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I thoroughly enjoyed reading Detour to Love by Amanda Radley.
The story between Celia and Lily is well written, kept me interested enough to read in one day,which i found totally relaxing.
Celia and Lily are both great characters thrown together by fate. The chat and back chats are quite humorous and I found my self smiling or chuckling.

Would i recommend: Yes if you're looking for that time out moment in your day
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This book follows Celia and Lily, an unlikely pair both on their way to Tokyo for different reasons. Their trip takes a bit of a detour and brings them together in unlikely ways. 

This book was a unique “romance”. I felt that Celia and Lily had more of a friendship. I get that Lily was crushing on Celia but it just didn’t feel like they had a connection. The age gap was an interesting aspect of the book. Overall, the writing was great and I really enjoyed the banter between the two, though it was frustrating at times. 

This is definitely an easy read and I’d classify the romance as very slow burn.
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I always love Amanda Radley’s books and this was no different!!

Both halves of the romantic pairing were so well developed - each had their own strong storyline outside of the romance arc and I truly cared about each woman individually as well as whole heartedly rooting for them to get together!

The romance itself was unlike any other I’ve read and it was so refreshing!! Neither of the two women were looking to fall for someone and the slow unfolding of their feelings felt so natural!

An absolutely stunning romance with heart, depth and brilliant writing.💞
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This was such a cute love story. I have read other Radley romances, but this is her first book with BSB. Detour to Love seemed to be in line with her other romances. Sweet and cute. These two mains meet when they are both flying to Tokyo. Celia Scott is flying to receive an award she does not want and Lily Andersen is flying to meet her online love interest. I love that Radley tackles some serious issues in this one. One being why Celia is having so many issues with this award and Lily who is going to meet a stranger and could be walking into danger. There for sure is a lot of twist and turns that will keep you engaged. This was more of a slow burn but Radley did a great job with the pace of the romance. I for sure enjoyed this one and will give it 4 stars.

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Another Bit of Perfection from Amanda Radley
Celia is a busy, stressed out an uptight executive who is flying to Tokyo to accept an award she doesn’t want anything to do with and its causing her a ton of emotional stress. If that’s not bad enough, the airline messed up her reservation and now first class is full of literal clowns.  She’s in a bad way and there seems to be no hope on the horizon.  Lily is a free spirit, go with the flow artist who is off to Tokyo to meet her online girlfriend, the only person who has truly been there for her during a rough patch in her life.  When Celia and Lily meet, personalities clash… then they are seated next to each other.  Neither is excited about it and it looks like it’s going to be a long flight, then things get complicated…  Fate has a way of making things interesting and the pair are thrown together time and again… Maybe, just maybe   they aren’t so bad together…

I ADORED this story!!! I thought it was sweet, lovely, tender and wonderful.  Of course it was flawlessly written and edited, Ms Radley would produce nothing less.  I loved how Celia and Lily clashed but were there for each other when the chips were down.  I loved the emotions the characters had and that the writing brought forth in me.  There were parts where I laughed and parts where I cried…. I truly cared what happened to these women.  This is one of those books that you won’t want to put down and I stayed up well into the night because I NEEDED to see how it ended!! This is not a book that will disappoint and I have it in my re read pile already!
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I’ve read a few books by Amanda Radley and particularly liked Huntress and Bring Holly Home. This author was previously known as A.E. Radley and most of her career has been as an independent writer. This is her first book published by Bold Strokes Books and under the name Amanda Radley.

Celia Scott is an upper-level executive in an insurance company on her way to Tokyo to receive an award she doesn’t want for personal reasons. Lily Andersen is a children’s book illustrator who’s travelling to Japan to meet her online crush. As they find themselves seating together on the plane, their personalities clash and they initially cannot stand each other but fate makes them cross their paths and realise that maybe they were meant for each other…

This is an opposites-attract, age-gap, enemies to lovers romance by this author who has previously used these tropes in her extensive career. The age gap is quite substantial (Celia is 51 and Lily 26) and even though the main characters are completely different, the author makes their attraction work. I wouldn’t say that the chemistry is explosive; the romance is slow-burn and there aren’t any explicit sex scenes, but the mains are good enough together more in an intense platonic friendship than anything else.

