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I lost my PDF of this book in switching phones, and I found it last night and immediately opened it up, having little recollection of what this book was about and wasn't disappointed at all.

I'm a sucker for Sign Language being an actively shown in graphic novels/manga, especially since it is so rare but I've seen it done so beautifully.

This book did not disappoint it was gorgeously done and made me reminiscent of novels with how snow is depicted and described.

Yuki- Wholesomest of wholesome beans. With an awesome fashion sense.

 Itsuomi- Dude needs to learn some personal boundaries. But overall sweet guy.

Rin- Good Friend. Sweet. Has awesome taste in earrings.

Will be continuing with this series for sure.
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This volume is the sweet and endearing start to a love story between two college students: one who has seen the world and one who lives in a world created by her lack of hering. After a chance encounter on a train Itsuomi and Yuki begin building a friendship that quickly grows into more. I can't wait for the next volumes to be released.
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Itsuomi and Yuki's story starts to develop, their lives so different but so alike. While she being deaf sees herself sometimes caged in this tiny little world, Itsumoi is a travelled person who goes out of the country to find out about more about other cultures. Althought it is like this, Itsuomi's sees Yuki's world as being a vast incredible one, and also can't help thinking she is cute. Yuki falls hard for him, thye form a partnership that will probably face a lot of obstacles but with their understanding of each other and soft aura around them, I believe they will suceed.

Th art style is cute and wholesome, matching the vibe of the story perfectly. Hoepefully I can read the second volume fast! Also the author took time to give us some informations about sign language in janpan which I think it's informative and so important!
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This manga was so wholesome, it has a beautiful art style, and the way the characters approach Yuki's deafness is realistic and makes sense for the plot development. I'm really excited to read more and am really grateful that the authors decided to portray a deaf character. I really want to know more about sign language and how it impacts daily life. 

The only thing I didn't like was the appearance of Yuki's childhood friend, I can already tell he'll play the role of the jealous second male lead. He seems like a kind person, so I hope this arc will be treated respectfully, but I really wish this trope disappeared from shoujo manga. I thought everything was realistic except for him. If he loves her, he should've confessed sooner. Let's eradicate love triangles! I want them to stay friends, though. Him being able to sign just because of her is too cute and pure for this world.

Oh, and it really irks me that the male lead has a poker face like 95% of the time. But I guess some people like that.

I've already bought the next two volumes, that's how good this was ^o^
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I am fascinated by the incorporation of sign language into this story. A fantastic idea and a charming story. Not sure how I'm feeling about our male love interest, but we shall see...

For Libraries: Another graphic that is classified as adult, but there are not any content concerns in this volume. I'll be trying it out in my teen collection.
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I received this arc from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Yuki is a college student who’s into friends and fashion. She’s also deaf. A chance meeting on a train leads to a serious crush… but can it grow into something more?

This manga was seriously so cute and made my heart warm. I loved both of the main characters and every time they interacted my heart swooned. I also loved that sign language was Included in the panels and the art style for this was stunning. I am so excited for the next volumes and I will 100% be picking them up. I see a re-read in my future very soon....
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When I first say sign of affection, I was like this will be cute little love story. I wasn’t expecting much if I’m honest. But once I looked more into it and started to read it I was hocked. This manga is about a deaf collages aged girl. She is so use to people brushing her off cause she can’t hear that’s until one day someone pays attention to her and from there we get this adorable story of growth and love. I can’t wait for the next volume!!
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I'm baffled about A Sign of Affection. The topic is super important, since the main character is deaf and it's super rare and the manga actually handles it well and accordingly. I love how she uses sign language all the time, since she cannot really hear anything aside of some little noises she cannot pinpoint. The best part of the manga is her trying to communicate with others and make them understand and at the same time she tries so hard to understand. The point is that Yuki is accustomed to her situation and looks at the bright side of it, which makes this heartwarming. In this first part Yuki gets to know this boy Itsuomi and they begin to get to know one another. Mostly it's just college life and whatnot. But, the romance is too quick and suddenly Yuki is in love without even knowing the guy. This kind of ruined the series for me, since it's such a cliched situation and the reason I don't really read shoujo anymore.

