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This is an interesting title. Three high-school boys - loaded, hot but bad reputation, A high-school girl who is just making it through life on it's own terms, in debt (because of her garbage Dad) but optimistic and hard-working. She is clumsy, silly and cute.

The boys are not-actually-interested in mingling with other people of the class and even got suspended. And somehow the girl got trapped into a crazy deal with the Chairman of the school, and now it's her responsibility to make these not-so-sweet boys graduate where they don't even want to go to school (because it's stupid).

Guys are actually nice and sweet, but it gets tough to deal with them. Still the girl was able to get through them slowly.

There are really cute moments where you "skip-a-heartbeat". I loved it and recommend it for a cute fun read.
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*I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Cute, funny, and light. I really enjoyed this one and I look forward to continuing the series.
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This is a slice of life manga about a girl who in order to help her struggling family afloat gets a job, however, this is against the school rules and when the headmaster finds out she makes a deal to get three problematic students to return to school after their suspension and the headmaster will make sure she gets a better job.

I LOVED this so much. This was so fun and cute, the art style was gorgeous, and I can't wait to get to know the characters more. I have already purchased a physical copy and pre-ordered the next 2 books in this series.
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I really enjoyed the art style of this cute slice of life manga. 
Even from the first volume you can see the characters really start to take shape. 
It's definitely heart-warming but think it does deal with some heavier life topics as well, and hopefully that'll continue to be explored in future volumes.
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An appealing slice of life graphic novel about a girl who, in order to help her struggling family gets a job at a bar. This is against the rules of her school, so her headmaster makes her a deal: get three problematic students to return to school after their suspension (which was 3 days but they have not returned after 10) and he will make sure she gets a better job.
Entertaining and sweet, will appeal to fans of Ouran High School Host Club and Komi Can't Communicate.
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What a cute, fluff, and funny story! 
It's good and I can't wait for the next volume bcs of the cliffhanger ending!
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Man, what a cliff-hanger!!

When I saw the cover of this manga I immediately thought of Haru Matsu Bokura, one of my favourite series from last year. I wasn't wrong, and this has really similar vibes, even if the characters here have slightly darker backstories than the ones in Waiting for Spring (although the black-haired guys in both have surprisingly similar family situations relating to their parents ).

I love the importance that is given to friendship, and belonging to a group or classroom. I really look forward to seeing more of how the characters interact with each other, and how their feelings develop.

I must admit it is pretty obvious how the love will develop, but I am incredibly curious about the friendship dynamic between the guys and how Midori will change that (which didn't really happen in Harumatsu).
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I think this is going to be quite a hit amongst my teens. I found it entertaining and full of interesting, likeable characters (even Those Not-So-Sweet Boys were charming).

For Libraries: Classified as General Adult, but no content concerns about shelving this in YA.
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It's been a while since I read a manga.

At first the truth was I was not liking it, the situations in which the protagonist got into seemed ridiculous but little by little I liked the characters especially these three friends.

I already want to read the next volume and see what will happen with this love situation
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I thought it was a BL comic because of it cover, but at the end it was a good reading even if they are straight at least they aren’t white.
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3/5 stars

Thanks to the publisher, author and Netgalley for providing this e-arc!

Bruh i'm so simping for these boys but unfortunately it didn't catch my attention that much
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Thanks to #Netgalley and Kodansha Comics for making this book available to me for an honest review.

Midori has just started high school and on her first day, she is saved from some bullies by Ichijo and his two friends. By the end of the day, she learns more about the small group of friends who apparently are children of very wealthy and well-connected families. The whole school sees them as dangerous and out of their league without actually truly getting to know the boys. Midori thinks that everyone in the school does not know the kindness of the boys' heart

Midori and her brother live with their mother who is working herself to the bone. She is picking up so many shifts at the hospital and Midori believes that she has to help out as much as she can. She has a part-time job that is against her school rules and is unfortunately caught by the chairman of the school board. 

He lays out some ultimatums. She is to make sure that the boys (who were suspended because of an event and have yet to return back to school after their suspension ended) come back to school and make sure they sit the midterm exams. OR she gets expelled. She cannot afford to lose her scholarship, so she decides to take the chairman's offer.