I was under the impression that this was a romantic comedy based on the cover and blurb. It starts like that, with a few funny moments. However, the tone of the novel suddenly changes to slightly somber and it never goes back to the initial lightness despite that there are some funny moments afterwards. I’m not going to explain why because it’s not stated in the blurb and I don’t want to spoil anything, but the circumstances around one of the characters made me change my reading mood substantially. It’s not that they behaved out of character, it’s absolutely understandable, things considered, but nevertheless, it changed the general tone of the book or at least my impression of it.

If you enjoy slow-burn romances with more emphasis on the emotional than the physical aspects and don’t mind an age gap of 25 years then this might be for you. 3.5 stars.

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I want to thank Netgalley, Amanda Radley and Bold Strokes Books Inc. for sending me an advance digital copy of this book.  All opinions will remain my own, as always.  

This is the first book by Amanda Radley that I have read.  It has received a plethora of praise and great reviews online but for me I just couldn’t get really into this book.  I love a good love story with passion and heat and this book just didn’t have that.  The love story is very slow to develop, in fact by the time I had read 90% of it, I didn’t even know if the main characters were even that into eachother.  There is also a very large age gap between the two main characters - which is accentuated by the fact the Celia (the older of the two characters) keeps paying for things which in turn for most of the book, gave me more of a maternal vibe than a love interest vibe with her.   The character development is great but for me it just wasn’t a passionate enough love story - and I don’t mean that in a steamy way (though it didn’t have that either).
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I did not finish this book. I started and lost interest very quickly. I may give it another go sometime down the road but for now it's a DNF. Sorry about that.
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This book is quite like walking on water. If you're fast enough it will give you a few seconds before you drown in the amazing story the author has written. It is shockingly extraordinary and original.
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Yay, my first five star review of the year! The book only took me a while to get through because I was trying to savour it.
This was the perfect balance of light-hearted but sensitive. Celia is an ice queen, or maybe just a jerk, but I don't think it's possible not to sympathize with her once you hear her backstory. Which was, by the way, nicely handled and not at all an info dump. Lily is terrific, a slightly naïve optimist, but she's an unstoppable force and has a high emotional intelligence, when she wants to. I was pleasantly surprised to find that she had as much depth as Celia did.
The plot was flawlessly executed. It didn't get boring once the initial thrill of the premise was over, which I have found tends to happen when the book promises a vacation-like setting outside of their normal lives. The push and pull always made sense, and gave us a lot of insight into the characters. Although it takes a while for them to actually get together, it never feels like someone is stalling.
As for the last few chapters. I wouldn't state that the romance was rushed per se. It seemed in character for them to take it so slowly. I did think a little too much happened off screen, as there were a couple of less subtle time skips right at the end. Even one more chapter of getting comfortable with each other, of casually dating, would have been fabulous. Still, it worked relatively well. As a sidenote, I thought the lack of a sex scene went hand in hand with the mood of the story. The characters had chemistry, but there was more of a romantic vibe than an overtly sexual one. With the other emotions running through their minds, they could not have jumped into bed after only a short period of dating anyways.
So I haven't read Amanda Radley before, but you bet I will be looking out for her after this.
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I absolutely love books by Amanda Radley and this is no exception. Celia and Lily are wonderfully fleshed out characters and the writing is excellent, as usual. The book touches some heavy subjects in places, but this does not take over the overall feel of the book; its romance is light and its comedic banter is perfection. My only complaint would be the last two chapters covering one month and six months later respectively. I would have liked to read what happened rather than a brief summary. This left the ending feeling a little rushed and I felt a bit cheated and left out of Lily and Celia’s story. Other than that, wonderful!
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What a great book about 2 people (Cecilia and Lily) meeting while they both are traveling to Japan. The relationship grows from strangers, to friends to a touch of romance.  Great read about an emotional connection between two people. It’s a very enjoyable read.

