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Wow! This book was amazing - it had it all, brilliant writing, edge of your seat thriller - i would give it 6 stars if i could - i cant wait to read more from this author.
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I wasn't a fan of this cover, but the actual story was great. There were twists I didn't see coming and I loved the main character. This author was easy to read. I'd highly recommend checking it out!
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This was a great read! Thank you to #netgalley for this ARC. The story was very suspenseful and hard to put down. Very well written for a first novel and I look forward to any future books by this author.
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This is a much more dark, disturbing themed book, so if you have triggers i would recommend this one isn’t going to trigger them!  I love books that are dark and disturbing, so I found myself ti be thoroughly captivated by this deliciously dark tale!  It was fast paced, suspenseful, and unputdownable!  I would highly, highly recommend to my fellow dark thriller seekers!
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TRIGGER WARNING: this book deals with abuse and assault
Beth and Gemma are old friends, brought together by Beth's childhood friend Guy who is now Gemma's husband. After seeing another old friend, Beth begins to have flashbacks about events that took place when she was 13. Gemma's marriage is less perfect than she pretends but can she trust herself when the alcohol and sleeping pills seem to disappear much to easily...?
Close My Eyes is an intense psychological thriller featuring two main female protagonists. Both women seem quite happy at the start of the book but gradually fractures in their perfect lives begin to appear.
A chance encounter with a face from the past leads Beth to have panic attacks. Triggers from sights and smells keep triggering more attacks. She seeks counselling which reveals shocking facts about her past. Meanwhile, Gemma's husband Guy becomes increasingly cruel and controlling. The psychological control branches into physical violence in an insidious way.
I felt that there was a realism to both of the women and their circumstances. They are likeable so we want the best for them yet dread their situations worsening. There was a big plot twist but it was pretty obvious, however it was enjoyable to see how the author handled the developments.
There are other issues and subplots at work in the book. The gendered division of labour and the value of women's contribution to the household, the experience and importance of mental health therapy, the vulnerability of age and the impact on family members.
Close My Eyes is an engaging and enjoyable thriller due to the strength of the main two characters
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Thank you Net Galley for the ARC of this book for an honest review. This is my first time reading this author. I took me some time to get into this one . It was a decent read for me I love psychological thrillers and this caught my attention a little later in the book. I will give another chance to another book of hers.
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Close My Eyes, the latest offering by Beverley Harvey, is one twisty tale that I could not get enough of! It is definitely just a one more chapter kind of read and like me, you may just find yourself losing time until there are no more chapters left to be read! I do love it when this happens.

Beverley Harvey has created a thrilling and thought provoking tale that will have you hooked right from the prologue. I found it a fascinating look into the mind and how a chance sighting of someone can trigger repressed memories and throw a life into such turmoil. It delves into PTSD, abuse and rape to name just a few, which may be a trigger for some readers, but they have been dealt with sensitively.

The characters have been well crafted, are believable and had me invested in them. I enjoyed the interchanging chapters between Gemma and Beth and the reader is given a great insight into each of their lives and struggles.

Close My Eyes definitely gets the heart pumping and is very addictive. A well plotted, written, dark and character driven story, this is one that is a must read for the psychological suspense fans out there.

Thank you to Beverley Harvey, Bookouture and NetGalley for allowing me to read an advanced copy of Close My Eyes, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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First, I want to thank Beverley Harvey, Bookouture and NetGalley for providing me with this book so I can bring you this review. 

I am glad I didn’t Close My Eye’s during Beverley Harvey’s book or you would miss all intense scenes and excitement at the end of the book! WOW!! Was this book a rollercoaster ride of emotions!! 

Oh how I just loved Beth’s story and the sick sense and pure terror she had around the Bink brothers. When they first ran into each other for the first time in the story even he creeped me out. The mystery of finding out why she was feeling this way was a very intense storyline that kept you on your toes. 

One thing that irked me in the book is when someone decides to break up with someone why does everyone else ask if they are ok? Why do they always push them to go back with someone they don’t want to be with because their friends liked them? If that person didn’t want to be with that person they wouldn’t have broken up with them. 

I thought it was bittersweet how the father would remiss about the good times he had with his late wife. 

The names Beverley chose in this book were thought up creatively outside the box! I absolutely adored the name Gemma, Guy, Nessa, and Zara! They are so pretty and not used often in many books I have read. 

Close My Eyes brings up important subjects like anxiety attacks, alcoholism, jealousy,  sexual assault, sexual offender, PTSD, rape and how important counseling is.

The book jumps from modern day to 1994 to get more of the Binks brothers and Beth’s storyline. 

Beverley writes an incredibly intense, heart stopping and graphic climatic scene that totally broke my heart in pieces and angered me too! 