The art is overly cute with sparkly eyes and everything. It's too sweet even and I kind of wished for a more realistic approach, since this would've deserved it. I'm so glad this is translated into English though, since this is different and you don't see stuff like this in manga or in Japan all that much. All kinds of people should get their voices heard.
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3/5 stars

📝Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing this e-arc!

✨A cute enjoyable shouko that i adored. Loved the rep and the art style. The rating is this low in comparison to otherd as i feel like i wasn't captivated enough by the characters and their plots and motivations
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Thank you netgally for giving me a copy and letting me review this manga.

A Sign of Affection is a manga story where the heroine who have a hearing disability and met this cute guy who later became the heroine's crush.

OKAY. This is such a cute manga story. I didn't expect to enjoy this manga that much but boi, I did.

Aside from the heroine being so cute and precious, the friendship that was shown so far was pretty much okay, especially to her girl friend and her childhood friend which is so far shown to be a little bit overprotective.

As for the potential male lead, he's cute, HOWEVER, I find him a little bit suspish so far.

I can not choose which of the two potential leads' better but so far they're good.

I enjoyed the premise of the manga and find it really wholesome and hopefully we get to see more of this story concept in mangas  in the future.
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I love that this was about learning new things in order to make a relationship successful. While still a romance, this story focuses more on the things we do in the name of love, like learning how to communicate in various ways such as ASL but also through active listening. Such a sweet sweet novel and I can’t wait to read more.
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This is an interesting title! I'm always fascinated by how artists convey sign language, and I appreciated the afterword where the authors talked about working with their sign language consultant. I wasn't immediately sold on the romance part of the story and I'm not sure if I'll continue reading but the art and writing are both solid, and I thought (although I'm certainly not an expert) that the authors handled Yuki's Deafness respectfully.
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A wonderful take on a romance shojo with the unique bonus of having a deaf protagonist. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Kodansha Comics for its advanced copy which I received in return for an honest review.
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I had heard about this story from some friends and decided to give it a try for the plot. This is the first time I read a manga and I loved it, for those who are like me and have never read manga, the reading format is from right to left unlike graphic novels, so at first, it felt a bit weird but even so the reading was quite fluid.

Yuki is our protagonist, a young university student who, unlike most is deaf, firstly she’s very cute, sweet and like any girl, she wants to have new experiences. Most of this volume was her deciding if what she felt was love or admiration because meeting someone like Itsuomi made her wonder what it would be like to know the rest of the world.

Now, Itsuomi is a mysterious, patient, and direct character, who lives by and traveling the world as a backpacker. He’s always traveling, so he is a curious person who likes to have new experiences. I would say that since the story focuses on Yuki's point of view and almost all we see are her thoughts, it’s difficult to understand his character. At the moment I like him and the times we see what he feels for Yuki is very sweet, I love that he wants to know and understand Yuki's world, so I liked how his character was taken in the plot.

They're both too cute, I can't stand them, Yuki is the definition of cuteness. Their relationship was slow-burn and I'm dying to know what will happen, it was very cute when Yuki made a book for him to learn sign language. I love them and I definitely need to read the next volumes.

"Let me into Yuki’s world?"


The story is very beautiful, I love it, as a reader of darker themes this was a radical change for me, I must say it’s not the type of history I am used to since it has too much sweetness. For those like me, this is a good way to relax a bit and enjoy a nice story. The levels of cuteness were too high but I loved it, at first I felt that the relationship was spontaneous and rushed, but considering that it’s not a book itself, the pace of the story makes sense. At the moment the plot is about their relationship and something I would like to highlight is that there is no drama, thank you very much author, everything flows very well and the story feels realistic.

Our heroine is deaf and therefore that is something important for the story, it’s one of the main points obviously. I like the way her character is introduced, especially the way her friends and Itsuomi wanted to learn to communicate with her using sign language as well as learn to approach her. I liked that the authors introduced this language and that the drawings were easy to understand in terms of movements, I also loved that at some points they explained to us how sign language works in Japan and the differences there are with others. In the end, there’s an interview with the author that was very entertaining, reading how it was decided to create this manga and the research they did to present a realistic character like Yuki without falling into stereotypes.

Secondary characters

Rin, Yuki's friend, is one of my favorite characters. I felt connected to her, she is very friendly and I love how she supports and encourages Yuki. She’s definitely a good friend and a great character for the story. I also liked Itsuomi's cousin (Rin crush), we didn't see much of him but I look forward to seeing how his relationship with Rin progresses.

