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Wow what an interesting book ! I loved it so unusual... It's a strange one to describe ! Santi and Thora meet in Cologne and instantly find a connection then a few days later one of them tragically dies ... but it doesn't end there - here is where it starts to get interesting .. they meet again and again in different lives ... they are brother and sister, husband and wife and work colleagues . I can't say anymore as I would hate to spoil it for anyone but its a book that will have you wondering what is going on ! Loved it
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I love how each chapter is not only a new adventure for Thora and Santi but it is also a new life them as well. I love the connection that grows between the two of them because it’s beautiful and intriguing. One of my favourite chapters was No Going Back but I won’t say why because I don’t want to ruin anything. I never saw the end of the book turning out the way it did and I did get a bit emotional.
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

This book was different to other books I’ve read. 

The story was so different. For me it was a interesting story, I couldn’t put it down. I loved the descriptions of the fantasy world. But was airline, was how it ended, after which I was in deep thoughts. 

Recommend It
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What a beautifully heartbreaking story. I loved it so much I’m little surprised, Meet Me in Another Life is a very surprising and unpredictable story, part of what made this book such an enjoyable read was being completely taken surprise by the journey it took. 

The first half or so of the story is a little repetitive as we’re told story after story of how Thora and Santi meet throughout their various lifetimes, from siblings to teacher and pupil to lovers (not as gross as it sounds I assure you! Haha) but it’s necessary to set the scene with a complex story such as this one.

Thora and Santi are complex and frustrating, well written and developed characters, Meet Me in Another Life is a beautiful and thought provoking story and one of my favourite reads of the year!
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4 word review – Out of this world!

This book has that certain kind of magic that I can’t just describe, I could take the same words put them on paper and they just wouldn’t have the same impact, the writing is beautiful.

I loved living through life after life with Thora and Santi trying to work out why them, why there and what was really going on. This is more than a book it is a journey.

While writing an amazing story (or several stories depending on your viewpoint) Silvey also manages to throw in beautifully phrased observations and philosophical thoughts that really made an impact on this reader.

“Determinism means everything’s meaningless but we can’t change it. Fate means there’s a plan that God is working through us.”

“The lonely déjà vu of being a teacher: living the same year over and over, surrounded by children for who this is the only version that matters.”

“He gives it a year before she starts caring more about what people think of her than what makes her happy.”
“Inside are the seeds of all the Santis that could exist.”

“You have a cat. Universal symbol for I’m not going anywhere.”

The little discoveries are the best bit of this book so go in blind but keep your eyes open.

Who would like this? This is a tough one because I love it so much I feel everyone should love it. All I can say is give it a go and if you don’t like it you are no longer my friend (just kidding) and one little warning don’t expect a straightforward one genre book.
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I finished Meet Me in Another Life a few hours ago but I am still thinking about it. In all honesty if I had known the solution to the mystery before I read it I wouldn't have chosen to read it because books on this topic generally bore me but in this case I would have been doing myself a disservice. 

The premise of the book is excellent and Catherine Silvey is clearly a talented author. 

Thora and Santi are destined to be in each other's life over and over again. Is it so they can explore all the choices and options available to them or is it as Santi beleives a test from God to atone for something? They need to figure it out before they run out of time and are lost to each other forever. 

"You can't ever know someone completely. You'd have to be everything to them, and that's impossible."

Life after life Thora and Santi are different things to each other: lover, teacher, adoptive family, friend, sibling or colleague. Every time they are together but the opposite sides of the same coin, light and dark in their personalities. They are both always searching for something, waiting for something more. 

This book is perfect for fans of The Midnight Library, Life After Life and The Timetraveller's Wife. 

Meet Me in Another Life was impossible to put down and even harder to forget.
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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC.

