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Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publishers for the opportunity to read and review "What a Tangled Web".
I have really enjoyed reading this series and thought the series was complete after book 3. However, this was an unexpected bonus addition.

The plot was complicated by the two main characters and love interests of the book had a series of angst filled /questionable hurdles to overcome.  Some would say the initial plot where Madison buys Clementine's work premises totally out of the blue was impossible to get around. She had no experience in the trade. Clementine's dreams and aspirations and hard-earned commitment to her job had built up the business and it was snatched away from her in the blink of an eye. Forgiveness wouldn't cut it for many, but they are able to navigate their way through and fall in love.

'I'm still not sure Madison deserved all her happiness! However, this was a neat tying up of the Tangled Valley series which I have enjoyed reading. It was good to see the various strands and characters development throughout and this last book does tie everything up neatly. It was this aspect that took this from a 3* read to a 4* read for me. It was my least favourite of the series. However, there is just something very satisfying to read a series that is so well drawn together and where the characters are developed and the different storylines and how they overlap, and interplay are completed so well.
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Very sweet, story of two people who just meant to be together in specific time frame. They found each other, went through ups and downs and no matter how hard it got, eded up together.
It's a story about hopes, and dreams that come true. 
The series is really good.
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What a Tangled Web is the final instalment in the Tangle Valley romance trilogy by Melissa Brayden. It is also the first of that series that I have read. I'm happy to report that it can definitely be enjoyed as a standalone although I'm sure you'd have an even better and more emersed experience if you were a fan of the series already. 
This is Maddie's love story. She is married to her work as the head winemaker, dedicated to the process and considered a bit too scientific and logical by her friends. The love interest is Clementine, the manager of their small town's very successful biscuit and bacon cafe. She went to school with Maddie and her friends but her difficult home life held her back from the social aspects. Clementine's feelings towards Maddie, however, turn from unexpressed crush to 'enemies' when Maddie buys the cafe. 
There were aspects to this book I really liked. The close friendships were sweet and I found the winery setting very interesting. I really enjoyed Maddie as our protagonist, to the extent that I found the way everyone told her she needs to change (express herself verbally more) actually annoyed me a little. Not everyone expresses love the same way and while it is completely valid to tell someone how to make you feel loved, it felt like it was 
There is a weird power imbalance in this book that they sort of pretend doesn't exist. Maddie is technically Clementine's boss when their relationship progresses so keep that in mind if that is something you do or don't like it. I felt like Clementine's 'hate' for Maddie was a bit too halfhearted to really hit right for me. Especially, because Maddie wasn't aware that she was stepping on her toes at all. I also felt that the .... I didn't entirely believe their chemistry. This book is very steamy but I sort of felt like sex scenes were used to show that they had chemistry rather than being the culmination of tension (your milage may vary, of course). Clementine seemed to dismiss Maddie's suggestions for the cafe without much consideration which bothered me. I did like Clementine, bookish and determined is a very fun combination in a novel heroine, but there was something missing there for me to really get invested in her. Personally, I feel like she expected more from Maddie than she was willing to compromise in herself which I didn't love.  

Thank you to the publisher, Bold Strokes Books, for giving me this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I said to myself I would not read another Melissa Brayden book because of my disappointment over the last 3 or so, but here I am again. This was really hard for me to get through. Were they always so saccharine? 2 stars.
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This was an OK end to this series. I think I expected more, but when I ask myself what else, I don't really have an answer. I related to book one the most because of the death of Joey's father. And I think Madison was my favorite character of the series, so of course I enjoyed this last installment. 

I was really into the premise of this book. I was so excited for what was building up. Madison buying The Bacon and Biscuit right from beneath Clementine. Crushing her dream. But it never quite resulted in what was I was hoping for. I wanted Clementine to hate Madison but be unfairly attracted to her. And I wanted Madison to be falling for Clementine but never being able to get close enough because Clementine wouldn't allow it. But what we actually get is Clementine giving in a little too easily. 

