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This is the second book in the series, however not reading the first I wasn’t lost in this one. The story was well written and well told. Like all the interactions between the main characters Molly & Conor. Looking forward to reading the next installment in the series.
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Not my cup of tea - the beginning goes on and on and on about the wedding, the planner is bonkers, and there is too much chitchat about just anything..
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Death on the Aisle is the third book in the Molly Higgins Cozy Mystery series, and as with the previous two novels, it is a delightful little read.
All the characters in the book are very believable, and they bring their own different traits and characteristics to the narrative. When things start to go pear-shaped for Molly, that is when the fun begins. 
There is plenty of dialogue to get the reader involved in, but I felt it went a little too far, interrupting the main storyline too much.
The author knows how to spin a yarn and has crafted a whodunnit with the odd twist. If you like murder, mystery and a little bit of mayhem, then you will definitely find it here. Death on the Aisle is an entertaining and engaging read.
Thank you, NetGalley and Orion Publishing Group, Orion Dash, For the ADC.
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Death on the Aisle follows Molly Higgins as she prepares for her wedding to fiancé Conor. Except this isn’t any normal wedding. Conor is a celebrity and the pair take part in a celebrity wedding show, the benefits of which mean the show pay for EVERYTHING(!), but that means they have little say in how their special day goes. 

Their assigned wedding planner is Kiranda Kell, who whilst very passionate about her job happens to be the most annoying person ever and there is no stopping to her imagination when it comes to wedding ideas! For Molly the day can’t come soon enough, as she continuously battles with whatever Kiranda’s newest flamboyant idea is,  however when Kiranda is found dead on the aisle as the title suggests, Molly takes it upon herself to solve the murder. 

Death on the Aisle is a very well written and nicely paced mystery. I have to admit I nearly gave up at around 6% as I was struggling to keep up with the characters, however I am so glad I kept on as the Kate Johnson developed the characters so well that I began to really immerse myself amongst them. I also thought the pace of the mystery unravelled nicely. 

Admittedly, I was unaware the book was the third in a series so perhaps the characters would have made more sense had I of read the first two novels. However, aside from that, the book stands very nice alone and I don’t believe it is a necessity for you to read the first two to enjoy this one. 

Overall, a very light hearted murder mystery. Four stars.
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'Death on the Aisle' by Kate Johnson is the third in a series, but the first of the three that I've read. It does well as a standalone, referring to previous events but in a clear way, which works for both new-to-the-series readers and those who've read all so far.

I'd describe this book as 'edgier cozy' - it goes a bit sexier in the bedroom though does 'fade to black', for reasons that become apparent within the story. And it is a little more graphic in terms of injury/body descriptions. However, there's no swearing and if regarded as a more serious cozy murder, this does work.

The plot itself follows two sisters and although that's not apparent in the description, becomes clear very early on. Although it's Molly's wedding, her younger sister Tansy's story arc - although easy to guess and see where it's going - is fascinating in not so much as how it unfolds but more the effect it has on relationships.

To be honest, there were few potential murderers and whilst that was the main focus of the book, I became much more engaged in the people dynamics and got thoroughly engrossed.

I'd give this 4.5/5.

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Really liked this lighthearted and well written mystery. Lovely characters and a pacy plot. Eagerly waiting for more.