You have to be willing to go with this book - I promise it will reward you. The first few chapters, with different iterations of Thora and Santi's relationship, have you intrigued - it's like a puzzle trying to figure out what's going on. You'd think that so many chapters of essentially the same story with the same characters would get boring after a while, but Silvey makes sure it doesn't. And the ending makes all that hard work pay off. This is my favourite sci-fi-type novel since Becky Chambers' latest, and I think Silvey has a long career ahead of her in this genre.
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Meet Me In Another Life is the joyful, devastating and quietly profound debut speculative science fiction novel from Catriona Silvey in which it is asked: is it possible to remember someone you have seemingly never met ever before, and, if so, how? Thora Lišková and Santiago López meet for the first time when they are eighteen. Strangers in a foreign city, they both attend the campus at Cologne University in Germany, she as a student and he as a custodian. They bond over their shared ambition to travel to the stars. Thora thinks she’s finally found a kindred spirit, a friend for life. Until, days later, Santi is cruelly snatched away from her. That’s not the only way it happens. Santi meets Thora for the first time when he is 45, and she walks into his science classroom, a seven-year-old student who dreams of the stars; when he walks into her medical practice as an elderly patient; when her parents adopt him, aged five, as her brother; when they face each other on opposing sides of a bloody civil war. Life after life, haunted by impossible memories, Thora and Santi manage to find each other. 

But how is it possible to remember lives never lived, to meet someone over and over for the very first time? And is there a deeper mystery to the patterns of their strange existence? This is a captivating and life-affirming novel about the power of memory and the wonders of friendship and love to buoy you through anything, as well as the role those elements and emotions play in self-identity, and despite its brevity, I found, at under 300 pages, it still packed a real visceral punch. We follow these two unforgettable characters through their many lives in a tale that encompasses a range of different genres: romance, science fiction, mystery and fantasy, to name but four. Poignant from the outset and steeped in profound and complex philosophical themes, I found myself absorbed by this beautifully woven character-driven yarn. It is a moving, inventive and richly evocative story and a spectacularly compelling page-turner filled with shocking twists that affirms the power of love to connect us beyond time and space. This is the type of book that kills you then swiftly brings you back to life again. Highly recommended.
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Thora and Santi meet by chance. They connect on a strange level. But then something happens to sever that link. It appears to be all over for them but they meet again, and again, in different lives. Each the same person but different. Every time they are something else to each other. Time after time they play out roles with a few constant "extras" in supporting roles along the way. There are other constants... But what does it all mean? What is happening? Why do they keep meeting? Why does it always end in tragedy? What can they do to break the cycle?
So many questions that Thora and Santi are totally unaware of initially and then start to - I think the only word I can use here is - awaken. To notice repetition, coincidence. To seek out what is strange - well that's a bit tricky being as, to me anyway, the majority is strange. And then, finally start to become aware of what is actually happening.
There are many lives they share. Sometimes as equals, others as parent/child, teacher/pupil, brother/sister. And many others that I won't spoil here. It's a book about relationships. About trying to fix things that happened wrong in their previous attempt. Until it isn't and you get a rather jaw dropping reveal about what is actually going on. Really didn't see that coming!
One of the things I loved about the book was the setting. Köln is a wonderful place - one of my favourite travel destinations. I even support their Football team - well who wouldn't with a wonderful goat as their mascot - but that has nothing really to do with anything apart from I enjoyed the trip down memory lane with some of the places mentioned. It really made me hanker for a return visit.
Each "life" could be considered as a short story in itself but with a link to the whole. I did get a tad bogged down in things initially until I realised there were connections that I really should be paying more attention to along the way. I guess I was eager to see what was really going on - if anything - and my patience was well rewarded when I eventually found out. Although, as I have already said, I really wasn't expecting to go there!
All in all, a good solid read that held my attention nicely and left me mostly satisfied at its conclusion. My thanks go to the Publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book.
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Thora & Santi's chance meeting at the ruined clock tower in Cologne is just that, isn't it? Chance? Or are they fated to meet forever, in every lifetime? 