Even though I thought the climatic scene was huge that did not prepare me for the shock of all shocks at the end. Beverley threw a curve ball for her readers.
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The brain is a very complex organ which although we are now living in the 21st century still has many mysterious grey areas that are still not fully understood by the scientific and medical worlds. The brain can also be very protective of the body that is resides in, sometimes it shuts away memories that it knows can be damaging to our mental health into little boxes. Or it allows us to deceive ourselves into believing that a situation is not what it appears to be. All of which can work perfectly well until something happens that causes the lid to open on the boxes and fragments of the memories to start escaping. Or, we are forced to face the truth about a situation and act for the sake of our own safety and well being.

This is the story of Beth and Gemma, two friends from different social classes who find their lives blighted by contrasting aspects of the mental health spectrum.

The story is told predominantly from the perspective of Beth who works for a charity and has recently dumped her latest boyfriend due to her on going commitment issues. Apart from constantly worrying about her father Tim, her life is rolling along ok, it's not perfect but it's ok. That is until the night that she goes to the pub with her older sister Laura and spots two faces from her past. Suddenly Beth is experiencing debilitating panic attacks,haunted by horrible odours and can't escape the feeling that something terrible happened in her past. To try and understand why she is suddenly blighted by these attacks, she starts going to see a therapist who starts coaxing Beth into remembering things that her brain has locked away. But as her memories start returning, Beth learns things that will shock her to her core and affect not just her life but the lives of the people around her...forever. She also learns that things and people are not always what they appear to be especially when you are a teenager. I thought the author's depictions of Beth's panic attacks were very believable and realistic, I have experienced panic attacks myself and they are absolutely terrifying. 

There was also chapters that were voiced from the perspective of Gemma who was married to Beth's childhood friend Guy and they had a young daughter called Miya. Gemma appeared to have it all, a handsome husband,adorable daughter, beautiful home and a lavish lifestyle. Everyone thought they were the perfect couple but as we all know, in both the fictional and the real worlds, not everything is what it appears to be. Nobody truly knows what goes on behind closed doors.

Interspersed throughout the book was chapters that slipped back in time to 1994 and recounted Beth's unfolding memories of events leading up to and after the horrific event that her mind has blocked from her memories.

I thought the author's portrayals of both women's conflicting emotions as they struggled to deal with the events that were unfolding in both of their lives were very realistic and believable. They were both vivid individuals who's characters grew in strength and determination as the story unfolded.

This is a very well written,character driven story that has a plot which covers a wide range of realistic issues. The story is a captivating and,at times intense blend of friendships,families and domestic drama. It's tightly plotted, perfectly paced, keeps the reader guessing, has some unexpected plot twists and turns and  had a cast of diverse,vivid individuals. I thought this was a very enjoyable read and I would happily read more of this author's books in the future.
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Beverley is on of those authors who just seems to get better with every book.

Beth is living a perfectly happy and normal life when out with her sister, Laura', one night she spots a face from the past. Someone she hasn't thought about for years but who brings up a feeling of utter dread and terror within her. she starts getting flashes of a terrible event from her past, but struggles to put her finger on just what happened. The panic starts to infiltrate her every day life, her work and her relationships. 

Best friend, Gemma, appears to have it all.. The perfect family, plenty of money and no real worries but appearances aren't all they seem.

With the help of a therapist, Laura and Gemma, Beth starts to piece together what happened to her lal those years ago with shocking consequences for everyone.

A pacy and thrilling read.
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I love psychological thrillers!

This centers around Beth and Gemma who are friends.

This is thrilling, full of tension and is full of twists and turns. It will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Loved it and will read more from this author.
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It starts with a chance sighting: a face from her past, someone Beth hasn’t thought about for years. Suddenly she feels a terrifying wave of panic – the flash of a memory, of crushing weight and pain, and the flicker of firelight and smoke.
Beth never had any reason to doubt her peaceful, happy upbringing. Then she suddenly starts getting awful flashes of an event from her past.
With no husband or boyfriend to turn to, she asks her trusted family and old friends for reassurance, only to hear that it must all be in her head.
Beth is determined to understand the meaning of these memories even if it means going it alone.
Beth starts seeing a psychologist to find out what is going on. Her sister doesn't know how to help her and her friend Gemma is going through something herself but wants to be there for Beth.
So we start out with Beth going out with her sister Laura, when she runs into 2 men from her past and this is when all of this starts. Did one of them hurt her? What is with what she smells when her memories hit.
I liked the characters in this book and how they try to all be there for each other. The other story is Gemma and her marriage.
Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for the ARC to review.
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This was my first book by Beverley Harvey.

Beth Harding is an ordinary middle aged woman going about her ordinary life when she is suddenly struck with anxiety attacks. She is also having flashbacks that lead her to recognize that she has complete memory loss of certain parts of her past. Why? The flashbacks continue to get stronger and more revealing each time.

