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The Fragile Ones (Detective Katie Scott Book 5)

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A novel of compelling oddities in a case Katie is striving to solve as she tries to manage her toss. Never stronger her character pushes through to solve this twisty adventure
Thank you netgalley and the publisher for this arc
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Wow ! Definitely not for the faint of heart ! A deliciously intense and heart pounding thriller that you won't soon forget ! I highly recommend ! Thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for the opportunity to read and review this book ! All opinions are solely my own ! #Netgalley #Bookouture #TheFragileOnes
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This book was amazing. I was very intrigued by the book blurb and decided to give it a try. I was so glad I did because this is one very exciting and thrilling book. The mc is hot on the trail and I could barely take a breath because I was so engrossed in discovering who the culprit is. The wild twists and turns get you even more excited to find out before the book ends. I definitely recommend this book.
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Fast paced thriller which continues the story of Katie Scott and her K9 Cisco. The characters are good and the story full of twists and turns.
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A dark, gritty and disturbing thriller that will keep readers gripped all through the night, lock the doors and hide under the covers because Jennifer Chase has written her scariest book yet: The Fragile Ones.

In the line of duty, Detective Katie Scott has been called to her fair share of heart-breaking crime scenes, but nothing had prepared her for the shocking sight that awaited her when she was called to a ravine where the bodies of two young girls had been found. Katie is determined to leave no stone unturned in her quest for justice, but as she begins to pick through the fragile remains, she makes some disturbing discoveries: the two girls were not biological sisters and the youngest, Megan, is a DNA match to a kidnapping case from years before. Are the two events linked? Or is it just a tragic coincidence? When Katie finds a tiny number burnt into the victim’s skin, Kate quickly realizes that she is on the trail of a dangerous killer who might strike again and cause even more mayhem and destruction.

But as Katie goes down one dead end after another, it looks like solving this mystery will prove absolutely impossible. Could the other missing children in the area also be in danger of this ruthless predator who will stop at nothing to wreak their twisted plan of vengeance? As if Katie didn’t have enough to contend with, a wild storm is fast approaching which jeopardises the breakthrough Katie makes connecting a fibre found during the autopsy to a nearby boatyard. As another girl goes missing and the power goes out, Katie only has her instincts and her team to help save an innocent life from certain death. Will Katie manage to find the child in time and put the killer behind bars once and for all? Or is it already far too late?

My heart was in my throat the whole time I was reading Jennifer Chase’s The Fragile Ones. A pulse-pounding crime thriller that is tightly-plotted and brilliantly paced, The Fragile Ones shocks, terrifies and will keep readers glued to the pages of this top-notch page-turner.

In Katie Scott, Jennifer Scott has created a flawed, fearless and fantastic heroine who is sharp, meticulous, intuitive, but also human. Katie is somebody readers will be drawn to and a crime fiction heroine I’d love to read more about.

A high-stakes thriller perfect for fans of the genre, Jennifer Scott’s The Fragile Ones is a twisted tale readers will thoroughly enjoy.
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Detective Katie Scott discovers the bodies of two children, leading to the re-opening of a cold case. One of the girls has been branded: what do the mysterious numbers represent?
The Fragile Ones is the 5th book by Jennifer Chase to feature army veteran Katie Scott as she returns to civilian life. There are mentions of previous cases but no obvious spoilers that would prevent you going back to read them out of order.
Katie continues to have a dogged determination to find justice for innocent victims. Her former life in the army still sends shockwaves through her as she relives the horror in flashbacks. Yet she is brave as she faces her fears and carries on with her duty. Her partner McGaven and dog Cisco return to support Katie, and her relationship with boyfriend Chad continues to develop.
The weather and scenery play a major role in this book as both hamper the investigation. Each chapter has a day and time stamp which serves to focus on the rapid developments and twists that Katie must negotiate. The case itself felt a little disjointed to me and by the end I didn't feel that I knew enough about the killer, motives or victims. However, the pace of the plot and the passion of Katie are thoruoghly entertaining.
The Fragile Ones is an enjoyable instalment in the Katie Scott detective series and I look forward to seeing what she will face next.
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Um... I'm so baffled by all the five star reviews of this book, not to mention baffled by the supposed villain and his motives. Oh my goodness. What on earth?? This author has supposedly got degrees in criminal profiling? How can anybody be satisfied with this ending and the supposed reasoning? I am baffled by all of it.