But as expected, with a closer relationship with the boys, she finds that she is not only worried about her scholarship, she is also falling in love with Ichijo and his friends.

I am excited for the next book.
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Thank you netgally for letting me review this book.

This was pretty much a meh to me.  Despite the premise and the concept being totally my thing for a romance manga, I would say I didn't enjoy it despite wanting to.

Nothing really happened that interest me so far, nothing stuck to me, I was just pretty bored through out the story.

There might be a few scenes that I like but other than that, there's nothing much.
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This manga is so cute and I instantly fell in love with all three of the boys. In a weird way it gave me Host Club vibes with the moments where Midori is telling the boys off for being dumb. I will definitely be continuing this series.
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**NetGalley provided an ARC copy for honest review**

Possibly my favorite Yoko Nogiri manga to date, Those Not-So-Sweet Boys Volume 1 was ironically, very sweet as well as funny. It's a high school shoujo romance manga that gives me a lot of the same vibes the "That Wolf Boy is Mine" series did when I read it. This series already contains many likable and relatable characters as well as the gorgeous artwork we've come to expect from Yoko Nogiri. I am very much looking forward to volume 2!
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Thank you to publishers and NetGalley for my ARC

Standard seemingly bad rich boy rescues poor cheery good girl setup. Throw in some meet cutes, family/friends issues/dramas and you have yourself a quick fun easy read. Needless to say I will be getting volume two.
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Thank you to netgalley and to Yoko Nogiri for providing me with an ARC ☺️

I usually don’t read a lot of mangas and prefer to watch the animes but this one was worth the read !
The plot and characters aren’t really original and are pretty much cliché but I still loved it nonetheless.
The main character, Midori, is very sweet, caring and very attaching. Ichijo and the boys were really funny and i loved their bond’s strength.

The story and the interactions were so cute and I enjoyed the development of the characters’ relationships.

Let’s not forget the art, it’s gorgeous !

Overall, this was an easy, quick and very cute read and I will definitely be reading the next volume ( especially with that ending ! )
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I enjoyed reading this manga it had me laughing. The artworks were lovely. The story takes place in a high school when a girl has lost something. Each chapter was fun to read and see what might happen next in the story.
This is the first book in a series. I can't wait to see what might happen next.

I received a complimentary copy via Netgalley. This is my honest unbiased opinion.
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A cute young adult manga!

This story revolved around Midori, a high school student, who met three of her classmates for the first time during an incident before school started. Those three boys caused quite a mystery in her class, as they were aloof and surrounded by negative rumors. One day, they just stopped coming to school. On her way home, Midori was caught by her school’s chairman after her part-time work, which was something against school rules. The chairman made a deal – she can work on a job the chairman approved so she could help her single mom but only if she managed to get her three classmates to come to school. And… troubles ensued! 

This first volume was a good start to the series, with proper introductions to important characters and secondary characters. It was drawn so wonderfully and evoked sweetness to it, something that feels very age-appropriate to the story. It had very typical shoujo scenarios in this volume but looking forward to its uniqueness in the following volumes.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy in exchange for honest feedback.
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Midori drops her wallet walking home from school one day and stumbles upon it right as a classmate finds it and plans to keep the money. As Midori begins to defend her family's food funds another classmate, Ichijo-kun, walks up to the culprit and claims the wallet as his. When his own friends arrive to back him up the wallet is relinquished into Ichijo's care. He presents the wallet to Midori and walks away before she can thank him.

She plans to thank Ichijo after realizing they're in her class, but before she has the chance they are suspended for smoking on school property. When Midori finds out she's concerned and upset that she won't have the chance to properly thank him, so upset she changes back into her school uniform after work. The chairman of her school notices her on her walk home. Midori's school does not all students to work and she's attending on a scholarship. The chairman uses this to make a deal with Midori, he'd like her to talk Ichijo-kun and his friends to return to school.

Midori manages to prove herself to the boys and they return to school. The chairman thanks Midori for her continued efforts revealing he intends for her to look out for the boys until the complete high school. As she minds them she finds herself developing feelings for Ichijo.  

A bunch of classic troupes, but it's comfy and there's a cute corgi. I would recommend it to someone looking for a comfy high school love story and I'll continue reading the series.
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