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The Ultimate Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Book

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Rather than a book of individual puzzles, this is more a series of connected puzzles.  Each section is a series of linked riddles that need to be solved together. Solving one problem leads to a clue for the next one and so on. As a result, it is a great puzzle book for a games night for either a couple or a group of friends.
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A fun interactive puzzle solving book that would be ideal for families to share together as an alternative to a board game on games night. These puzzles will really test your brain!

I really like the format of the book, which prevents you from getting bored.
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An amazing and entertaining  book that will appeal to aficionados of Sherlock Holmes.  A myriad (more than 140) of various sorts of puzzles are presented in a format that utilizes six famous Sherlock Holmes short stories.
Contains cryptograms, crosswords, riddles and puzzles...   some simple, but mostly challenging.   This is probably better enjoyed while attempting to solve with a friend or with your family.  This however, would be much more enjoyable in another hardcopy format, and not on your kindle.  Thanks to NetGalley and Wellfleet Press for providing an Uncorrected Proof in exchange for an honest review.
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I truly enjoy the Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Books, this one included. This one is much more adult-focused, however, because it requires the reader to multitask on each of the 24 puzzles in each of the 6 sections. These puzzles are multi-step puzzles and include a section with a map that leads you to the next location on the search for solutions to the mysterious. You are not just solving ciphers and cryptograms, but, rather, doing that and reading a map, finding words to crosswords, deciphering a word puzzle, and more at the same time. 

I loved how this one made you think more, it wasn't just a simple, "solve puzzle A and move to puzzle B, then puzzle C, etc." This book is the perfect thing to pass the time with. If you are someone who enjoys progressive puzzles and puzzles that require different types of thinking: this is for you. I highly recommend this to all my puzzle lovers and, if you find yourself on a long flight, this will certainly help pass the time pleasurably.
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I had so much fun with this book. All of the puzzles were engaging and fun. I loved how it feels like you are helping solve the mysteries by finding the clues and solving the puzzles. It really brings the stories that go along with them to life. This is a must for fans of Sherlock Holmes and brain teaser puzzles!
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This book was fun. Great for anyone who likes puzzles and solving mysteries. Some puzzles were quite easy but there are some that take longer to decipher, so definitely for the older kids or a family game night. The only down side is that it’s not so easy to navigate in digital form. I would recommend this book to anyone who, like me, loves puzzles or anyone who loves Sherlock Holmes. 

Thank you to Quarto Publishing Group for this advanced copy.
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3.5☆  An Enjoyable Themed Puzzle Book 

I really enjoyed reading and solving some of the Puzzles in this book however it would of been a higher rating had I read the book using a paperback or hardback.
This type of puzzle solving book is not recommended using a kindle version. 

For one the maps you need to help solve the clues are far too small on a kindle screen even using zoom mode you miss out on seeing the beautiful illustrations in their full glory! 

Also the clarity of the puzzles on kindle version are a little blured, still readable but not sharp enough to fully appreciate them! 

The puzzles themselves are fun, I'm not great at puzzles but I love trying to solve them. I definitely think there is something for everyone and every level in this book. 

I loved the theme and if you are a fan of Sherlock then you will love this book. 

Despite my little niggles I would definitely buy this book in a physical format either for myself or as a present. I would also have no problems recommending it to others.
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My thanks to netgalley for the opportunity to read this ahead of publication. 

This is a different kind of book for me to read and review. Not a novel or a textbook. Instead it is a puzzle book featuring Sherlock Holmes and Watson. The puzzles all interweave both within the chapter and revealing an overall message. They don't run in order either; the answer to each puzzle provides a clue that points to where to go next. It's still possible to just solve the pages in order but that ruins part of the overall puzzle. 

The puzzles themselves vary, and if you read it on a screen or a loaned book you're likely to need a fair bit of paper. Some can be solved fairly quickly and others need a bit more deduction.  The answers are at the back of the book if you need them.  

I enjoyed the variety of the puzzles and they will pass a good bit of time to work through. The illustrations are colourful and fit well with the story. My one downside is it's unlikely anyone will go through it more than once, like most puzzle books I suppose. You don't need to like, or even know, Sherlock Holmes to enjoy this book, but I'd recommend borrowing it or refraining from writing in it so you can pass it on afterwards.
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“The Ultimate Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Book” by Pierre Berloquin and Richard Myers lets you help Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson solve cases!  It’s not a traditional mystery novel – you don’t sit down and read it through from front to back. Each chapter contains a map and a variety of puzzles to solve, inspired by some of the original Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  But you don’t solve the puzzles in order! After you solve the first puzzle, you are given a clue to a location on the map.  This destination then tells you which puzzle to solve next.  If you get stuck on a puzzle, or a map clue, there are solutions in the back of the book you can go to for help.

In addition, the book also includes a “Sherlock Challenge” which involves the whole book.  Some map-clue boxes contain a picture of a magnifying glass. This tells you that you need to go to the Sherlock Challenge pages near the back of the book and follow the instructions.

There are a wide variety of different types of puzzles – logic puzzles, math puzzles, cryptograms, spot-the-difference, and so on.  A lot of the puzzles were pretty standard ones that I’ve seen in other puzzle books. However, the multiple challenges involved in this book, as well as the “solve it like Sherlock” approach, definitely helped to hold my interest.