First off, I do appreciate the premise of the main character. She is a veteran with PTSD who has her service dog from the war accompany her as a cold case detective. I'm always a fan of strong female characters but more so when they are allowed to have flaws, be relatable, and be likeable. A few other reviewers have mentioned that we don't really get much for why we're supposed to like Katie. We're just shown that every man in her universe worships her and admires her, and she does things like falls through two stories of an old house into a basement and then is banged up again and gets back up (note: this is not really how old houses or human bodies work). This premise is why I gave the book two stars instead of one, along with the fact that I appreciate the short chapters, quick storytelling and some good writing. Some writing was good, while other parts were incredibly amateur though and just sloppy. Little things kept jarring me, like there's an incredibly detailed description of how Katie rappels down the side of a cliff to get to something (obviously a well googled section for very specific details on how to use the equipment) and then it says "a large predatory bird circled overhead." This woman can rappel down a cliff and lives in a rural area, but she doesn't know the difference between a hawk or a vulture? Can we at least call it a raptor?

Or the chief of police in the small town she was sent to (Rock Creek) kept being referred to as the sheriff, when the sheriff was her uncle who she worked for in her own town. A sheriff is in charge of the whole county, while the police are in charge of one town and each town has its own police chief. Then she went to Rock Creek to check out leads and nobody in the (real) sheriff's department had been to the town or knew much about it. That's not how sheriff's offices work. You work your whole county, and police will often assist neighboring towns even for things like fire calls or drug busts even if they're not even in the same county. There's no way a deputy in a sheriff's office wouldn't know all the towns in her/his county because they're all in your territory. But then they'd go back to calling the Rock Creek police chief the sheriff again. In one section they called Rock Creek's chief sheriff so-and-so twice in a row before going back to referring to him as a chief.

And then there were like 20 absolutely ridiculous and/or unexplained plot elements. To name a few.... (view spoiler)

The author does write about doing things in the rain well. That's kind of the strong suit of the book and I'm not joking. It's pouring down rain pretty much the entire book and she does a very good job of describing driving in the rain, chainsawing downed trees in the rain, fighting with bad guys in the rain and so on. The rest of it just has me continually shaking my head and rolling my eyes.

I read a digital ARC of this book via NetGalley.
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GREAT reading with likable characters (including Cisco), a good storyline with enough intrigue throughout to the grand finale. I have read all of this series & RECOMMEND all. Thanks to  NetGalley & Bookouture for this ARC in return for my honest review.
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The Fragile Ones was not my cup of tea.

The main character, Katie, gave me Megan Leavey vibes since she was a K9 handler war veteran and I liked that aspect to her, but overall, I didn't see her as a strong protagonist.  At times, I even found her to be annoying.  I also think there were a few characters thrown in last minute (ex: Lizzy and Chad) who didn't really play a major role until the last couple of chapters which made it feel like they were last minute decisions.  Another character who threw me for a loop was her co-worker, John, who was continuously described to have suspicious behavior.  Why he was acting "off" to Katie was never truly explained.

This book was number five in a series (another reason why John's behavior was questionable because, wouldn't she have been working with him for some time?), but easily could've been a stand alone.  Because of this detail, I wonder how much - if any - character development with Katie has unfolded.

I just felt like there were a lot of gaps in the plot and I had to force myself to finish reading it.  That being said, I do think this would be a good crime show episode.  The branding found on the back of one of the murder victims was unique; the plot twist with the victims' mother was solid along with the additional fact of abduction thrown in there; and it was nearly impossible to determine who the real killer was until the end (most likely because of the endless list of characters, some of which were only in three or four chapters).

For these reasons, I am giving The Fragile Ones one leaf.  The ideas were there, but not executed well in my opinion.
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The fragile ones was my first book by the author.

I enjoyed it quite a lot as it was a bit more than the police procedural usual storyline and I really liked Katie. While this is the fifth book in the series and she makes a few references about past moments, I feel like I can read it as a stand-alone with no problems at all. 

I used to watch Cold Case tv episodes and while I was reading this book; it reminded me how much I loved a complex detective heroine and always wanted to know what drives her to find the culprits after so many years. Here’s the same thing, Katie and McGaven are trying to find out what happened with the two sisters that disappeared a few years ago and why there’re so many twists in their investigation. 

