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Middle-aged women behaving like immature teenagers. I'm finding it repetitive and dull, and couldn't care less about either of the narcissistic characters. The writing is fine - nothing special. Abandoning it at 11%
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What happens when a well meant gesture goes completely wrong and spirals massively out of all control?  

How well do you ever know anyone on social media?  Who are they and how do you know if you can trust them?

For just some of those answers, read this wicked tale of friendship gone wrong, and the consequences of letting someone you "don't know" into your life...
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Yes it’s the same formula but this book was one of my favs of this author.  I loved the main character Georgia and the the other characters who I felt I grew to know.  A great story of friendship complexity with women in the modern age!
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Worst Idea Ever is a story about female friendship – how fragile it is – and how little it takes to blow it all apart. The title is very clever as it works on more than one level. Georgia and Lydia have been friends since college, both of them set on a career in book illustration, and are now in their mid-forties. Georgia is the author of a successful series of children’s books, but Lydia is still trying to find a publisher for her work, and this causes tension in their relationship. 
Despite her apparent success, Georgia is still troubled by impostor syndrome believing she is not fulfilling her true potential as an artist. Lydia hides her resentment well but it festers. What starts out as an act of kindness, spirals very quickly into a nightmarish scenario that wreaks havoc on so many lives. The corrosive effects of jealousy and rivalry are amplified through the filter of social media.   
The story is told mainly from Georgia’s point of view with some insights into Lydia’s increasingly irrational behaviour. The first half of the book is quite slow as the scene is set and we get to know the characters, who are all well drawn and relatable. Just when I thought I knew where the story was heading, Jane Fallon pulled the rug out from under me and went off in a completely different direction. It is testament to her skill as a writer that by the end of Worst Idea Ever, even after everything that has happened, we still feel a little bit sorry for Lydia. 
I read and enjoyed Jane Fallon’s debut novel Getting Rid of Matthew in 2007, but had not read anything since; it seems I’ve got a bit of catching up to do. Thanks to Penguin and NetGalley for a digital copy to review.
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Excellent twisty revenge novel! Difficult to write too much without giving away some serious spoilers, but – I really didn’t see it coming! Great, believable characters, a fascinating portrayal of long-term friendships, plus a pace that doesn’t hang around, this made for a fun summer read that had me switching my allegiances almost as often as I turned the page. Oh, and if any publishers are reading this, can someone please bring the Wilbur and Igor books to life!
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Really enjoyed this book.  Captured the real side of social media perfectly.  Loved the plot & the characters:  another brilliant book by this author.
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I really enjoyed this one!
This was a fast, fun read and just what I needed alongside the intensity of my current thriller!
It showed just how easy things spiral when you're trying to do the right thing and help a friend. 
The book is secrets galore and I never could have predicted the path the story takes you on when I first started reading!
I can't say this was 'mind-blowing' but I would say it ticked the criteria I needed when I started. I was engaged throughout, never bored, and I would definitely recommend it for lovers of women's fiction.
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This was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn’t put it down. Social media is so big these days and this capture los the pros and cons it can cause. I’ve loved all Jane Fallons books and this one certainly didn’t disappoint
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Rating 3.5 stars

Georgia and Lydia have been friends for decades, having met at university..  Lydia starts an online business but it struggles to make sales. Georgia wants to help her out but she also understands Lydia is not the sort to accept assistance.  To give her friend some moral support, Georgia sets up a fake Twitter account to pose as a potential customer.

However Lydia starts confiding in her new internet friend via private messages and Georgia discovers Lydia is actually talking about her.   Lydia eventually reveals a secret that could destroy Georgia's marriage.

Georgina has to find out the truth for herself.  Does she trust her best friend or her husband?

Its a quick enough read and whilst I thought the story was okay just before Part 2 I had already guessed where the plot was going.  Its a very simplistic plot line of friends being there for each other but also having an undercurrent of professional jealousy.  Georgina is a published author of childrens illustrated books and Lydia feels life is passing her by as in her 40s she is unmarried, unmortgaged and unpublished.

It also shows the sad side of social media, people posing for pictures showing how great their lives are when really its nothing like that at all.

Once again this is another author who over uses brackets in their work rather than making the effort of working those details into the narrative!  Always feels a massive let down when they do this and spoils the story.

I received this book from netgalley in return for a honest review.
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In Worst Idea Ever we meet best friends Georgia and Lydia - Georgia is a children’s picture book author and Lydia is desperate to be.

Lydia starts a business selling her illustrations and Georgia wants to be her cheerleader, so sets up a fake Twitter account to pose as an anonymous customer - to give her friend a confidence boost.

BUT Lydia soon starts spilling secrets to her new online friend and Georgia discovers some devastating home truths. It looks at how sometimes our best intentions can be flipped and backfire and how sadly people are not always who you think they are.