This third book wrapped things up nicely. I was even happy to see the growth and conclusion for the Biddies. 

The problem with Melissa Brayden is that she is just so good. There is nothing she can write that I won't like. I'm positive of it. This book was written extremely well, which is no surprise there. There was a huge amount of chemistry and hotness. And even though I would have liked to have seen a slightly different trajectory of the relationship, it still was better than most lesbian fiction out there.
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This was definitely more enjoyable than the second installment of this series, but I had a hard time liking Clementine and thought that Madison deserved a bit better. I understood the reasons behind Clem’s behavior, but that didn’t make me like her any more. Also, I find it difficult to believe that these women eat biscuits and bacon by the dozen every week with no mention of exercise and arent on their deathbeds with some serious health complications! A bit silly but what a world that would be.
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I thoroughly enjoyed "What A Tangled Web," the final book in the Tangled Valley series. In this book, two of my favorite characters throughout the series finally get their turn. Madison is a winemaker and all about numbers and analysis, which makes it hard for her to verbalize her emotions. Clementine is a town favorite as the manager of the local breakfast spot. She had a rough childhood and once her life begins to look up she's not sure she deserves it.

This book follows Melissa's normal cadence of getting together, oh no there's an issue!, and then reconciling. While it's expected I really like this format because you get to spend more time with the characters as a couple. There's nothing more frustrating to me than characters finally getting together in the last few pages after a ton of angst and strife like you can find in other books. 

I also really enjoyed catching up with Josephine and Becca (my two favorites from the series) and Gabriella and Ryan. One of my favorite parts of series like this as the "checks ins" with characters from previous books.

Lastly, I really enjoyed this town and a lot of the secondary characters that are a part of it. If you like wine, good friendships, and small town vibes, this is the read for you.

I'll end by saying that my other favorite Melissa Brayden novels are Beautiful Dreamer and Strawberry Summer and they're also worth checking out if you haven't already.
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I read the first of this series, skipped the second, and enjoyed this. Like the first book I found some of the timelines or motivations forced for the sake of the story.

I loved Clementine and I'm glad she got a happy ending.
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‘What A Tangled Web’ is the third in the Tangle Valley Romance Series, and is the perfect end to a wonderful series. Focusing on winemaker extraordinaire, Madison, and her chance at love, it is heart-warming, sweet and intensely passionate. When Madison is advised to start investing some of her money, she’s delighted to find that her favourite local breakfast place, The Bacon and Biscuit, is up for sale. And the thought that it’ll give her an excuse to see a lot more of Clementine, the manager, is an added bonus. Clementine has had a difficult life and managing the Biscuit had given her focus and purpose. Just when she’s about to make an offer on the cafe, Madison swoops in and buys it from under her. The entirely oblivious Madison would never intentionally hurt Clementine, so how are they going to deal with each other while Clementine is so devastated? 

This story had all of the feel-good factor of the previous two in the series and a whole lot more. The two main characters were adorable and I found myself seeing Madison in a new light. She had moved on from the injured feelings of ‘Two To Tangle’, and we could see who she really was and how she ticked. Clementine was brilliant at her job, but her confidence levels were precarious. One knock and she was likely to topple. I wanted to hug her. I wanted this relationship to work and was cheering them on throughout. But they had to learn about themselves as individuals before they could be together. 

This was the happiest ending to the most amazing trilogy. Melissa Brayden pulled all of the elements together, wrapped them up in a bow, and presented the reader with Happily Ever After to the max!

I was given this Arc to review.
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This is a very enjoyable series, and I'm sad to see it come to an end. All three friends have found their true loves, and by working together they've improved Tangle Valley Vineyards and made a place for themselves in this quirky, tight knit community.

Madison and Clementine's romance is a good one. These two characters felt really true to life for me. Both ladies have their issues, but with some soul searching and support from their friends they bloom into strong, healthy women.

