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This is the first novel I have read by this author, but it won't be the last. Not only is the premise original, and beautifully executed, the writing itself is sparky and fresh - I found myself excited by the prose even before anything had happened!

"Lucky" is the story of Etta, who desperately wants to marry her partner, Ola. But Ola insists that they need to save enough for a deposit on a house before they can think about spending on a wedding, and is working all hours to secure them financial independence. Then Etta stumbles on a genius scheme: she'll win some money gambling online, using a strict system to make sure she stays ahead of the casino, and saving her winnings. And it turns out Etta is good at gambling - at first. But slowly, irrevocably, things start to spiral out of control, and Etta is soon in deeper than she ever could have imagined, and taking even more desperate measures to undo what she has set in motion...

This is exactly the kind of thriller I love, where a normal person finds themselves in an abnormal situation, so I knew I was probably going to enjoy it, but it's the quality of the writing that really elevates this novel into something beyond just another enjoyable but forgettable thriller. The prose is dazzling, and the characters were beautifully realised - I was rooting for Etta even as I was internally screaming at the decisions she was making. I am so excited to see what will come next from this author - I'll be first in line on publication day!

Thank you to NetGalley, and to the publisher, who granted me a free ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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“𝗧𝗼 𝗴𝗲𝘁 𝗹𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘆, 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗵𝗮𝘃𝗲 𝘁𝗼 𝘁𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝗿𝗶𝘀𝗸𝘀”

Etta and Ola are saving for their future. They’d like to get a deposit for a house followed by marriage and honeymoon, But for the deposit alone the couple need at least £30,000
With £22,000 saved in the bank Etta decides to make more money quickly will start online gambling. Wins turn to loses and before she knows it all the money has gone and she begins getting blackmailed by a “friend” she met in the chat room. 

Gambling can become addictive and a downward spiral which is awful however I struggled to feel empathy for the character. I found the writing quite jumpy going between other bits which weren’t really important or necessary, I just couldn’t get lost in the book and picture what was happening. There was a twist which I didn’t expect however I wasn’t overly surprised and didn’t find this story gripping.
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This book wasn't for me. I didn't take to the characters at all and I can't cope with reckless behaviour. This is probably a young adult book.
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Oh my! This book is full steam ahead and boy was I hooked as soon as main character, Etta, hit the gambling sites. I felt so much heartache for her as I know how serious an addiction gambling is and this book had it all when it comes to intricately exploring the psychological issues surrounding it. At times I wanted to jump into the book and try to fix her life as I tensely bit through my nails. 

My heart banged away as Etta fell further down the rabbit hole, where danger lurked in the shadows. I felt every uncomfortable moment of her dark descent, her inner turmoil and the external threat that lingered. 

I loved the setting of her bleak rented house which she tolerated while trying to save for her dream home with partner, Ola. Her dream life, hanging on a thread as she chased the promise of a carrot if only she took a chance of another spin. There is far more to this story than the gambling but I don’t want to ruin it for you. There are thrills aplenty and they don’t let go until the end. 

I would definitely recommend ‘Lucky.’ It’s one exhilarating read!
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Sadly this one wasnt for me.
It did have some good bits, but I felt whilst it had so much potential it didn't make the most of the opportunities of the important subject matters it touched on.
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Easily a 5 star read for me. Lucky was such an good portrayal of gambling addiction, mixed with some tense thriller aspects. It also explored issues of race and money, against a backdrop of the Windrush scandal in the United Kingdom. 

Etta and her partner Ola have been living together and saving money for a house. After constant arguments over scrimping and saving, she decides to join a Bingo site to try and raise the money quicker. However she soon begins to spiral into the world of online gambling, the more she plays, she wins but more often loses. During the midst of this, she meets a shady character online, and deceit and betrayal ensues! 

Gambling additions are not often brought to the forefront in fiction and I loved how much Rachel Edwards portrayed this. In fact the scariest thing about this thriller was how is captured how much gambling can consume someone and isolate them. I was constantly hoping for Etta to just stop before it had tragic consequences. 

This is Rachel Edwards 2nd novel. Lucky was suspenseful, gripping and devastating in many ways. Her style of writing was wonderful to read, and I cannot wait to explore more from her.

Thank you so much to @NetGalley and @4thEstate for providing me with a copy to read in exchange for a review.
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A real page turner. It had me gripped from page 1. The murky world of online betting alongside people smuggling. I had no expectation yet I was blown away. Twists and turns and intermingling plots. Excellent read! Highly recommended if you can put your life on hold for a day.
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Second book by Rachel Edwards really enjoyed Darling her first novel and feel the same about Lucky .I was drawn right in read late into the night enjoyed from first page to last Full of tension twists and turns kept me guessing to the last page..#netgalley #4thestse
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Rachel’s first book, Darling, was excellent, so I was happy to be invited to read an advance copy of Lucky. 

Etta wants to get married, have nice holidays and so on, but boyfriend Ola insists they save for a house deposit first. But that’s taking forever. Etta needs to find a way of making more money, quicker.

Etta isn’t the kind of sad person who gets addicted to online bingo. That’s not who she is at all. She’s confident she can beat the odds and make the money they need. And initially, it goes mainly according to plan. But before long, things get a bit out of hand.

What seemed initially like quite a simple story of a spiral into addiction ultimately turned into something more unexpected and complicated - there were twists here I really didn’t see coming. In the end I wasn’t entirely sure I had my head around it all, but I definitely enjoyed the journey.

It’s a story which has various things to say about modern Britain, some of it via Etta’s voluntary work at First Welcome. Her neighbour Jean illustrates a certain type of emboldened racist - though clearly has issues of her own.

And the Windrush scandal shows its ugly face here in the shape of Etta’s friend Joyce’s elderly mother, Cynthia, faced with the threat of deportation back to Jamaica after fifty years.

Edwards writes evocatively about the dizzying, beguiling lure of online gambling, the early wins and devastating losses.

Etta was alarmingly reckless at times - not just with the gambling, but giving away far too much information to a stranger on the internet. Surely we all know better than that, nowadays.

I loved the dialogue - Etta, like the author, is half-Nigerian, half-Jamaican, and Ola is of Nigerian heritage - and their voices emerged very clearly.

Lucky is an engaging read about... well, about lots of things really. Race, addiction, money, deception, the risks people take and the lengths they are prepared to go to. An interesting and surprising read.
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Lucky is an incredibly fun and good read.

I really enjoyed starting this and I had a lot of trouble putting this down.
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