Yuki's friend Oushi is an interesting character, he cares for Yuki and protects her. I like his character but I don't know how to feel about him, I just hope it's not a love triangle, it doesn't seem like it's going to be but you never know.

To finish, it's a very cute story and I definitely recommend it, I read it in one day so it's a good story to pass the time.

I wonder… if you can fall in love as silently as this snow is falling.

Is this manga for you?

Perfect for: Lovers of cuteness, cute heroines, and pure romance.
Do I recommend it? Yes, I loved it.

Heroine: 9/10
Hero: 8/10
Romance: 7/10
Type of Relationship: F/M
Plot: 7/10

My thanks to the author suu Morishita, Kodansha Comics, and NetGalley for the opportunity to get this ARC for an unbiased review.
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So on one hand this story is cute and very sweet. On the other hand the male lead kept touching the female lead without her permission and this is presented as romantic. I’m not really comfortable with this especially since the female lead is deaf and can’t always sense him coming.
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I’ve read A Sign of Affection, Vol. 1 a couple times now. Unlike other titles, my appreciation (and affection, if you will) only grows more with each completion. This is a story about a college girl named Yuki. While riding the train another passenger attracts her attention to ask for assistance. Yuki is deaf, and tries to explain she cannot understand. A tall, silver haired boy jumps in to assist the passenger and when Yuki thanks him he realizes she’s deaf. He’s never interacted with a deaf person, but makes an effort to communicate with and understand her. Yuki realizes her classmate, Rin-chan, is familiar with the silver haired boy, Itsuomi-san. With Rin’s help Yuki continues to run into and get to know Itsuomi and develops feelings for him. 

Yuki is so sweet, and I find myself relating to her enthusiasm for others. Itsuomi-san is forward, which seems to be a welcome change for Yuki who is used to little direct interaction outside her friends and family. Itsuomi’s worldliness does explain how easily he adjusts to barriers and shows his affection, something more uncommon in Japan. 

I’m really interested to see Yuki’s world continue to widen and where her relationship with Itsuomi goes. The writing is especially lovely.
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suu Morishita returns with another tale filled to the brim with sweetness, laughter and the bright lights of new-found love.

A Sign of Affection has become a recent favourite with the mere power of its first stunning volume. As an avid reader and a long-time fan of suu Morishita, I was thoroughly excited for the announcement of her new series. I could not wait to get my hands on this book, and had very high expectations—and she did not disappoint. First of all, the art style is magnificent—there are no words to describe the sheer beauty that seems to eternally cling onto her brushstrokes. It is as if every inch of her drawings is intwined with spun sugar and all things sweet. Her character designs are individually unique and definitely gives an insight as to what kind of characters they are/what their roles are in the narrative. On the other hand, her character creation is flawless—Yuki being the kindest beacon of hope in the silent world she lives in, makes you root for her as your heart warms at the very sight of her on the page. Whilst we do not get to learn more about Itsuomi yet, I have already fallen deeply in love with his character and how genuine he is in his unhesitant, quiet confidence. And their chemistry? Blossoming in the way that you can see sparkles on the pages, viewing it through eyes that have undoubtedly become hearts. 

Another aspect that Morishita-san has complete mastery over is her humour, as Yuki's abrupt cute actions and Itsuomi's hilarious 'chibi' form has me rolling in constant laughter. And finally, in terms of the plot, Morishita-san has yet again introduced me to a story that has easily found a special place in my heart. Writing a story about a community that has without a doubt been hidden and silenced in the world, it was heartwarming. I was touched by how much this book covered sign language and allowed us to see life through the eyes of someone who is deaf.  Not every deaf individual's experience is the same, and the book highlights the fact that Yuki is simply one of many stories within this community. With this book, suu Morishita has given a voice to the unheard, and I thank her wholeheartedly for making them seen. 
A story from the margins brought forward into the glittering light—that is exactly what suu Morishita has given us. I am already awaiting the rest of this series, as I know that it will find its way amongst my other favourites, in which Morishita-san has eternally found her place within.
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I went into this manga with fairly high expectations. It was being compared to A Silent Voice / Koe no Katachi of which I saw the movie and absolutely loved. In general, it’s also not very common for a shoujo manga to feature a protagonist with a hearing impairment (or a protagonist with any disability really) so that immediately intrigued me as well. I was curious about how accurate the main character’s experience of being deaf in Japan was going to be. I’m happy to report that A Sign of Affection more than exceeded my expectations!

