and structure, but I can be very hit and miss with reading group/ literary SFF and this just didn't rock my world. That's entirely down to me as a reader not a lack in the book. 

The story is deliberately obstructive to start with. Thora and Santi meet for the first time under a clock tower in a darkened city. Both are university students and both have very decided bents to their personalities. Thora is sceptical, looking for facts. Santi seeks to make sense of the universe by  observing the repeating patterns in life. It's a short encounter and Thora does not pursue the relationship, angry and bitter, and trying to keep something sacrosanct. And then Santi dies. From there the pair meet again and again and again, filling the roles of mother, father, lover, sister, brother, husband and wife to each other. It's through this endless procession of possibilities and variations that they really come to know each other, or maybe to admit that they don't know each other at all.

I don't want to spoiler anyone but the payoff, when it comes, is satisfying. I'm afraid I worked it out early on, however that didn't lessen the impact. The prose is exquisite and the observation of human nature was sharp and believable. After a couple of lacklustre moments when I nearly gave up, the book did keep me completely absorbed. It was very cleverly plotted. I have a great deal of admiration for the art of it as a whole. Did I enjoy it? Not exactly. It was a good book, it made me think, but it didn't capture my heart. I really don't want to damn with faint praise because execution wise this book was brilliant. I think I'm just a bit outside the target audience on this one. Still recommended for those who like multilayered sci-fi which is about people and connections.
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