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The Cosy Little Cupcake Van is a great follow-up to Annette Hannah’s debut novel, Wedding Bells at the Signal Box Café (see my review of that book here). I loved Annette’s first book and it felt great to be returning to the Signal Box Café and catching up with some familiar characters. Although I should probably point out that, despite a few references to the earlier book, The Cosy Little Cupcake Van can be read as a standalone novel (although I would recommend you read Wedding Bells at the Signal Box Café as it is utterly adorable!).

We meet protagonist, Camilla of Camilla’s Cupcakes, at a pretty low time in her life.  Her beloved mother has passed away, her evil stepfather has sold the family home, Camilla’s business is in a slump and her car has been repossessed. It’s no wonder that Camilla is experiencing a crisis of confidence. When we meet her, she really is only hanging on by a thin thread. Camilla is a very real and likeable character, someone I really empathised with. She really is much stronger than she gives herself credit for, she just needs someone to remind her of that. Fortunately Auntie Edie, Lucy and Carrie are there ready to rally around.

Whilst all of the supporting cast are wonderfully appealing, Aunt Edie is probably my favourite. She is a wise older woman, almost a second mother to Camilla, and someone who can provide Camilla with a small bit of stability when her feet fall out from under her.

The village setting is perfect for this book, evoking a real sense of community as Camilla’s friends and fellow villagers help her to get back on her feet.

There has to be a soupçon of romance in a book such as this one and that comes courtesy of the hunky Irishman Ged and gorgeous ex-boyfriend Blake. With two knights-in-shining-armour at her disposal, who has captured Camilla’s heart?

The writing has a lovely relaxed but descriptive flow to it, making me feel that I was right there in the story. The only problem is that several hours of reading about Camilla’s mouth-wateringly delicious cupcakes made me reach for my recipe book. However, those additional calories were well worth it!

The Cosy Little Cupcake Van is uplifting, positive and absolutely charming. It really was the perfect antidote to a dreary winter’s day, the literary equivalent of comfort food. I’m already looking forward to book number 3.
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A wonderful piece of pure escapism, cakes, romance and a book, could you want anymore, because I definitely didn’t. This was adorable and the characters were so lovely , at points I was drooling with the descriptions and I also loved the fact it wasn’t always light and fluffy, it dealt with important issues too. A beautifully uplifting read.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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Well, I absolutely adored it. There were so many characters I loved in her first book Wedding Bells at the Signal Box Cafe who I felt I knew really well by the end of that book, so it was great to be back with some of them in the second book in the series. However if you haven’t read the first, you can still absolutely read this as a standalone but if you know anything about me, you know I’d never jump into a series without reading them in order.

I could totally empathise with the main character Camilla who has gone through such a lot over the last few years and I really enjoyed reading about her journey in this book and routed from her from the moment we met her. The village location is just gorgeous! I definitely would love to visit there and probably never want to leave

Annette has a really lovely, easy-to-lose-yourself writing style with her natural humour and realism threaded all the way through, that keeps you turning those pages whilst licking your lips at all the cake descriptions!

It really was a perfect lockdown escapist read that I would highly recommend.
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Camilla should have been riding high. She was at a beautiful French chateau, having reached the final challenge of a Wedding Cakeathon and doing well. However life interrupts her happiness and she receives the most dreadful news.

Six months later, life doesn’t get any better. Cheated and heartbroken, Camilla has nothing. She is at rock bottom and it is only the kindness of friends keeping her afloat.

Although some characters return from the previous book, this can easily be read on its own. In fact I enjoyed this so much, I now want to fit in Wedding Bells as soon as I can. Camilla is a hugely likeable and engaging character who doesn’t deserve the things that happen to her – oh how I wanted karma to intervene! but instead of sinking, she slowly picks herself up and with the aid of a gifted renovated ice cream van she names Cora, it’s cupcakes away as her delivery service begins.

Once Camilla got her wheels and her confidence there was no stopping her. Her cupcakes were a success, she was gradually getting her life back on track but then – Blake returns. The gorgeous Canadian who was the love of her life and who broke her heart all those years ago. Is he now going to break it all over again.

There was so much I enjoyed about this gorgeous and warmhearted story full of community spirit and kindness. Camilla was broken hearted by the loss of her mum but support came from the superbly drawn surrounding characters – her best friend Lucy, Ron, Blake, Irishman Ged – and neighbour Auntie Edie! I loved Edie – she said what she thought without holding back but provided the wisdom and oft home truths that Camilla needed. Whilst the story had plenty of humour and romance, it also included a more serious narrative involving those in need of extra support and help.