I recommend reading these three novels in order.
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I'm a big fan of Melissa Brayden, and this was a wonderful end to a wonderful story. Filles with love, some angst and a lot of wine and good food - just the way I like my comfort reading to be.

To be recommended!
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This did not disappoint.  I enjoy the cast of characters and the story of a winemaker meets biscuit maker was entertaining. Who knew the two could make such chemistry? Of course they didn’t start out that way but the attraction blossomed with the help of friends.  

The time spent at The Biscuit were locals gathered and gossiped was just charming.   I would definitely like to have seen more of that.  
This story was a fun, quick, delightful read and I really enjoyed it.
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This author just keeps knocking them out of the park.  This is the second book in this series and I can't wait to read the third.
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Goodness this book is HOT! I think out of all the Brayden books I have read this by far has the heat that others don't have. What I noticed about most romances is they follow this 2-3 sex scene where they are never really complete. This romance does it different and I loved it. The formula was broken and I wish others would mix it up. So I guess you all see where I am going. This book has a really good love story, some hot sex scenes, some really good angst and a lovely ending. I really enjoyed book 1 and felt that book 2 wasn't as good, but Brayden brought it back with book 3. I can't wait to listen to this one. Loved it. 5 stars.

This arc was provided by netgalley and the publisher for an honest review.
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Makes Me Want to Drink Pinot
“What a Tangled Web” by Melissa Braydon is the third installment of her Tangled series. While Ms. Braydon is one of my favorite authors, I have not read the previous installments. I was happy to find that did not hinder my enjoyment at all- instead it made me want to read the others.
Madison LeGrande is the winemaker at Tangle Wines and is responsible for everything grape-related. She depends on science and math with a touch of magic to make her wines some of the most popular in Oregon. She is also a highly sought-after consultant and is reaping the benefits of her rising star. Her accountant tells her that she should diversify her investments and luckily the town’s favorite breakfast place suddenly comes up for sale and she impulsively buys it.
Clementine Monroe is the manager of ‘Bacon and Biscuits’ and she brings a good morning cheer to all her customers. She has been quietly saving her money and plans to make an offer to buy the restaurant one day. She has spent her life in the background- the poor, quiet kid that never fit in. Now her dream is being snatched away by her high school crush. It is just one more disappointment in a life already full of them.
Clem is understandably upset but she does her best to be professional and to help the new owner make the restaurant even better. Besides being mad at Madison helps her stomp down her attraction to her. Madison on the other hand never really thought about Clem much at all. As she works with Clem, she comes to see her- and she very much likes what she sees.
The supporting characters are interesting, and I am sure the previous books told Madison’s friends’ backstories. But there is enough about them that we get an understanding of their personalities. I am particularly fond of the ‘Biddies’, a group of four elderly women who hang out at the ‘Biscuit’ gossiping. Clem has the cook Frankie and his girlfriend Jun as her surrogate family since she doesn’t even know where her parents are.
I love Clem. I like Madison, but I am 100 percent team Clementine. Ms. Braydon allows us to feel Clem’s disappointments (both past and current) but never makes the reader pity her. The writing is stellar as expected from this author and I highly recommend this moderately-angsty book.
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Solid romance novel! Melissa Brayden is so good at making you feel with her novels. I just adored MC Clementine, she  is so lovable and imperfectly perfect!
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I feel a little bit lost if I'm being honest, I wanted the story to carry on... that's a good indication that I enjoyed it!

I love the whole town feel of the story, I come from a small town village and I can say without a doubt that everyone knows everyone's business and I certainly had the vision of what the four biddies looked like. But I'm certainly glad that they were fewer of them and focused on only one of them this time around!

