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Wrath of a Minor God

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Wrath of a Minor God  by Anthony Hains – 4 Stars
Publisher: BooksGoSocial
ISBN: 9781732388086

This is the first time I was afforded the opportunity to read one of this author’s books. My expectation was to read something with mainly present-day horror. It was a bit disappointing that so much of the past re the “vampire”, his possession with reincarnation, and his previous life Dash and Glo experiences. Truly a creative way to get the image across, but much to long when you’re sitting on the edge of your chair waiting for something to actually happen. I put this book down so many times and struggled to get back to it.

Despite my expectations and dissatisfaction with not meeting it, the book is very well written and presents beyond normal imagination delivery. Cole Nightshade is the main character and he possesses a special ability to glance at “unclear images” of past events. They come in spurts and he needs to encrypt them, interpret them, and assemble them into a realistic picture. He’s put on a case that involves multiple murders and soon trips his way thorough images that suggest vampire-like killings. The picture he builds is related to an individual who as a child viewed gruesome events performed by his previous life’s killer. Another decade+ later, he borrows those images to exercise present day crimes. His character is built in detail by the author to the point that you learn that the book’s main character just may be him instead of Cole and crew. 

Overall, I think the author has delivered a fine story. It is short, and really short if you find yourself skimming to get back to the present-day action.

 Reviewer: Rich
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