A huge part of the book were about the cupcakes and these were a showstopper. I love cake BUT I was drooling reading this. The cooking smells and flavour combinations came through the pages – and it wasn’t just cake that made my mouth water. Bruschetta, lasagne…. Don’t read this if you’re hungry!

The Cosy Little Cupcake Van is a wonderfully uplifting and comforting read, written by a very talented author. A story about the importance of friendship, finding your confidence and self worth and the reminder that happiness is more than just possessions. I loved it, even if it did make me cry. That was a purely personal reaction to one song mentioned near the end. Because I chose that very same song in the same circumstances and it bought back memories.
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I loved this one. Romance and cake. This made me crave cale the whole time...
I just needed somthing like this. 4.5 strs
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This book makes you hungry!
A charming story that centres around a woman who has lost her business, mother and partner; and then the wonderful way she learns to accept herself and focus on all the wonderful opportunities that come her way. 
I loved Camilla as a character and was willing her on as she slowly pulled her life back together after a terribly rough start. You are reacquainted with characters from Weddings Bells at the Signal Box Café and of course that gorgeous little village! You don't have to have read Wedding Bells, as this is a standalone novel in it's own right, but it is lovely to see the character development. 
The story moves effortlessly through Camilla's ups, downs and how she reclaims her confidence. The romance is too cute with swoon-worthy love interests! I was definitely #TeamGed 😄
One aspect of this book I really liked was how it tackled the theme of homelessness. Something which so many people have suffered and a desperate situation that some people, through no fault of their own, can end up getting trapped in. The characters were empathetic, helpful and compassionate. As someone who has lost a house, this was extremely uplifting. 
Essentially, this is the warm hug that we all need right now! A gorgeous, uplifting story that leaves you feeling like you can do whatever you want to! 💪
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I loved Annette Hannah’s first novel Wedding Bells At The Signal Box Cafe so I was very keen to read the follow up but also nervous (for the author) as I’ve been told the second book is harder than the first. But my fears were unfounded in this case; Hannah has taken to writing like a duck to water.

It was bliss to escape to the world we used to live in. Where you could go where you wanted, hug who you wanted and have a brew with who you wanted. Pure escapism!! I’m not saying anything else I’ve read preys heavy on a Covid world. But my usual read doesn’t really give rise to the arena of friendly hugs and the things we all desperately miss. But it made me all warm and fuzzy, like I said, pure escapism.

Camilla is a lovely character to spend some time with. She’s been through a lot after losing her mum; she has to rebuild herself. But she has the most amazing friends around her… and then this delicious Canadian returning to her life.

I loved the way Hannah wove in the characters she’d created in her debut into this novel. It was a feeling of familiar, of coming home. She’s packed her book with emotion, I was blubbing at the end. Annette Hannah can write a damn good feel good emotional story which I love. Pretty please with sprinkles and a cherry on top, keep them coming!!
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Awww, another absolutely, totally delicious book by Annette Hannah.  The Cosy Cupcake Van is her second book and features some of my favourite characters from Wedding Bells at the Signal Box Cafe.   

Before I start, either book could be read as a stand-alone, but once you’ve read one you’ll ask yourself, why would you?  The central character in The Cosy Little Cupcake Van is Camilla, Lucy’s friend and maker of celebration and wedding cakes for the cafe.  That is until she suddenly loses her mum, her inheritance and her car, home and business all at once.  She’s struggling mentally, has hit rock bottom, has lost her confidence but thankfully is surrounded by friends, not blood relatives, better than that - the family we choose.  Adorable surrogate auntie Edie, best friend Lucy and friends Carrie and Ron. They hold her up like strings on a marionette.  

I absolutely loved how everyone rallied around Camilla, giving her the space and support, nudging her gently along - allowing her to move at her own pace, to rebuild her confidence and personal pride.  The way everyone had Camilla’s back was heart warming to read but, my absolute favourite part of this book was when Ron gifted Camilla, what was to become The Cosy Cupcake Van.  OMG I would love one of them in real life to be driving round the streets where I live, with a jingle jangle letting me know I could go out and get my cake fix.   The numerous flavours and combinations made me drool - I have literally gained stones just reading this book. 