This is the story of two people destined to be friends, lovers, colleagues, enemies & ultimately together throughout time. The first part of this story is the tales of their lives &, although a little repetitive due to the nature of the story, there were plenty of goosebump moments & indulgent smiles from me. Thora & Santi are both strong characters that are very easy to like, each has their flaws & issues but they are well developed throughout their many lives. The writing, for me, was really visual and I felt wholly enveloped in the city with them. For the latter part of the book I will only say that I throughly enjoyed the journey it took me on, I really liked where it went & hadn't been expecting it, although maybe I should have as the clues were there cleverly woven in to the story.
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Meet Me in Another Life is not the usual kind of book that I would pick up. However, the synopsis is definitely the kind of film that I would be excited to go and see at the cinema. So I thought I’d give it a go, and it sure did win me over on its captivating and emotional journey.

First of all, this a difficult book to place in a genre. A combination of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and romance (albeit a romance regarding destiny rather than anything too fluffy), there are so many elements to this story that to put it into a category would be to insult Silvey’s impressive creation. It’s so much more than any one genre, and most definitely a book that I think you just have to pick up and give it a chance.

With such an intriguing premise, I had no idea how the story was going to play out. At first, we get to meet Thora and Santi over a number of lifetimes – as friends, colleagues, lovers, and enemies – so I struggled to see how I would connect to these characters when these individual stories felt so separate. But then it soon comes together in a real eye-opening way, and I needed to know how it would end.

As Thora and Santi begin to figure out their connection, I was quickly drawn into this unique concept. What starts off feeling like Groundhog Day soon begins to feel more celestial as we realise the significance of the stars, the universe, and the infinite galaxies around us. But as the sci-fi elements come in more and more towards the end, the story never feels too over-complicated or unbelievable, although the final revelations still blew my mind completely.

I love the idea behind the book, as Silvey commented in an interview that: “The question was: can two people ever know each other completely? That led me to the idea of characters who meet again and again in different versions of their lives.” And that’s what grabbed my attention from the beginning.

But what I love even more is that Silvey didn’t go purely down a romance route. Thora and Santi love each other in some of their lives, both platonically and romantically, but they also love others. It’s more to do with the coming together of their minds, and I think that’s why the concept works so well.

If you like films such as Interstellar, books such as Cloud Atlas, are a fan of fantasy stories about destiny and fate, or don’t mind a twist of sci-fi, then this is definitely a book worth picking up.
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One of the nice side effects of having a bookstagram and bookblog I will never get used to, is the moment authors or publishers reach out, send a message and ask me to read a copy of their book in exchange for an honest review. This book already was on my wishlist on Amazon, so when I got a message from the publisher via Netgalley that I could get an arc of this book if I wanted I didn't hesitate. And this morning I very happily started this story.

The concept of this story is quite interesting and very atmospheric. Quite a few times we see the same two people cross paths. Every time their relationship is different. They can be lovers, friends, family. They can know each other an entire life or they can only cross paths briefly. However, it's quite clear that every time they meet they leave a lasting impression on the other. And after a few lifetimes the characters start to realize when meeting the other for another first time, that they're a little TOO familiar.

From that moment they start learning and discovering. With each new lifetime they unravel more secrets and they also get closer to the why and the how. I have to admit that eventually, when the how and the why is revealed, I was a little disappointed. It felt like the explanation took away from the atmosphere, made it a little less special and meaningful. I think this might be one of the first times where I think no explanation would have worked better for me than the one that was given.

However, I still really enjoyed the book and I certainly don't regret reading it. I quite loved the idea that there is no one in the world who can truly know you, since you show different sides of yourself to different people. I enjoyed watching all their different lives, the way they slowly changed as people and still stayed themselves at the very core. I enjoyed the way they interacted and the way they challenged each other.