The romance was there. The chemistry between Madison and Clementine but it wasn't rushed, there was a bit of a build-up which I loved, as of lately I'm reading too many rushed 'let's jump into bed' too quickly books, glad to say this isn't one of them.
This is the third series in the Tangle Valley books.. I've read the second book, but never have managed to get around to the first in the series.. i think i may need to change that

Madison Legrange relies on science and logic to make her vineyard run as best as possible. But it's also how she manages her life. Her career is the most important thing in her life and it's also in its prime, her accountant thinks it's time she diversifies her income. Her favorite cafe, the Bacon and Biscuit are up for sale, so she invests money into the small business. She differently didn't plan on the time she would need to spend with Clementine Monroe which leaves her feeling anything but logical. Clementine loved her job managing the Bacon and Biscuit cafe. After escaping a difficult childhood it's all she has. When Clementine is given the opportunity to step out from behind the counter and buy the place, her dreams have come true. Until she finds out that it's been snatched away from her by the same girl she had a crush on in high school Clementine has no plans to forgive  Madison but Clementine's feelings are growing by the day. 

I've given the  'What a Tangled Web' a 4*

I was given a copy for an honest review.
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Five stars.
The closing of a series. Sigh. I will miss the Tangle Valley folks, so all the somewhat fluffy time-skipping at the end was not at all too sweet for my tastes. Still, before we get there...
Madison and Clementine. I think this might be my favourite of the three pairings, and it was done so well. Madison's great, I don't know if she's my favourite of the crew, but then there's Clementine. Gosh, she's so adorable! Clementine has that genuine underdog feel that dares you not to root for her. She's been a constant in the previous instalments, and so we've already mentally characterised her as such a sweet person. Seeing her perspective does not disappoint. Having her most tangible dream snatched right out of her hands at the beginning was a gripping way to start. It stayed in the back of my mind throughout their budding relationship, so there was that slight feeling of power(/financial?) imbalance, yet it wasn't a problem. Clementine was clearly the expert on everything food-related, and the way that Madison deferred to her was perfect.
The chemistry! They sizzled. (Speaking of which, the food description was great too. I would love to drop by Bacon and Biscuit.) They were combustible, maybe more than the other two Tangle Valley couples. That isn't to say there wasn't enough build-up before they jumped into bed. Once they reached that point, well... I had to stop trying to read in public. 
The conflict point. So Clementine's rationale was a little confusing, but it fit the thoughts and beliefs of her character, which is most important. The couple in the midst of the break up were individually still impressive. Madison had some major character development, and it was at this point that I really started liking her. I didn't love the catalyst for their reunion, but it made sense, and there was plenty of warning. I liked that the Biddies had their own growing to do, although really, we should have seen that one of them was trying to hold the others back earlier on. It got pretty out of hand at some points in previous books. Clementine winning Madison back made up for every word of angst.
That brings us back to the end. Madison has had some pretty sweet gestures so far, but Clementine's birthday gift brought it all back together. It was adorable that she kept earnestly mentioning that it was only a matter of time. 
So yes! The book wasn't without its meaningful moments, but there was also such sweetness that you can only look on the characters fondly. The ball really wasn't dropped with this one, and it surely isn't easy to return for an equally engrossing third book in the same universe. Kudos to Melissa Brayden. I'll be re-reading this series.
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This is the third book in a series.  I haven't (yet) read the first two in the series but, although I'm sure they would be fun to read, you don't need to have read them to enjoy this one!  Madison is a winemaker at a local vineyard, where she works with her 2 best friends.  Clementine is the manager of the local breakfast spot.  She is more of a loner, still working through her family's poor and troubled background.  When business interests throw the two together, sparks fly.  Of course, there are obstacles related to communication and past difficulties, but I cheered along with Madison's best friends for the couple's potential success.
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A nice ending for the solid Tangle Valley series. I loved Joey's story, but Gabriella's left me feeling like it would be hard to give Madison the book she deserves. She came off rather badly in the Gabriella/Ryan/Madison love triangle, but she definitely met her match with Clementine. I could completely sympathize with Clem always wondering when the bubble would burst and her "real life" would come back around, and there were a few tears shed. This is definitely a series that's been worth reading, and I'm looking forward to whatever comes next.
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