No romantic novel would be complete without a love interest, but Anette gave us not one but two in the form of ex - Blake (ex broke my heart Blake) and Canadian heart throb Ged, the Irish god. They were as delicious as the cupcakes Camilla baked and both good for her in different ways - I swayed back and forth, fingers crossed who shed end up with in the end and if I say she got the best of both worlds romance and a new best friend - total mushy heart stuff.

This really is the perfect antidote to the year we’ve all just lived, every part of the story eludes positivity, sunshine, colour and friendship.  It’s a total pick me up, heart warming and lush in every way - the descriptions of the cakes will make your taste buds tingle, you’ll wish you lived next door to the wonderful Eddie and her hilarious parrots -  they brought back memories for me of visiting my aunt and uncle - when you walked in the front room you had to cover your ears and duck as they were always flying around swearing!  And Jackson, oh boy I love that kid.  If feel good was patented it would be called The Cosy Cupcake Van.
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Continuing the Signal Box Cafe series, this is another delightful story by Annette. Cakes and books, what is not to love. Oh, and an old flame too.
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What an amazing idea! A Cupcake Van, delivering delicious, melt-in-the-mouth portions of heaven... Someone do it now please! I can't, I'd eat all the stock...

Annette's second book is just as good, if not better, than her first. She writes from the heart, with beautiful mouthwatering descriptions (and that's just the men!), and instills great empathy with her characters.

Poor Camilla is mourning the loss of her mother, compounded by the betrayal of her mother's deceitful husband who has left Camilla with nothing but her memories of her darling mum. At rock (cake) bottom, Camilla fortunately is surrounded by friends who are determined to see her rise again (sorry not sorry).

Auntie Edie is a wonderful older lady who is of great comfort to Camilla, sharing her memories and her wisdom. And there's Lucy, who we first met in Wedding Bells at the Signal Box Café, who gently encourages Camilla to build up her business again. Then there is Ged, the hunky Irish man with a twinkle in his eye, but will it be blast-from-the-past, Blake, who will be the icing on Camilla's cake?

The Cosy Little Cupcake Van is the perfect antidote to what we've all been through these last 12 months. A wonderfully uplifting story of community with a lovely topping of romance, it is the perfect comforting read.

Right, I'm off to dig my mixer out...
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I absolutely loved the cover of this book, cakes are always a good theme too in my opinion. I didn't realise that this book was the second book in a series, but it didn't spoil my enjoyment of this book. It is good as a standalone novel, but I think that I will definitely read the first book in the series, as I loved the characters. It would be great if there was another book.
It was admirable how Camilla tried to start anew after she lost everything. I wasn't sure to begin with about Blake, he seemed to be too good too be true at times. 
 I loved the descriptions of the different designs and  flavours of the cakes. It made me crave cake, and I wish that I could learn how to decorate them. Although there are many books about cupcakes and baking, this one stood out because of the van.
I loved how the book tackled homelessness, as it showed that it can affect a huge range of society and for many different reasons.
I really enjoyed reading this book, it was easy to read, and a lovely, sweet book.
Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for my ARC.
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Camilla needs to start again.

The Cosy Little Cupcake Van is an absolute delight but should come with a warning. Whatever you do, don’t try to lose weight whilst you read it. The descriptions of food, especially cakes, and the wonderful drinks are so delicious sounding I swear I put on four pounds just reading this book! I genuinely had to start getting my lunch at 11.45 because it made me so hungry.

In all seriousness, Annette Hannah has such a deft ability to evoke the senses that The Cosy Little Cupcake Van truly is a book to experience sensuously rather than just to read. Every sense is catered for, whether that’s through the touch of a hand, the sound of laughter, the taste of lemon meringue, the sight of a newly decorated cupcake or the scent of flowers, in such a vivid way that The Cosy Little Cupcake Van is a pleasure to read. I thought the description and settings too were brilliantly drawn.

Although there are references to Annette Hannah’s debut Wedding Bells at the Signal Box Café with some returning characters, The Cosy Little Cupcake Van works perfectly well as a stand alone novel. That said, I think readers would be missing out not to read both books. I loved meeting up again with some of the people, especially Jackson, whom I’d grown so fond of before, as well as encountering new people.