It intrigued me to know what was all about the tattoos and if they will find a new body out next. 

A serial killer on the move, an interesting investigation, and great detective teamwork in this book.
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I received an ARC copy of #TheFragileOnes from #NetGalley for review.

The Fragile Ones is the fifth entry in the Detective Katie Scott series and is an excellent read. As Katie continues to work though her PTSD from her time in the military, she discovers the bodies of two deceased little girls from a neighboring town while taking a film crew on a tour of an old historical site. As she and her partner investigate, the quickly realize that someone will do anything to keep them from solving the murder.

The plot and story-line were very well done. There were a few parts the lagged a little bit, but the unexpected reveal at the end of the story more than made up for it.
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The Fragile ones by Jennifer Chase has so many elements that I like in mystery thrillers. A strong yet vulnerable detective Katie Scott. Her journey in dealing with her own past while solving her cases is what made me like her. 

A detective is incomplete without a supportive partner, Mc Gavin is the one Katie Scott can rely on. 
This is the book 5 in the series but it definitely can be read as a standalone. It has a few references to the past but didn't ruin my experience with this book. Just made me feel I would have enjoyed this one more if I already had a picture in my mind for Katie. Her K9  friend Cisco adds to the charm. 

The story line seemed simple in the beginning but went through a lot of twists. The story did seem a bit fragmented in between but got covered till the end. Two missing girl's from  Rock creek are found dead by Katie and the journey to find the culprit n the reason is what this story is about. 

If you love stories related to police procedurals, profiling and love to read about characters who are willing to face their own vulnerabilities then this story is for you. 

I thank Bookouture, the author and Netgalley for approving my request to read the story and the opinions expressed are solely mine.
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Although I haven't read any of the earlier books in this series, I found the book easy to read as a standalone. 

Detective Katie Scott is working on her PTSD, when she is asked to accompany a film crew to film local historical sites for a documentary. It is in the grounds of one of these sites that Katie spots the bodies of two young girls deep in a ravine. These are the bodies of two sisters - Tessa and Megan Mayfield - who had gone missing two years ago.  Katie and her partner, McGaven and Katie's trusted service dog, Cisco set out to solve the case. 

Something surprising comes in one of the girl's DNA and a tattoo with a number is found on one of the bodies. There seems to be attempts to stop them from working on the case. Now everyone around seems to be a potential murderer. 

Given that the story was about murders of children, it was incredibly difficult to come to terms with and I had to read through until the case was resolved. There were some red herrings, but I didn't anticipate the totally unexpected ending. It was scary and thrilling at the same time and I'm certainly going to be reading more of this series.
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Thank you to Bookouture and NetGalley for a ARC in exchange my honest review.
I have to say that I really enjoyed the Katie Scott series very much. The storyline itself was unique, fast paced and filled with nail biting suspension. It's really solid in structure and thrilling police procedural. There was some great character development about Detective Katie Scott as she was struggling with the demons from her past. It was certainly a very well-written book that had me completely hooked from the first page until the last. It totally kept my attention from beginning to end and I couldn't put it down. It deserves five stars and I am looking forward to the next one of this series.
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Thank you to Bookouture for letting me take part in this tour and for my copy of this book via Netgalley. I love Detective Scott so I was very excited to see what trouble she got herself into this time. 

Katie is finally getting a grip on her PTSD when it is triggered again by this case. Jennifer shows that no matter how far you think you have got and how under control you are unfortunately you can always be triggered. Katie does show us that you can overcome these moments and keep going. Katie is resilient and will never give up on her case. I was exhausted just reading everything she goes through in this book so I can only imagine how she felt. 

The case itself is complex. The killer is very disturbed and is an extreme manipulator.  Jennifer had me tense and on edge until the very end. She really puts her characters through the wringer! I was shocked when everything was finally revealed. Jennifer did such a good job of layering the story and providing that shock ending. 

this book will grip you from the first page until the last. I cant wait for more!
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“But the front door never opens…”

This is another of those detective series I kinda wish I had followed from the beginning, even though this story worked more than adequately as a stand alone. Author Jennifer Chase, did an amazing job at filling in the backstory as we went along and I never really felt short-changed on that front, however Katie Scott is such a complicated, emotional and damaged character, that I would have liked to have got to hear her story in her own words.