Even before I read the author's note about how they consulted a deaf person for this manga, I could tell that they tried very hard to make this manga as authentic as they could. Yuki communicates through a mix of sign language, lip reading and text messages / writing on notepads which makes a lot of sense as most of the people around her are hearing. A lighter text color is used when Yuki is lip-reading and if she doesn’t catch something, the text will actually be gibberish so as a reader we don’t understand what was said either which I thought was brilliant! There were other small things as well, like when Yuki was walking through a crowd of people and all the speech bubbles around her were empty. I really like that they paid attention to these small details.

In terms of the characters, Yuki is so relatable! I loved her bravery in trying to get closer to Itsuomi even though she was shy. I also totally got her because Itsuomi was a really attractive character! I’m probably biased though as I’m also a language learner so characters that speak multiple languages are immediately attractive to me. I liked how he was kind of pushy but not in an arrogant or rude way. He wasn’t shy speaking to her and looked right into her eyes. I really felt like *I* was falling in love alongside Yuki which is the best feeling when you’re reading a shoujo manga! Her childhood friend, Oushi, really rubs me the wrong way though. I know he thinks he's looking out for her, but he's being too overbearing. My prediction is that he likes her, but doesn’t want to say anything because he thinks it’ll ruin their friendship.

As a first volume, this was such a strong start to the series! I already love all the characters and am so invested in their relationship. I’d actually say it’s better than A Silent Voice because it doesn’t have the bullying plotline, so if you liked that, you will absolutely *love* this. It’s just a very cute, wholesome story. I’m definitely hooked and will be continuing the series!
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Book: A Sign Of Affection
Author: Suu Morishita
Story: Makiro
Art : Nachiyan, Shigeru-San
Sign Language Collaborater : Yuki Miyazaki-chan
Genre: Manga/ Romance
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Yuki is a typical college student, whose world revolves around her friends, social media, and the latest sales. But when a chance encounter on a train leads to her meeting friend-of-a-friend and fellow student Itsuomi-san, her world starts to widen. But even though Itsuomi-kun can speak three languages, sign language isn't one of them. Can the two learn to communicate the budding feelings between them?
🌼My first Manga read and I'm happy I got to read this one. 
🌼 Yuki is a 19 year old deaf girl who is very pure. Itsuomi-kun is a free spirited person who loves languages. She is adorable and maybe that is what pulls the ML towards her. Their interactions are cute
🌼The illustrations were really good. 
🌼To make the character of Yuki authentic and relatable, the writing team also collaborated with someone with the same problem to know about the struggles and daily life in details. 
🌼 The book ended really fast. I completed it in one go and I wanted it to be long but it's ok. I can read the sequels. 
I enjoyed reading this manga and I'm really looking forward to all the upcoming books in the series.
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Amidst all these talks about inclusivity and representation of marginalized communities, it is still rare to find works on people with disabilities or rare disorders. It is rarer still to have them featured as protagonists and not just showcase them as an alien with only their problems/struggles in the highlight in the main story. ‘A Sign of affection’ is a true example of how not to give in to these clichés. 
The duo Suu Morishita presents us with a romantic age-old college romance between a trilingual world traveller hero and a shy hearing-impaired heroine. The story progresses after a chance encounter in the metro, only to find out they share a mutual friend and study in the same college. In this Volume, the main focus is on their budding closeness and Yuki (h) finding herself in love. The manga clearly shows that the creators have done their research. For instance, there are no dialogue bubbles for Yuki since she doesn’t speak. Many panels are characters using sign. The colour theme is kept soft and light as well (although it’s B&W, one can notice it). 
I love that Yuki is the one to take the first step and ask Itsuomi (H) for his number. She is a strong, optimistic and vulnerable character. Itsuomi, on the other hand, is hard to read. He’s stoic, social and outgoing but he has never met a deaf person before. I like that he treats Yuki with respect and tries to learn signed Japanese too. 
If you want to read some new, out of the box plot, this is not for you. This is a normal college romance with relatable characters.
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