The destination was maybe not what I wanted, but the journey was still worth it.
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The premise for this sounded interesting so I was delighted to be able to read it early. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get on with it at all. It was so repetitive that I couldn’t bring myself to engage with it and I kind of just wanted to see what was happening. I can see the appeal and the writing is good, it just didn’t work for me personally.
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Thank you to Harper Collins U.K. for sending me the direct link to the Ebook for Meet Me In Another Life by Catriona Silvey, and of course thank you NetGalley for providing the mechanism, without which readers and publish couldn’t share books and feedback with such ease.

I fell completely in love with the story of of Santi and Thora and would definitely describe this book as an enigma, wrapped in a mystery with love, drama, and adventure, that you gradually work through like peeling the layers of an onion until you reach the core. 

The story is told through the voices of the two key protagonists Santi and Thora, who unite, and circle around each other across multiple lives, until one life they realise that there is more to their lives than just reliving and learning from their multiple experiences. The multiple stories of their lives are always drawn to Cologne, where they always find each other, be it as brother and sister, lovers, enemies, father and daughter, mentor and student and more. 

To say this book is a mystery is very true, and it deserves the reader’s patience as it cycles through their multiple lives - if you read/listen carefully there are Easter eggs dropped throughout the story that lead to ‘ah’ moments later. This concept is key to the book’s character and definitely a foundation for the growth of both Thora and Santi’s characters. Their arc is complex, enriching, joyful, heartbreaking and totally fascinating...this definitely isn’t just another love story.

Without ruining this book for you, I would highly recommend it, the characters are eloquent, complex, truthful, beautiful and terrifying and more. Silvey’s writing is both brilliant and beautiful, she paints a unique picture of a story that crosses multiple lives, timelines and space to deliver a unique storyline that is not overdone!
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I am so glad I requested this as it was such a unique read that kept me hooked.  The first  part of the book was like a series of short stories about Thiora & Santi’s linking life’s and it’s only in the last part that you kind of get a bit more sense of what’s happening, At times I didn’t really like Thora - she seemed cruel and distant. I loved Santi throughout the book, he’s a loveable character continually searching to find out the truth of their existence and how the lives they were living had meaning.  A solid 4 stars, I thought this book was fab.  Thank you Netgalley for my copy.
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I found this book easy to read at the beginning m but somehow I found the stories of Thira and Santi meeting in Cologne many times confusing.  It wasn't for me.  Although I did complete the book and the ending helped to explain the mysteries I won't be able to recommend it.  
I'm sure though that many others will enjoy this story.
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Wow. I don't think when I knew what this book was going to be about at all when I started listening to it. Thora and Santi keep on finding themselves in Cologne and living their lives all over again, time after time and only they remember. Why is the huge twist of the book and I'm not going to give it away but this isn't the simple romance it might seen on the surface. In most lives Thora is gay anyway. It really touched me, and left me with a tear in the eye, despite the fact that I was driving at the time.
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Thora and Santi are strangers in a foreign city when a chance encounter intertwines their fates. At once they recognise in each other a kindred spirit - someone who shares their insatiable curiosity, who is longing for more in life than the cards they've been dealt. Only days later, a tragic accident cuts their story short.

When Thora and Santi meet each other in different lives, they had no recollection of the previous times they had met each other. Until something unusual happened in one of their lives.

Each chapter is like a short story of Thora and Santi meeting in a different place. Thora and Santi live in many different lives together: lovers, co-workers, siblings and many more. I had no idea where this story was going or how it was going to end. The book is divided into three parts, Things only started making sense nearer the end. You do need to read this book with an open mind. A story of unconditional love.

I would like to thank #NetGalley #HarperCollinsUK #HarperFiction and the author #CatrionaSilvey for my ARC of #MeetMeInAnotherLife in exchange for an honest review.
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An enjoyable and unique read about how our relationships with other people define us. Definitely worth reading if you're looking for something a bit different.
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Nicely written but the storyline was just too confusing for me. It seemed like lots of short stories told within one story with the characters all having the same names. I must admit, I gave up when I was about 25% of the way through!
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