I will say that this would probably be a lot more enjoyable as a physical book, rather than an e-book, since you have to jump around so much. But I definitely recommend this for puzzle lovers and Sherlock Holmes fans.

I received a free e-copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review.
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A challenging puzzle book that builds upon its self. This is exactly the kind of puzzles that a Sherlock fan is looking for.  I enjoyed the puzzles.  It's a great little one and done puzzle collection.
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Fun, fun, fun !!!!  This is the best way to describe this book.  There are six chapters/sections with a wide variety of puzzles. Often, the solution of one leads to a clue in the next puzzle.  I've never really done this type of book before. The pairing with Sherlock Holmes was perfect for me.

The protected PDF was a little sluggish, so I will be getting the paper copy for my Holmes collection.  A great way to spend the hours on a snowy afternoon!

Thanks to NetGalley for a copy.
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Great puzzle book to enjoy with family. 
Love the different levels of difficulty and the appealing  image designs.
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I really like the look of this book! I haven’t tried all of the puzzles yet but I can imagine they will all be interesting and challenging. I love everything Sherlock and think this would make a great gift for anyone else who does too.
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This book is full of fun and stimulating puzzles for every Sherlock Holmes fan. I really enjoyed doing some of them in my free time.
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This is a great book for any puzzle or Sherlock Holmes fan. This book will keep you entertained for hours with the various puzzles.
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"This full-immersion experience challenges you to solve these slightly re-imagined scenarios inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's most famous Sherlock Holmes short stories:

Interactive Challenge 1: Begins with a short introduction to the short story/crime, giving a summary of the main characters and plot. Following the introduction, 24 puzzles - including cryptograms, crosswords, logic conundrums, visual puzzles, ciphers, and word searches - are presented, for a grand total of 144 puzzles.

Interactive Challenge 2: Utilizes maps that readers use to maneuver around the chapters, completing each puzzle not in a chronological order but, instead, relying on tips and clues from each solved puzzle to travel around the book, like a maze.

Interactive Challenge 3: Drops hidden clues that accumulate into a final, overarching word search, which requires the completed clues from all 6 chapters.

The Puzzlecraft series from Wellfleet Press tackles some of the greatest conundrums of our time. Learn how to navigate the world’s trickiest mazes, solve the most complex crosswords, and finally get the answer to “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” Follow literature’s most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, as he guides you through hundreds of challenging cross-fitness brain exercises inspired by his most popular cases and adventures. You can also train your memory to perform better and learn the meanings behind your own personality traits or the traits of others. These handy and portable paperbacks are sized perfectly to travel, whether on vacation or just for your daily commute. The intricately designed covers and bold colors will capture your attention as much as the engaging content inside."

A different kind of puzzle than what you're used to! Get your game face on!
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“The game is afoot,” said Sherlock as he applied his brilliant deductive mind to the six mysteries with 144 puzzles included in this fun book for kids and families. There are cryptograms, crosswords, ciphers, maps, and hidden clues galore — a treasure for lovers of Holmes and puzzles! 

5 of 5 

Pub Date 30 Mar 2021
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Thanks to the author, Quarto Publishing Group – Wellfleet Press, and NetGalley for the ARC, in exchange for my honest review.
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If you like Sherlock Holmes, you will love this. If you love figuring out puzzles, you will love this as well!!! This will take you time, being in Sherlock Holmes times, trying to see what happened!!!! I would recommend this book to anyone!!! It would be wonderful for a family night read through!
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I love puzzle books and would have adored this as a child. I found the puzzles very easy as an adult, but would make a great gift for the puzzle-loving child in your life.
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Well I've had reason to call out puzzle books linking themselves to Sherlock Holmes with very spurious connections before now, so it's great to see a book that really tries to grab the nettle and run with it through the Conan Doyle canon and see how far it can get.  Starting with 'The Mazarin Stone' and going through five further short story narratives (that have been suitably tweaked a little) we get an introductory paragraph about the story, and a map we're supposed to follow en route through the chapter.  This flicking to and fro really kills this as a digital entity, or it did for me, but the puzzles are easy enough to see, being on a strictly one-a-page arrangement.

And they're suitably old-fashioned, although a good mix of the old types and the new.  We get half a dozen silhouettes with a tiny difference each time to spot, grids to fill in, logical/IQ number tests to work round, copious word games, and so on.  Now there may well be a reason for the map being the contents page if you like for each group of tests, but the instructions for our moving around it also can be retconned into being a clue for the puzzle we're supposed to solve first (ie we're supposed to work out a playing card value, then do something numerically to that value – which limits the possibilities for the card in the first place, etc).  So I'm not really on board with this idea, when the only benefit is that we are supposed to be limited in our progress, with both our way through the book and the stories being rationed.

But as I say I am definitely on board with the spread of puzzles; some of them are welcome guests from the traditional monthly puzzle book's selection, but many are a different take on the visual spot-the-difference/incongruity kind, many have more to them that first appears the case, and many will involve quite a lot of doodling, scratching around and working out.  Yes, a great majority could still be presented without the Holmesian window dressing, but the vintage feel to our challenges are very much in keeping with the characters, meaning this is very much the real thing where these books are concerned.  A cerebral success, and a strong four stars.
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