I really enjoyed this book - it was very funny, refreshing and a delight to read while making some excellent points about truth and friendship.
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An enjoyable, easy and thoughtful novel about friendship and it's multiple layers. The characters were believable and real and I loved the dog Igor.
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Have you ever done something you thought was a good idea, or well-meant? Only it turns out it was the opposite was true. Secrets are revealed and loyalties are tested.
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I really, really enjoyed this novel. Jane Fallon pretty much specialises in fiction about toxic friendships and, I'll be honest, no author does it better than she does. I've read close to all of her books (bar the odd one or two that I still have on my shelf to read) although it has been a while since I've read one of her novels.

Anyway, this novel tells the story of Georgia and Lydia, two best friends who (unfortunately) both have the same dream: to become published illustrators. Lydia has worked her bum off to get her drawings out there, but it just doesn't happen for her and she ends up stuck in a publishing job that's getting her nowhere career-wise. Whereas Georgia has everything Lydia wants, the husband, the dream job as a kids author, the perfect life. So when Lydia decides to start her own Etsy business selling her illustrations, Georgia does what any best friend would do - and starts a secret Twitter account as 'Patricia' to try and build Lydia up. But the more Lydia confides in 'Patricia', the less Georgia can handle it as it reveals secrets that will impact her life completely.

I thoroughly enjoyed Worst Idea Ever - Georgia narrates the majority of the novel and I loved her narrative, I loved her as a character and, I'll be honest, I don't think she did anything wrong in regards to what she did to help Lydia. It was done with pure intentions rather than condescension and while it was underhand to do it secretly, I could understand why, because Lydia was so bloody sensitive about it all. However things take a turn when Lydia starts confiding in Patricia about Georgia's life and that's when things really start to get interesting.

To be completely honest, Lydia is just the worst. Her envy of her so-called best friend is embarrassing; they may have been best friends once upon a time, but really, Lydia seems to have always been jealous of Georgia, and I just don't understand why she would want to get ahead in her career of becoming a published author/illustrator due to her connection to Georgia rather than her talent. Because even if Georgia had managed to get Lydia in with her publishers, Lydia would then want something else, something more, because it wouldn't be enough and honestly, she needed to grow up.

I flew through this novel and I was always excited to get back to it. I'm now even more excited to go back and read the Jane Fallon novels that I've missed because I've realised just how good a writer she really is.
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Georgia and Lydia have been best friends forever, until one day Lydia confides in her new online friend "Patricia" who actually turns out to be Georgia and they begin to have conversations about her which aren't the friendliest. the relationship that was once so close that they. were practically sisters becomes a huge failure.

While the book focuses on friendships, there is a lot of deception, love and jealousy throughout. The characters are very real and relatable and show how easily friendships can change and how fragile they can quickly become. The different relationships are authentic and believable also.

Its fun in paces and has a good ending.
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Georgia and her friend Lydia have been close since college but Georgia appears to have everything Lydia craves - a solid marriage, a burgeoning career as a writer/illustrator.  Georgia wants to help Lydia so sets up a fake Twitter account to boost her professional social media but when Lydia messages 'Patricia' Georgia gets sucked in to her fake identity and then finds out things she wished she hadn't.  However who is 'cat fishing' who?
I love Jane Fallon, she produces a book a year that is a sheer delight to read and I devour them.  Weird because I hate 'chick-lit' with a passion but probably because her stories are about people my age and are not overly unrealistic in their assumptions.  This is not a book crammed with designer names or impossible existences, the characters have jobs and a realistic lifestyle to match income.  The plots are silly but not so silly as to be unbelievable and the comedy is deep and recognisable - I have christened this 'Lit-light', a calorie controlled treat to be enjoyed in moderation!
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A funny, easy read which will make you both laugh and cry. A simple lie to save a friends feelings quickly descended into a web of lies and reveals some concerning secrets.
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In Worst Idea Ever we are introduced to Georgia a successful children's author with a happy marriage and twins who have recently left the nest. Unfortunately Georgia's best friend Lydia isn't doing so well, so Georgia comes up with an innovative and well-meant plan to give her friend a very much needed boost.

Of course, the plan backfires and the fallout doesn't just affect Georgia's and Lydia's friendship but everyone who is close to them.

I was completely engaged in this book as I pondered if you ever really know who your friends are and if jealousy can lead to appalling behaviour, even from someone you have known forever. The social media element to the story intrigued me as we never really know who we are connecting with and lies seem to come easier from the comfort of a keyboard. Finally, the plot brilliantly highlights how a small act of deceit, albeit meant with kindness, can lead to massive repercussions.

The book is as always well written, compelling and totally unique, highly recommended.
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Magical book I would recommend to anyone.
Many twists and turns to the  plot and the reader is drawn in from the start, real life being put on hold !
A great  extremely enjoyable read, with realistic if not extremely likeable characters and a rollercoaster of a plot 
Thank you to Netgalley, Penguin- Michael Joseph Ltd and Jane Fallon for letting me read this book in exchange for an honest review
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Georgia and Lydia are firm best friends until one betrays the other. This is a very cleverly crafted novel about true best friends and how you can easily believe everything that you are told. She’s my best friend she couldn’t possibly tell  me a lie - could she. Without giving away details this is a great read. 10/10
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I have loved all of Jane's previous books but this one felt like something was missing. It was an ok read but not up to Jane's usual 5* rating
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