Thank you to NetGalley and to the publisher for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest review.
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A pulse-pounding, absolutely gripping and totally addictive page-turner that will have you racing through the pages and reeling at the twists
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A café owner/amateur sleuth, a murder mystery to solve, TV stars and a Cornwall setting, what's not to like about this story!  The identity of the killer wasn't surprising - I suppose halfway through the story, readers were given clues as to who the killer might be. Having said that, I loved the 'denouement'.
Overall, this was an engrossing and entertaining cozy mystery. I am looking forward to seeing what's next for Molly.
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I really enjoyed this book, the first I’ve read by this author but that didn’t actually matter. 
Although it was a murder mystery it was light hearted and a fun read. 
Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for letting me read this book in exchange for a review. I will leave this review on Amazon too.
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I love this series and was happy to catch up with Molly, Connor and the other characters of this lovely series.
It's highly entertaining and the solid mystery kept me guessing.
The lovely setting made me wish I was there, the plot is tightly knitted and the characters fleshed out.
Can't wait to read another in book in this series.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is not the first book in the series, but can be read as a stand alone. This is a crime novel but focuses mainly on the lives of the characters and their relationships so if you like hard-core detective novels then this isn't it. This was a lovely, relaxed read. The crime and twists in the story are not too difficult to spot but the characters are charming and well written. I will definitely be looking for her other titles.
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A fabulous read.
Loved the storyline.
Couldn’t put it down. I’m now looking to read the authors other books.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the eARC, in exchange for an honest review.
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A wonderful book!  I absolutely loved it. A cozy mystery with likeable characters, great location and just the right amount of humour.  The perfect escape,  I would happily live in Port Trevan.
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Molly Higgins is getting married-but of course nothing is going to plan! Marrying a celebrity brings with it a huge number of headaches no matter how down to earth movie star Conor is. The best way to have their cake and eat it too, is to take part in a celebrity wedding show: they'll pay for everything...even if the cost is Molly's sanity. Everything seems to be looking up, until Molly meets their assigned wedding planner, Kiranda who is possibly the most annoying person on the planet. Throw in a surprise visit from Molly's wayward sister Tansy and suddenly the big day can't come soon enough. But when Kiranda turns up dead, Molly has to solve the murder of their wedding planner before their big day. 
This is the third book in this entertaining series & it’s easily read on its own. A well written page turner & the characters have plenty of depth. The setting is idyllic & the pace is very good. There are twists & turns, red herrings & surprises. The tension builds throughout the book which kept me captivated until the climax. Does Molly get her HEA? Well you'll just have to read it to find out
My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read
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Death on the Aisle is the third instalment in the Molly Higgins Cosy Mystery series, set in the Cornish hamlet of Port Trevan. The story begins with Molly Higgins and her fiance, Conor Blackstone, making preparations for their upcoming nuptials. Molly is a caterer and the epitome of the girl next door and Conor is an up-and-coming actor who stars in the highly-rated TV series, Miss Laurence Investigates filmed on location in the town each year. But they have a big problem; because of Conor’s fame they'll need a substantial security team to ensure everything goes smoothly and no wedding crashers or fans can sneak in and disrupt the vows, and although Conor earns a decent amount of money he makes nowhere near enough to afford the extortionate rate for a strong security presence on their special day. Then they are made an offer they can't refuse. They agree to partake in a reality TV show called Something Borrowed, a program that airs celebrity weddings and in return, the production company will foot the bill for an effective security team. However, this means they will be assigned a professional wedding planner - Kiranda Kell - and all the intricacies of their lives recorded by a film crew day after day until the wedding is finally over. It doesn't take long for the couple to recognise that Kiranda and producer, Louise, seem more interested in creating good telly than helping Molly and Conor plan their perfect day.

Soon Molly’s estranged sister Tansy shows up in Port Trevan after Molly requested her to attend a meeting she had intended to go to with Kiranda Kell and the vicar of St Peter the Apostle church just outside the village, where the wedding is to be held. However, due to an employee calling in sick at the cafe Molly would have to cover for her so could not be there in person. When Tansy and the vicar enter the church something doesn't feel right. They soon discover Kiranda’s bloodied body located towards the altar. Can Molly identify the killer before her dream wedding day approaches? This is a twisty and compulsive cosy mystery with bite and a grittiness to it. There are several suspects for Molly to investigate and this gives it a bit of unpredictability. Our amateur sleuth is such a likeable character and by this time in the series she feels more like a friend; I always look forward to the way she conducts her investigations. I found it perfect to curl up with and escape the current situation for a while and it managed to keep me engaged and riveted throughout without any problem at all. Port Trevan is the ideal setting for these mysteries as its chocolate-box, picture-postcard description reminds me of Midsomer Murders and I imagine it to be much like Midsomer with the small community where everyone knows everyone and gossiping is so rife that things don't stay secret for long. Highly recommended.
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Molly Higgins is the girl next door, sweet, kind and hardworking. She also has a knack for solving murders. At last she is about to marry her movie star boyfriend, Conor, but when a murder happens in Port Trevan just days from Molly’s celebrity packed wedding, she has to get involved. With her sister home after many years abroad,  and her fiancé Conor busy filming nearby, she’s once again up to her eyes in mysteries, just when she could do with time to finalise the wedding plans. 