There’s a plot based on an action of greed and deceit in The Cosy Little Cupcake Van that is surprising, but that works so well because Annette Hannah illustrates so gloriously that what doesn’t break you makes you stronger as Camilla learns to get her life back on track. The sense of friendship and community that weaves through the narrative is heart-warming and uplifting and whilst, as might be expected in this genre, the path of true love doesn’t run entirely smoothly, there is a reality in The Cosy Little Cupcake Van that I thoroughly appreciated. Along side the relationships explored is the positive sentiment that is is people and not possessions that provide happiness. In a world where we have all been struggling of late, The Cosy Little Cupcake Van feels like a beacon of happiness and positivity – even if I did shed a tear towards the end of the book.

The Cosy Little Cupcake Van is a perfect example of its genre. It’s the book equivalent of getting into clean bedding after a relaxing bath; it’s soothing, comforting and oh so enjoyable – a kind of hug in a book. I loved it and think some of those well established, award winning, romantic fiction novelists need to look out. Annette Hannah is after their crowns.
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A lovely little read, doesn’t take much thinking about or concentrating on but it’s extremely enjoyable and with the mouthwatering cupcake flavour descriptions you will definitely be in need of tea and cake!
I didn’t realise this was the second book in a series until afterwards, but I wouldn’t have known – it didn’t make any difference. Written well enough to work as a standalone anyway. I will be catching up on the first book anyway because I did enjoy the writing, the style, and the characters, 
A fun quirky idea that makes for a lovely story. I knew what to expect and enjoyed it thoroughly, some would say predictable, but I say comfortable and reliable. 

Romance and over-coming all the odds; fabulous. 
Thanks to the publisher for an copy to read and review.
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To begin, I wasn’t aware that there was a book before this one however, I really don’t think you need to have read it. I do like a book in a series that can also be read as a standalone. 

Right at the beginning of the book Camilla goes though something life changing; she loses her Mum. For various different reasons she finds herself homeless and not being able to do the job she once did. Luckily, Camilla has amazing friends who rally round her and make sure she is okay. I absolutely loved the friendships in this book and they were such a special part of it. 

There really is a lot to love about this book including the obviously adorable cupcake van, a nice romance with a sexy Canadian but I especially liked the theme of homelessness that was carried on throughout the book in a few different ways. I thought it was a really important topic and covered well. 

This is such a cute and fun read that I really enjoyed and I didn’t really want it to end.
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Thank you NetGalley, Annette Hannah and Orion Publishing Group for the ARC The Cosy Little Cupcake Van.  This is my personal review.
I liked everything this book had to offer. Camilla has had everything in life totally ripped away from her and yet she decides that life is what it is, and she can turn her life into what she wants it to be with a bit of hard work and wonderful friends. 
She turns her life around with the help of her friends and a cute van she turns into a Cupcake business. Everyone in town loves her baking abilities.
Blake coming back into her life makes her look deep inside herself to see if things will be there for them again.
This book will have you give you many new friends to help fill your heart with so much happiness.
And the cupcakes will make your mouth water!
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A lush book filled with love, hope, loss, friendship and loads of the feel good factor, I just loved it. Only think is you want to eat cupcakes whilst reading lol
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The Cosy Little Cupcake Van - Annette Hannah

Such a cute read! The perfect weekend book to snuggle down with- just add a cosy blanket, hot drink and (of course) snacks. I really liked the flavour  and scent descriptions throughout the book - but must admit that I now have a huge craving for cake! I wasn't aware that there was a book previous to this one (The Signal Box Cafe) but now this has become a must read for me as I really liked the other characters in the book and would like to get to know them more. Many thanks to NetGalley and Orion Publishing Group for giving me the chance to read and review this book.
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A sweet read! The ending felt a bit rushed, all the drama seems to happen in the last couple of chapters but a fab bit of escapism from the real world.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was hooked from the beginning.  Poor Camilla what a dreadful time she had after losing her mother.  Thankfully she had some wonderful friends to help her rebuild her life.  Beautifully written and the characters were all lovely.  A really feel good book which was very welcome at this time in our lives.  Brilliant.
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The Cosy Little Cupcake Van is delicious in every way. It tells us the story of Camilla who has had her heart shattered and confidence smashed in every worst way possible.
Homeless, grief-stricken and unable to work, Camilla rebuilds her life thanks to the generous help of good friends and kind acquaintances. 
I may have put on weight just reading this book! The descriptions are so good that I felt I could smell and taste the cupcakes!
I like that this book isn't completely focused on romance. The value of friendships is a big part of the story and the major part of Camilla's recovery. 
A good 'who will she choose', 'will they, won't they' romantic thread runs through the book too, but is unpredictable which keeps you engaged to the end.
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