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The View Was Exhausting

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Intriguing romance with an unusual premise. The fancy location had me gripped. Thanks for the early read.
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An addictive, fun read set 'behind the scenes' in Hollywood, that also touches on the issues faced by non-white people in the industry (and in general). I also loved the cast of characters, and particularly the supporting ones. A perfect summer read that I can imagine devouring in a day on a sun lounger.
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Firstly, I found the perspective of a famous British Asian woman to be refreshing, and the casual racism in the book will be an eye-opener to some. 

However this isn't really my kind of book, and I just wasn't interested in the sort-of-on-sort-of-off-romance between Win and Leo - the latter who I thought was a bit of a spoilt brat. It's really a romance novel with a lot of glamourous settings, and will definitely be a hit with those who like fluffier beach reads.
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4.5 stars 
If you’re looking for something great to get yourself lost for a few hours, this is definitely the book for you. 
I loved it. From the characters and settings, the writing and how atmospheric and reliable everything was in the book, it surely makes for a must-read beautiful romance story that many people will enjoy this year. 
And there’s so much more than the eye cam met in here. A fake relationship with great banter and interesting scenes, a love that blooms big by bit and grows to become one of the most beautiful nowadays romance, everything adds up to a perfect read. 
So yes, that’s all I can say, a must-read novel of the year.
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Ah this book was amazing! I've been in a bit of a reading rut, but this was so compelling and easy to read. It reminded me of a modern day Beautiful Ruins. I really loved it, five stars.
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A fabricated romance between a successful British Indian actress and a billionaire art boy, a rogue night in a London hotel and an Alist celebrity wedding, with plenty of steam in between, what could go wrong?

Ostensibly a romance, full of chemistry and without the cringe, Datta and Clements manage to make some sharp observations at the whiteness of Hollywood, the expectation of exceptionalism actors of colour are burdened with, the hyper beast that is, celebrity media. 

Avoiding tropes and deftly weaving internet speak, a tweet gone viral, a front page spread on the daily Mail online, it feels current and recognisably ‘now’.  

For lovers of Taylor Jenkins Reed, Emma straub & maybe Sex and the City, this is for you & Thank you @netgalley & @headlinebooks / it’s out in July! 

Tw / cancer, death, mild drug mention.
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Whitman is an Indian/British film star and she is introdued to Leo by her agent Marie.
The story takes place over time, where Whitman and Leo's on the surface relationship is all about enhancing Whitman's rising star - making her more employable and famous. 
Whitman suffers a break up and Leo is rolled out again to assist Whitman, playing our their 'love story' to the press and public. 
But not all is as it seems, we learn that Whitman has issues with race when she applies for acting jobs and she has trust and family issues.
Leo has never worked and has always been 'kept' by his father and he is happy to help Whitman until he begins to fall in love.

THe view was exhasuting is a love story with important issues weaved through its pages.
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The View Was Exhausting was featured in National Book Tokens/Caboodle's '21 books to look out for in 2021'.
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It's a Hollywood romance for the 21st century. Whitman and Leo's lives are an intertwined dance through glamorous and not so glamorous locations. Their lying to themselves about how great their love is makes for an entertaining tale. 
Leo is an indolent playboy who doesn't understand how hard it is to be a person of colour in Hollywood. Whitman is a control freak who cannot let herself go enough to enjoy her life. They cannot be together and they cannot be apart.
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