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Under a Spitfire Sky

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Wow and wow. This book offers so much. The main story centres on Florence who has to the country from London after the death of her fiancé.
Florence is a mechanic working for the RAF where she meets Siegfried. The twist and turns in story will come as a surprise and keep you hooked. Just loved it. Hope there are more from these two authors. Recommend it.
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A really enjoyable historical fiction read. I read this in two sittings. A great insight into what life was like during those dark days of the war. Siegfried and Florence's friendship made me smile and his bond with Alfie warmed my heart. Where I did find a lot of the plot quite predictable, I didn't see the final twist coming. I would definitely read more from Ellie Curzon in the future.
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I have loved reading this book the story and characters go so well together,this is a genre i love and a book has to draw me in to make me want more.I have really enjoyed reading this story 5*
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This was a cute little historical fiction! The characters were likeable and the plot moved at a fast enough pace to keep me interested. At certain points things did feel a tad rushed, but overall it was a fun read!
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A story written collaboratively by two like minded women. They have produced a gentle romance that has enough plot and intrigue to keep the reader interested. A lot of the story line if comfortably familiar and many of the revelations do not come as that much of a surprise.

The characters are great and make you want to know more about them and their stories and it does feel like there was a lot of diversity in them and their lifestyles/choices.

All in all a pleasant way to spend time - sinking into the romance of the story and  trying to unravel the mystery. Worth a read if you enjoy this style of book.
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Sadly I found this book very predictable and very far-fetched. For so much to be going on in two small communities seemed highly unlikely.  

I could see where the storyline was going with the two main characters and as soon as they went to Cornwall I could see how the rest of the book would play out.  

I also couldn't get my head around the Wind in the Willows references; was the Estate in Cornwall really where the books had been written by Kenneth Graham or where he had got his ideas?  I'm still none the wiser.  

Equally I have no idea if the Super Spit really was developed or if the traitors mentioned were real.  Something it would have been good to have been clarified at the end of the book.

The characters were all likeable and it's an easy enough pleasant read I just am none the wiser as to what was based on truth or if it was all fiction?!
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

A lovely read and book. Set during World War 2.

Florence, a mechanic, working on the airplanes, when a plane clumsily lands and she sets to checking the plane over. 

But it seems the pilot is quite surprised to see a female mechanic, but starts talking to her as she’s getting his plane fixed back up for him to fly it.. 

Florence finds that it’s easy to start falling for the dashing pilot but is aware that she has a past, one that mustn’t be revealed. 

The story had a mix of characters, I loved some of them, others, not so much.  

There was a lot going on which kept you wanting to find out what happens next. 

Enjoyed it.
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I adore this book!!! Big praise to Ellie Curzon for writing such a delightful book! I had to read it within two days. Parenting and house keeping got in the way but I keep reading until 3 am, exhausted but so very happy with the novel that was before me. 

The main characters are such a delight, you’ll feel yourself rooting for them early on. And I think I cried at least three times, twice even before the half way mark. 

Great read for those interested in World War Two romances that have strong female leads and a touch of comedy.
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Such a sweet story set during World War 2. Florence is a mechanic, working on the airplanes. A plane lands clumsy so she sets about checking the plane over. The pilot, surprised to see a female mechanic, starts chatting to her as she fixes his plane back up. It's not hard for Florence to start falling for the dashing pilot but she has a past she doesn't want to reveal. 

Lovely mix of characters, some you will love, some you will love to hate. Great storyline with lots going off. I found it interesting to see how life was during the war. Not just for the younger generation, who had to step up, but for the older generation too. Thoroughly enjoyed it. My first book by this author but it won't be my last
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This was a really sweet read.  Very gentle but with high drama and emotions at times.  I really enjoyed this book.  I loved all the characters (except Teddy of course).  I would recommend this to people who like war time romance books.  I will look out for more by this author duo.
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With many thanks  to netgalley  for an arc in return for an honest opinion 
Not  anything  by this author  was a nice easy read that kept your attention . Was good.
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Omg what a lovely book if you like family saga books set in the war you will love this. Can't wait to read more by this author
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