I would recommend this book to anyone. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the Publisher for an advanced copy for my honest review!!
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I cannot express enough how absolutely great this book is. A FF trope, this book focuses on love, leading a life you want, and overcoming obstacles that get in your way.  Enemies-to-lovers is one of my favorite ways to romance. 

Although, I will say... I hate clowns, I could deal with those in the book *wink*
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Would you fly to another country to meet someone you had only texted and emailed?  This is the story of such a situation.  The book focuses on two main characters, Celia, who is traveling to Toyko to receive a coveted award she doesn't even want.  And Lily, who is also traveling to Toyko to meet her soulmate in person.  These two women meet on the plane and find they don't much like the other.  However, throughout the book, they keep getting together and through heart break, dealing with history, they find they have more in common than they thought.
A very interesting book and a valuable lesson about trust.
I would recommend.
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Thanks Netgalley for this ARC for an exchange for an honest review.
What a delightful story.  I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend to read
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Detour to Love is a slow burning closed door romance.

I really liked Lily. She is young, naive and free spirited. Celia is rude, mean and close to a mental breakdown. It takes a while to find out why she is that way, but after it comes to light, you definitely feel for her. 

I received an ARC of this book but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Celia is a middle-aged professional that is excellent at her job. So much so, she feels lost and hopeless in all other areas of her life. She has also suffered incredible losses in her life when she meets Lily on a plane to Tokyo. Lily is a young artist who illustrates children’s books for a living. She is heading to Tokyo to meet who she thinks is the love of her life, when Celia crosses her path.

The book starts off a little on the slow side. However, it was kind of needed to develop the story and characters. The book really started coming together for me about halfway through. When I first started reading this book, I was irritated at just how rude Celia was. It was almost like she went out her way to be a total jerk to everyone she encountered. However, as the story progressed, I learned more about why she acted the way she did. These two main characters are both so lost in their own ways and really needed to find each other. They became friends apprehensively and it developed from there. 

If you are reading this novel for all the romance, you are in it for the wrong reason. This is more of a story of two broken people coming together to find common ground and help each other heal. This book addresses a lot of real issues and emotional turbulence. I really enjoyed the fact that that author, Amanda Radley, did not feel the need to resolve all at once or even by the end of the book. I like this in a way as I felt that it made it more real to life.

Although this did not hit all the marks for me, as a romance, it did leave me wanting to read more by Radley. It tugged on my heart strings for a different reason than a sweet romance novel. I feel like the story was well developed and realistic. Radley did not rush to conclusions so that the reader could get to the hot love affair. It developed organically and with an appropriate amount of time lapse.

I would recommend this book to others that are not looking for a true romance. I will check out other books by this author as it was well written and enjoyable. 

I received an ARC by NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books in exchange for an honest review.
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This is really cute! I really enjoyed Lily and Celia and their relationship. It's well-plotted, and I found the age difference between the main characters to be especially intriguing.
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This is a read about finding love when you least expect. Celia Scott, insurance executive dealing with loss and not looking for love. Lily Andersen, artist, easy going and looking for love. These two meet while traveling to Tokyo. Due to circumstances beyond their control, their lives intertwine. This age-gap romance with Celia being 51 and Lily being 25 makes for an interesting read. Besides their age difference, their personalities are quite different. Celia is successful, confident and possesses a contentious personality. Some may call rude, Lily does.  Lily on the other hand is caring and a bit naïve. But, what makes this age gap romance work is that Lily holds her own when dealing with Celia.
This read is more emotional than physical. So, if you are looking for heat, you should probably pass on this one.
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Amanda Radley's 'Detour to Love is a mostly light and sweet romance that captures how much more you have to gain by taking the time to get to know someone. While each of the protagonists are coming from a complicated past, and seem to have nothing in common, fate puts them together in a way that nudges them towards learning more about each other. At times laugh out loud funny, this is a lovely romance.
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