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This is a short and concise book on the mythology and use of Nordic Ruins. The book is informative and easy to understand. It's an enjoyable quick read.
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Some history and background, and how to cast runes. The reader gets information and key connections to each rune. Easy to read and understand. Good introductory basic book.
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This book is full of wonderful information. I adore runes and the level of information in the book and origins is really well done.
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The Runes Box by Lona Eversden is the first book on runes that I have read and comprehended best. I think this was due to the heavy visual images and less words. Each of the images was drawn in great detail and easy to follow. The supporting text help it stick in my brain better. 

I enjoyed the detail on each rune as well as the idea of making your own. That idea had never popped into my head, and I love it.

The colour scheme was also gorgeous, calming, and very nature focused. 

This is definitely the best book I have read on runes to date. If they are something you have failed to understand in the past, I suggest trying The Runes Box. 

I received an eARC from Quarto Publishing and Wellfleet Press through NetGalley. All opinions are 100% my own.
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At first, I thought this was a history book, which described the Norse gods and the symbolisms with the runes... and, basically, that is what this book contains, but its real purpose is to teach its readers about the use of runes for divination, which is also very interesting. 

At times it bored me a bit, because the information has a very similar format, but I suppose it is a problem with my brain and not with the book itself. 

It is very informative, and it is super pretty, the aesthetic is beautiful and the colors are very calming.
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For such a short read this book is jampacked with information for beginners.
Next to the meanings of each rune, The Runes Box also covers correspondences and mottos that are helpful in remembering what each rune represents. A great start to dive deeper.

Thank you Netgalley and Wellfleet Press for the ARC.
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This book was really great. I've always been somewhat interested into anything mystical, spiritual, old world religions and such and I had not yet looked into anything about the Norse gods and meaning of the runes. The Runes Box by Lona Eversden offers an awesome introductory to all things Norse mythology and runes. I was really looking forward to this book and was really excited to explore everything it had to offer. There is so much to learn about runes so I recommend taking your time with this book and really soak everything up. It goes over everything from the meanings of the runes, the Norse gods associated with each rune, and how to use the runes. This really was a great book for anyone looking into runes and I'd easily recommend this as a reference book or book for beginners. 

I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy.
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A beautiful book about Runes. What are Runes and how to cast them. It’s very interesting diving into something so unknown for the first time.
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Thank you, NetGalley for this ARC!

Honestly, this is wasted as an ebook! I definitely think this is one of those things you should sit down and explore at your own leisure with everything in front of you! I don't know too much about runes to begin with, but this was really nice to explore and didn't feel overwhelming!
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The Runes Box: Tools to Connect You to the Magic of the Universe by Lona Eversden
Publisher: Quarto Publishing Group – Wellfleet Press
Genre: Health, Mind & Body | Religion & Spirituality
Release Date: April 6, 2021

The Runes Box by Lona Eversden is a great resources into runes.

The author provides detailed information about how to read the runes, the meanings of each individual runes and how to cast them. The book is beautifully illustrated. I really enjoyed the detailed explanation of each individual rune.

I will be buying this book. I'm excited to see the rune cards the author has created to go along with the book! I have always preferred runes than tarot, and this will provide a more portable option.

I'm so grateful to Lona Eversden, Quarto Publishing Group – Wellfleet Press, and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this ARC ebook in exchange for my honest review.
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Very informative for a short book! I l appreciated the simplicity of the writing style and the straight-forward presentation of information. Beautifully illustrated as well.
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Runes have always always been interesting to me, but I've never really delved into them before. I practice divination so it only seemed natural. This was a concise guide to understanding what they do and how to use them. It was a PERFECT introduction and beautifully organized.
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I am not personally into New Age or spiritual things, but I love using things like Runes or Tarot as a prompt for journaling or introspection. The cover and illustrations are absolutely gorgeous - very simple while still conveying so much meaning. The text at the beginning is a good primer on the culture and history of runes pictograms, runic alphabets, and runes as an "intuitive art". 

The at-a-glance cards are very helpful for diving right in, without having to wait until everything is perfectly memorized. The sample readings are an excellent example of how to describe the runes to another person, and how to interpret them yourself for journaling or just lingering on a thought or idea. The book includes instructions for a few different spreads, then goes on to describe each card in more detail. The authors also include quick-reference pages for each, so the reader can very quickly reference the text without losing their place with the cards. 

The ending has instructions on some New Age uses of the cards, followed by some less spiritual ones for runic meditation, The last page of content is a list of Rune mottos, which are simple quotes that summarize the message of each card.

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Without having the cards in hand, I'm going to say this is an awesome book. Very approachable for someone new to runes with lots of info that's presented in a visually pleasing manner. I love that the runes are on cards. It makes it easier to dig in and the cards have info on them so a reader doesn't have to keep a book at hand and flip through while doing readings. It might make getting into reading runes more appealing for people who have been reading tarot and/or Lenormand cards.

I've been looking into learning how to read runes and haven't found a set or book that I love. I think this book and set is it. It has the history, meanings, how to read, spreads, and everything is presented in a very readable format. This is a great set for beginners who are curious.
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A set of Rune Cards are included in this set. First let me say the divination meanings and theories behind the use of runes are all given. The Dieties associated with each rune, and its other mineral and animal connections are also listed. All in all this is a comprehensive set for anyone who is new to runes or has used them for decades like myself. 
The most remarkable and impressive teaching and one that I have never seen before offered is rune talismans when worried or concerned about the outcome. This set has an extra set of cards to carry or meditate on when a rune cast has been indicative of struggle or unknowns. I wish I would have had this brought to my attention years ago. Our futures are not set in stone but are as changable as refocusing and doing the right thing when facing a problem and this set gives me the opportunity to do both. Many rune layouts are described and the dialogue is clear and examples are given for each. This set is excellent and a worthy purchase for the curious or the experienced . One of the most understandable and positively guided sets I have ever seen.
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New Age nonsense.
I had high hopes - seeing at least the omission of Blum's blank rune I thought it would be a good book at least. Sorely disappointed.
Not only does the author call Thor Frigga's son in the very beginning, showing their ignorance of Norse lore or, worse, thinking comic books account for lore - they also say that only the Elder Futhark "count" for divination when MANY rune readers use Younger Futhorc runes for divination, myself included.
Then we get into the fallacy of using runes like tarot - the systems are very different and I would not recommend attempting to read runes this way for a beginner or someone who is new to either system.
I FINALLY got to the part about runes (why would someone put rune reading spreads before talking about the runes themselves?) and we see the new age willy nilly correspondences. Why say that Fehu is the rune of cattle and then say that its related to cats?
In the end it was far too ridiculous to be considered.
1 star because the illustrations were nice.
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