This is the first of this particular series I’ve read, but I’m so intrigued, that I’ll have to go back and read the others now. The setting of the beautiful Cornish coast was idyllic.  The story was perfectly plotted, with twists and turns and surprising revelations. The tension near the finale had me gripped. The story was very well written, with so many great characters – likeable and not so likeable. This is a series that could and should go on and on. I’ll be waiting with bated breath for the next one.

I was given this ARC for review.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It was a cozy mystery which kept me guessing  to the end.  It included elements of humor and romance also.  The characters were down to earth, and the plot was good. I highly recommend this book to other cozy mystery readers.
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Death on the Aisle is the third in a series of novels featuring Molly Higgins, café owner and determined, if reluctant, amateur detective. The action takes place in the Cornish seaside village of Port Trevan where Molly and a collection of her family and friends become embroiled in yet another murder mystery.

The story begins with the preparations for the forthcoming wedding of Molly and her fiancé, Conor Blackstone. Conor is an actor, and one of the stars of the popular TV series, Miss Lawrence Investigates, that is filmed in the town each year. It has been agreed that their wedding will be featured in a TV wedding show, Something Borrowed, in return for which the production company will bear the cost. While financially advantageous this does mean that their wedding preparations will be places in the hands of a professional planner, Kiranda Kell, and their every move recorded by a TV crew until the wedding is over. Not only that, both Kiranda and the TV producer, Louise, are clearly more interested in creating memorable TV than they are in creating a dream wedding for Molly and Conor.

A further complication for Molly is the return to the village of her sister, Tansy, after an absence of several years. It seems that she had left rather suddenly and had spent much of her time working abroad as a holiday rep and tribute act singer. The circumstances of her departure remain a mystery and her relationship with Molly appears strained. But when a member of staff at the café goes sick and Molly needs to cover for her, she asks Tansy to stand in for her in a meeting with Kiranda and the vicar at the local church where the wedding is to be held. And it is there that Tansy discovers the body.

Once again, the author presents contrasting sets of interesting and well-defined characters drawn from very different backgrounds and circumstances. The mystery that lies behind the discovery of a body in the local church is very nicely developed and revealed as the plot progresses. The reader’s interest is held right to the ends by the hints and red herrings scattered throughout and by the romantic sub plots that not only chart Molly and Conor’s eventual marriage but also Tansy’s rediscovery of her true self and the resolution of her troubled past. This and the other Molly Higgins novels can be recommended as light-hearted and heart-warming reads in which the essential goodness of people never fails to shines through however devious and bloody the crimes being investigated. 

I would like to express my thanks to Net Galley and Orion Dash/Orion Publishing for making a free download of this book available to me.
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I’ve recently discovered a wonderful genre called ‘cosy mystery’ and Death on the Aisle was a perfect fit for that description!

This is the third book in the Molly Higgins series, set in Cornwall, but I read it as a standalone and didn’t feel as though I’d missed anything.  That said, I enjoyed this book so much that I’ll definitely be going back and reading the first two.

Molly is about to marry an up-and-coming actor, Conor, who’s starring in a film that’s currently being filmed locally. The trouble is, their wedding will need high security, but Conor isn’t quite earning enough yet to pay the extortionate costs, so they decide to take part in a celebrity wedding show. Their wedding planner is Kiranda, whose over-the-top choices have Molly wishing that they hadn’t signed up for the show after all.  Then Molly’s sister goes to the church where the wedding is due to take place and finds Kiranda murdered.

Can Molly solve the crime before her wedding?

Loved this book, great storyline, and would highly recommend it.

Thank you to NetGalley and Orion for an advance reader copy in return for an honest review.
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I love cosy mysteries and wanted to love this one so bad but unfortunately I just couldn't. I felt that the story dragged on and I didn't care for the characters however there was a few redeeming qualities the writing and descriptions were amazing,

Thank you to Netgalley for this ARC all the views are my own.
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