I do enjoy mystery/thrillers and I did enjoy this book. This was definitely a slow start book for me but it picked up near the end. I would be interested to read more books by Beverley Harvey.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for my ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Just brilliant. Thrilling. Pacy. Suspenseful. Addictive. This one ticked all the boxes for me. I could not put it down. Very highly recommended.
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Really enjoyed this book , it was full of suspense all the way through . I couldn’t figure out who had done it and I loved the characters and the book ending . Look forward to reading more from this author
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Close My Eyes is a gripping psychological thriller about the part your senses play in bringing back memories you have long since forgotten. 13-year-old Beth Harding had been attending her sister Laura's sixteenth birthday party, where all the guests were in fancy dress, when she had been the subject of a disturbing incident that occurred behind the family's leylandii hedge. However, she doesn't remember much of it or that entire year due to a mysterious illness that wiped out her memory. Fast forward 26 years, Beth is now 39-years-old, single and working as a public relations officer of a small mental health charity. She is a commitment-phobe, which worries both her family and friends and it is clear that Alex, the guy she has been sleeping with for the past six months, would like the relationship to go somewhere but once again this has Beth backing off despite really liking him. He wants more and she simply cannot give it to him, and eventually, they split up. Sisters Laura and Beth head out one night for drinks at the Ship Inn in Beckenham, a pub they haven't visited for twenty years, and are sitting chatting when two guys walk in. Suddenly, Beth is frozen in fear and begins to have a panic attack. The two men are The Binks Twins - Kevin and Billy -  who used to live at the end of their street when they were young. Laura even dated Billy for a while. With the colour having drained from her face and the breathlessness and trembling she was displaying, Laura guides Beth out of the pub and they walk home. Beth has no idea why the twins' presence had caused such a reaction. When she reaches home and gets into bed she's still thinking about them and why she felt so unnerved by them; she decides that she must get to the bottom of it. 

As she continues to have chance meetings with Kevin Binks  - on the way to Benny's shop to buy some milk and while out at the Bricklayers Arms for a drink - the reactions become worse and worse and she begins to realise that they were involved in something years ago that Beth had buried deep within her mind. A repressed memory is something that happens when we try to push upsetting incidents out of our minds but bits and pieces of an incident are now flooding back into her conscious thoughts and she's getting flashbacks to a time, and past trauma, she doesn't remember. Whenever she is around her father's leylandii hedge she wonders why she gets in such a state - paralysed by fear. She eventually decides to see a regression therapist to try to reach more of the memories of that incident but why are some of her family and friends not supportive? 34-year-old Gemma Ward is Beth's best friend and her husband, Guy, was one of Beth's old childhood mates. She seemingly has it all: a beautiful daughter, a loving and successful husband and a comfortable existence, but behind closed doors, Guy is jealous, possessive and extremely controlling, and Gemma wants out. Can Beth find out what happened to her and will she discover and confront the perpetrator? This is a riveting and enthralling thriller right from the start with an original premise and a prologue that entices you into the drama. I loved the easy breezy writing style that means you fly through the pages like nobodies business. Told from Beth and Gemma's perspectives, the alternating chapters helped to build the suspense and the twists, red herrings, intense drama and action aplenty keep you fully engaged throughout. Highly recommended.
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This is a great read. 
The book has alternating chapters from Beth and Gemma, who are friends. 
Beth starts to suffer anxiety attacks after she sees someone from her past but can’t work out why. 
Her sister Laura and her friend Beth persuade her to seek help so she starts having counselling. 
After a while she gives up as it’s not helping but an incident in the family garden makes her go back to counselling again. 
Her therapist carries out hypnosis and soon Beth is starting to remember more from her past. 
When it is revealed what happened, her sister is horrified that she didn’t know and there’s one other person she needs to tell for their own safety.
I did guess what had happened but it didn’t spoil the story for me. 
This is a great read that well and truly had me hooked. 
Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book.
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This book was a quick read, I finished it in a day. It captured my attention from the beginning and I kept reading to see if I was right about what happened! I loved the different storytellers and the way the stories went back and forth and intertwined. This was a solid read.
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Beth suddenly starts having panic attacks after a chance sighting of someone she grew up with. As she has no memories of an entire year during her teenage years, she starts seeing a therapist in order to discover why these panic attacks have started. Meanwhile, her best friend, Gemma, has the perfect life, or so it seems. However, Gemma's husband is gradually showing more erratic behaviour and becoming more aggressive and violent. With twists and turns throughout the book, the two main characters stories begin to intertwine. An easy, page turning and gripping read.
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Beth randomly sees someone from her past which sends her into a panic attack. She starts to get flashbacks and doesn't understand what they mean.  Her sister Laura is concerned as is her best friend Gemma. 

Gemma is married to Beth's old school friend Guy and they seem to have the perfect life with their little daughter and magazine perfect home. What Beth doesn't realise is that things are not all they seem. 

Her sister Laura wants to help Beth and suggests she sees a Counsellor, which starts off badly but over time Beth feels she can really find out what happened to her. I did guess half way through but found the story kept me interested regardless.

Why does her father suggest things are best left in the past.....does he know what happened to her? Why does Gemma not believe her and why does her sister suggest she needs to move on?  With difficult storylines, you could really feel Beth's terror and her need to resolve the past.
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