This ‘read alone’ case opened with a prologue which I knew in my heart of hearts, was setting a scene which was going to end badly. The investigation moved along at a fair old pace, although there were a couple of ‘What? – Really?’ moments. The ending as it was presented, was quite neatly tied up, although I was left with more than a few questions about the efficacy of this particular policing district. Oh! and the fourth thing you need for a good series thriller to succeed, is that the main protagonist lives long enough to fight another day, which thankfully Katie does, although this time it was quite a close call.

There were quite a few red herrings carefully placed to snare the not so wary reader and I admit that I got caught out by a couple of them, before I managed to work out roughly what was going on, although I have to come clean and say my suspect list was down to two names and I picked the wrong one!

As with any story which has the plight of children as its central theme, this gripping and very disturbing, multi-layered story, is rich in atmosphere, has an air which is constantly crackling with tension and  sense of urgency which has everyone pulling out all the stops to solve. The chapters are just the right length to create natural deep breath breaks, in what is otherwise a fluid, fast moving, intense and confidently written storyline. The descriptive and observational narrative and dialogue, offered both a good sense of time, and a clear commentary about the locations the action took me to. There are no wasted words in this matter of life and death race against the clock.

The characters, although on the whole well developed and drawn, were definitely divided into two distinct camps. Those I was rooting for from the very start and those I loved to hate right from the get-go and the author did a great job at evoking those emotions, with her descriptive and highly visual narrative and dialogue. They were mostly quite open, relatable and fairly easy to engage with and invest in, with some good interaction and synergy between each other and also with me, the reader. However, there were one or two which were really multi-faceted and not altogether genuinely believable, so they were well and truly in my sights as potential ‘baddies’ right from the first time I met them, although I did trip myself up once or twice. Katie was clearly the character with the most emotional baggage, as it would seem, are so many other fictional detectives. Clearly her time in the armed forces and events she had witnessed during her various overseas tours of action, had taken their toll on her emotionally. It seems as though each of her police cases to date, has manged to push one of those warning buttons which have triggered some quite intense and potentially damaging responses. She is fighting her own personal battle to make the transition to civvy street a success and she has some very special people in her life who really want to help her succeed. Most of them are of the two-legged variety, however Katie’s four-legged friend, Cisco, deserves a special mention as the star who stole the show. As double acts go, they don’t get any better than this and I would really like to see Katie flourish and meet her full potential in her new career.
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When Katie comes across the remains of two young girls, one of whom has been branded,  she and her partner are given the case.  The pair are sisters who disappeared two years ago from the neighbouring small town of Rock Creek but their DNA doesn't match. Turns out one of the girls was abducted 10 years earlier. As they investigate they find something sinister is going on in Rock Creek and someone really doesn't want them digging into things. 

Having the story set during a terrible thunderstorm added more urgency and danger to this gripping read. Though it can be read as a stand alone I strongly recommend starting the series at the beginning to get a better feel for the characters. I'm looking forward to #6.
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Thrilling. Tense. Fast paced. Brilliantly written. An amazing suspenseful wonderful read. Highly recommend to everyone.
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Thanks for allowing me to read this Arc.
The Fragile Ones is by far one of the fastest moving and exhilarating books I've read in a long time. 
There was no time to relax because the excitement and twists and turns just kept on coming. 
I would highly recommend it. Definitely deserves five stars.
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Detective Katie Scott and her trusty sidekick Cisco are back for another case. I can honestly say that this was the most heartbreaking of the five cases (so far). Katie is still sharp and working hard to keep her PTSD at bay. I would have liked to see a little more progress on this front, but I understand why the author keeps it at the particular level. It’s a condition that can resurface at any time with any trigger – and for many it never goes away even if the person thinks it has been combatted. The atmosphere that goes with a cold case is held throughout the book. One particular moment gave me an actual chill (roughly ¾ of the way through the book). Although I wish there had been more with the new undersheriff introduced in the previous book, this is another solid entry, and I will continue to avidly read Katie’s stories. For a detailed review, please visit Fireflies and Free Kicks. Thank you to Bookouture and NetGalley for a digital ARC of the book.
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